• February 19, 2015

Acision Releases Forge Self-Service Developer Portal

Acision, a provider of secure, mobile messaging and WebRTC technology, has launched its self-service developer portal, from forge by Acision.

The forge by Acision portal was purpose-built to let developers and enterprises inject smart communication features into their iOS and Android mobile applications, services, and Web sites, all from the cloud. As a communications framework, forge accelerates development time to integrate SMS, IP messaging, notifications, video and voice connectivity, as well as intelligent routing, rich media file transfer, in addition to presence. Developers can enhance the experience of their app, while growing and managing engagement opportunities by implementing peer-to-peer, one-to-many, group communication and personalized calls.

"Acision has merged its expertise in mobile communication services together with the reliability of its carrier-grade products to provide simple, secure API and SDK access via forge by Acision," said Eric Bilange, head of Acision's Rich Engagement Service Division, in a statement. "The breadth of services, alongside the new self-service interface, means that almost anyone can leverage forge to create new applications or add-on services to pre-existing applications, taking us another positive step forward in providing the world of developers with easy access to the latest and greatest toolkits to create the smartest apps."

All accounts will be provided with the Acision's latest SDK and SMS features, offering a free test/development account and 90 days free access to a production account with video and voice minutes, IP or SMS messaging bundles, and much more.

"Any developer can create and access their test and production accounts to enable various features, such as presence, chat, VoIP calling, and video chat. Developers also have access to our libraries for iOS, Android and Javascript with their free subscription. In addition, users can watch video tutorials to help them learn how to set up the environment, develop advanced apps, as well as enable powerful authentication methods, including simple authentication and OAuth2," Bilange said. "This is an invaluable opportunity for developers to bring state of the art interaction capabilities into their apps without having to spend time on complex developments and to support multiple platforms."

For those developers wishing to do group messaging and recording, this will be available later this month when Acision will be releasing the forge SDK 1.3. The SDK will also support push notifications as well as integration with Facebook, Office 365, LinkedIn, Google Plus, GitHub, and customer identity management platform Janrain. In addition, distinct levels of end-to-end secure messaging capabilities will be available.

The latest version of the SDK is also be the backbone to fuseMe by Acision, the company's white-label, all-in-one communication app. Version 2.0 of the forge SDK will be coming in late March and will provide developers a robust set of voice and video conferencing capabilities.

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