• February 15, 2024

AdLib Integrates with Infillion

AdLib, an advertising software company, has integrated with Infillion's products, including the MediaMath DSP, giving users access to connected TV and mobile inventories and greater opportunities to engage diverse audiences across the digital landscape.

The news follows Infillion's acquisition of MediaMath earlier this year.

"The acquisition of MediaMath's assets and IP was not just about acquiring a DSP; it was a strategic move to bring unprecedented scale and reach to our advanced media buying platform, award-winning creative, and first-party proprietary targeting," said Rob Emrich, founder and executive chair of Infillion, in a statement. "This acquisition allows us to extend our innovative solutions beyond our traditional offerings. AdLib's integration with the new MediaMath and the Infillion platform will be a game changer for the mid-market agencies looking to compete with the larger players."

Regaining access to MediaMath's data management products empowers AdLib's clients with advanced first-party audience segmentation capabilities for precise and targeted marketing strategies tailored to the unique preferences of their customers.

"We are excited to regain access to MediaMath's premium data management products and advanced first-party audience segmentation," said Mike Hauptman, AdLib founder and CEO, in a statement. "Integration with Infillion helps us scale AdLib across diverse tech mediums, underscoring our commitment to meeting our customers where they are. This will further our mission to enable any company to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and create tailored experiences that resonate with the dynamic patterns of their audience."

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