• December 4, 2014

Accenture and IPsoft Expand Relationship Around the Amelia Artificial Intelligence Platform

Accenture is expanding its relationship with IPsoft, a provider of autonomic and cognitive solutions, to help clients re-model their business processes by taking advantage of new cognitive computing capabilities.

Accenture is working with IPsoft's Amelia, a new artificial intelligence platform that makes it possible to automate and augment business processes across a broad range of functions. This can enable companies to build more efficient workforces who use cognitive aids to improve customer service, client service delivery, workforce productivity, and the ability to manage ever-growing amounts of data.

Accenture plans to integrate Amelia within its cognitive services delivery portfolio to help clients increase operational productivity. The cognitive and learning capabilities of the Amelia platform allow it to absorb routine processes and learn from natural language interactions to solve customer problems and respond successfully to a wide range of queries.

"We're at the forefront of a major wave of cognitive automation that is disruptive and transformational and allows clients to radically improve business processes and make better informed business decisions," said Paul Daugherty, chief technology officer at Accenture, in a statement. "Working with leading artificial intelligence platforms like Amelia provides a unique opportunity for Accenture to combine our broad industry, business process, and technology skills to deliver breakthrough solutions for clients."

The broader collaboration with IPsoft builds on Accenture's existing cognitive computing practice and business process outsourcing (BPO) business within Accenture Operations to develop new capabilities based on Amelia that can automate key business processes across a range of business functions to augment human capabilities.

"The market's appetite for embracing Amelia's unique capabilities is immense. Accenture has the knowledge, skills, and scale to help realize Amelia's potential within a wide range of client environments as well as shape industry and process-specific instances that set new benchmarks for business performance. We look forward to working with our colleagues at Accenture to define new rules for management success in the digital economy," said Chetan Dube, president and CEO of IPsoft, in a statement.

Accenture is undertaking pilot projects for two clients that are interested in the productivity gains they can achieve by being among the first organizations to deploy Amelia into their operations. The first pilot is with Baker Hughes, an oil field services company, while the other is Shell, a global group of energy and petrochemical companies. In both use cases, a cognitive agent will help support service delivery by learning through natural language interactions and documentation, as well as observing other agents' live interactions to constantly improve on its abilities.

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