• July 26, 2023

ActionIQ Partners with AWS

ActionIQ, a customer data platform provider, has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer its customers AWS Entity Resolution within the ActionIQ CDP.

Unveiled today at the AWS Summit New York, this new artificial intelligence-powered service helps companies match and link related customer records stored across multiple applications, channels, and data stores, using flexible, configurable workflows. AWS Entity Resolution offers advanced matching techniques, such as rule-based matching and machine learning models, to help organizations link related sets of records. Using AWS Entity Resolution, customers will also gain a deeper understanding of how data is linked.

"AWS Entity Resolution marks a groundbreaking shift in the identity resolution landscape for organizations aiming to build flexible and agile customer data stacks, reaffirming our conviction that identity should not be married to a specific vendor. Identity resolution is a data function that should be executed where the data is stored and processed: the cloud data warehouse and data lake," said Tasso Argyros, ActionIQ CEO and founder, in a statement.

"ActionIQ's platform, built using AWS technology, is dedicated to offering services that make it easier for marketers to use customer data and improve the customer experience for enterprise organizations, enabling them to modernize their customer data stack," said Justin DeBrabant, senior vice president of product at ActionIQ, in a statement. "During our early experimentation with AWS Entity Resolution, we were impressed with the flexibility to customize the workflows and how the service quickly hit industry-class benchmarks in terms of speed and match rates. AWS Entity Resolution will help marketers augment the value of their data and harness the ongoing transformation of the identity space."

"Action IQ has been working with AWS to help modernize the customer data landscape with the latest technological advances. As data fragmentation continues to increase, organizations are faced with the need to keep their data accurate, complete, and consistent. With AWS Entity Resolution, customers achieve more accurate records and a deeper understanding of how data is linked to deliver new insights, enhance decision making, and improve customer experiences based on a unified view of an organization's records," said Davor Golac, general manager for AWS Entity Resolution, in a statement. "As a customer of AWS Entity Resolution, ActionIQ will scale the performance of matching fragmented records to continue to arm marketers with access to customer data and enhance the overall customer experience for enterprise organizations."

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