• November 11, 2020

6sense Launches 6signal Graph for Personalization

6sense today launched 6signal Graph, its patented account identification technology that matches anonymous web traffic and 3rd-party intent signals to accounts.

In addition to account firmographic data, such as company name, industry, revenue, and location, companies can use 6sense's dynamic segments, internet commerce provider fit predictions, and buying stage predictions to trigger actions when visitors land on their websites.

"We've been enhancing the 6signal Graph for nearly eight years to deliver accurate account matching, including adjusting to changes in locations and devices from which a buyer conducts research," said Viral Bajaria, chief technology officer and co-founder of 6sense, in a statement. "Superior account identification has always been one of the reasons why customers partner with 6sense, and it's exciting to see these capabilities now powering other solutions in our customers' sales and marketing tech stacks."

"Our goal is to enable our customers to deliver highly personalized conversational marketing experiences at scale," said Jared Fuller, senior director of partnerships at Drift, in a statement. "With 6signal instantly recognizing high-value accounts, our customers can better route and engage buyers with highly personalized messages that drive meaningful conversations and conversions."

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