• July 8, 2021

6sense and Bombora Expand Partnership

6sense, an artificial intelligence-based account engagement platform provider, has expanded its partnership with Bombora, a B2B intent data provider, to provide Bombora's Company Surge Intent data to all 6sense platform customers. These customers can now use Bombora intent data to create dynamic audience segments for their account-based strategies, refine their 6sense predictive models, and provide additional intent data to sellers within the 6sense Sales Intelligence module.

Bombora's intent data is sourced from a proprietary cooperative of more than 4,000 B2B websites, and its patented data science methodology identifies when businesses show buyer intent for a product or service.

"6sense is a leader in orchestration and data for account-based sales and marketing teams," said Erik Matlick, founder and CEO of Bombora, in a statement. "Now, 6sense is our exclusive partner for activating an embedded offering of Bombora Company Surge data into a predictive model. The combined solution gives customers accurate predictive account intelligence and actionable recommendations so they can better focus on and engage their top accounts with messages that are relevant to buyer interests and their predicted journey stages."

"6sense is delivering on its promise to bring the revtech revolution to its customers by synthesizing multiple enhanced data sources and turning them into clear and actionable recommendations that drive better account-based sales and marketing results," said Viral Bajaria, co-founder and chief technology officer of of 6sense, in a statement. "Together, 6sense and Bombora deliver the most complete view of B2B buyer behavior in the market, and our patented AI-based models can leverage both data sources to predict which accounts sales and marketing should prioritize."

Customers that have activated Bombora intent alongside 6sense's native intent have seen increases in the number of in-market accounts identified and higher conversion rates from 6sense's patented buying stage predictions to pipeline opportunities.

"We leverage both 6sense and Bombora intent data in our predictive buying stage model within 6sense and overlay additional filter criteria, like intent topics and keywords, to understand which accounts to engage and what they're most interested in," said Casey Carey, chief marketing officer of Kazoo, in a statement. "With the combined solution, we've increased the number of in-market accounts identified by 15 percent, seen a 20 percent increase in accounts converting from the predicted purchase stage to pipeline opportunity, and increased our lead-to-win rate by 14 percent, which is game changing."

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