• June 23, 2020

Journey Unveils Trusted Identity Platform

Journey launched today as a company with its first offering, the Trusted Identity Platform, which uses a zero-knowledge network-based approach to identity and customer data protection in the contact center.

Central to Journey's Trusted Identity is a cryptographic concept called zero knowledge that allows individuals to prove something to be true without revealing the details. Journey brings this technique to agent-caller interactions leveraging customers' smartphones and enterprise mobile apps to make it possible to request, verify, and share sensitive details, from a Social Security Number to a credit card payment, with the agent only ever seeing a pass/fail on their screens. No sensitive personal information ever actually travels to or is seen by agents or the contact center infrastructure.

The platform and zero-knowledge network enable identity verification, document verification, digital signatures, and payment processing, all in the same interaction. It can be deployed with or without an enterprise mobile app.

"Verified identity is at the core of a trusted digital relationship between businesses and their customers, yet it has been, for the most part, a broken process. Companies waste a customer's time with a lot of silly questions that provide little security, broadly expose their data to contact center agents, copy their data into databases that are honeypots for hackers, and spend millions of dollars on a patchwork quilt of technology and process Band-Aids," said Journey CEO Brett Shockley in a statement. "We took a step back and fundamentally rethought the approach, inventing a zero-knowledge network solution that cares for a customer's information while making it simple to use it to deliver a highly personalized and streamlined customer experience throughout the customer journey lifecycle."

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