• October 1, 2003

Helping Customers Solve Problems

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What systems do you currently have in place to enable your support professionals and customers to resolve problems?* 27% Knowledge base (custom or vendors' solution) 21% Web self-service 21% CRM/case management only (custom or vendors' solution) 19% Search tools 11% Expert forums or communities Which areas would you like to improve within your problem resolution process?* 22% Content authoring and knowledge capture 20% Reducing the number of systems that agents use on their desktops 20% Structured collaboration 18% Integration of disparate knowledge repositories 16% Access knowledge from outside customer service (e.g., from marketing, engineering, sales, legal, other)
*Participants selected multiple responses Source: Kanisa, SSPA Research, and CRM magazine's Web seminar, "The New Imperative for Automating the Problem Resolution Process"
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