• January 14, 2021

Ad Publishers Integrate with Lotame PanoramaID

Magnite, Sovrn, Eyeota, and Advance Local now support and integrate with Lotame's Panorama ID, an interoperable identity solution for a cookieless web.

Magnite and Sovrn will integrate the Lotame Panorama ID to help increase publisher inventory value and enable advertisers to target first- and third-party audience data on cookieless inventory. Publishers using these SSPs can get a head start on cookieless identity solutions, and will be protected once third-party cookies completely exit the ecosystem.

"Publishers depend on being able to offer targeted audiences to brands to flourish in an environment where privacy regulations and the phase-out of third-party cookies are changing the rules," said Brian Bouquet, vice president of product management at Sovrn, in a statement. "We are excited to implement the Lotame Panorama ID to ensure brands and publishers have access to a global, privacy-compliant, and interoperable identifier to power their advertising without the need for cookies."

Audience technology platform Eyeota will also adopt the Panorama ID to process and deliver audience data for targeting.

"Our integration with Lotame Panorama ID aligns with our commitment to remain ID-agnostic as we continue to deliver addressable and privacy-safe audience solutions at scale for brands and advertisers globally," said Howard Luks, managing director of the Americas and senior vice president of global platforms at Eyeota, in a statement. "We look forward to collaborating with Lotame and the industry as we collectively develop viable and consumer-friendly solutions to identity resolution."

Publisher Advance Local has already enabled the Lotame Panorama UserID Module with Prebid. By deploying Lotame's Prebid UserID Module, the Panorama ID will be sent to SSPs and DSPs working with Advance Local within the header bidding workflow. .

"Nearly 10 years ago, we forged a partnership with Lotame to power our audience-targeting strategy, and given the shifting trends affecting our industry now, we are excited to extend that relationship to include Panorama ID," said David Rowley, senior director of customer success for ad platform strategies at Advance Local,in a statement. "With third-party targeting challenges and mounting privacy regulations, our minds are eased knowing that we have a solution in place that will help make our audience strategies more future-proof."

Panorama IDs carry an average of more than 200 behavioral attributes.

"As we approach the sunset of third-party cookies, publishers and brands are in urgent need of privacy-friendly tools to understand and engage audiences at scale," said Andy Monfried, CEO of Lotame, in a statement. "Support of the Panorama ID by Sovrn, Magnite, Eyeota, and Advance Local enforces our belief that the future of advertising relies on the collaboration of the entire ecosystem working together to solve challenges for all."

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