• October 21, 2021

Actian Releases DataConnect 12 Integration Platform

Actian, a provider of hybrid cloud data integration and analytics, released its DataConnect 12 integration platform for data integration and data quality.

Actian DataConnect enables rapid onboarding. With this latest product release, Actian is introducing new functionality for data quality, enhanced scheduling and automation, and additional software development toolkits (SDKs) to improve development integrations.

"As data becomes more critical for business decisions, simply having data integrated will not be enough," said Emma McGrattan, senior vice president of engineering at Actian, in a statement. "Decision makers need to trust the data, and for that, they must have a way to ensure that their data is clean, consistent, and standardized."

This next generation of Actian’s DataConnect integration platform introduces the new Data Profiler feature, which allows users to apply rule sets and generate charts to visualize their data quality.

Actian's DataConnect 12 integration platform also extends its capabilities in automatic map transformer functionality, allowing users to have more control over mapping data transformations between source and target data sets. In addition, new automation features invite users to create and store pre-built business rules sets and reuse common data quality rules when profiling new data.

DataConnect 12 lets users convert connectors directly from existing maps and migrate entire databases to new sources.

Actian is also updating two of its SDKs and will host these on GitHub. The updated DataConnect platform SDK enables automation of the entire life-cycle from generating designs to monitoring execution, and the DataConnect platform's MCF SDK embraces an extensibility plug-in framework for custom connectivity, transformation, and custom processing.

Other key features in Actian DataConnect 12 integration platform include the following:

  • Java upgrade (11.0.12+7);
  • Connectivity for RabbitMQ, JSON enhancements, and connectors for common enterprise applications;
  • Multiple UX improvements, including bulk editing, improved filtering, more robust search capabilities, and connectivity field level controls.

"Actian's DataConnect integration platform is built with decades of innovation, developing an enthusiastic and loyal customer base," McGrattan said. "We have made upgrading to the new DataConnect 12 platform easier than ever, providing import utilities to aid customers on older versions, and for customers on our current release, there is almost no effort needed. This latest release will also provide new capabilities and accelerate integration scenarios for our customers using our Avalanche Hybrid Cloud Data Platform."

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