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Understanding the options could help your organization determine which solution is best.
Posted 01 Sep 2014 [September 2014 Issue]
Sales operations shift focus from number-crunching to pipeline analysis.
Posted 01 Sep 2014 [September 2014 Issue]
87 percent of survey respondents state their information is not adequately protected.
Posted 01 Aug 2014 [August 2014 Issue]
Mobile marketing, in-store customer ID, and analytics are on the real-time road map.
Posted 01 Aug 2014 [August 2014 Issue]
Privacy seekers share demographic and behavior traits, according to IDC.
Posted 01 Jul 2014 [July 2014 Issue]
Smarter Commerce Summit shows companies that moments matter.
Posted 01 Jul 2014 [July 2014 Issue]
Sales and marketing automation company offers tailored solution for the mortgage banker.
Posted 01 Jul 2014 [July 2014 Issue]
Salespeople must track the customer journey across multiple channels and be more collaborative than ever.
Posted 01 Jul 2014 [July 2014 Issue]
Users will be able to take advantage of SAP's Fiori platform.
Posted 01 Jul 2014
Mobile clienteling and communities solution will help retailers connect with customers.
Posted 26 Jun 2014
Seventy-nine percent don't see their companies as ready to make the digital shift.
Posted 20 Jun 2014
Integration will begin with voice and chat channels.
Posted 17 Jun 2014
Sales Thought Leadership Conference provides study-backed tips on creating a more effective sales force.
Posted 12 Jun 2014
First integrated call center operation of Watson could go live this year
Posted 11 Jun 2014
Speed of SAP HANA is one route to better customer and employee experiences.
Posted 05 Jun 2014
Enterprise software needs consumer-level simplicity, says SAP CEO Bill McDermott
Posted 04 Jun 2014
Five tips from industry experts to help make over your customer engagement efforts.
Posted 01 Jun 2014 [June 2014 Issue]
We're entering the age of "personal analytics."
Posted 01 Jun 2014 [June 2014 Issue]
Consumers and airlines rethink their commitments to each other.
Posted 01 Jun 2014 [June 2014 Issue]
Contest app helps increase sales and encourage best practices for cheerleading apparel company.
Posted 01 Jun 2014 [June 2014 Issue]
Users can deploy predictive technology across the customer life cycle.
Posted 23 May 2014
BI product update will help move Looker upmarket.
Posted 19 May 2014
Market-leading companies are focusing on CXM, not CRM.
Posted 15 May 2014
Tie together products for better end-to-end customer engagement.
Posted 13 May 2014
Performance can be analyzed by individual accounts from advertising to sale.
Posted 08 May 2014
New social interface is part of Salesforce.com's Exact Target Marketing Cloud.
Posted 06 May 2014
Consumers like receiving notices, but companies need to use them cautiously.
Posted 01 May 2014 [May 2014 Issue]
Retailers need to focus on mobile user experience and responsive design to capitalize on growth.
Posted 01 May 2014 [May 2014 Issue]
Using smartphones, tablets, and creative displays, retailers can give consumers the best of both worlds.
Posted 01 May 2014 [May 2014 Issue]
Sales enablement technology helps answer questions for custom orders.
Posted 01 May 2014 [May 2014 Issue]
How to align CRM so it meets the needs of both.
Posted 30 Apr 2014
SugarCRM's intelligence panel enables closer views of customer integrations, graphs.
Posted 29 Apr 2014
Small businesses can leverage CRM faster and better in a digital world.
Posted 25 Apr 2014
Speakers stress the value of transparency with the public.
Posted 24 Apr 2014
Brands can customize their Web sites for individual users.
Posted 17 Apr 2014
Cloud contact center software users can customize the product in the same environment.
Posted 15 Apr 2014
The deal is the latest in a series of acquisitions in the marketing automation space.
Posted 10 Apr 2014
Product release also includes self-service scripting capabilities.
Posted 08 Apr 2014
Intent and adoption of these BI features are high.
Posted 02 Apr 2014
Pragmatic approach can unlock strategic and monetary value of information.
Posted 01 Apr 2014
Twenty-one percent of consumers write about products they've never used.
Posted 01 Apr 2014 [April 2014 Issue]
ShowClix shortens sales cycles and improves forecasting with SalesClic.
Posted 01 Apr 2014 [April 2014 Issue]
Relevance, respect, credibility, and value are key to great experiences.
Posted 01 Apr 2014 [April 2014 Issue]
SAS Executive Conference shows how to lead an organization's embrace of technological change.
Posted 25 Mar 2014
Visualization and big data-geared updates announced at SAS Global Forum.
Posted 24 Mar 2014
Mobile site builder and rule-based experiences create more personalization.
Posted 20 Mar 2014
Update focuses on big data shaping and visualization.
Posted 18 Mar 2014
Brainshark's sales performance tool available on Salesforce1 AppExchange.
Posted 13 Mar 2014
Marketing Studio 9 includes updates to technology, collaboration.
Posted 11 Mar 2014
Forrester Sales Enablement Forum focuses on customer-centered selling systems.
Posted 06 Mar 2014
Contest creation is now easier and more robust.
Posted 04 Mar 2014
Harnessing technology to improve the retail experience.
Posted 01 Mar 2014 [March 2014 Issue]
High-consideration purchases and touch points a strong fit for online videos.
Posted 01 Mar 2014 [March 2014 Issue]
BI tool now supports persistent derived tables.
Posted 27 Feb 2014
Start-up offers cloud-based business process optimization.
Posted 25 Feb 2014
Social relationship platform now serves 50 percent of Fortune 500.
Posted 20 Feb 2014
Q2 release builds on feature sets from Parature, NetBreeze, and MarketingPilot acquisitions.
Posted 18 Feb 2014
Vertically oriented services will combine experts across disciplines.
Posted 13 Feb 2014
Users can speed up analysis by accessing their data directly or with data virtualization.
Posted 11 Feb 2014
SugarCRM will devote its engineering budget to user-friendly changes in 2014.
Posted 06 Feb 2014
Standalone interface is designed to improve user experience.
Posted 04 Feb 2014
Pricing and sales differ when men buy gift for women.
Posted 01 Feb 2014 [February 2014 Issue]
Online retailers gain new customers and drive sales with limited-time offerings.
Posted 01 Feb 2014 [February 2014 Issue]
How to transform selling through coaching, collaboration technology, and sales analytics.
Posted 01 Feb 2014 [February 2014 Issue]
Software collaboration sales team focuses on highest quality leads with Lattice's Predictive Lead Scoring.
Posted 01 Feb 2014 [February 2014 Issue]
The Salesfusion platform gains social media and predictive capabilities with the LoopFuse acquisition.
Posted 30 Jan 2014
Automated price-optimization solution targets midmarket companies seeking profit advantages.
Posted 28 Jan 2014
The uberVU acquisition bolsters HootSuite's enterprise offering.
Posted 23 Jan 2014
The visual interface for Brainshark's new analytics dashboard features more robust analytics in a central location.
Posted 21 Jan 2014
Models such as one-for-one giving engage customers and build brands.
Posted 14 Jan 2014
The convergence of mobile, social, and the "Internet of Things" is creating more data to refine than ever.
Posted 13 Jan 2014
Kicks off Salesforce1 world tour with demos, context for new platform.
Posted 09 Jan 2014
Agreement will add cloud-based customer service offering to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Posted 07 Jan 2014
Forrester report predicts hottest categories will be SaaS and analytics.
Posted 02 Jan 2014
Emailed quotes take the burden off resellers to renew service contracts.
Posted 01 Jan 2014 [January 2014 Issue]
Focus on the people and the process, not the technology.
Posted 01 Jan 2014 [January 2014 Issue]
Quickly digested forms of content distribution win out over in-depth methods.
Posted 01 Jan 2014 [January 2014 Issue]
Speakers suggest using unstructured data to keep customers' trust and to listen to their needs.
Posted 01 Jan 2014 [January 2014 Issue]
Marketers at small and midsized businesses can now reach customers in new channels.
Posted 31 Dec 2013
C9 Revenue Index shows 19 percent increase in sales pipelines.
Posted 24 Dec 2013
The data visualization publishing product is expanded to make sharing even easier.
Posted 19 Dec 2013
Study reveals the reasons behind increasing deployments of inside sales teams.
Posted 17 Dec 2013
Cloud-based service enables business users to text from landlines.
Posted 12 Dec 2013
Hosts can set up meetings in fewer steps, and attendees have social log-in option.
Posted 10 Dec 2013
Sales activities by channel partners will be easier to track
Posted 05 Dec 2013
App offers contact management, notes, and search capabilities.
Posted 03 Dec 2013
The iOS7 feature can facilitate marketing and mobile payment processing.
Posted 01 Dec 2013 [December 2013 Issue]
The mobile and tablet experience is augmenting e-commerce and in-store sales.
Posted 01 Dec 2013 [December 2013 Issue]
Social listening tool lets the technology product and service provider focus on actionable data.
Posted 01 Dec 2013 [December 2013 Issue]
Users can perform Salesforce.com functions while checking email on the go.
Posted 26 Nov 2013
Mobile and social technologies are making business buyers act like consumers.
Posted 21 Nov 2013
A second acquisition this year rounds out Corporate Visions' sales training offerings.
Posted 19 Nov 2013
Territory management among upgrades geared for large businesses
Posted 14 Nov 2013
Salesforce.com, Draper Fisher Jurvetson among the investors
Posted 13 Nov 2013
Redesign aims for user-friendly changes.
Posted 12 Nov 2013
SalesMax is now integrated with Salesforce.com's Sales Cloud.
Posted 07 Nov 2013
Activity prioritization feature is designed for high-velocity sales teams.
Posted 04 Nov 2013
Companies can customize app offerings for employees with the new Salesforce Private AppExchange cloud platform.
Posted 31 Oct 2013
Salesformics is designed for small businesses that have limited budgets and training time.
Posted 29 Oct 2013
Clean Web interface replaces emailed decks.
Posted 25 Oct 2013
The tool uses Lattice Data Cloud and CRM data to grade leads for marketers.
Posted 22 Oct 2013
Marketers voice value of big data, challenges of incorporating a 360-degree view.
Posted 16 Oct 2013
Big data-related marketing jobs number 675,000.
Posted 15 Oct 2013
Taking action on big data findings requires collaboration, top-down support.
Posted 15 Oct 2013
The number of shoppers who entered a store dropped 2 percent from the previous month, but repeat customers increased.
Posted 10 Oct 2013
iOS7-optimized Yellowfin app enters growing market for mobile business intelligence.
Posted 08 Oct 2013
Companies use relationships to bring trust, fun into e-commerce.
Posted 03 Oct 2013
Omnichannel retailing is about giving consumers what they want, in-store and online.
Posted 02 Oct 2013
ContactManager consolidates all relevant customer information.
Posted 26 Sep 2013
Update will let companies create leads or cases from social media conversations.
Posted 24 Sep 2013
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