• December 1, 2006
  • By Marshall Lager, founder and managing principal, Third Idea Consulting; contributor, CRM magazine

Allconnect: Making Convenience Convenient

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Moving a household is always a hassle, and Allconnect is in the business of reducing the hassle as much as possible. Allconnect enables customers to set up services that include telephone, water, gas, cable TV, and waste removal prior to their household move, thus saving an average of two and a half hours of stress. The Atlanta company operates five call centers with some 350 agents, serving 350,000 inbound callers per month.

Efficiency is key in such an operation, so Allconnect wished to increase its evaluation frequency, supply the organization with quality analytics, and provide its agents with quicker performance feedback. "Our completion rates were not where we knew they could be due to inaccurate order entry," says Michaud Ray, vice president of customer experience. "By increasing our evaluation frequency, we would be able to identify more coaching opportunities, which in turn would lead to better order completion rates." Allconnect also was planning a partial transition to an outsourced environment and needed to ensure quality standards.

A brief but thorough evaluation process led Allconnect to select HyperQuality, a call center monitoring company focused on quality assurance. "All our pain points had a HyperQuality solution, which made the decision to move forward with the partnership easy," Ray says.

Thanks to HyperQuality, Allconnect's performance has significantly improved: Call completion rates are higher than ever before (with a 300 percent improvement in quality); call performance (evaluated an average of 17 times per agent, per month) has increased 500 percent; and evaluation disputes have decreased (a sign the agents are satisfied with the scoring system). The benefits from HyperQuality quickly spilled over to the new outsourced agents, as well. Allconnect did not suffer through months of lower quality while the new team got up to speed. Instead, its new agents were on track with quality scores above the previous internal team's scores in just 30 days.

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