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  • May 15, 2019

Accent Launches Sales Performance Management Platform

Accent Technologies, a sales technology provider, today launched its Sales Performance Management Platform, which uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to give teams greater visibility into sales rep and team performance.

The software works within CRM systems or independently to give sales managers and leaders detailed visibility into sales activities, buyer responses, and selling effectiveness. It automatically enters sales activity data into CRM systems.

"The data entry problem is a critical hurdle in delivering an effective sales AI solution," said Pete McChrystal, Accent's CEO, in a statement. "We don't want reps playing data entry clerks, we want them selling. But we had to solve the low CRM adoption problem first or there's no data to analyze. It's like trying to study last week's game with no game video."

Through the Manager's Dashboard, sales leaders get clear visibility into sales rep activities and effectiveness through seller and team scorecards. Managers can see exactly what reps are doing, how they are spending their time, and how effectively they're moving deals forward. All aspects of the selling motion are evaluated and scored. Visualizations help leaders and managers see the health and status of opportunities and overall pipeline. Specific visuals show how well key opportunities are being contacted, giving managers risk indicators and openings for coaching.

Accent's sales AI platform is driven by its Synthesis Analytics engine, which ingests data from various sources, such as CRM, email, calendar, social media, and others, and then refines and analyzes the data to deliver insight to reps, managers, sales ops, and leaders.

"Synthesis is a Big Data analytics engine focused on B2B sales and marketing. It's taken us over four years to develop. We assembled the latest and greatest tech stack, and we had to refine the sales operating system [AI and storage] that lets us do the advanced analytics. The engine is solid and will heavily impact the way sales teams sell and improve productivity," McCrystal said.

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