• June 17, 2015

3CLogic Adds Advanced Multichannel Intelligent Routing

3CLogic, a provider of cloud call center software, has released its latest software enhancement, including an inbound routing solution for all asynchronous communications, such as email, SMS, and social media. The addition complements its current routing capabilities of all synchronous communication channels, such as voice and chat.

The enhancements also include an intelligent workflow engine for inbound routing of asynchronous communications (email, text, social media, etc.), the ability to expose all known customer data points to facilitate customization at the individual level, and an open architecture to allow rapid addition of new channels, such as fax, as the market dictates.

"Many of the more modern channels available today, such as email, SMS, and social media, lack the same intelligent routing capabilities commonly associated with telephony and chat," said Robert Killory, chief innovation officer at 3CLogic, in a s tatement. "For today's clients, their expectations, as they relate to customer experience, do not change from one channel to the next, which underlines the value of being able to address these asynchronous and synchronous channels in a uniform way.

"Customers will be provided a seamless experience with the businesses they interact with," Killory added. "It will make for a big difference and potentially a competitive differentiator for many."

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