• October 5, 2020

AcuityAds Launches illumin Advertising Automation Platform

AcuityAds Holdings today released the illumin advertising automation platform, enabling planning, buying, and omnichannel intelligence in a single platform for visualization and management of the consumer journey.

illumin allows advertisers to map their consumer journey playbooks across screens and execute in real time using programmatic technology.

When using the illumin interface, advertisers can visualize consumer journey intelligence by touchpoint, message, and channel and compare against industry benchmarks on share of voice, share of attention, and return on advertising spend. The platform's artificial intelligence can execute tasks such as measuring value, delivering ads, matching consumers with the best advertisers, and capturing shopping intent, all within 50 milliseconds.

illumin was in beta with Purple, Home Depot, MassMutual, and Lamark Media.

"Anyone can put together a simple advertising campaign one ad set at a time. We are using illumin to get sequencing right," said Rob Towne, director of performance marketing at Purple Innovation, in a statement. "Acuity is helping us to build complete customer journeys so we can deliver the right message to targeted audiences based on real customer behavior."

"illumin has bridged the gap to allow anyone to plan and execute programmatic media buys through their easy drag and drop approach and user journey visualization," said Joseph Choi, director of digital media at Lamark Media, in a statement.

"Following our successful beta program, we are incredibly excited to launch the illumin brand and make this revolutionary platform accessible for advertisers of all sizes," said Tal Hayek, co-founder and CEO of AcuityAds, in a statement. "illumin is the culmination of years of development and time spent envisioning a better programmatic system that enables advertisers to create highly customizable consumer journeys that increase efficiency and return on advertising investments.

"The advertising industry is primed for a democratized solution to the challenges currently facing programmatic advertising," Hayek added. "We are proud to introduce a first-of-its-kind platform with illumin and are excited to open the platform to all advertisers seeking a more efficient, seamless, and intuitive experience for their digital advertising campaigns."

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