• September 10, 2019

AdRoll Group Rebrands as NextRoll and Launches Marketing Platform Services

AdRoll Group has rebranded as NextRoll, a marketing and data technology company. Additionally, NextRoll is introducing external APIs to open its infrastructure, technology, and data to a wide array of new companies.

NextRoll is now composed of three business units: RollWorks, an account-based platform for B2B marketing and sales teams; AdRoll, a growth marketing platform for direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies; and NextRoll Platform Services, a marketing-technology-as-a-service offering.

NextRoll Platform Services leverages rich data assets for unified, people-based profiles across first-, second- and third-party data, including more than 500 million identities and 1 billion devices. Additionally, NextRoll's machine-learning capabilities enable companies to provide marketing messages, activate curated audiences, and measure which efforts drive the greatest impact. NextRoll Platform Services customers can scale as needed, with a global infrastructure that covers 110 countries and manages up to five petabytes of stored data and 12 trillion real-time events processed daily.

"We've built an unrivaled marketing and data technology stack that enables marketers to better understand and engage with their audiences to make measurable decisions," said Toby Gabriner, CEO of NextRoll, in a statement. "With our new NextRoll Platform Services, we can offer these benefits to more companies and allow them to innovate on top of our offerings As we launch NextRoll Platform Services, it's clear we've grown beyond our old name. Today, NextRoll is a marketing and data technology company.

The NextRoll Platform Services offerings include the following

  • Channels-as-a-Service, allowing businesses to expand their marketing solutions to new channels, including display ads, social media, native ads, email, and video across devices. With integrations to more than 20 publishers and exchanges, users can access inventory at any time and gain granular insights into conversion, audience, performance, and delivery data.
  • Audiences-as-a-Service, providing companies a unified and normalized view across identities and platforms within their existing data sets, turning data into targetable segments they can ingest at scale and use in real time. Companies can also enrich internal user profiles by leveraging the NextRoll database or package up these audience insights into premium, targetable segments for resale.

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