April 9-11, 2018 | Renaissance Washington DC Hotel


Anand Thaker

Anand Thaker

Anand Thaker is a leader, builder and advisor in marketing technology and growth strategy. His 15-years of experience includes marketing, sales, data, analytics, and intelligent systems/AI.

To succeed in a diverse, dynamic, interconnected marketplace, modern leaders must leverage the right mix of data, intelligent solutions, and judgment. He founded IntelliPhi to advance human & digital go-to-market decision intelligence for growth-driven leaders. He is also the co-collaborator of the Martech 5000 Landscape with Scott Brinker.

Anand’s experience building and growing high-growth product startups and consulting firms in Marketing Technology to enterprise firms such as Siemens, Silverpop/IBM, Microsoft, Blackstone, Capgemini, GTRI, Salesforce.com, Fidelity, NYSE, and eBay. He also serves as a liaison and advisor to improve venture investors batting average, navigate startup founders, support enterprise executives, and provide leading trends and insights to industry analysts on Marketing and Sales Technology.

Anand also has a knack for identifying and cultivating rising sales and marketing leaders. He previously consulted and developed solutions in the highly data-driven energy and finance industries after graduating as a computer engineer from Georgia Tech.

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