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George Schussel, founder and chairman of DCI, has been on the crest of the CRM wave since its inception. After founding DCI 20 years ago Schussel has followed closely every trend in technology since. And that strict attention to the tech world has continued to this day. Schussel has immersed himself in such hot topics as predictive analytics and the real-time enterprise, according to Mike Colby, president of DCI and a long-time friend of Schussel. "George is a true entrepreneur, and is one of the brightest men I have ever met," Colby says. "He is superresourceful, always reading up on the latest technologies...and he's always there when I need him." Schussel says his success is based on the fact that he never leaves anything undone and always goes after what he wants. "A lot of people work hard for years with the hopes of attaining one overreaching goal," Schussel says. "I didn't take that approach. Rather, I always took the time while traveling the road to success to do all the fun things as well." Much like the turbocharged Porsches Schussel loves to drive, DCI's growth during its first few years of operation was lightning fast. What started out as a three-man, $250,000-a-year company based in Schussel's home turned into a multimillion-dollar company in under three years, Colby says. Currently DCI takes in $40 million in annual revenue, thanks mostly to Schussel's determination and grasp of technology, Colby says.
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