CRM on Twitter: May 2009
How have retailers fared in the twitterverse?
For the rest of the May 2009 issue of CRM magazine please click here

For the rest of the May 2009 issue of CRM magazine, please click here.

Retailers have certainly had a rough go of it, to say the least (see this month’s cover story, “Selling Out”). With that in mind, we thought we’d take a look at how a handful of them have fared in the twitterverse. As for us, CRM magazine’s now at www.twitter.com/CRM and you can find our live-twittering and blogposts at www.twitter.com/destinationCRM.

We’ll be monitoring both, of course, but to reach us directly, start your tweet with @CRM.

@HomeDepot [“Sarah,” of Corporate Communications]:
@tarvardian saw your tweet, great to hear about the customer service in that store, mind if I ask which Home Depot u visited?

@heatherwr engagement has been good so far & we’re learning things along the way. looking forward to seeing which promo ultimate wins.

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@BestBuyCMO [retailer’s CMO, Barry Judge]:
I believe Best Buy’s prices are as good or better than Walmart’s every day. Do people know that? Believe that? Care?

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Every month, CRM magazine covers the customer relationship management industry and beyond. To subscribe, please visit http://www.destinationCRM.com/subscribe/.
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