• May 3, 2004

Heard and Overheard

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"Service is a true definer of the relationship between a customer and company." --Mark McCluskey, research director, AMR Research "Success in CRM is a journey, not a destination."
--Stephen Davito, director of professional services, Remedy "In our world CRM stands for Can't Replace Marketing." --Dave Sutton, president, Inforte "The speaker was great. He said we could actually set up improved business processes before we implement the [CRM] technology." --attendee at DCI's CRM Conference and Expo "Analytics has really become pervasive in CRM." --Rob DeSisto, vice president of CRM research, Gartner "Customer behavior is the driver of profitability. Transaction and event detail is essential in understanding the true picture and enabling action." --Rick Volz, director of business development, Teradata Profitability Analytics "It definitely makes a difference in profitability to have loyal customers versus customers who are inert." --Kathleen Khirallah, senior analyst, Tower Group "If you don't understand customers' business needs, how can you solve their problems?" --Barry Solomon, executive vice president, Interface Software "One size doesn't fit all; you have to find a [CRM] system that fits your unique needs." --Richard Berquist, CTO, senior vice president, and PeopleSoft Fellow, PeopleSoft
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