• August 20, 2020

4D Sight Delivers Native Ads in Live-Streamed Sports

4D Sight today introduced its content monetization platform that integrates non-intrusive, native ads into live-streamed and pre-recorded sports and e-sports videos in real time.

The platform has removed all overhead and integration costs from the native ad insertion process, and no green screens, cameras, game production crews, or game engine integration are necessary. Clients reroute streaming content through the 4D servers for processing and placing the ads, as well as tracking user conversions and brand safety measures.

In highlight reels or even in real time, 4D Sight's artificial intelligence recognizes exciting moments, based on body movements, and determines when and where to place the ads directly into the stream of the game.

"We empower content creators by offering new revenue streams that won't jeopardize the audience experience, so they can thrive. Interruptive ads hurt the content, audience, and brand equity because they are forced and irritating," said Erhan Ciris, 4D Sight's CEO and founder, in a statement. "By placing ads in context, we build trust and long-term loyalty with digital communities."

The 4D Sight content monetization platform resists ad blockers by encoding ads directly into the video. It allows for contextual awareness for key moment tagging, provides brand safety controls in live streams, and offers brand sentiment analysis using natural language processing via chatboxes, tracking conversations on the chatboxes. The platform is medium-agnostic, so ads can be placed in any type of video.

This solution is already being used by Activision Blizzard for its upcoming Call of Duty League. In addition,140 esport teams are using the platform to monetize and enhance their livestream game plays, and as COVID-19 paused many traditional sports, prestigious leagues and teams, including the Washington Football Club, have turned to 4D Sight to increase ad capacity.

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