• July 19, 2023

ARInsights Adds G2 and PeerSpot Reviews to its Premium Content

ARInsights, provider of a platform for managing analyst relations (AR) and B2B influencer relations programs, has added software and technology review data from review platforms G2 and PeerSpot to its Premium Content solution.

Now, Premium Content users can search for, monitor, and get instant alerts about relevant customer reviews and track trends in scores and sentiment.

WithPremium Content, an add-on to ARInsights AR productivity software ARchitect, companies can track mentions about their brands, competitors, industries and so on, made by relevant analysts and other influencers in research, blog posts, quotes in the media, and social channels.

"ARchitect is the leading influencer management platform, and nowadays, influence comes from many different places: analysts and other industry experts, as well as technology users themselves," said Andy Zimmerman, CEO of ARInsights, in a statement. "These customers often sway others, especially through reviews, and exert influence on the buying cycle. So, it's advantageous for AR pros and customer marketers alike to track what customers are saying, and providing the means to do so is part of our strategic evolution. G2 and PeerSpot are both premier and trusted sites for people to leave and learn from reviews, and bringing their information into Premium Content is a natural fit."

Now, directly from Premium Content, users can do the following:

  • Search for customer reviews from G2 and PeerSpot.
  • Get automatic notifications via email, Slack, or in-app within ARchitect when new reviews are posted.
  • See a synopsis of relevant reviews, with title, summary, technology pros and cons (PeerSpot) and customer likes and dislikes (G2). For each review, ARInsights also pulls in the first technology use case from PeerSpot.
  • Click to access the full reviews on the G2 and PeerSpot websites.
  • Get an at-a-glance aggregate view of relevant review activity including review summaries, dates posted, source/site of each review, customer rating (out of 5 on both G2 and PeerSpot), and coverages mentioned (e.g., company, product, etc.) from the Premium Content dashboard.
  • Track and report on trends in reviews over time using ARchitect's analytics and reporting capabilities. Premium Content users can also see how the volume, sentiment ,and scoring in their product reviews compare to competitors'.

"The highly comprehensive reviews on PeerSpot, powered by the world's largest community of enterprise tech buyers, provide practical, reliable buying intelligence necessary before making purchasing decisions," said PeerSpot CEO Russell Rothstein in a statement. "By partnering with ARInsights, we're integrating valuable review insights into the platform and expanding ways companies use and benefit from PeerSpot data. And because the majority of PeerSpot reviews are generated through in-depth interviews with real users, the result is thousands of words of feedback on the user experience, from implementation to specific use cases; this content currently leveraged by analysts may now also help AR professionals directly."

"More than 80 million people visit G2 each year to make smarter technology decisions thanks to the 2 million authentic reviews across 2,100 categories in our marketplace, as well as our trusted Market Reports," said Rachel Bentley, senior director of product management at G2, in a statement. "Strategic analyst relations teams are tasked with filtering insights from the analyst community into their companies. G2's data offers AR professionals the ability to have a fact-based discussion rooted in customer data to bring those competitive and customer insights to their broader teams. By partnering with ARInsights, these valuable insights are becoming even more accessible to AR and customer marketing professionals. With the breadth and depth of our data at G2, we are committed to tapping into those insights to help those involved in software buying during all stages of their journey."

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