• January 25, 2024

ActionIQ Announces CX.AI Suite

ActionIQ, an enterprise customer data platform provider, today launched CX.AI, a suite of artificial intelligence-enabled solutions for customer experience (CX), marketing, and data teams. The first CXAI release introduces CXAI Data and CXAI Content.

The CXAI Data module includes the following:

  • GenAI Audiences, An audience co-pilot for marketers, bringing a natural language interface for marketers to build audiences, analyze performance, uncover insights, and query data.
  • AI Decisioning & Analytics, a decisioning engine for personalizing customer experiences. It makes recommendations and optimizes for the best audience, products, offers, look-alikes, channel preference, and more, with out-of-the-box models, custom models, or in-house models.

CXAI Content helps users power data-enriched content workflows for personalization at scale. This is being offered through a new partnership with Typeface, providers of a generative AI platform for content creation. With ActionIQ CXAI Content and Typeface Multimodal Content Hub integration, marketers and designers can create customized, on-brand content that aligns with ActionIQ's audiences and can be activated across any channel at scale. ActionIQ's novel abstraction layer, unique to its Customer Data Platform provides context from the customer experience, such as loyal customer who's made a recent purchase or frustrated returning customer on the verge of attrition.

"For as long as there has been marketing, there has been the dream of delivering a personalized experience for every customer," said Justin DeBrabant, chief product officer of ActionIQ, in a statement. "Partnering with innovative companies like Typeface allows us to create an ecosystem of innovation through different parts of the CX stack. We're still early in the AI revolution, but with product investments, the right partnerships, and customers willing to co-innovate, I'm confident that 2024 is going to be an exciting year of progress."

"By integrating ActionIQ's CXAI with Typeface's Multimodal Content Hub, we're bringing together a best-in-class composable customer data platform and personalized AI engine to power a level of personalization at scale that was never before possible," said Abhay Parasnis, founder and CEO of Typeface, in a statement.

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