May 23-25, 2016 | Omni Shoreham Washington DC

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Delivering World-Class Service: Lessons From the Mouse
Dennis Snow - Keynote_Snow.pdf
Planning for CRM Success
Social Selling: How Sales Organizations Become Digital
KEYNOTE LUNCH: Reimaging Customer Service in a Let-Me-Do-It World
CRM’s Role in Enabling Sales Transformation
Jim Dickie - A103_Dickie.pptx
Solution Sessions
Six Ways to Increase Prospect Intelligence to Win More Business
Scott Hornstein - A105_Hornstein.pptx
Promote Active CRM Using the Willing To Buy Framework
Phil Perkins - A106_Perkins.pptx
Laziness, Narcissism, and Other Politically Incorrect Considerations in Formulating Marketing Strategy
Robert Bergman - B101_Bergman.pdf
Mapping Personas in Your CRM System to Maximize Value
Samantha Stone - B102_Stone.pdf
KEYNOTE LUNCH: Reimaging Customer Service in a Let-Me-Do-It World
Understanding Intent Data
David Raab - B103_Raab.pptx
Solution Sessions
Using Customer Journey Mapping to Create Great Experiences
David Kay - B105_Kay.pptx
Is Personalization Enough? Marketing Challenges & Opportunities
Build Insight-Driven Customer Experiences
Implementing a CRM Program in the Federal Government
KEYNOTE LUNCH: Reimaging Customer Service in a Let-Me-Do-It World
Evolving Government Contact Centers
Casey Coleman - C103_Coleman.pptx
Solution Sessions
The Internet of Things, Cyber-Security, and Government Readiness
Chuck Brooks - C105_Brooks.pptx
Not Being ‘Really Disruptive,’ but Delivering Disruption for Real

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Breakfast With the Influencers Panel
CRM (R)evolution
Lead Conversion Mixology
Sales Is From Mars, Marketing Is From Venus: An Alignment Story With MA + CRM
KEYNOTE LUNCH: The Next Evolution in Customer Engagement
How Creating Business & IT Alignment Improves Customer Engagement Outcomes
Leslie Ament - A203_Ament.pdf
Solution Sessions
Bob H. Nguyen - 1445_Nguyen.pdf
Making Sales Predictive and Mobile
Michael Combopiano - A205_Combopiano.pptx
Jim Steger - A205_Steger.pdf
Digital Transformation in the Age of the Mobile Customer
Connecting In-Store Behavior to Online Dynamic Design
Hjelm & Halford - B202_Hjelm.pdf
KEYNOTE LUNCH: The Next Evolution in Customer Engagement
Delighting the Multichannel Customer
Brian Border - B203_Border.pptx
Solution Sessions
Robert Sullivan - 1445_Sullivan.pptx
Five Steps to Improving the Anonymous Client Experience With IoT
The Endangered Customer: Eight Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business
Richard Shapiro - C201_Shapiro.pdf
Evolving the Customer Experience in a Cost-Constrained World
Marrone & Johnson - C202_Marrone.pptx
KEYNOTE LUNCH: The Next Evolution in Customer Engagement
Excellent Customer Service is Amazing Marketing
Robinson & Golob - C203_Robinson.pdf
Solution Sessions
People, Process, & Technology Tips

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

PANEL: Gaining Sales Advantage: Sales Optimization Tools, Techniques, & Technology
Predicting the Future: Customer-Driven Innovation
Executive Primer, Part 1—Digital Strategy: How to Thrive in the Digital Deluge
PANEL: CRM and Small Business in a Digital World
When Amy Met Siri: How Virtual Companions Will Change Customer Engagement Forever
Using Predictive Analytics to Fuel Marketing Success: Fortune Tellers Need Not Apply
Next Best Action Personalization
Tiziano Cembali - B302_Cembali(1).pdf
Executive Primer, Part 2—Digital Strategy: The Core Role of CRM
Rethinking Customer Loyalty in an Age of Rapid Turnover
CRM in Sports: Maximizing Fan Engagement with Data

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