• January 6, 2015

Acision Partners with Blacc Spot Media on WebRTC Communications Platform

Acision, a provider of mobile messaging services, has partnered with Blacc Spot Media, a WebRTC, mobile, and Web application development firm, to deliver next-generation communication solutions for consumers and enterprises, built using Acision's forge SDK, part of the forge by Acision platform.

The collaboration will help enterprises prototype and deploy commercial-grade, engagement applications.

Blacc Spot Media's first project with Acision is to build a banking prototype, showcasing how a customer can connect directly to an available customer service representative via a kiosk/tablet application in the simulated banking environment. The Acision/Blacc Spot Media demonstration highlights a scenario where a customer needs support while browsing a banking Web site or application via a kiosk/tablet. By clicking the Live Help Now button, the customer is presented with a list of available agents and their agent PIN numbers. To start a live chat session, the customer simply clicks on the agent's Live Help Now button. The added bonus of providing a PIN is that when the customer goes back to browsing, he can connect directly to the same agent again.

"WebRTC allows us to build innovative solutions that enable companies to establish more effective two-way communication with their end-customers. One area of opportunity is in the banking sector, which is already leading the way in enriched communications with new video banking services that allow customers to see and talk with advisers over their mobile device without needing to visit a branch," Lantre Barr, founder and CEO at Blacc Spot Media, said in a statement. "By working with Acision, which provides secure messaging solutions to prominent financial services providers across Europe, together we can demonstrate the true value of click-to-communicate video, voice, and chat, which can be relevant to many key vertical sectors, not just banks."

"Acision's business is about empowering enterprises to better connect to customers and serve their needs. With our forge SDK, we can enrich Web and mobile applications by enabling an unparalleled direct interaction experience, where a user can get answers to queries immediately, reducing queuing to speak to a call centre agent or waiting for an email response," said Eric Bilange, head of rich engagement services at Acision, in a statement. "Furthermore, for customers today, particularly those dealing with their bank or making a transaction, security is of critical importance and Acision's secure messaging solutions and expertise can enable user validation through multi-factor authentication or one-time password log-in.  Together with Blacc Spot Media, who are as passionate about WebRTC as us, we can really prove the breadth of opportunities in rich communication and demonstrate how enterprises can take advantage of this to change the state of play in customer engagement."

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