• August 20, 2015

Accenture Launches Advanced Analytics for Telcos

Accenture is launching five advanced analytics applications for the telecommunications industry.

Developed through the Accenture Analytics Applications Platform, a scalable platform that develops industry- and function-specific advanced analytics applications that are reusable, configurable, and adaptable to meet the needs of each unique company and its individual users, the new analytics applications are designed to help telecommunications companies make more effective pricing, staffing, maintenance, and planning decisions.

"Countless companies are vying to be the next big digital disruptor in the highly competitive global telecommunications industry," said Marco Vernocchi, senior managing director and global digital lead of Accenture Communications, Media, and Technology, in a statement. "One way to have a strong foot in this race is by turning data into an asset and using it to make insight-driven decisions. When data is put to work through advanced analytics applications and smarter decisions, a company can unlock new opportunities for themselves and their customers."

Accenture's new advanced analytics applications for the telecommunications industry include the following:

  • Call Volume Forecaster: Provides users with insights on forecasted call volumes and the right staffing resources needed.
  • Network Predictive Fault Management: Helps providers predict network incidents before they occur. Users receive insights detailing network vulnerabilities and recommendations for proactive maintenance of the network infrastructure.
  • Revenue Forecasting: Forecasts revenue from areas such as customer base, activations, cancellations, and traffic.
  • Bundle Pricing: Supports the development of effective pricing strategies for offering bundles.
  • IT Governance: Helps providers to optimize and improve IT infrastructure efficiency, even when transitioning to virtualized environments. Users receive insights involving asset mapping, the impact of future application scenarios, and reporting that can validate decisions or inform new actions.

Accenture currently has 25 advanced analytics applications available for the telecommunications, retail, financial services, and utilities industries. Custom applications can also be created to meet a company’s specific needs. For each application, Accenture’s platform can be used to fully configure the advanced analytics applications with a company’s exact operational workflow process and precise user requirements. Depending on the amount of customization needed, applications can be ready for use in approximately one week to 60 days.

Accenture's advanced analytics applications can be run on their own or through the Accenture Insights Platform. Launched last month, the Accenture Insights Platform is a cloud-based, end-to-end analytics-as-a-service solution comprised of an integrated suite of leading technologies, consumption-based commercial arrangements, and enterprise support.

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