• August 1, 2017

[24]7 Launches Customer Journey Analytics

[24]7, a provider of intent-driven customer engagement solutions, has released [24]7 Customer Journey Analytics following its acquisition of some technologies from KPMG Capital.

[24]7 Customer Journey Analytics analyzes and visualizes customer journeys that occur over time, extend across channels and devices, and span IT systems, providing insight into the root causes of problems along customer journeys. It tracks and analyzes how customers interact with companies. Customer interaction data is drawn from digital channels (web, mobile, live chat, chatbot), voice channels, and offline channels (e.g., retail stores). This data is connected with advertising and marketing systems (e.g., search and ad data), voice-of-customer/NPS systems, and back-office systems (billing, ordering, provisioning, fulfillment). Nearly any type of structured or unstructured data source can be analyzed, including commercial products, proprietary systems, and third-party data providers.

[24]7 Customer Journey Analytics includes the following capabilities:

  • Query Speed – high-velocity data fabric built for journey analytics delivers speed-to-insight in minutes;
  • Analyst Enablement & Productivity - visual query builder allows analysts to explore data, identify common patterns, and perform root cause analysis without the need for complex query languages; and
  • Business User Impact - visualizations designed for customer journey analytics enhance the communication of key business insights.

By combining [24]7 Customer Journey Analytics with the [24]7 Customer Engagement Cloud, companies can analyze customer experiences, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement solutions across channels that accelerate digital transformation.

"This technology enables analysts to query millions of customer journeys in minutes," said Gil Winters, vice president of customer journey analytics at [24]7, in a statement. "This enables us to generate valuable insights in a fraction of the time of existing analytic techniques, meaning opportunities can be acted upon quickly."

[24]7 acquired the technology, known as Customer Compass, from KPMG Capital  and has re-branded it as Customer Journey Analytics. As part of the transaction, [24]7 also recruited an analyst team with years of experience diagnosing customer journeys. KPMG member firms will continue to be able to offer this technology to clients by either licensing it or teaming with [24]7. At the same time, [24]7 will be working with KPMG teams around the world as a preferred supplier of a range of consulting and advisory services.

"With customer journey analytics now a key part of the [24]7 portfolio, we can offer our member firms' clients a more strategic, integrated customer experience solution than was previously possible," said Tim Gillis, CEO of KPMG Capital, in a statement. "This transaction opens up multiple possibilities to serve large enterprises globally who can benefit from [24]7's customer acquisition and engagement solutions."

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