• November 13, 2019

ActiveCampaign Introduces Predictive Content

ActiveCampaign today launched Predictive Content, a machine learning feature that predicts the most engaging message for each individual being emailed based on only a handful of user inputs. The product is now available in beta for ActiveCampaign's Professional and Enterprise customers.

Predictive Content aims to improve email performance by modeling, predicting, and sending the content each individual within an audience is most likely to enjoy. Its machine learning technology uses a dataset of nearly 2 million words spanning 300 unique dimensions, or ways to look at those words. The model can identify whether an individual likes long or concise emails, prefers a serious or fun tone, and which topics appeals to him and then adjust accordingly.

ActiveCampaign customers simply launch Predictive Content from within Email Designer, where they can create up to five versions of an email. Once triggered to send, Predictive Content automatically builds a preference profile of each person receiving the email and matches one email version to each person.

"The customer experience, end-to-end, is full of precious encounters that any one individual can have with your brand," said Jason VandeBoom, founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign, in a statement. "Predictive Content will allow businesses to generate communications that are curated specifically for an individual and continue to learn over time, going beyond a typical split-test to add an element of personalization that ultimately brings the business and the customer closer together."

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