• September 13, 2016

AdForge Launches AdForge Edge

AdForge, a provider of ad serving and programmatic purchasing technology, has launched AdForge Edge, an all-in-one ad serving and monetization platform for publishers and ad networks.

AdForge Edge introduces a wide range of solutions, unifying previously disjointed ad-serving systems for display and video on both desktop and mobile. It also includes a consolidated exchange that supports display, video, in-app, and native ads for both desktop and mobile. To round out the Edge Platform, AdForge will soon add a demand-side platform (DSP).

"Until now, publishers have had separate display ad and video ad servers and sold inventory to a display advertising exchange or video supply-side platform (SSP)," said Scott Cahill, CEO of AdForge, in a statement. "AdForge is changing that by bringing these and other capabilities together in one place to optimize the entire technology stack for more speed, efficiency, and revenue."

Edge AdServer (Edge AS), part of the Edge suite, handles both display and video across desktop, mobile, and tablet. And it includes a universal pass-back system for display, and both a VPAID flash ad manager and VPAID Javascript ad manager for video.

EdgeExchange (EdgeX), another part of the Edge suite supports every ad type: Display and video on desktop, mobile and tablet, mobile in-app, and even native. EdgeX offers 20-millisecond auction time and 70-millisecond serving time.

EdgeDSP, a third key component AdForge Edge, is the platform's soon-to-be-released, stand-alone DSP and underlying tech for the company's integrated Audience Extension platform. EdgeDSP will enable advertisers to place bids into EdgeX as well as 20 other major SSPs.

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