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CRM Media is a division of Information Today, Inc., a leading publisher of business technology content, and conferences in the United States and Europe.

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Articles Mentioned
Required Reading: The Geek, Nerd, Suit Approach to Customer-Centricity
Achieving customer-centricity requires a partnership between IT, analysts, and business strategists.
Because We Thought You Should Know
To keep customers coming back, businesses today need to know as much as they can about them
The 2018 CRM Service Awards
Our 15th annual recognition of innovation and success in customer service
The 2018 CRM Service Leaders
Our 15th annual recognition of innovation and success in customer service
Required Reading: Get to Aha! About Your Company’s Identity
Knowing who you are as a company is the foundation of success
Contact Center Staffing Can Be Found in Surprising Places
Some innovative companies are going outside the normal job markets to find talent to staff their contact centers
Running a Contact Center from the Inside Out
A Q&A with Vince Barsolo, senior vice president of operations at Televerde, which operates contact centers in several women's prisons, giving inmates marketable skills that connect them to a future beyond bars.
3 Steps to Kick Off Your Customer Journey Initiative
It seems like a daunting project, but getting started is easier than marketers may think. Here's how.
The Influence of So-Called Influencers Can’t Be Denied
Considering that word of mouth is still the best way to gain new business, influencer marketing makes a lot of sense—and cents
Required Reading: Avoid Dealing with Difficult Customers
Some customers are just worth letting go, regardless of their monetary value.
Let’s Resolve to Do Better with Our Data
By failing to keep customer and prospect records up to date, you could be throwing money away
Required Reading: Unraveling The Digital Helix
To execute successful digital transformations, companies must measure and assess information in new ways.
The Shifting Costs of Customer Contacts
The interactions that require agent input tend to be more difficult, resulting in longer interactions that cost more
Required Reading: Evolving The Nordstrom Way to Customer Experience Excellence
Trust and the ability to quickly adjust to industry changes have enabled the company's ongoing success
Required Reading: The Psychology Behind E-Commerce Website Optimization
Companies must approach their web pages the way they would their sales conversations
Yet One More Case for Customer-Centricity
Open design can improve collaboration and communication, but businesses should make sure it won't impact customer relationships
The Big Four Aren’t All There Is
The CRM software market is wide open for smaller brands to claim a seat at the table
Required Reading: Building a Story Brand that Customers Will Remember
Marketers should consider focusing on the customer's favorite subject: the customer
The 2017 CRM Market Leaders
Our finalist and winners in nine categories point the way forward with the latest products and capabilities hitting the market
Jetlore Adds Content Performance Analytics Tools to its Prediction Platform
The updated platform aims to help online companies understand and respond to customer shopping habits.
Required Reading: With Customer Experience, More Is More
In today's marketplace, companies should make things harder on themselves, not their customers
Consumers Score a Huge Win
Companies, vendors, and consumers should be prepared to work together to curb the possible misuse of the technology
Revving up the Customer Experience Engine
General Motors drives loyalty across its brands with a customer experience initiative. A Q&A with David Mingle, global director of customer experience strategy and enterprise experiences at General Motors
It’s Time to Get Your Vision Checked
The one-size-fits-all approach, whether with email, marketing, customer service, or any other customer-facing process, no longer works
Required Reading: Using Content to Reduce Friction
The middle of the funnel brings with it new opportunities
Following The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness
Effective sales team leadership calls for a strategic approach to individualized coaching.
Genesys CX17: Genesys Unveils the G-NINE Innovation Framework
G-NINE brings blended artificial intelligence, smart micro apps, and a proactive human touch to Genesys' Customer Experience Platform.
Vonage Announces Connectivity to Microsoft Workflow Automation Suite
The company releases a connector to Microsoft's suite of workflow automation tools that makes it easier to add text messaging and text-to-speech capabilities.
CRM Is More Than Just Technology
Businesses can't rely solely on their system vendors to keep their CRM solutions up to date, functional, and otherwise used by employees.
The 2017 CRM Service Leaders
Our 14th annual recognition of innovation and success in customer service
The 2017 CRM Service Elite Customer Companies: OwnerListens
Avaya-owned Zang's text messaging platform helps keep OwnerListens in the conversation
The 2017 CRM Service Elite Customer Companies: Salt River Project
The water and electricity supplier diverts a customer call overflow with Interactions' virtual contact center agents
How Far We’ve Come in 20 Years
The industry continues to sustain itself with a steady flow of start-ups and cutting-edge innovations that expand what CRM can do
Required Reading: Closing The Customer Loyalty Loop
Businesses must think about retaining customers long before they acquire them
The Three Ts of a Winning Sales Team
Talent acquisition, training, and time management can help sustain a successful sales culture
Did Data Let Us Down?
While data science has tremendous potential to uncover business insights, it is still a new field of endeavor with very few skilled practitioners
Indoor Location Technologies Create CRM Opportunities for Retailers
Analytics are needed to make the data generated useful, ABI Research suggests
Happy Anniversary CRM Magazine, and a Fond Farewell
As the cloud, analytics, omnichannel, the IoT, systems of engagement, and other technologies evolve, a lot of opportunities will continue to emerge for CRM professionals.
3 Key Rules of Customer Engagement
Organizations that don't interact well can ‘lose customers for a long time'
Is CRM Getting Too Intrusive?
There's no end to how much business leaders are willing to scrutinize their employees
Native Ads: Balance Brand Promotion with Compelling Content
With the right execution, native advertising can be an effective component of any marketing strategy
Vying for Customer Trust Has Reshaped Business Relationships
Trust in business grew from 48 percent in 2015 to 53 percent in 2016
Apttus Adds a Virtual Agent to its Intelligent Cloud
The new "Max" bot brings conversational elements to Apttus's user interface.
OpenWorld 2016: Oracle Introduces Cloud-Based Analytics Offerings
At its annual user conference, Oracle releases a set of tools to help business users glean insights from their customer data.
LinkedIn Launches CRM Partner Program
The new initiative enables Sales Navigator to integrate with leading CRM systems.
Should You Create a Customer Journey Map?
Customer journey maps can help organizations understand customers' motivations, feelings, questions, and expectations at any given customer touch point.
Content Marketing Must Adapt to Be Relevant
Users want tools that are more versatile and support more platforms and file formats
Artificial Intelligence Gains Interest in E-Commerce
Pinterest and eBay have invested in AI to improve shopping experiences
Email Marketing Best Practices
It's a fast-paced, mobile-first world, and marketers need to deliver something of value to customers and prospects
Security in the Internet of Things Era
The benefits of connected product ecosystems are numerous, but companies will have to take considerable precautions to gain customer trust
Terminus Unveils Account-Based Marketing Cloud for Salesforce.com
The partner program aims to help B2B marketers build their ABM technology stacks by consolidating and classifying software vendors according to their functions.
Swirl Launches on Oracle's Marketing AppCloud
The Mobile Presence Management and Marketing Platform can use in-store shopper behavioral data to deliver personalized digital content to customers.
Customer.io Releases Actions for Personalized Multichannel Communications
The Actions update allows users to extend tailored messages beyond a customer's email inbox.
Magento Acquires RJMetrics
The new solution—Magento Analytics—looks to provide users with actionable data and insights.
CRM’s Next Biggest Trend: Predictive Analytics
It's like having a personal guide who tells sales and marketing professionals 'This profile is one of your best'
The 2016 CRM Market Leaders
Our finalist and winners in nine categories show the way forward with robust solutions, success in customer engagement, and smart strategies for the future.
PandaDoc Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
PandaDoc's document automation capabilities are now available on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.
Pantheon Is on a Retargeting Roll with AdRoll
The Web site management platform lowers retargeting costs and increases click-through rates
What is Digital Transformation and Why is it Important Now?
Clinging to the status quo is not an option. Disruption is happening.
SAP Announces Cloud Identity Access Governance
The new service looks to assist organizations in identity management and compliance processes.
Apple to Begin Running App Install Ads
Apple plans to follow Google and Facebook with paid ads in the App Store to increase downloads.
Workfront Releases a Mobile Marketing App
The app aims to help marketers manage their projects and teams while on the go.
Pegaworld, Day 2: Speakers Advocate for Digital Transformation Initiatives
At Pegasystems' annual user conference, customers share their digital transformation stories.
Salesforce.com Acquires Demandware
Salesforce.com plans to leverage Demandware's capabilities to build out its Commerce Cloud.
Localytics Announces Its New Geofencing Platform, Places
The solution aims to bridge the digital and physical worlds with location data analysis and real-time push notifications.
Adobe Campaign Automates Cross-Channel Marketing to Put Customer Experience First
Adobe's Bridgette Darling explains the benefits of Adobe Campaign in this interview with CRM Media Publisher Bob Fernekees at CRM evolution 2016.
Infer's Profile Management Update Helps Get Marketers Up and Running
"Quick-start" self-service capabilities give marketers a push in contacting their strongest prospects.
11 Ways to Make Sales Training Stick
How to ensure that your organization sees tangible, ongoing payoffs from its coaching initiatives
TeamSupport Brings Video and Screenshots to Chat [Video Interview]
In this exclusive interview CEO Robert Johnson reveals the company's latest customer support updates and future product plans.
NGDATA Teams Up with Predictive Analytics Specialist Zementis
The CX management provider's new partnership aims to improve organizations' real-time predictive analytics strategies.
SugarCRM Buys Contastic's Natural Language Processing Capabilities
The addition of Contastic's recommendation engine aims to equip salespeople with personalized content pieces.
The 2016 CRM Service Leaders
Our 13th annual recognition of innovation and success in customer service
The 2016 CRM Service Elite: Labor First
With revamped call center technology from NewVoiceMedia, Labor First puts customers first
Jivox Partners with Taggstar to Drive E-Commerce Conversions
In leveraging Taggstar's Social Proof Engine, Jivox aims to give online retailers access to personalized digital advertising features.
Debunking Generational Misconceptions
People change, so always be ready and willing to challenge preconceived notions about them
The Cohort Report
An overview of generational differences in consumer buying and behavioral trends
ALL IN ALL IS ALL WE ARE: Gen X Experiences Middle Age
Squeezed between the Boomers and the Millennials, Gen Xers face the dual responsibilities of caring for aging parents and their own children.
ZOOM International Releases Performance Analytics for Customer Service Professionals
The cloud-based solution aims to consolidate data and surface actionable insights for contact centers.
Exclusive Video Interview with SugarCRM’s CEO Larry Augustin
The CRM executive reflects on the company's recent developments, plans for 2016, and the economy.
How to Get CRM Right in 2016
Focus on a thorough gap analysis, an assessment of what lies ahead, and a stellar customer relationship strategy
Infer and InsightSquared Partner to Offer Predictive Dashboards
The vendors unite to give marketing and sales professionals visual tools that help them examine their pipelines.
Rethinking Data Quality
Why companies should closely examine their approach to collecting, cleaning, and maintaining their data
The Philosophy of Customer Relationships
We have the tech, but still lack true understanding
Social CRM Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Follow these 10 steps to deploy a successful social CRM strategy.
The 2015 CRM Market Leaders
Our finalists and winners in nine categories have what it takes to achieve success in all areas of CRM, whether it's building a powerful solution, pleasing customers, or charting a smart course.
The 2015 CRM Market Elite: PERQ
Marketing tech company PERQ accelerates its conversion rate by 500 percent with Salesvue.
With Sponsored Content, Know the Rules of the Road
Promoted content can be a great opportunity for brands, but they should make sure the channel's goals align with their own
In Data Security, It’s a Numbers Game
Requiring multifactor authentication makes it harder for hackers to access information
The 6 Secrets of Successful Change Management
Are your salespeople resisting technology upgrade plans? ?Try these tips to bolster user adoption.
At Microsoft Convergence, Dynamics CRM Gets a Major Overhaul for 2015
Microsoft's user conference highlights product launches and integrations around its CRM line.
The 2015 CRM Service Awards: Service Leaders
Our 12th annual Service Leader awards honor the innovative companies behind the developments in cloud offerings, chat software, search capabilities, mobile solutions, and other technologies that have had a significant impact on the customer service industry over the past year.
Oracle Updates Service Cloud to Optimize Collaborative Interactions
New features aim to help service agents better understand the customer's journey and streamline cooperative processes.
At Dreamforce 2014, Salesforce.com Delivers Wave Analytics Cloud
Salesforce.com entered the $38 billion analytics market with its sixth cloud platform. (Originally appeared on DestinationCRM.com)
As Data-Driven Marketing Gains Traction, Governance and Analytics Present New Challenges
Brands must use data responsibly and strive to deliver highly personalized experiences. (Originally appeared on DestinationCRM.com)
Oracle Gets Serious About the Cloud at OpenWorld 2014
Ellison promotes an updated CX Cloud and promises deep integration. (Originally appeared on DestinationCRM.com on September 30, 2014)
Salesforce.com Unveils Updated Customer Service Platform on Its Salesforce Tour in NYC (Video Interview)
President and Vice Chairman Keith Block touts improvements to analytics, app-building, and customer-engagement capabilities. Plus, an exclusive video interview with Stephanie Buscemi, senior vice president of Salesforce.com's Analytics Cloud
CRM Evolution 2014: Modern Marketers Must Focus on Context, Content, and Revenue
Good products are not enough to engage customers in the digital age. (Originally appeared on DestinationCRM.com)
CRM Evolution 2014: Customer Engagement Is the Future of CRM
Brands need to revise their digital, mobile, and call center strategies. (Originally appeared on DestinationCRM.com)
Could Mobile CRM Solve Field Sales' Biggest Problems?
Understanding the options could help your organization determine which solution is best.
The 2014 CRM Influential Leaders
Whether their contributions are longstanding or just now being felt, these five visionary individuals have the potential to shape the industry's future.
The 2014 CRM Market Leaders
Paving the way for success throughout all areas of CRM, our finalists and winners in 10 categories exhibited strategies and innovation this year that put them at the top of their game.
The Unified Omnichannel Enterprise Is No Longer a Pipe Dream
A company must connect all of its interaction channels so a customer can traverse them without losing any data.
Aptean Launches Process Manufacturing Solution at Its Edge Event
Speakers at user conference express excitement over CRM expansion opportunities.
The Evolution of the MBA
What business schools are doing to better prepare your future employees.
LiveOps Brings LiveOps Voice Advantage and LiveOps Outbound Advantage to Salesforce1 AppExchange
LiveOps Voice Advantage and LiveOps Outbound Advantage deliver phone and dialing capabilities within Salesforce.com.
Melissa Data Launches MatchUp for SQL Server
Melissa Data's MatchUp data quality tool consolidates duplicates into single record and determines the most accurate information.
TeamSupport Adds Reporting and Analytics to Its Help Desk Software
Customer service teams using TeamSupport will benefit from new business intelligence capabilities.
4INFO Launches AdHaven Bullseye MultiScreen (Video Interview)
The multiscreen solution will improve campaign targeting and delivery by measuring actual sales.
Hitachi Solutions Acquires Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultancy Customer Effective
The strategic acquisition of Customer Effective strengthens Hitachi's CRM capabilities and resources and position in the financial services industry.
Why Customer Experience Is a Bad Metric
The importance of customer engagement will surpass customer experience.
Confirmit Launches Horizons Version 18
Horizons 18 features a new SmartHub, a single place to capture, analyze, and respond to customer and employee feedback.
CRM Is in the Midst of an Expansion, Microsoft Execs Say at Convergence
Microsoft's Bill Patterson says CRM has to come together with so many other business applications.
The 2014 CRM Service Leaders
SugarCRM CEO Larry Augustin: 'CRM Space Has Underinvested in the Needs of the Individual'
SugarCRM will devote its engineering budget to user-friendly changes in 2014.
Should You Offer Social Customer Support?
Despite its limitations, progressive organizations are leveraging social media as part of an omnichannel customer service strategy.
Gamification Comes to the Contact Center
Game techniques keep agents happy, engaged, and better equipped to handle interactions.
Is There Life After Death for Loyalty Points?
Colloquy report shows varying bequeathing policies for leading airline, hotel, and credit card loyalty programs.
New Year, New Strategies
At the change of years, CRM welcomes new social, mobile, and gamification trends.
CRM—What Lies Ahead in 2014?
We'll likely see mobile technology deployments accelerate pretty rapidly during the next few years.
Retailers' Next Biggest Threat
In a showrooming world, more foot traffic does not equal more business.
The 2013 CRM Market Leaders
New Survey Highlights the Growth of Web Self-Service
Web and mobile apps are gaining ground on interactive voice response systems as the self-service channel of choice.
Microsoft Plans New Dynamics CRM Version for Fall Release
The new fall 2013 version features a new user interface, greater integration with social and collaboration tools, and more mobile support.
Beyond FAQs
The tangible benefits of online self-service.
Enterprise Software Retools Customer Experiences
Disruptions in the traditional sales model create urgency for vendors and opportunities for end users.
SMB Mobile Adoption Is on a Fast Track
Sixty-eight percent will increase mobile spending in the next year.
Mobility Drives Multichannel Video Strategies
The personal nature of the platform requires new customer engagement tactics.
Oracle and Salesforce Enter a Strategic Partnership
Both companies agree to integrate Salesforce.com and Oracle clouds.
Microsoft Opens Up at Convergence
Company comes out of its cocoon to help customers get the most value from IT investments.
Hesitation Hampers Banks' Social Media Opportunities
Many financial institutions are still not exploiting social media despite changing customer needs.
The Fan Business
Winning sports franchises know that selling tickets is only the beginning.
Growing Profits with Marketing Automation
Streamlining your sales and marketing tasks with automated technology can do wonders for your productivity and bottom line.
Microsoft Wants to Take CRM Everywhere
The company's stated goal is to support business users wherever they are and on whatever devices they're using.
What Motivates Customer Service Decisions?
Fear is not a strategy.
Brad Wilson Named New CEO at Emailvision
The former head of Microsoft Dynamics CRM takes the top post at the cloud-based CRM solutions provider.
Insights Matter, the Data Proves It
Look to uplift modeling to predict customer actions.
Building an Impenetrable Cloud
Companies concerned about data security have more hybrid (public and private) cloud computing options.
Virtual Assistants Enter the Enterprise
Nina, Lexee, and Sophia follow Siri's lead…this time into the workplace.
To Be Social with Customers, Look Inside Your Organization
Proper engagement will require cross-enterprise change and strategy.
Industry Reacts to HP, Autonomy Shake-Up
What the software company's write-down could mean for customers, solutions.
Transforming Social Media Data into Predictive Analytics
More organizations are leveraging psychographic data to forecast positive—and negative—results.
Cross-Channel Design Can Be Transformational
Companies today must deliver cohesive experiences across multiple touchpoints.
Don't Doom Your VoC Strategies
A six-step plan for overcoming common obstacles.
Customer Experience Finally…and Once Again
This "novel" concept is nothing new at all.
Oracle Recognizes the Need for Change
Mark Hurd is no stranger to big success. In his five years as president and CEO of HP, he was credited with righting the company's financially struggling ship. Now, starting his third year as president of Oracle, he is steering yet another big ship on a completely new course.
Mass Relevance Unveils The Product Studio
Self-serve platform features social media tools and curation settings.
IBM Launches Cloud-Based Marketing Center
New service combines analytics with real-time marketing execution capabilities.
Tread Cautiously with Personalization
Retailers can look at customers' locations, past purchases, and even their computer brand to customize content.
Avoid the Spam Folder
How marketers can save outbound emails from the dreaded fate.
The 2012 CRM Market Leaders
The 2012 CRM Rising Stars
Oracle Debuts CRM On Demand Release 20
Software update includes industry-specific capabilities for life sciences, financial services, and more.
Listening to the Voice of the Constituent
A snapshot of the ways government agencies are using CRM strategies and technology today.
Crushpath Launches Play-By-Play Platform for Salespeople
New software solution promises a real-time look into deal activity
Satmetrix Debuts Social Net Promoter
Metric draws on sentiment analysis to tie customer conversations to brand customer experience strategy
Business intelligence and Analytics Are Getting Hotter
More companies are wising up to these applications' benefits.
Find the Right Social Media Monitoring Tool
Knowing how your brand is faring on the Web is essential, but which solution is best for your organization?
Big Data, Big Deal
What you don't know can hurt your business.
Marketing and Advertising Agencies Blur the Lines
Third-party partners are broadening their roles. What to consider for the perfect pairing.
The New Sales Toolkit
Fixing a sales process has never been easier.
Digital Media: How to Make Your Content Pop
Online videos are drawing more eyeballs than ever before. Here's what marketers need to know.
The 2012 Service Leaders
Leadership Changes for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Dennis Michalis takes over as general manager of the product line from Brad Wilson.
Gen Y: The Next Generation of Spenders
They're young, educated, and tech-savvy. Here's how to get them to pay attention to you
Leadership Changes for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Dennis Michalis takes over as general manager of the product line from Brad Wilson.
5 Hot Marketing Trends
Customer strategists must step up their engagement efforts as mobile's mercury rises
Past Is Prologue for CRM
We look at the major events of this year in the CRM industry for hints of what's to come in 2012.
Voicing the Future
Build Your Brand Through Exceptional Customer Experiences
Any interaction customers have with your company is a reflection of your brand.
Just Desserts: The Cake Boss Calls on Avaya IP Office
TLC star Buddy Valastro shares how his new communications network will help his bakery business grow.
Small Wonders: Tips for SMB Growth
As the startup failure rate grows, owners strive to boost revenue, maintain profitability, and acquire customers.
Don't Let a Crisis Destroy Your Image
The right damage control recipe can restore confidence in your brand.
CRM in ‘Pursuit of Shared Goals’
Responding in a way that is mutually beneficial to a company and its customers applies across the enterprise
Knowlagent Customer Contact Center Productivity Survey Reveals Agents Average 49 Minutes of Idle Time Daily
The report also finds call center volumes have increased, agents are difficult to hire, agents receive training infrequently, and industry is unclear on who owns social media.
Cloud Expected to Keep Rising
SaaS revenue will surpass $21 billion by 2015
Mobile Retail Entering Support Phase
Smartphone trends demonstrate the need for an innovative strategy
Marketing to Communities
Why old-school advertising delivers the wrong message
The Healthy, Powerful Midlife Woman
"Tremendous" buying power is shown by this critical audience for marketers
Bonobos Gets a Leg Up in Customer Engagement
A men's pants company receives more than it bargained for with Assistly
Forrester Bestows Voice of the Customer Awards
Adobe, Fidelity, and JetBlue recognized for outstanding performance
The 2011 CRM Market Leaders
Never Underestimate the Power of Traditional Methods
It's not the medium but, rather, how you use it to engage customers that counts
The Digital Age of Marketing
Gartner forecasts that social and mobile approaches will influence at least 80 percent of consumers' discretionary spending by 2015
Smartphone Shopping Sprees on the Rise
Half of Americans use their mobile devices to make purchases, study shows
Market Focus: Government--Better Outreach with Outbound
Mass-messaging systems help keep constituents informed
Mobile Commerce: The New Retail Therapy
Shopping trend empowers consumers and challenges business strategies
Digital Deals du Jour All the Rage in e-Commerce
Groupon and others put group buying discounts on the menu
Census Bureau Takes to the Cloud
Acumen's customized CRM application manages partner organizations and provides extensive reports
Radian6 Sees Cloud Computing As Future of Marketing
Overshadowed by news of a deal with Salesforce.com, Radian6 user conference stresses need to engage with customers, not bombard them
Geolocation: Advertising's Future or 1984 Revisited?
The promise of sending tailored ads to customers' mobile devices is appealing, but privacy issues remain
Reigniting Fireclay Tile’s Outdated Flame
Transition to Salesforce CRM brings savings, ease of use
Enter the Age of Analytics
To make the best use of your time and your company's CRM investments, you must measure what you manage.
Will Paperless Payments Take Off Among Customers?
Pitney Bowes and others reveal digital delivery service applications
Can Mobile Apps Save Customer Loyalty Programs?
Most consumers are not active users, study shows, but easing access may spur participation
Social CRM Software Spending Expected to Hit a Milestone
Expenditures will exceed $1 billion worldwide by 2013
Higher Education Increases Marketing
Schools shift focus to generate more inquiries in-house and boost technology investments
Required Reading: Ruling the Roost with Relevance
Being the preferred brand is not enough in the face of quickly shifting market dynamics
CRM + Predictive Analytics: Why It All Adds Up
The whole exceeds the sum of the parts
Software Company Takes Hard Look at Phone Automation
FundNET installs Ifbyphone to redefine call-in support for financial services clients
The Suite Life Cements Customer Service
CRM director Ven Bontha describes Cemex's transition to SAP CRM
Interacting with Social Customers, 101
By acknowledging social media's influence and capitalizing on it, you could create evangelists for your company
Taco Bell’s Meaty Marketing Campaign
After a lawsuit questioned quality of its beef, the food chain aggressively disseminated its side of the story
Companies Need to Make Better Friends
Study identifies the main triggers for consumer disengagement in online marketing campaigns
Required Reading: Taking the Lead
Sales and marketing teams must be connected for a win-win scenario
The Feminine Marketing Mystique
How to Demystify Women's Purchasing Behavior
Customers Becoming Salespeople
The rising power of consumers should put them at the forefront of social strategies
The 2011 Service Leaders
The Jobs, They Are A-Changin’
Social CRM technology requires learning new skills
The 2011 Rising Stars
The Next Killer App
Stores’ Tenuous Hold
Fickle customers toting mobile devices are just one click away from taking their business elsewhere
Betting on Bar Codes
Will the smart money back experimental technology?
Information Overload
Unilever's unsightly knowledge base was costing the company money, customer satisfaction, and time—until it turned to Astute Solutions
Eye on the Customer
Are consumers comfortable with or creeped out by online data collection tactics?
Marketing Marauders or Consumer Counselors?
How companies can use online behavioral advertising to win customer confidence
311: The Agency That Never Sleeps
How NYC's non-emergency contact center managed to flourish in the downturned economy, become social media-savvy, and meet the needs of citizens
Barcodes Reach a New Dimension
QR code software like Microsoft Tag and iCandy is catching on with companies to bridge the digital world with the physical
Taxpayers Demand CRM
The U.S. government struggles as the entity most resistant to change
Make Your Business Meshy
Social networks and peer communities are changing how products are sold
Thundering into Social Media
J&P Cycles accrues more than 28,000 Facebook fans in less than a year with RightNow for Facebook
In One Channel and Out the Other
Sonos shoots for perfect pitch with its social media and self-service support capabilities
Dingo Brand Sniffs Out a Social Commerce Platform
A pet product retailer dramatically increases average order value by empowering its customers
Collecting Feedback Makes Cents
A financial services firm invigorates its VOC program to better understand its business—and its customers
Tackling Tech Complexity
Focus on innovation and improving the customer experience.
The Marriage of Mobile and Multichannel Marketing
Mobile's central role in the coming cross-channel revolution.
The 9 Drivers of B2B Customer Centricity
How to foster customer focus within an organizational culture.
The Ends Are the Means
A maturity model for the Sales 2.0 era.
Is Email Killing Your Business?
Electronic communications are meant to help manage relationships, not build them.
The Will, Skill, and Drill of Selling
Why skill alone will never lead to sales success.
Loyalty Has Its Privileges
Reward your best customers by letting them behind the velvet rope.
The Time to Act
The next step beyond social media monitoring.
The Silent Killers of Social Media
How CRM can help neutralize the danger zones.
Seeing the Forest and the Trees
Your real customers are the individual decision-makers within an organization.
The Rise of the Empowered-Employee Empire
The coauthors of Empowered underscore a new-found source of corporate strength.
Mobile Sales Are Going North
Schools and Social Media: Pass or Flail
The lessons universities are learning about emerging technologies
Sifting Through the Rubble
Oracle's massive annual gathering garners a lot of press—both good and bad
No Longer The Text-Best Thing
Text messages remain a big part of any mobile campaign, but these days a multichannel approach is what really connects
Changing the Mobile Channel
Mobile service is finally catching on with consumers of all ages—but not everyone is embracing the same methods
Learning What to Teach
Identifying a few dropped signals enables Telvista to filter out more of the noise in its agent-training processes.
How Socially Intelligent Are Business Intelligence Vendors?
In Part 2 of its study, Evoke CRM study ranks the most social CRM companies on the Web.
SMBs Mature with the Mobile Cloud
AMI-Partners research indicates that SMBs are steadily turning to mobile applications to cut down on computing costs and address the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce.
For Many, Social Media Still an Experiment
A Harvard Business Review survey shows the immaturity of business activity in the space.
Pega Adds Social to CPM
With its latest release of Customer Process Manager, Pegasystems aims to make customer interactions more meaningful and customer feedback more actionable.
Crossing the E-Commerce Chasm
As consumers become more and more connected, even leading companies are struggling to keep up.
PivotLink Prepares Business Intelligence for Retailers and Online Marketers
With new industry- and department-specific capabilities, PivotLink expands its BI prowess.
A Boost in Morale May Bolster Customer Loyalty
RightNow Summit '10, Day 2: RightNow's "chief morale officer" explains the value of establishing a corporate atmosphere that's respectful of employees.
RightNow Launches RightNow CX for Facebook
RightNow CX for Facebook allows organizations to interact with consumers via Facebook from the agent desktop
SugarCRM Releases "CRM Made Simple"
With the general availability of Sugar 6, the open-source vendor zeroes in on a new interface, productivity enhancements, and new partnerships.
CSO Insights Release Annual Lead Generation Report
CSO Insights reveals email marketing to be the most powerful lead generation for second year in a row.
Dell Acquires Boomi to Provide Cloud-Based Integration Functionality
Dell purchases a cloud adoption firm in a move that analysts believe illustrates the personal computing company's desire to transform itself into a software and services company.
Oracle Acquires ATG for $1 Billion
In a move designed to strengthen its e-commerce capabilities, Big Red spends big bucks.
Lithium's Social is "Suite"
The Social CRM player rolls out a fully integrated suite of social tools, complete with commerce, support, and brand-awareness-specific offerings.
LiveVox Announces VoIP Agent@Ready
A cloud-based solution promises to eliminate contact center "whispers."
Facebook Flounders in Customer Satisfaction
American Customer Satisfaction Index E-Business Report '10: FoxNews.com and Google take top honors, while popular social networking sites leave members wanting more.
84 Percent of Digital Marketers Use Social Media
Digital Marketing Practices and Trends Report '10: A new report offers insight into direct marketing strategies for digital and traditional media.
Infor Makes the Latest Move in the CRM Shuffle
Six weeks after resigning from Oracle under a cloud of controversy, Charles Phillips is handed the reins at Infor.
Alterian Buys Intrepid for $11.5 Million
Alterian hopes to capitalize on Asian-language sentiment analysis with its acquisition of Intrepid social media analytics.
The Decline of IVR
The always-connected customer prefers self-service smartphone applications.
The Quick and the Dead
The competitive advantage of getting to a lead first.
Monogamy in the Marketing Marketplace
destinationCRM.com Exclusive: A partnership ends when a reseller of Eloqua marketing software refuses what it calls a vendor ultimatum.
It’s About Answers
Knowledge-based technologies are now essential to the customer experience.
CRM: More Relevant Than Ever
We're facing a period of significant change — and measuring the impact of change is what CRM does best.
Act or Be Acted Upon
Being more proactive is not merely a nice thought, it's essential.
A Quarter-Century in CRM
An industry veteran looks back at the lessons learned over the course of 25 years.
Required Reading: Slowing Down Your Social CRM
Relationship-building takes more than a tweet
How Can I Help You?
Proactive businesses that utilize chat technology to engage Web visitors are seeing higher conversion rates. So why aren't you?
Anybody's Bot
Virtual agents, deemed the new "concierge" of the Internet, help customers navigate through ever-increasing Web site complexities.
What's the Most Popular Industry on Social Networks?
A study by Performics and ROI Research indicates that customers are talking all across the social Web — about brands in verticals ranging from automotive to travel.
Socialcast Extends Its Reach
SocialcastReach, the latest update to the company's collaboration platform, extends the collaboration effort to other enterprise applications.
Interactive Intelligence Collects Latitude Software for $14 Million
The provider of communications services looks to enhance its collections offering.
Ever Talk to a Robot?
Virtual agents are the newest channel for customer service.
IBM Acquires Netezza for $1.7 Billion
One IBM executive boasts that Big Blue's 23rd analytics acquisition will help the company "take analytics mainstream."
Genesys Announces a New Social Media Strategy
The Alcatel-Lucent Genesys Social Media Strategy provides enterprises with a more expansive way to monitor customer activity across social networks.
Take Back Your Business — With Data
DataFlux Ideas '10: CEO Tony Fisher identifies the three potholes on the highway to data management success.
5 Dos and Don'ts of Social Media Marketing
Social Ad Summit '10: Is your marketing team really prepared to launch a social media campaign?
ESPN Goes "Hyper-Local"
Location-Based Marketing Summit '10 — Day Two: An executive reveals the cable sports network's current and future location-based strategies.
5 Steps to a Thriving B2B Community
Web 2.0 Expo '10 — Day 3: A marketing executive from Philips, the largest consumer group on LinkedIn, shares what it takes to run a healthy community.
The Engagement of Unified Communications
Definitely not all for one and one for all.
Geico Named DMA's Marketer of the Year
DMA2010 — Day Two: Marketing success stories open the day, including an in-depth look at global cosmetics retailer Sephora.
Has Direct Marketing Lost Its Sense of Direction?
DMA2010 — Day One: The job of a direct marketer is harder than ever — and direct marketers are wearing more hats than ever before.
What Makes Pepsi's Digital Marketing So Refreshing?
DMA2010 — Preconference: A PepsiCo executive pops open the conference with a discussion of how brands can bubble up through the sea of digital advertising.
Digital Marketing Means Multiple Channels
Universal profile management directs all relevant communications through the channels that customers prefer.
Community as a Strategy
Social CRM and next-generation customer service.
Talking the Talk — Before the Sale
The execution of live chat can make or break the conversion.
5 Steps to Personalized Customer Contact
How to tailor online customer experience to boost loyalty and drive revenue.
4 Problems with E-Commerce — and How to Solve Them
Web 2.0 Expo '10 — Day 2: A keynote presenter reveals how data can help modern companies overcome their "used-car salesman" personas.
What Will Become of the Web?
Web 2.0 Expo '10 — Day 1: "The world we need is one we've never yet seen," declared Tim O'Reilly at his bi-annual technology event.
Badges? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges
Location-Based Marketing Summit '10 — Day One: The opening keynote identifies the real value in location-based services, and urges marketers to rethink their reliance on Foursquare badges.
6 Strategies to Conquer the Chaos
Don't let chaos turn the dream of entrepreneurship into a nightmare.
The Brave New Business Model for CRM
Today's customer leadership requires a new approach.
Salesforce.com Rolls Out Chatter 2
Oracle OpenWorld '10 — Day 3: Salesforce.com Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff unveils new features of his company's enterprise social network product.
Best Practices Are Born Every Day
Social media success is often hard to spot, but you need to know where your industry is headed.
Oracle CRM On Demand Turns 18
Oracle OpenWorld '10 — Day 2: The latest version of the company's software-as-a-service application adds modules for "best-in-class" marketing and business planning as well as a preview of CRM technologies to come.
5 Years Later, Oracle's Fusion Apps Finally Near Release
Oracle OpenWorld '10 — Day 1: Kicking off its mammoth conference, Oracle makes a few hardware announcements, tackles the cloud, and sheds more light on 2011's Fusion Platform.
The 5 Realities of Customer Retention
The steps you must take in an increasingly collaborative world.
Anyone Can Post a Status Update
Figure out why they do it, and you can foster a positive brand conversation.
Create Content without Recreating the Wheel
You can nurture leads using the resources you already have.
Salesforce.com's Chatter Combines Social and Mobile
The software-as-a-service pioneer promises general availability on mobile devices by the end of this year.
Salesforce Puts Jigsaw Together with CRM
The cloud computing company brings its newly acquired data services piece in-house with Jigsaw for Salesforce CRM.
Sage Beefs Up Services in Sage Act! 2011
With interface improvements and the introduction of an integrated information service, one industry thought leader remarks that he is "massively impressed."
Salesforce.com Outshines Competitors on Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation
Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation '10: The top sector of the annual market assessment also includes Microsoft and two Oracle offerings.
Making Customer Intelligence Smarter - and More Social
Overtone's enhanced OpenMic product offers a hybrid text-analysis engine.
The Emotional Path to Success
Moving beyond "on-message marketing."
SAP Promises a "Leading" Mobile Platform in 9 Months
Top executives from SAP and its recent Sybase acquisition deliver a corporate roadmap.
Has Our Technology Exceeded Our Humanity?
Your challenge, in a lot of ways, is to infuse what you do with humanity.
Required Reading: Marketers, Start Your Engines
Customers can extend the reach of your marketing campaigns—but you have to know how to motivate them.
Putting the Pieces in All the Right Places
It's been nearly three decades since a little movie made Reese's Pieces a household name. Have product-placement marketers learned anything since then?
11 Tips to Conquer Contact Centers
If your contact center empire feels as if it's crumbling all around you, these best practices may help you reclaim the seat of power.
The Hospitality Suite
Hotels are finding a home away from home in social media, and boosting the customer experience in the process.
The 10 New Rules of Customer Service
Become more relevant in an increasingly digital, connected, and social world.
So Many CRM Service Providers, So Little Time
Whether your strategy is operational excellence, product innovation, or customer intimacy, CRM is essential to achieve customer satisfaction. So how do you choose?
Try Being Unsocial with Customers First
You don't want social CRM. You want integrated customer intelligence.
The Appeal of Single-Solution Master Data Management
Can your master data and your customer data just get along?
ICentera Directs a Solution to the Indirect Sales Channel
ICentera, a provider of sales enablement solutions, releases a specialized product designed for channel partners.
Mzinga Adds Analytics and New Features to OmniSocial
With its latest launch, the social solution provider brings forward new reporting dashboards, mobile applications, and social network interoperability.
Is a Transparent Government a Trusted One?
ForeSee Results determines a consistent link between online transparency and citizens' trust of federal Web sites.
8 Megatrends in Customer Experience
The Temkin Group outlines eight customer "megatrends," predicting how companies should engage with customers over the next three to five years to sustain the strongest relationships.
Multiple Changes in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Multichannel Campaign Management
Magic Quadrant for CRM Multichannel Campaign Management '10: Microsoft and Portrait Software are in, Infor CRM Epiphany and Market2Lead are out.
3 Reasons High-Tech and Communications Need Social Media for Survival
An Accenture in-depth survey reveals that while customer service investments in the two industries may be up, consumers remain less than thrilled with their experiences.
The Social Work of Social CRM
Collective intelligence can find a needle in a haystack.
6 Best Practices for Growing a Successful Online Community
Enterprise 2.0 and Gov 2.0 communities are a mindset, not a toolset.
The Mighty Demand Rating
A new tool that reveals what's really happening in your business.
The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Online gift cards are an untapped resource for email lead generation.
Everyone Wants To Be Relevant
Why relevance engines are what matters now.
Big(ger) Blue: IBM Acquires Unica for $480 Million
In a monumental, though predictable move, IBM purchases marketing automation technology.
The Social Smorgasbord
Leverage consumer networks—but avoid the sin of data gluttony.
5 Essential Steps to Mastering Customer Intelligence
Build loyalty, gain a competitive edge, and improve your bottom line.
How To Ruin Your Social Media Strategy
What happens if no one "Likes" you?
Jive, Lithium Lead Another Social Scene, the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Externally Facing Social Software
Magic Quadrant for Externally Facing Social Software '10: The research firm's third social report says the EFSS market is "young but developing quickly." "Expect social CRM to split into several [markets] as the technologies mature," says one report author.
Maximizer Aims to Let the Little Guy Play
Maximizer Software offers one new and one enhanced CRM product for teams of fewer than 50 users.
XTuple Expands to the Cloud
The open-source upstart announces cloud-based services and three new editions of its flagship product.
Rethink Your Strategy for Next-Generation Business Intelligence
A new report urges companies to balance business impact with the cost of technology.
ClickFox Targets the Market's Pulse
The analytics specialist launches ClickFox Pulse, an analytics dashboard to capture the "pulse" of customers' experiences.
Bazaarvoice Bridges the Gap Between Brand Sites and Social Networks
Bazaarvoice releases a product geared toward helping businesses drive customers from social networks to brand Web sites.
Open Text Updates Its Social Set
The socially evolved ECM player expands its social media and productivity services, adding a no-cost microblogging tool to its offerings.
IBM Captures Datacap for Content Management
In what one industry analyst calls a "good move and a very good choice," IBM expands its content management and business workflow capabilities by purchasing data-capture vendor Datacap.
3 (Easy) Keys to a Successful CRM Application
Why intelligence and productivity should drive development.
Multichannel Is Not Enough: 6 Steps to Engaging Customer Communications
Context and relevance are critical elements to maximize customer engagement and loyalty.
CRM Evolution '10: All the Links You Need
CRM Evolution '10: Your one-stop shop for all the links, coverage, and blogposts of this year's conference by the staff of CRM magazine and from around the Web.
The Missing Piece(s) of Social Media
CRM Evolution '10 — Day 3: Four executives, from four vendors of social media platforms, provide (at least) four answers.
The Cloud Gives Small and Midsize Businesses Big-Time Capabilities
Cloud-based CRM provides full functionality without associated costs.
The 6 Hidden Dangers of Social Media
CRM Evolution '10 — Day 3: Companies are eager to make their presence known on the social Web, but they must remember to look before they leap.
Are You Ready for Customer Service 4.0?
CRM Evolution '10 — Day 2: ThinkJar founder Esteban Kolsky says the future of customer service will be service provided by customers.
CRM Is Still All About Location
CRM Evolution '10 — Day 2: Ovum research analyst Ian Jacobs envisions the future of location-based customer interactions.
The View from the CRM C-Suite
CRM Evolution '10 — Day 2: Four of the industry's top CRM executives square off for the first time ever to share perspectives on the ever-changing world of CRM.
The 5 Ms of Social Insight
CRM Evolution '10 — Day 1: "Social will be like air in 2011," says Altimeter Partner Ray Wang in presenting the top use cases for social CRM.
How to Drive Intelligent Customer Conversations
Start by making interactions more personalized at your contact center.
The Constraints on Collaboration
What does "I'll get to it later" really mean?
Becoming a Customer-Focused Industry
How to get there? One customer at a time.
Working from Home Is a Reality
You just need the right software-as-a-service workforce management solution.
The Fuse Is Already Lit
How to keep Do-Not-Contact compliance risk from blowing up in your face.
CRM Magazine Announces Winners of 2010 CRM Market Awards
CRM Evolution '10: As CRM magazine's annual conference gets under way, the ninth annual awards honor companies, customers, and industry visionaries for successes in the CRM marketplace over the previous 12 months.
Welcome to the Interboom
CRM Evolution '10 — Day 1: Beagle Research Group founder Denis Pombriant details the three economic challenges that will forever alter CRM.
CRM Evolution 2010 Opens with a Bit of Yellin
CRM Evolution '10 — Day 1: Emily Yellin, author of Your Call Is (Not That) Important to Us, shares some customer service interactions of her own, and reveals the secret of the karmic footprint.
The Era of Static Emails Is Over
destinationCRM Exclusive: Infor, a provider of enterprise software solutions, launches a new intelligence-based email marketing tool.
From Deflecting Customers to Embracing Them
Six ways that the new Internet -- a mobile, social, and real-time Internet -- is changing the playing field for CRM and putting customers back in control.
The 2010 CRM Market Awards — Hall of Fame: Paul Greenberg
The Social Godfather: The role of president and founder of consultancy The 56 Group LLC may be his day job, but Paul Greenberg is also author of industry bible, a prolific writer — and connected to everyone.
Social CRM Gains Social Acceptance
The emerging tools and technologies have already influenced the outcome of this year's CRM Market Awards.
These Awards Are Yours
Do you still want to eat the sausage after finding out how it's made?
SAP's Surprising Spring
In the wake of corporate upheaval, the German giant welcomes thousands of customers to its annual gathering.
Required Reading: The Joys of Never-Ending Engagement
A single response is no longer sufficient, says Engage! author Brian Solis.
CRM on Twitter: August 2010
The 2010 CRM Market Awards - Introduction
Join us in in congratulating the vendors leading the marketplace across 10 categories; eight Rising Stars making their presence felt; eight Influential Leaders inside and outside CRM; a long-overdue induction into the CRM Hall of Fame; and, best of all, four companies using CRM to connect with their customers.
The Bottom-Line Boost of Feedback
Integrating authentic, real-time customer feedback into CRM data.
Cloudy Horizons for Business Applications
The perfect storm for productivity improvements and cost savings.
Can a User Interface Change the World?
Customer Experience Forum '10: A Forrester Research vice president demonstrates technology that can sense and recognize movement.
American Express, CDW, and Dell Honored for Customer Empowerment
Forrester Customer Experience Forum '10: Forrester Research Unveils its Voice of the Customer Award winners
Going Viral: Social Media and Customer Service
How to embrace social engagements in the contact center.
Pitney Bowes Acquires Portrait Software
In an effort to provide better predictive analytics, Pitney Bowes pulls out its checkbook.
8 Companies Honored for Sustainability
ThinkForward '10: The inaugural edition of Beagle Research Group's new award recognizes excellence in business processes, cost containment, and customer relationships.
Sword Ciboodle Releases Ciboodle Crowd
The contact center specialist launches a new social CRM product to build communities comprising agents, consumers, and enterprises.
Microsoft Puts a 2011 Face on Dynamics CRM
At its Worldwide Partner conference, the vendor presented partners with an application marketplace and a slew of new capabilities for Microsoft CRM users.
Amdocs Gets Semantically Intelligent
Tapping into the Franz AllegroGraph 4.0 database, the vendor shares its plans to invest in semantics to unite personalization and predictive analytics with CEM.
NetSuite Sweetens E-Commerce with Social
The cloud computing business software provider looks to new partnerships to integrate friends into the shopping experience.
Sword Ciboodle and SAS Announce Partnership
Sword Ciboodle and SAS revamp the contact center with SAS Real-Time Manager, designed to predict customer behavior.
What is Your Social Intelligence IQ?
Forrester Wave on Listening Platforms '10: Listening platforms have evolved beyond monitoring tools in order to better inform the entire enterprise, says the newest Forrester Research report.
Oracle Brings Out Business Intelligence 11g
"Oracle BI is definitely back," comments one industry analyst.
Autonomy Promises Protection from Bad Comments
The new Autonomy Social Media Governance product is intended to help businesses monitor social media channels for slanderous and inaccurate content.
Oracle, CDC Enter the Marketing Automation Market
"Oracle failed to buy Market2Lead," says MarketBright CEO.
Jive and Lithium Top Gartner's First-Ever Magic Quadrant for Social CRM
Magic Quadrant for Social CRM '10: The analysis firm whittles down a list of 140 vendors claiming to offer social CRM to a final set of 20.
4 Ways to Boost Customer Experience
A new Forrester Research report reveals methods to make customer experience projects matter to companies and consumers.
CDC Pivotal Now Offers Social and Small Business CRM Capabilities
CDC Software climbs out of the shadows with two important product releases.
Chatter for One and All
The cloud computing vendor moves forward with its "Cloud 2" and announces general availability of Chatter, its social networking and collaboration platform.
CRM Is No Longer a Four-Letter Word
Why the badge is finally one worth wearing.
Required Reading: Can Your Customer Be Your BFF?
A new book examines what it takes to engender the strongest kind of customer loyalty.
4 Keys to Online-Community Success
What many marketers overlook — and why.
7 Surf Atop the Forrester Wave of CRM Suites for Large Organizations
The Forrester Wave: CRM Suites for Large Organizations '10: Forrester Research names the seven top-performing vendors at the enterprise level.
7 Named Leaders in Forrester Wave of CRM Suites for Midsize Organizations
The Forrester Wave: CRM Suites for Midsized Organizations '10: In his annual evaluation, analyst Bill Band identifies the top-performing options for midmarket CRM.
Google's View of the Mobile Web's Future
Mobile Marketing Forum '10: An executive of the search-engine giant explains how his company plans to capitalize on mobile devices, and the notion of "immobile browsing."
Enabling the Long Tail of the Channel
B2B social networking and online media can maximize channel business.
Consona Collects Compiere to Compete in the Cloud
By acquiring a pioneer in open-source enterprise resource planning software, Consona hopes to strengthen its position in cloud computing.
Nice Systems Sticks with Eglue — Permanently
The customer interaction specialist acquires longtime partner eglue, a manager of real-time decision-making and guidance for agent desktops, for at least $29 million in cash.
Engaging the Internal Community
How to drive adoption of social media at the enterprise level.
Fishing Where the Fish Are (with Your Influencers’ Help)
The peer influencer in the era of the social operating system and the distributed online community.
Salespeople Need Performance Management, Too
With Cloud9 Analytics Performance Management, the vendor promises contextual analysis for line-of-sales people, and future integrations with Oracle, NetSuite, SAP, and Microsoft.
Technology's Everyday Impact on the Everyman Consumer
Internet Week NY '10: Advertising Research Foundation panelists from Google, Adweek, InsightExpress, and JWT stress the importance of video advertising.
Marketo Tries to Make CMOs Merry
With the launch of the Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics product portfolio, the marketing automation player helps marketers prove ROI.
The Voice of the Customer in the Community
What does it mean for loyalty and engagement?
Did Web Analytics Just Become One of IBM's Core Values?
Big Blue acquires Web analytics firm Coremetrics for an undisclosed sum, hoping to leverage software-as-a-service and social networks.
Zoho Now Offers Unified Search
Unified and actionable search is now possible across all of Zoho's 24 applications.
Gold Mobile and Telcordia Find Mobile Rewarding
The new GoMo Wallet aims to put commerce and transaction functionality in the hands of mobile carriers.
Breaking Down the Silos of Social Media
Internet Week NY '10: At an Advertising Research Foundation panel, executives from General Mills, Harris Interactive, and Porter Novelli reveal how brands should use Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.
5 Lessons Digital Marketers Have Yet To Learn
Internet Week NY '10 / Conversational Marketing Summit '10: Speakers from Twitter, Google, Moxie Interactive, and Starbucks reveal new ways to connect with customers.
No One-Stop Shop for Social
Info-Tech Research Group evaluates the incumbent players and outlines opportunities surrounding the convergence of CRM and social media.
Marketing to the Pack
Transform CRM to recognize the power of self-organizing groups.
The Community Approach to Conversation
Cows browse. People communicate.
5 Things You Need from Your Community Management Platform
Making conversations the center of innovation and business strategy.
Collaboration Vendors Convene on Info-Tech's Landscape Evaluation
The research firm makes sense of the top teamwork providers.
Utopy Announces 3 New Speech-Based Solutions
First Call Resolution, Handle Time Optimization, and Call Volume Reduction enable contact centers to make better use of Utopy's speech analytics platform.
Ain’t Been Droppin’ No Eaves
Tips for eavesdropping on social media conversations.
Allegiance Pledges to Be Social
The enterprise feedback management vendor's Engage 7 adds social media to its toolbox of surveying options, unveils a new interface, and introduces text analysis.
Ribbit Gets Hopped Up on Speech
United with CRM offerings, the telephony-as-a-service company helps spread speech technology throughout the enterprise.
IBM Buys Sterling Commerce from AT&T
IBM purchases Sterling Commerce from AT&T for $1.4 billion cash. IBM plans to use Sterling Commerce's software to connect more easily and efficiently with businesses, providers, and customers.
Sage Sends SalesLogix to the Cloud
Sage Insights '10: After months of readying partners, Sage announces the June availability of SalesLogix for the Cloud.
Sage Sells Solutions, Not Products
Sage Insights '10: Company executives convey Sage's commitment to customer experience and to uniting the brand's business solutions.
You’re Losing Control of Your Brand Image
It's a matter of technology and numbers.
Social CRM Is Growing Up Fast
Required Reading: Measuring Your Social Marketing
In his new book, Social Media Metrics, Jim Sterne explains the right way to gauge your success.
Crafting a Community
Companies can corral as many customers as they like, but any true community has to truly benefit its members—customers and companies alike.
Marketing to a Community
Gathering your company's brand fanatics together is only the start. Now you have to mind your messaging.
Employing a Community
How Zappos.com became a billion-dollar company—by delivering happiness, an exclusive excerpt from the new book by Zappos.com Chief Executive Officer Tony Hsieh.
A Community in Crisis
A specialist in real estate information offers answers amid a sea of foreclosures.
Reaching Customers Through the Cloud
The way products are designed, launched, and serviced will never be the same.
The Technology Rules of CRM
Protect your position with your customers.
Empower Your Customers on a Personal Level
Tokyo convenience stores can teach you everything you need to know about customer service.
SAP Declares "ByDesign Is Here" (Sort Of)
SapphireNow '10: SAP's co-CEOs deliver back-to-back keynote addresses celebrating not only their first 100 days at the helm, but also the general availability of on-demand offering Business ByDesign 2.5 — two months from now.
SAP Insists "Mobile Is the New Desktop"
SapphireNow '10: SAP executives explain the recent Sybase acquisition and set a date for the general availability of on-demand software Business ByDesign 2.5.
Text #WhoCares to 66863 (NOT-ME)
You have to separate "mobile thinking" from "mobile devices."
New Challengers Added to Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence
Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence '10: Smaller vendors gain traction, but 75 percent of the market remains controlled by the top five vendors, with Oracle on top yet again.
Differentiate the Value Your Customers Are Assigning You
Drive revenue and protect margins with smarter pricing.
SMBs Still Unsure of Social Media
AMI-Partners report shows that small and midsize business usage of social media is growing, but they don't consider it a strategic process.
Coremetrics Puts a 2010 Face on Analytics
With the latest launch of its Coremetrics Analytics 2010 application, the Web analytics vendor brings forward a smarter user interface, a new mobile app, and a host of new features.
SAP Acquires Sybase in $5.8 Billion Deal
The German software giant says it will now be able to offer enterprise software and next-generation business intelligence on mobile devices.
The Sant Corp. and Kadient Join Forces for Sales Enablement Excellence
A merger will bring together the two private companies -- and will provide a better workbench for bringing together sales and marketing.
Let Customers 'Have It Their Way'
Stop the inflexibility that threatens the sale.
9 Ways to Successfully Manage Customer Feedback
Feedback can improve your business — if you know how to listen.
Service Isn’t About Technology
Proper customer service requires interaction with customers.
Attensity Buys Biz360 for Social Media Monitoring
With a goal to "open up the enterprise," the semantic analytics company purchases the global listening solution provider for an undisclosed sum.
Why Customer Intelligence Is a Bright Idea
Forrester Marketing Forum '10: Analyst David Frankland urges marketers to use "customer intelligence" to drive business strategy.
Marketers Focus on Reaching "Conversationalists"
Forrester Marketing Forum '10: A Forrester Research vice president defines marketing adaptability.
Microsoft Targets Innovation for "Dynamic" Businesses
Microsoft Convergence '10: At this year's business solutions event, the Microsoft team announces extensions to CRM Dynamics Online and previews the next generation of Microsoft CRM.
Cutting Sales Costs, Not Revenues
Many customers don't want or need expensive face-to-face interaction.
Let Prospects Schedule Themselves
Salespeople are key to resurrecting revenue—so let them focus on selling.
Customers in the Cockpit
Just because companies cede control of a customer relationship doesn't mean they cede influence.
Boarding the Cluetrain
Transparency and authenticity are the cornerstones of trust between a company and its customers.
Required Reading: Funneling the Future
The flatter the world, the further the reach of the empowered customer. In his new book, Flip the Funnel, Joseph Jaffe explains how that may finally bring down silos once and for all.
It's Not Your Relationship to Manage
Just as you finally come to grips with CRM, the customers themselves have turned the tables—and now they're managing you.
Paper Is So Last Century
Superior customer service resides in the integration between structured data and its unstructured backup documentation.
Scheduling Solutions Are Vital
Meet urgent cost-cutting requirements—and still serve corporate customers.
Pegasystems and RightNow Added to Leaders in Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service Contact Centers
Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service Contact Centers '10: New players join Oracle Siebel, Microsoft, and Salesforce.com as the market seeks to empower agents and deliver next-generation service.
Angel.com Thinks Analytics Are Heavenly
The vendor partners with business intelligence player MicroStrategy to deliver call analytics to the contact center.
Sales Intelligence Is More than Smart Selling
With basic CRM no longer a differentiator, the automated "pushing" of sales intelligence may determine who sinks or swims, according to a recent report from Aberdeen Group.
Kodak Added to the Picture in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Marketing Resource Management
Magic Quadrant for Marketing Resource Management '10: Increased interest in MRM introduces three new companies to this year's report — but Oracle is shown the exit.
Environmentalism Collides with Cost Reductions in the Contact Center
Telecommuting can save the world, but does it damage service?
Salesforce.com Makes Jigsaw a $142 Million Piece of the Puzzle
In a definitive agreement, the software-as-a-service pioneer will absorb the provider of crowdsourced business data.
Gartner Outlines 3 Steps to a Successful CRM Strategy
The economic upswing spawns a return of the $100 million CRM project, according to a Gartner analyst.
With SuiteCloud 2.0, NetSuite Tries to Clear the Cloud of Myths
SuiteCloud '10: Distinguishing the real from the fake, CEO Zach Nelson announces some very real deals around cloud-to-cloud integration, vertical extensions, and code-less workflow development.
The Social Customer Wants Authenticity — Unless You're Fake Steve Jobs, Of Course
SugarCon '10: Keynote speakers impart their wisdom to attendees, with the key message to become "a company like me" for every customer.
Conserve (and Capitalize On) Conversation
An enterprise resource management system can help identify contacts and relationships by analyzing email content.
Is Genesys 8 the Eighth Wonder?
G-Force '10: Genesys Telecommunications Labs' updated customer service suite promises to manage customer conversations across channels and time.
SAS Now Monitors the Social Web
SAS Global Forum 2010: The business analytics giant aims to help medium and large enterprises understand customer sentiment and respond.
6 Ways to Make Money by Measuring Enterprise Content Management
Efficient business functions will dramatically alter your bottom line.
CEO Says SugarCRM's "Not in the Cloud Business, It's in the CRM Business"
SugarCon '10: With the launch of Sugar 6, the open-source CRM pioneer promises to deliver a "new generation of CRM software bred for the Web — for speed, simplicity, and interoperability."
Salesforce.com Extends Chatter Across the Cloud
CloudForce 2010: Pushing Sales and Service further into the "Cloud 2," introducing Chatter for Force.com, and unveiling a Chatter-specific AppExchange, Salesforce.com continues to embrace social media, collaboration, and the "Facebook Imperative."
Oracle Releases a Social Services Suite
The mega-vendor makes a handful of CRM announcements and heads into two new verticals.
Contact Center in the Cloud
The value of work-at-home agents is both environmental and operational.
GCRM: The Era of Green CRM Arrives
Why green shouldn't seem alien to you.
nGenera's Nine Lives
CIM Version 9 brings forth social media monitoring, community integration, and new support functions all wrapped up in the company's notion of the "social customer."
Maximizer Rolls Up Its Mobile, Desktop, and Web Offerings
Version 11 continues along the path of "mobilizing the workforce" and introduces a new all-inclusive licensing option for SMBs.
Alterian Upgrades Content Manager Enterprise
Alterian's new product aims to simplify maintenance of Web-site content.
Cloud Integration Provides CRM’s Missing Link
Addressing the hybrid challenge.
Cross-Channel Marketing Made Easy
Responsys 2010 Spring Tour: The provider of on-demand marketing services unveils a new campaign designed explicitly for social networks.
The Relevancy Requirement for Sustainable Marketing
How precision marketing eliminates "message overload."
The Secret to Being Green
It's not just what you do — it's how.
SAP Slips StreamWork Into the Cloud-Based Collaboration Current
In the first major move since its recent restructuring, the German giant makes a play for the Enterprise 2.0 space — and beyond.
Green Strategies Are a Go
CRM on Twitter: April 2010
The denizens of the twittersphere tend to be passionate people already, and the social, political, and cultural sensitivities of the environmental movement only serve to add fuel to that fire.
Let the Customers In
Get customers involved in your decision-making with on-demand enterprise content management.
A Google Guru's Tips for Web Analytics
Search Engine Strategies '10: Avinash Kaushik's four tips for making your metrics matter.
PivotLink Brings Business Intelligence to the Business User
With the launch of its ReadiMetrix product family, the on-demand BI vendor hopes to deliver "insights-as-a-service."
Sharing Is Caring
Integrate systems and share data to deliver a better, more-holistic customer experience.
What’s Going On?
Monitor your customer service operations — and improve the customer experience — with process analytics.
“For a Happy Customer, Please Press 1”
How interactive voice response helps CRM.
Retailers Embrace "The New World of Consumer Centricity"
Jay H. Baker Retailing Initiative/Wharton Interactive Media Initiative '10: The chief executive officer of Home Shopping Network details how to engage customers and improve service.
Confirmit Broadens Its Horizons
The latest launch from the enterprise feedback management vendor involves a flexible application toolkit, PowerPoint integrations, and more-intuitive designs.
Calling for Customer Experience Insight
Social media may be hot, but don't leave contact centers out in the cold.
Pegasystems Collects Chordiant for $161.5 Million
Two months after rejecting a bid by CDC Software, customer experience management vendor Chordiant strikes a deal with a leader in the BPM space.
InQuira Puts Its Knowledge Solutions in the Cloud
With InQuira OnDemand, the vendor debuts online versions of its Web Self-Service and Contact Center Solutions.
Jive's Bright Idea
With Jive Ideation, the social business software provider integrates idea management into its portfolio.
Analyze Your Interactions
Improve enterprise performance with interaction analysis.
The Warm-and-Fuzzy Score
Surveys and quality assurance are important, but how do your customers feel about their experience?
When CRM Isn't Enough
Don't just manage relationships—develop them.
Socialtext Will Search Your Streams
The upstart provider of collaboration solutions releases Socialtext 4.0, the latest edition of its enterprise social software platform.
RightNow Challenges Cloud Competitors
CEO Greg Gianforte introduces the vendor's new Cloud Service Agreement and calls out CRM competitors for not delivering on the true promises of software-as-a-service.
RightNow Brings Cloud Monitoring to the Suite
With its February '10 release, the customer experience vendor deepens its social functions, bridges communities, and expands monitoring features.
Make Use of Customer Feedback
Enhance CRM with online feedback analytics.
Recessions Make for Strange Bedfellows
How the recession brought marketing and customer service closer together.
CRM Magazine Announces Winners of 2010 CRM Service Awards
Companies, customers, and visionaries honored for successes in the service industry over the previous 12 months.
CRM on Twitter: March 2010
Analysts are an opinionated bunch—especially in the Twittersphere.
SAP Releases "BI for the Rest of Us"
With its version of SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand, SAP targets the "casual user" with an integrated toolset that spans both on-demand and on-premise technologies.
DataFlux Unifies Its Tools
With DataFlux Data Management Platform, the SAS subsidiary unites its data quality, data integration, and MDM product sets into one overarching platform.
BlueKiwi Offers Up Free Versions
The social business software vendor updates its platform and introduces a freemium model.
Infusionsoft Goes 2.0
With its latest updates, the email marketing provider helps its small business customers take their CRM efforts to the next level.
The Secret Weapon in Search Engine Marketing
Direct navigation can have a direct impact on your results.
I Want You to Know Me
Customers want — and expect — personalization.
Mitigate Shopping-Cart Abandonment
Convert up to 50 percent of abandoners with real-time follow-up.
Measuring SEO Success
It's not about every click, but every profitable click.
Business Is Calling for the Customer Voice
Despite boasts that "the customer is king," a new report finds that consumer insight isn't getting a seat at the table.
The 3 Threats to Social CRM
Accenture's Social CRM report reveals the trio of obstacles to overcome when developing a social strategy.
Conversationalists Flood the Social Scene
Reports point to the emergence of a new social group and help marketers act upon the various segments of online participants.
Leading From Afar
Don't let distance infringe upon effective leadership.
Demandbase Shines Up Its Stream Product
With real-time alerts and notifications, the lead generation solution provider helps users be even more proactive when it comes to Web site activity.
Open-Source Business Intelligence: 5 Times Bigger by 2012
Two research reports outline the drivers of growth for open-source business intelligence -- and what customers can expect as the market matures.
Extreme Loyalty Requires Extreme Commitment
Net Promoter Conference '10: Three companies reveal the secrets to delivering high-quality customer experience.
How to Exceed What Customers Want
Net Promoter Conference '10: Satmetrix CEO encourages companies to move beyond the "zone of tolerance" to redefine customer experiences.
Improve Your "Yes!" Rate
Gain organizational support through collaborative conversations.
Picture Perfect
Grab consumer attention with personalized images.
After CEO Ouster, Plattner's Plea: "Please Trust SAP. We Have Not Forgotten You."
Announcing the exit of Chief Executive Officer Léo Apotheker, SAP returns to a "Co-CEO" format, appointing Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe to split leadership duties.
Don’t Let a Weak Economy Go to Waste
Boost sales while recovering from the recession.
How to Connect with Business Transaction Management
BTM is heating up 2010.
IBM Acquires MDM Player Initiate Systems
After weeks of rampant speculation -- and just six days after Informatica and Siperian dashed to the altar -- IBM and Initiate finally tie the knot, adding yet another variety of master data management to Big Blue's arsenal, and extending its reach into the healthcare and public sectors.
CRM: Customer Relationship Mobile
Learn the value of integrating a mobile component into your CRM strategy.
Informatica Snags Siperian for $130 Million
"This acquisition rounds out our MDM strategy beautifully," says Informatica's CMO.
Gartner Predicts the Future of Sales and Marketing
The analyst firm gives its CRM forecast for upcoming years.
Required Reading: Indecisions, Indecisions, Indecisions
The author of "How We Decide" discusses the essential role of customer indecision.
CRM on Twitter: February 2010
The word on the street.
The Shotgun Marriage of Sales and Marketing
In this exclusive excerpt from the fourth edition of the industry bible, legendary thought leader Paul Greenberg explains why the unification of sales and marketing is finally upon us.
Required Reading: Greenberg at the Speed of Light
The author, thought leader, consultant, and industry expert chats with Managing Editor Joshua Weinberger and Associate Editor Jessica Tsai to reveal why he wrote the book he swore he'd never write.
Cegedim Dendrite Acquires SK&A Information Services to Expand Global Database
The purchase allows the life sciences CRM vendor to increase the breadth of its OneKey healthcare data.
Amdocs Releases CES Version 8
The vendor's latest release focuses on enhancing the customer experience by enabling companies to be connected.
Gartner Acquires Burton Group, Finalizes AMR Deal
Information technology research firm expands its offerings with two recent acquisitions.
Actuate Releases Enhanced Reporting, Acquires Xenos Group
Enterprise solution provider is keeping busy with a new edition as well as a new addition.
The Next Generation of B2B Social Networking
Open doors with social selling.
Siperian's Last Dance: A Customer-Driven Module for Financial Services
With its Extended Customer View for financial services firms, the MDM vendor — acquired today by Informatica for $130 million — puts the emphasis on relationship-based insights.
Customer Care in the Age of the Smartphone
Don't let confusion around new devices undermine future opportunities.
CRM Saves Lives
Maybe so, but only if the healthcare industry can better diagnose and care for its patients.
Passenger Opens Up
Online community provider extends its private network to Facebook and Twitter.
ZoomInfo Finds a Fresh Way to Collect Contacts
With the introduction of FreshContacts, the business database service provider allows users to gain access data for free -- so long as they trade in their business contacts.
Informatica and IBM Lead Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools
Big Red squeezes onto the Leaders Quadrant and an open-source player joins the evaluation for the first time.
The Panel Is Not Passé
Properly built, an online community can generate engagement and two-way dialogue.
Radian6 Gets Sentimental
The social media monitoring company announces new sentiment analysis technology for its customers.
Unica Rounds Out Email Offering with Acquistion
The $17.8 million cash purchase of email deliverability specialist Pivotal Veracity is intended to help the marketing automation pioneer compete with best-of-breed email service providers.
Forrester Waves In Cross-Channel Campaign Management
In response to the demand for cross-channel marketing functionalities, the research firm publishes its first report covering this trend.
SAP Sets Sustainability in Motion
With the launch of Business Objects Sustainability Performance Management, SAP wants to provide companies with holistic views into their sustainable strategies and actions.
Is Your Marketing Team Going for the Goal?
Like a wise man once said, skate where the puck is going.
5 in the Lead in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management
With single-digit growth and the addition of several new niche players, ECM continues to thrive.
Blend Work and Play
How to adopt—and adapt—CRM for a generation raised on mobile technologies.
Powered Powers Up Social Offering with 3 Acquisitions
After closing deals at the end of 2009, the social media agency aims to deliver a broad suite of social media capabilities.
Jive Acquires Filtrbox; Reaches Record Revenue in 2009
The social business software provider buys a social media monitoring company and plans to extend social insight across the entire enterprise.
Retailers and Hotels Top the 2010 Customer Experience Index
In Forrester's Annual survey, Barnes and Noble, Marriott Hotels, and Hampton Inn and Suites deliver the best experiences.
Unified Communications Slow to Make Its Presence Felt
A recent DMG Research study on UC examines major players, trends, and a potential wild card that could shake up the space.
Luxury Brands Embrace Social Media
NRF Annual '10: Consumers are looking for value that goes beyond just a price cut.
Retail Experts Optimistic in 2010
NRF Annual ‘10: With the worst of the economic recession behind them, retailers must seek new growth opportunities through jobs, innovation, and international expansion.
Partner Collaboration Critical to Innovation
Survey reports that working together makes everyone stronger.
Learn to Innovate by Unlearning
True innovators jettison some "best" practices in favor of first practices.
A New Decade Brings New Ideas
Assessing Your CRM Situation
You can't know where you are unless you look—and look hard.
Contact Center Innovation: What to Expect in 2010
Organizations must change their mission and culture to benefit from new technologies.
The Ledge of Allegiance
What history—and a survey of current behavior—can teach us about the threat to customer loyalty.
The New Reality Will Be Augmented
Merging the digital and the real to create an engaging experience.
Everything Old Is New Again
Innovation is change, but change isn't necessarily innovation
Innovation Picks Up Static
In the pursuit of consumer sentiment, has the industry skipped over speech analytics and jumped on the social media bandwagon?
Are You Smarter Than a Neuromarketer
Companies have always aimed for the customer's heart, but the head may make a better target.
This Year's 'Swell Set
The 2009 Groundswell Awards congratulate cutting-edge companies mastering social media.
Market Focus: Insurance — Pursuing a New Policy
The insurance industry is slowly shifting from traditional to trendy.
CRM on Twitter: January 2010
The word on the street.
Where Does Innovation Come From?
Perhaps more than ever, it's a good idea to look for good ideas? But where are they hiding?
5 for '10
Cutting-edge technologies are altering the possibilities that are open to us. Is your company prepared to embrace the new?
Here, There, and Everywhere
Knowing where consumers are can reveal a lot about who they are.
Scratching the Surface
A luxury hotel utilizes surface computing from Microsoft to deepen relationships and its brand promise.
Cook, Clean, Watch, Buy
Video adds a new dimension to Electric Shopping's products and dramatically improves conversions
A Social Strategy That's A-OK
OK Labs forgoes traditional marketing in favor of a community-based Web 2.0 approach.
Re:Tooling — Geolocation: Location, Location, Location
To get back to more personalized content, companies are discovering geolocation technologies.
Nexidia Seeks to Put Quality in Speech Analytics
The company's latest offering looks to tie individual agent performance more closely with corporate initiatives.
Five Application Development Trends for 2010
Forrester outlines the top changes professionals should make and look out for when moving toward new applications.
Get Social and You’ll Sleep Better
Improve the customer experience with a content-rich, social-driven site.
Bringing Enterprise-Caliber Integration to the Midmarket
MindTouch and SnapLogic, two providers of open-source solutions, join together to deliver cost-effective enterprise integration application.
E-Discovery Requests Set to Rise in 2010
Research from Enterprise Strategy Group finds the space will continue to grow as more companies bring operations in-house.
Accel-KKR Purchases Kana
A private equity firm's acquisition moves the customer experience management player out of the public sphere.
Forrester Releases Social Computing Predictions for 2010
Another year older, another year stronger-social media continues to gain momentum in the business world.
Challenge Your “Market Permission”
Capture new markets — or reinvigorate existing ones — by reevaluating how those markets perceive your brand.
Top Online Retailers See Strong Growth
Large retailers are seeing record numbers in customer satisfaction but small and midsized businesses still feel the pain of the economy.
2010: The Year of Measurable Social Media?
Unable to connect social media to quantifiable results has made marketers wary of the investment, but this year may be the year all that changes.
Lights! Camera! Action!
Enhance your brand with digital video.
Cashing In On Customer Experience
New research from Strativity Group finds consumers are willing to pay a premium for goods and services if companies deliver quality experiences.
SoundBite Delivers Text Messaging to Contact Centers
With SMS on the rise, one pundit says the vendor's latest offering will help drive more business.
What Does Customer Experience Mean to You?
Unless the concept is integrated into your operating strategy, your view is incomplete.
We’re All in This Together
Break down internal silos to yield more-satisfied customers.
Healthier Web Sites For All
Site satisfaction calls for improvement as customers increasingly look online for information about their health.
Deciding to Compete
Economist Intelligence survey indicates that agile decision making is vital to operational efficiency and success -- yet most firms' ability to make good decisions needs improvement.
Look to Your Top Tier When Budgets Are Tight
How credit card companies are making the most of their existing relationships.
Electronic Health Records Get a Check-Up
Hypatia Research evaluates the state of EHRs among healthcare facilities and outlines roadblocks to adoption.
Strategic Partnerships May Be Your Most Important
Find the right partners to thrive in an economic recession.
Why Do You Ask?
Be prepared to act on customer feedback.
BlueKiwi Enhances its Hub
The social collaboration platform provider puts out a new release geared toward community managers.
SysAid Delivers Integrated Live Chat into Help Desk
Pundits say adding the capability will enable quicker, higher quality support for end users.
Microsoft, IBM, and Jive Get Together Atop the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Social Software
Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace '09: Gartner narrows its scope and crowns leaders for the first time, but notes that the market is still immature and there are "no safe bets yet."
Conscious Conversations
Forget the scripts — empower telesales agents to engage in a real dialogue.
BatchBlue Announces Sales Application for Small Businesses
The online social CRM product allows salespeople to create deals, link up with social networks, and organize customers with unique SuperTag functionality.
5 Tech Tips for Better Service
Harness technology to improve the customer experience.
ClickSoftware Unveils Standalone Mobility Suite
The latest offering will help the company continue to grow marketshare, pundits say.
The Moment of Power
Boost customer retention by acting at the right time.
IBM Leads Forrester Wave on Enterprise Content Management
Forrester Wave on ECM '09: Steady growth and a spate of consolidation mark the latest report by Forrester Research.
Poor Customer Service Costs Billions
A new multinational survey attributes $338.5 billion in lost business to flawed customer service efforts.
Sales Gets eTrigued By Marketing
A new solution by eTrigue gives sales a taste of marketing automation.
Why You Need Marketing Experimentation
Hint: Desperate marketers rarely win.
Intuit Gets into Customer Management
From hodgepodge to homogeneity, Intuit provides a new home for customer information.
Analytics Pays Off in the Contact Center
Analysts say the partnership between Nexidia and Merced Systems will make agent incentives more objective.
Customer Service by the People for the People
Attensity's latest release incorporates insight from social networks to enhance a company's own knowledge base for better customer service.
Collaboration Counts
Implement applications to support customer service and technology teams.
Aspect Software Beefs Up Quality Monitoring
Pundits say the company's latest release tightens competition in the QM space.
Great Relationships Start with Good Experiences
There are instances when primarily focusing on the experience makes sense.
The Integration Advantage
Unifying the sales process and the CRM system is essential.
Presence Is Accounted For
Is unified communications the next disruptive technology for customer service?
7 Keys to Customer Experience
Big-picture advice for how to improve the customer experience over the next year.
The New Customer Record
You need more than just transaction data if you want to take action.
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
A quick look at year's-end uncertainty and future possibilities.
How Many Clicks Does It Take?
Forget all the bells and whistles—usability reigns supreme among CRM users.
On the Scene: Gartner CRM Summit '09—Trust Is the New Differentiator
Big brands and consumers alike see a newfound value in trust.
Video, At Your Service
A contest turns the customer service center into a film location.
Required Reading: Think Again. And Again.
Customers aren't unreasonable, says author William Cusick -- they just make decisions without necessarily being able to articulate why.
CRM on Twitter: December 2009
The word on the street about CRM.
No Substitute for Experience
When the economy (eventually) rebounds, customers will be swayed by differentiators. That's why the smart companies are investing in customer experience now.
FreshDirect’s Secret Ingredient: Customer Focus
In a CRM exclusive, the chief executive officer of the grocery-delivery success story reveals why customer experience is what really matters.
Video Is More Than Viral
Forget YouTube sensations and wardrobe malfunctions. After years spent bound up by bandwidth, video is finally able to help your business become the star of the show.
Information Overload
Your data is multiplying, your channels are extending, the chatter is never-ending. You're already having trouble keeping up with the stream of information. What happens when that stream becomes a flood?
Chatty-Chatty Makes a Bang-Bang Online Experience
Nationwide talks its way to a more successful automotive quote-and-buying process with nGenera CIM.
UC and a Side of Fries
Equipment manufacturer Henny Penny cooks up better customer service thanks to Cisco Systems' unified communications solutions.
Re:Tooling -- Sales Compensation Management: Always Be Selling
Streamline and automate how sales professionals are compensated so they can focus on what they do best: selling.
5 Ways to Fail
Web 2.0 Expo '09: Panel of 2.0 entrepreneurs hash out the most common routes to failure, paths to recovery, and acceptance of "I Can Has Failure."
Moving from Dial Tone to DM
Web 2.0 Expo '09: Keynote speaker Chris Brogan converses with attendees on the art listening and what really to do on Twitter, aka the Serendipity Engine.
Teleperformance Unveils 'Platinum' Service
destinationCRM Exclusive: The outsourcing giant targets companies looking to further relationships with high-value customers with its latest offering.
Dreamforce: Releases Galore
Dreamforce '09: A roundup of product releases and enhancements that came out of the so-called "Cloud Event of the Year."
Gen. Colin Powell Is Part of the Force
Dreamforce: In a moving speech to a global audience, Colin Powell reinvigorates the need for the purpose-driven individual.
Salesforce.com Brings Social to the Enterprise
Dreamforce '09: The software-as-a-service pioneer unveils what it calls its fourth cloud -- the Collaboration Cloud -- as well as a product called Chatter.
Customer Service Is the New Research and Development
Only one of these two critical areas of investment requires capital expenditures.
Don’t Get Conned
The many disguises worn by software-as-a-service.
Contact in the Cloud
Three trends to adopt today for the cloud-enabled contact center.
When to Use the Force
Five critical questions to ask before building a product on Salesforce.com's platform.
Dressing in Augmented Reality
New solution for online retailers brings the dressing room into the consumer's own home.
Usability Needs Drive Numara Software
A revamped user interface provides highlights the company's latest service desk solution.
LIFT Your Social Efforts to the Next Level
Sage Summit '09: Brent Leary conveys to Sage attendees why CRM is turning into SCRM - and why hash tags matter.
E-Signatures Transform a Tortoise into a Hare
Accelerate customer-centric processes with software-as-a-service-based electronic signatures.
Business Intelligence Birst-s in the Cloud
The latest offering from the software-as-a-service vendor adds more pieces to further build out a comprehensive BI suite.
8 Rules for Better Predictions
SPSS Directions '09: Statistician Nate Silver shared his tips for successful data analysis predictions.
Uncovering the Next Chapter in Predictive Analytics
SPSS Directions '09: A panel discussion with IBM and SPSS executives highlighted continued integration and optimism for the market moving forward.
Jive Jumps Forward with SBS 4.0
The social business software player announces a new version of its platform, connects communities, and makes a play for the iPhone.
Sage Answers the "So What" Question about Software Trends
Sage Summit '09: Company executives describe the response to key industry trends, such as social media, cloud computing, and globalization.
Now's a Bad Time to Be "Antisocial"
Ad:Tech '09: eMarketer CEO relays social statistics and strategies and highlights a social customer case study.
Customer Service Strategies Continue to Evolve
Barely half of all customer service requests -- 52 percent -- now have their origin in the contact center, according to new research from Aberdeen Group.
Online Retail Makes Marketers' Dreams Come True
Ad:Tech '09: Sites such as Walmart.com prove there's more to e-commerce than just shopping carts.
Is Enterprise 2.0 a Crock?
Enterprise 2.0 '09: The concept may be mainstream enough to warrant having a conference in its name, but "enterprise 2.0" still faces criticism from industry skeptics who want to see results before they believe the hype.
The 5 Potholes on the Road to Enterprise 2.0
Enterprise 2.0: Andrew McAfee, the man who coined the term "Enterprise 2.0," says the key to the transition involves sharing, not scaring.
An Adaptive CRM Strategy Pays Off
Adjust your vision to deliver business value during changing times.
5 Ways Your Webinar Can Be a Killer Sales Tool
Say goodbye to boring teleconferences—and hello to riveting, interactive events.
Socializing with NetSuite and InsideView
NetSuite's first "premier partner" is a vendor that specializes in making social media work for the enterprise.
No More Telemarketing
Proactive contact is the new customer service imperative.
The Next Billion: A CRM Magazine Special Report
In 1999, Marc Benioff's Salesforce.com went looking for the end of software, and a decade later found its first billion-dollar year. Now it's looking for the next billion.
The 10-Year Timeline
A look back at the peaks and valleys (and more peaks) of Salesforce.com's first decade.
After the Revolution
Salesforce.com was careening toward bankruptcy. Even Marc Benioff secretly feared his company's days were numbered. But then revenues picked up — and the revolution began in earnest. He's shown he can topple an industry — but can he lead one?
The Cloud Pleaser
Marc Benioff has upended the CRM industry with his vision, service, marketing prowess, and tenacity
Required Reading: Cloud Formation
The coauthor of Marc Benioff's new book, Behind the Cloud, reveals the creation story behind the creation story
At Your Service, But Not Yet?
Analysts say Salesforce.com has only just begun to gain traction in customer service—and that the company will have to look beyond the cloud
Salesforce.com: One Leader. One Decade. $1 Billion.
Salesforce.com has proven the importance of making sure its customers are successful.
The Man Who Moved a Paradigm
An evaluation of the changes wrought by Salesforce.com's Marc Benioff.
A Salesforce.com by Any Other Name
What do you do when your brand no longer reflects your offerings?
The Partner-Proliferation Problem
An on-demand CRM platform involves a partner-selection process as well.
Marc'ing Time in San Francisco
It's been 10 years since the founding of Salesforce.com, and CRM has never been the same.
Facebook Is the Future of CRM
Only social media can put the customer back into CRM.
The Vendor Vultures
CRM providers are like scavengers these days, eager to poach from a competitor's client list.
Sales Away into the Cloud
Software-as-a-service has expanded horizons—but your sales reps may ultimately need a unified solution.
They’ve Got Your Number
Enterprises now see the potential for telephone-enabling technologies and software-as-a-service to help capture the voice of the customer.
Market Focus: Pharmaceuticals -- CRM Undergoes an Experimental New Treatment
An older CRM vertical gets a new dose of on-demand technology.
CRM on Twitter: November 2009
What does the Twittersphere think of Salesforce.com?
All for One, and One for All
A special Salesforce.com edition of Real ROI.
Compensation Management with a Real Payoff
Open-source software provider Ingres commissions Xactly to automate incentives.
Be Nimble, Be Quick
Ingres sticks to the software-as-a-service model for cost savings and deployment flexibility.
Selling to the Sales Experts
The Sant Corp. discovers that even expertise in sales-specific software can be bolstered by an integration with other sales-specific software.
Buzzer Beater
Comcast-Spectacor takes a shot—and scores more revenue for email campaigns—with Salesforce.com.
Re:Tooling -- E-Signatures: Sign 'Em Up!
As companies look to cut costs and streamline operations, electronic signatures may be entering a renaissance period.
Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?
Is Salesforce.com a threat to vendors of marketing automation solutions?
Helpstream Adds Marketing Automation to Suite
Pundits say adding the capability, along with social monitoring, is a wise move in a rapidly changing market.
UC Takes a Village, Says Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications
Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications '09: New research finds no single vendor can adequately address a company's UC needs with one solution.
How to Create a Customer Experience Framework
Forrester Consumer Forum '09: Analyst provides three steps for making the customer experience matter.
Consumers Care About Needs, Not Channels
Forrester Consumer Forum '09: In order to interact with the multi-channel customer, companies must recognize changing consumer behaviors, expand reach on multiple channels, and embrace digital tools.
5 Tips to Prepare for the Recovery
If you want to make the most of the developing business environment, you better start now.
Brand Lessons Learned from Mickey Mouse
RightNow Summit '09: A closing keynote address examines the strategies Disney utilizes to deliver on its brand promise.
Unica Wants Marketers' Heads in the Cloud
The company's latest on-demand solution looks to ease the challenges online marketers face today.
RightNow and eGain Hold the Lead in Gartner Magic Quadrant for E-Service Suites
Gartner Magic Quadrant for E-Service Suites '09: The increasingly saturated market seeks to solve a common problem: disintegrated customer experience.
RightNow Makes Experience Its Mission
RightNow Summit '09: In his opening keynote address, founder and CEO Greg Gianforte outlined the company's plan to rid world of bad experiences.
Finding the Value of Findability
Knowledge management is the path to content management success.
Finding the ‘Where' with Software
SpatialKey's on-demand solution boasts a geographic information system (GIS) that's both low cost and caters to the business user.
The Great Data Debate
eMetrics '09: The Web has the potential to change the way companies and consumers interact, but how to make that happen is still up in the air.
B2Bs Have Clicks Up Their Sleeve, Too
eMetrics '09: Even if the transactions don't necessarily happen on the Web site, B2B marketers still have to manage the site experience.
StayinFront Prescribes an On-Demand Offering
With StayinFront EdgeRx, The vendor diagnoses a new hosted CRM version for its life sciences customers.
Chordiant Focuses on Improving Customer Lifetime Value
The vendor's pair of new solutions are geared to make an impact quickly -- just what companies need, according to analysts.
8 (More) Ways to Accelerate Sales in a Down Economy
Why? Because you need more ways.
They've Got Your Number, Sort of
Predictive Analytics World '09: With great power comes great responsibility, but the power has yet to fully manifest and predictive analytics is already assuming significant responsibility as it battles hearsay and consumer fear.
Acquisitions Get the Call in Contact Center Consolidations
Deals by both ClickSoftware and Spoken Communications signal an emerging trend in the customer service sector: competition through acquisition.
What Marketers Can Learn From "Mad Men"
Social Ad Summit '09: How to make connections contagious and promote customer's passions. Deep Focus's Ian Schafer shares secrets behind the "Mad Men Yourself" campaign.
7 Rules for a Smart Social Strategy
Mediabistro.com's UGCX '09: A Forrester Research analyst outlines the impact of social media on business.
SAP Calls on Companies to Embrace "The New Value"
SAP World Tour '09: Morning keynote addresses challenge attendees to take charge — or risk failure.
Time to Get Pragmatic about Enterprise 2.0
Industry thought leaders -- Hinchcliffe & Co., Asuret, and Socialtext -- join forces to drive success in enterprise social computing projects. Plus, Socialtext calculates an announcement of its own.
Marketing Knows No Age Limit
DMA '09: Members of past generations didn't age — they simply died. Baby Boomers, on the other hand, are defying that fate -- and if they're demanding more from life, why aren't marketers giving them what they want?
DMA Presents Awards to Future Innovators
DMA '09: The Direct Marketing Association reinvigorates the industry with an award to recognize thought leaders.
Can You Hear the Social Media Conversation?
Because it's going on all around you, and your customers are talking.
The Next-Generation CMO Knows Something You Don't Know
destinationCRM.com Exclusive: A new report from Forrester Research explores the maturity of your customer intelligence — and reveals what your marketing department isn't measuring.
Ribbit Hops onto Oracle On Demand
The move into Oracle's ecosystem opens up more opportunities for growth, according to company executives.
Technology Needs to Be Lean and Mean
Forrester Business Technology Forum '09: It's not only hip -- it's critical -- to be lean today, especially when waste is a significant cost to companies. To do so, however, technology and business need to start communicating in terms both can understand.
The Future of Technology: Where Are You Headed?
Forrester Services and Sourcing Forum '09: Technology teams are forced to re-evaluate their goals amid tech-industry upheavals in both delivery and cost.
Float Finance into the Cloud
Improving CRM through on-demand accounting.
Oracle Finally Puts the Spotlight on Fusion Apps
Oracle OpenWorld '09, Day 4: The final conference keynote featuring CEO and Founder Larry Ellison pumps up the crowd with a few surprise guests and a sneak peak at Fusion Apps.
Oracle Reinvigorates Mobile and Social CRM Offerings
Oracle OpenWorld '09, Day 3: One executive calls Oracle CRM On Demand not only Big Red's fastest-growing software-as-a-service application, but its fastest-growing application — period.
3 Game-Changing CRM Strategies at Oracle OpenWorld
Oracle OpenWorld '09, Day 2: Executives detail Oracle's broad strategy as a systems provider, and its head of CRM delves into transforming technology at the application layer.
Breaking Loyalty Barriers with New Technologies
Five steps to successful data-driven customer communications.
Ring in the Holiday Sales
Click-to-call increase conversions, with instant access to sales associates.
Social Media as a Direct Marketing Channel
The old techniques meet the new technology.
The Strategic Mobilization of the Enterprise
You'll need a new platform mindset and a view toward the future.
8 Reasons to Revisit Your ECM Strategy
AIIM ECM Seminar: "We are at a tipping point," said industry president, telling attendees that the time is now to establish an Enterprise Content Management plan-of-action.
PowerReviews Connects Brands Socially
With BrandConnect, retailers try to listen in on reviews, while getting consumers to propagate them out.
Don't Overcompensate When It Comes to Compensation
Need to make changes to your sales payout? Here's how.
Mzinga Marries Its Social Software Offerings
The release of OmniSocial unifies the company's collaboration, social media, and community products.
Amdocs Offers Retailers a Helping Hand
Amdocs Retail Experience Solution hopes to tackle a lack of customer visibility in retail stores.
Avaya Scales for Small Businesses
Pundits and company executives believe that the new IP Office 5 expands functionality while improving simplicity -- two factors deemed prerequisites for success in this sector.
Salesforce.com Invests in a Provider of Software-as-a-Service Accounting
Coda 2go, an application built natively on Salesforce.com's Force.com platform, becomes FinancialForce.com, a new company backed by Salesforce.com and Unit 4 Agresso, parent company of accounting software vendor Coda.
CRM on Twitter: October 2009
Jesubi Just Wants to Jumpstart Your Sales Productivity
The company's flagship sales force automation product tries to bring clarity to ad hoc selling.
The Dangers of Bad Data
With incomplete information, some hazards can be deadly.
Can You Create a Viral Hit?
If your goal is to launch a viral campaign simply to increase your brand awareness, you're flirting with danger.
The Final Steps Are Just the Beginning
The Journey of Implementation — Part 3: A successful social media initiative merely opens up future possibilities.
Create Your Own Upturn
A shift from managing volume to managing relationships.
Voice Self-Service to the Rescue
When live agents can't be had, interactive voice response systems may suffice.
The Message Has Two Faces
Find the truth hiding behind the brand.
Who Do You Trust About Trust?
What to do with conflicting research from reputable sources.
Required Reading: In Us We Trust
Chris Brogan, co-author of the new "Trust Agents," explains why there's no better relationship than one built on trust.
That's Not Fair!
A British initiative called Treating Customers Fairly focuses on the consumer.
Market Focus: Sports & Entertainment -- First Star I Tweet Tonight
Even a diehard fan wants to know the person behind it all.
Required Reading: Measuring Your Marketing
The author of The Marketing Performance Measurement Toolkit tries to help marketers identify what "success" really means.
The Cure for the Common Virus
Given the powerful effects of some viral-marketing efforts, even those previously immune are seeing possibilities of epidemic proportions.
Mistaken Metrics
They say you can't manage what you can't measure. But what if you're using the wrong ruler?
Your Metrics Are Outdated
Times are changing — and so should your metrics.
The Evolution of E-Learning
As contact centers adapt to the needs of a recession—and an increasing number of Generation Y staffers—the systems designed to train agents have to adapt as well
What’s Your Type?
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a 15-minute questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in perception and decision-making — and may help reveal what kind of customer or customer agent you could be.
Driving Bigger Sales Down Under
The TAS Group steers FleetPartners toward its sweet spot with an influx of higher-quality deals.
Marketing to the Money Men
A wholesale provider of financial services tools finds a way to reach a better class of financial adviser.
Analytics Are Just the Ticket
In-depth analysis of online activity helps Rail Europe get its Web operations back on track.
Climbing to New Heights of Lead Generation
Looking to expand its library of ideas, CrownPeak, a provider of Web content management software, turns to Demandbase to target more customers at less expense.
Re:Tooling -- Marketing Campaign Optimization: Optimization for the Masses
When budgets get tight, marketers need to squeeze everything they can out of what's left.
Software-as-a-Service Can Save You Money -- Even in the Long Term
Undercutting conventional wisdom, a recent Forrester Research report raises the possibility that a SaaS deployment can outperform an on-premises one for as long as five years -- or more.
Avaya (Finally) Closes Deal for Nortel Assets
Months after entering into a "stalking horse" agreement to purchase the Enterprise Solutions businesses of bankrupt Nortel Networks, Avaya ends up spending nearly twice as much as it originally offered.
Shopping with Moms and Millennials
Shop.org Annual Summit '09: With 90 percent of households reporting a reduction in shopping,
6 Ways E-Commerce Survived the Recession
Shop.org Annual Summit '09: A record number of attendees gather to learn strategies for the changing e-commerce landscape.
Direct Digital Marketing Benefits Companies and Consumers Alike
A strategy to improve marketing efficiency and customer loyalty.
Fewer Seats in the Contact Center
A new study finds more agent jobs were lost than gained in the fourth quarter of '08.
Get Smart About Outsourcing
Forrester outlines 12 criteria necessary to address when assessing contact center outsourcers today.
Retail Buys Into New Social Media Tools
More retail merchants are on Facebook and Twitter than they are employing customer reviews and viral videos, according to a survey by The E-tailing Group.
Here's to Your e-Health
Why consumers need to examine the full story on Electronic Health Record privacy.
Turn Your Satisfied Customers into Loyal Ones
Nurturing customers with analytics.
Jive's New Social Media Release Powered by Radian6
Social business solutions company adds social monitoring to its offering and aims to enable collaboration and engagement.
Forrester Unveils Consumer Technology Benchmark
Survey results of more than 40,000 American households shows that technology will continue to see strong adoption in daily life.
Survey Software Continues to Sell
DMG Consulting's latest study finds the contact center survey and analytics software keeps growing despite the recession.
One-Stop Shop for E-Discovery Data Processing
Looking to streamline operations and reduce cost, Clearwell unveils a bolstered, fully integrated platform.
6 Steps to Influencing Customers and Building Trust
Gartner CRM Summit '09, Day 3: Connecting with customers relies on the power of influence.
E-Commerce Can Save Your Business -- or Sink It
Gartner CRM Summit '09, Day 2: Analyst Gene Alvarez emphasizes the strategic importance of expanding e-commerce with the power of Web 2.0 technologies.
How to Survive the Customer-Specific Web
Gartner CRM Summit '09, Day 1: CRM analyst Michael Maoz says not only are consumers losing trust in corporations, but they are managing more aspects of the relationship.
Visible Technologies Keeps an Eye on Use Cases
The social media monitoring company extends its truCast Suite and segments its capabilities based on user needs.
How to Create CRM Fusion
The technique to achieving marketing-sales alignment.
Adobe to Acquire Omniture
Pundits say the $1.8 billion deal — uniting a provider of development platforms with arguably the predominant player in Web analytics — has the potential to finally make measurement a powerful aspect of interactive media.
Boost Customer Satisfaction, Now
Three tips for winning customers despite tough economic times.
Mobile Content Is Risky Material
By containing that risk, you can achieve greater customer value.
RightNow Buys Social Networking Platform Player HiveLive
The CRM vendor scoops up a social networking and community platform provider for $6 million to expand its social CRM offerings.
Salesforce.com's Second Stab at Service
The company releases Service Cloud 2 with innovation around Knowledge, Answers, and Twitter.
Salesforce.com Finally Finds the Contact Management Space
The company brings forth its fifth option for CRM users, Salesforce Contact Manager, geared toward the smallest of businesses.
CRM, Meet Your Future
Social media and CRM converge at the Wharton School of Business.
Looking for Loyalty?
A new survey shows the importance of CRM to customer loyalty.
SMBs Find the Beef in BI Deployments
Aberdeen Group fleshes out the top reasons for business intelligence investments among small-to-midsize businesses.
SMB Interest in Managed Services and SaaS Ripens
AMI-Partners reports 100 percent growth in interest among small-to-midsize businesses in managed software and services.
Marketers Need to Fully Own the Customer Experience
Enough with the promotions, customers demand better service.
Act! Gets Even More Social in 2010
A new version of Sage's contact and customer management software sports a redesigned interface, social media capabilities, and e-marketing functionality.
RightNow Dives into Deeper Functionality
RightNow Technologies continues to target larger contact centers, with its August '09 edition offering expanded graphical workflow capabilities and trending/analytics features.
Teleperformance and Genesys Team Up to Deliver On-Demand Functionality
destinationCRM.com Exclusive: Company executives and industry pundits alike are calling the move another major win for the hosted contact center delivery model.
The Power of Post-Sales Analytics
The path to igniting sustainable sales performance.
5 Strategies for Creating a Competitive Edge
CRM Evolution '09: CRM consultant shares tips for barreling through the economy and thriving in a post-recession world.
CRM Evolution '09: All the Links You Need
CRM Evolution '09: Your one-stop shop for all the news and coverage coming out of CRM magazine's annual conference in New York.
Study Shows More "Babble" on Twitter Than Promotion
Despite an uptick in business activity, Pear Analytics says the majority of Twitter posts contain "Pointless Babble."
Google Leaves Users Satisfied
Driven largely by the search engine giant, e-business receives a customer satisfaction score of 81.5 this quarter, up from 79.3 a year ago.
Collaboration Software Vendors Come Together on Forrester Wave
Microsoft and IBM do the most sharing, with Novell playing close behind.
The 2009 Market Leaders - Consultancies
CRM magazine's eighth annual Market Leader awards rate the top five companies in 10 categories.
The 2009 Market Leaders - Open-Source CRM
CRM magazine's eighth annual Market Leader awards rate the top five companies in 10 categories.
The 2009 Market Leaders - Data Quality
CRM magazine's eighth annual Market Leader awards rate the top five companies in 10 categories.
The 2009 Market Leaders - Business Intelligence
CRM magazine's eighth annual Market Leader awards rate the top five companies in 10 categories.
The 2009 Market Leaders - Marketing Solutions
CRM magazine's eighth annual Market Leader awards rate the top five companies in 10 categories.
The 2009 Market Leaders - Incentive Management
CRM magazine's eighth annual Market Leader awards rate the top five companies in 10 categories.
The 2009 Market Leaders - Sales Force Automation
CRM magazine's eighth annual Market Leader awards rate the top five companies in 10 categories.
The 2009 CRM Market Awards: The 2009 Market Leaders
CRM magazine's eighth annual Market Leader awards rate the top five companies in 10 categories.
The 2009 CRM Market Awards: The 2009 Influential Leaders
In the age-old battle between dreamers and visionaries, visionaries win out every time. The eight individuals honored this year may not be the biggest names in CRM — well, not all of them, anyway — but there's no doubt each one sports a powerful vision.
The 2009 CRM Market Awards - Introduction
We cover CRM every month, of course, but this month is special. This is when we pull out all the stops to recognize excellence—the vendors leading the marketplace across 10 categories; six Rising Stars making their presence felt; eight Influential Leaders inside and outside CRM who are changing the direction of the industry; and, best of all, four companies using CRM to connect with their customers.
Stand Up for Your Rights!
How to ensure the software you use isn't abusing you in the process.
Hello, I Love You
How CRM and advertising can help you court the best customers.
CRM Bucks the Downward Financial Trend
The CRM industry grew 12.5 percent in 2008, to $9.15 billion.
Survival of the Relatively More Fit
CRM is changing, evolving to suit the demands of the moment.
The Lessons of the Magic Curry Kart
Your local street-food vendor can teach your company a thing or two.
Microsoft’s Million-Member March
Milestones and roadmap promises at the vendor's Worldwide Partner Conference '09.
The Best of the Rest
The Market Awards are done, but there's so much left unmocked!
Jetting to a Better Customer Experience
The airline industry is looking for a flight plan to combat the headwind of low satisfaction scores
Do You Accept the Terms of Engagement?
Eager to play with social media, employees of CRM vendors are finding themselves burdened by new rules
CRM on Twitter: September 2009
How United Airlines learned that customer dissatisfaction + social media = a first-class pain.
Re:Tooling -- Mobile Service Applications: Beyond the Contact Center Walls
Lucrative return on investment is driving companies — and vendors — to look more closely at mobile service applications.
The Advantages of On-Demand Speech Technology
SpeechTEK 2009: This year's closing keynote panel examines speech solutions delivered via the software-as-a-service model.
Creating a Digital Personality with Speech Technology
SpeechTEK 2009: The keynote presenter on Day 2 argues that 90 percent of new-customer interactions involve moments of truth that are delivered by technology or technology-enabling personnel.
Customer Intimacy and Operational Excellence Drive Innovation
CRM Evolution '09 — Day 3: CRM thought leader Denis Pombriant traces the origins of customer experience, and suggests it should not be our sole focus.
What B2B Marketers Can Learn from B2C
CRM Evolution '09 — Day 2: Whether marketers are hitting an individual or an enterprise, both are consumers and, ultimately, share the mindset that "it's all about me."
Social CRM Showdown
CRM Evolution '09 — Day 3: Two sets of panelists take the stage to confer on social CRM — where we are now and where we may be headed.
The Secret to Continuous Customer Management
CRM Evolution '09 — Day 2: Altimeter Group Partner Ray "R" Wang clues conference attendees in on how customer data can lead to a connected enterprise — and why B2B is dead.
The Power of Voice
CRM Evolution '09 — Day 2: Today's keynote address stressed the need for speech throughout the enterprise, not just in the call center.
Speech Poised to Dominate Mobile Market
SpeechTEK 2009: Instead of forcing users to navigate dozens of smartphone icons, one presenter warns, the dominant interface of the future will be voice.
Running Your Speech Solutions Clean in Lean Times
SpeechTEK 2009: Presenters suggest that, even in a time of lowered budgets, it's possible to achieve implementations of high value.
Speech Is My Copilot
SpeechTEK 2009: At CRM Evolution's sister show, a Continental Airlines executive boasts of her industry's only interactive-voice check-in.
The Great Sales (Re)Learning
A back-to-basics approach can save your business.
The Future of Mobile Is Now
CRM Evolution '09 — Day 2: Mobile applications are bridging the gap between sales and CRM.
The Cornerstone of CRM Deployment
Usability can be the lynchpin between failure and success.
Get Salespeople Back to Selling
CRM Evolution '09 — Day 1: If only today's companies would measure on process -- not function -- they might create alignment across the organization.
Calling All Social Customers
CRM Evolution '09 — Day 1: KEYNOTE: Customers may control the conversation, but they do not control your business.
How to Sell More, Grow Your Business, and Defy the Economy
CRM Evolution '09 — Day 1: Sales and strategy luminaries offer tips for staying above ground -- and prospering -- during the downturn.
eTelecare Global Solutions Merges with Stream Global Services
One industry analyst believes the move is the biggest business process outsourcing market shakeup in the last six to 12 months.
Unica Integrates with Version 8
Sporting a new look and a new user interface, the marketing solutions vendor retires the Affinium name and targets the interactive marketer.
CallCopy Puts the WFO Pieces Together
Citing customer demand and market movement, the company unveils its latest platform, promising the equivalent of a workforce optimization suite.
CRM Magazine Announces Winners of 2009 CRM Market Awards
Companies, customers, and industry visionaries honored for successes in the CRM marketplace over the previous 12 months.
Parature Joins the Twitter Stream
The provider of on-demand customer service software delivers a direct integration into the burgeoning social media site.
Blogging in Hard Times
Marketers miss the fundamentals.
Oracle's Other Half Lands in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation
Magic Quadrant for SFA '09: The research firm evaluates two fewer vendors this year, and promotes Oracle CRM On Demand to join corporate cousin Siebel CRM in the top quadrant for the first time.
No Pain, No Gain
Adoption of a new sales performance system doesn't happen by chance.
Xora and Gearworks Make a Mobile Merge
Former competitors combine, aiming to be the largest provider of mobile business applications.
Get Smarter with Knowledge Management
CRM + KM = smart CRM.
Infor Delivers CRM to IBM System i Users
The move looks to help the install base of 14,000 integrate basic CRM functionality with existing Infor ERP systems.
Omniture Tops Forrester Wave in Web Analytics
Innovation isn't slowing down as vendors meet the increasing demand to merge online and offline data.
Forrester Gives a Welcoming Wave to Complex Event Processing
Citing heavy demand, the research firm unveiled its first-ever evaluation of nine vendors in the rapidly maturing space.
Quantivo Couples with the Amazon Cloud
The behavioral analytics provider boosts scalability, flexibility, and affordability with its new deployment model.
Reclaim Your Sanity and Win the Business
No more customer-reference fire drills.
Knoa Provides a Comprehensive View of Business Application Use
The company's Global End-User Monitor product promises to provide monitoring of all applications for end-users.
Webtrends Looks to Reclaim Position in Web Analytics Market
In what the company calls its biggest launch ever, Webtrends unveils Analytics 9 and acquires Widemile.
Employee Engagement Can't Thrive on Bonuses Alone
Financial services firms need to look at more than just monetary compensation to keep employees engaged, according to a new study.
Get Ready for the EFM Upswing
Hypatia Research discusses the importance of enterprise feedback management and the future of the market.
Interactive Spending Expected to Rise to $55 Billion by 2014
Marketers are cutting costs and opting for cheaper, more measurable tactics.
CRM and CMS 2.0 Collide, Part 2
Sharing knowledge to build better relationships.
Still No Leaders or Challengers in Gartner's EMM Magic Quadrant
Magic Quadrant for EMM '09: Enterprise marketing management vendors continue to face slow adoption rates in an economic downturn.
Bridging the Gap in Enterprise Search
RightAnswers seeks to close the loop and maximize search capabilities with its latest release.
Sales Performance Management Is the New Necessity
CRM won't solve everything. You still need skilled salespeople to get it right.
Mashups Make You Smarter
A new Forrester Research report encourages organizations to embrace self-service business intelligence and mash it up to get even more intelligent.
Avaya Wants to Up Virtual Agents' Ante
The release of one-X Agent marks a potential re-emphasis on the vendor's ability to cater to remote agents, says one industry pundit.
Your Marketing Campaign Needs a Second Opinion
Alternative communication channels in healthcare marketing.
Strategies that Endure
Proven business strategies abound—even new ones.
The Next Steps Matter, Too
The Journey of Implementation — Part 2: It's a bit like the Wild West out there — so be extra careful to conduct due diligence when choosing a vendor partner.
Doing More of What You Already Do
Performance management is a contact center requirement.
Servicing Software-as-a-Service
Trade-Offs, Part 2 — The Technology Side: "The end of software" doesn't mean the end of software headaches.
Managing Social Customers for Profit
A new paradigm calls for a reassessment of an industry metric.
Channeling My Frustration
Words, words, words. Why don't they mean what they used to?
Microsites to Serve Microsegments
Brands from Dell to Office Depot are slicing customers into ever-tinier segments—and learning the dos and don'ts along the way.
Do You Know Your URLs?
Not every marketing effort includes a campaign-specific Web address -- but some of the ones that do aren't doing a very good job of connecting to the main brand.
X Marks the Spot
Consumers are looking for you on search engines—but are you there to be found?
On the Scene: Clarity Is SAP’s New Enterprise
SAPPHIRE '09: SAP executives stressed the emerging need for transparency among all enterprises. Did the message ring true?
Required Reading: Rave All About It
Author David Meerman Scott reveals the secret to having your idea spread everywhere.
CRM on Twitter: August 2009
The end of on-demand business intelligence provider LucidEra, captured on the public tweetstream.
Feedback: August 2009
Readers tell us what they think of "social" technologies.
Healing the Sick
Facing regulatory requirements, spiraling costs, and an aging (and ailing) customer base, the healthcare industry looks to CRM to balance a pair of age-old doctrines: First, do no harm—and physician, heal thyself.
Patients Are Customers, Not Case Numbers
"Healthcare" and "customer service" don't have to be mutually exclusive.
Intelligence in the Cloud
Business intelligence software defined a certain stage of maturity with CRM data by making that data actionable. Now on-demand BI promises to do the same for on-demand CRM — by making it affordable.
LucidEra: The End of an Era?
Industry experts—including some LucidEra investors and competitors—speculate on the reasons behind the fall of an on-demand business intelligence pioneer, and LucidEra customers talk about how they'll cope with the loss.
Serving Up Service Strategies
Delivering quality customer service means making quality shots.
The Power of Information
OSIsoft uses Socialtext to revamp an outdated knowledge base.
Patience for Patients
Improved surveying techniques improve a hospital's patient centricity.
Less Is More
Email-collaboration provider Zimbra sheds complexity, opts for simplicity—and achieves better results.
More Books, Fewer Worries
Self-publishing company Author Solutions turns to Salesforce.com's platform-as-a-service to host its operations and expand its library of ideas.
Re:Tooling -- Predictive Analytics: Keeping a Step Ahead
To cope with the recession, more organizations are looking to predictive analytics for answers.
Are You Ready to Zwitch to Zoho?
The productivity suite provider integrates email and CRM, beefs up its Projects application, and entices Salesforce.com users to switch over.
Beyond the Hype: CRM Applications Endure
Forrester principal analyst William Band takes a deep dive into technologies that have evolved from having "overhyped expectations" to becoming critical to the "enterprise competitive strategy."
The Customer Care Revolution
Strategies to reduce operating costs and protect revenues.
The Overstuffed Inbox
A decline in email responsiveness creates enormous opportunity.
IBM to Acquire SPSS for $1.2 Billion
Looking to enhance its business analytics capabilities, Big Blue adds the predictive analytics pioneer to its list of more than a hundred companies acquired in the past decade.
After Swallowing SupportSoft, Consona Conveys Renewed Roadmap
CRM player plans to integrate proactive service offerings and to focus on point solutions.
Worldwide BI Revenue Reached $8.8 Billion in 2008
Growth in business intelligence software continues despite economic pressures.
Marketers and Mobile Carriers Put Best Practices in Motion
For the first time, U.S. mobile carriers and the Mobile Marketing Association have collaborated to create a single standard for mobile SMS marketing.
Relationships Strong Enough to Survive
Big or small, they can deliver real business value.
Analytics in a Multichannel World
Make interactions more sophisticated.
CRM Market Grows for Fifth Straight Year
Software-as-a-service, analytics, and customer retention technologies help lead the way, according to a new Gartner report — and SAP retains the market-share crown.
Get a Handle on CRM Tools
Six steps for enterprise analysis.
Twitter: Social Media for the Sophisticated User?
"As people become more savvy with social media," says the managing partner of Anderson Analytics, "they pick up Twitter."
8 Factors Impacting ECM
AIIM report details traits of today's Enterprise Content Management industry.
When Sales Calls for Support, How Does Marketing Answer?
Ten essentials for a marketing portal.
Microsoft Makes a Million (or Two)
Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference '09: The tech giant hits two major milestones: a million members of its partner network and a million customers for Dynamics CRM.
Workforce Management Market Set to Double
According to new research from Pelorus Group, the market will jump from $268 million to $533 million by 2014.
A New Leader Emerges in Gartner Magic Quadrant for MDM for Customer Data
Gartner Magic Quadrant for MDM for Customer Data '09: As vendors continue to invest in master data management initiatives, Initiate Systems joins IBM and Oracle in this year's top segment.
Good Service, Good People, Good Content Management
Three steps required to grasp customers' needs and hold their loyalty.
Kana Looks to Cut Down the Silos of Customer Service
One pundit forecasts the company's service management solution is the first of many we can expect to come down the pike.
A Happy Tech-Support Caller Is a Happy Customer
A new study reaffirms the impact a satisfactory tech-support experience has on brand image and likelihood to repurchase.
Alterian Socializes with Techrigy
The marketing automation provider brings social media monitoring onto its platform.
Lithium Floats a Social CRM Balloon
Lithium Technologies' new suite, launched today, looks to unite traditional CRM and the social Web.
Retail Banking’s New Approach, Part 2
If banks want to improve their approach to CRM, they'll first have to improve their definition of the customer.
Allegiance Acquires Inquisite
The enterprise feedback management vendor scoops up an online-survey software player.
Know Your Triggers
In a tough economy, intelligent lead generation proves its importance.
Gen Y Finally Begins to Value Loyalty
Consumers continue to look for additional value through loyalty programs. Millennials show the highest increase in participation.
SPSS Collects, Collaborates, and Deploys — All in the Name of Analytics
With new versions of PASW Data Collection and PASW Collaboration and Deployment Services, SPSS helps analysts and business users alike manage the voice of the customer.
Amid Budgetary Bloodshed, Social Media Marketing Is Spared
In a new survey, more than half of respondents cite overall marketing-budget cuts of at least 20 percent, but nearly half claim they'll be increasing their social media marketing spend.
The 7 Benefits of Online Customer Service Communities
A new Forrester Research report highlights the return on investment in social media communities.
Small Businesses Take On the Twittersphere
Inbound marketing vendor HubSpot offers a new social media monitoring solution and gives advice to small businesses toying with Twitter.
The New Qualities of Trillium's Data Quality
The Harte-Hanks software division's Version 12 refreshes real-time validation capabilities, business-rules sharing, and dashboard interfaces.
Don’t Crash at Critical Intersections of Customer Support
Cruise through with effective supply chain management.
nGenera CIM Goes Tactical
Bolstering search, integration, and queuing, the company looks to emphasize hard ROI and customer satisfaction in its latest release.
Consulting the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Service Providers
Magic Quadrant for CRM Service Providers '09: The market for CRM consulting and solution implementation services grew in 2008, but the next year will bring challenges for all providers, including the foursome Gartner rated tops: Accenture, Capgemini, Deloitte, and IBM Global Services.
Radian6 Listens to the Demand and Integrates with Salesforce.com
The listening platform provider brings social media analysis to the CRM world.
Big Red Roundup
Oracle releases financial results, announces the departure of an influential leader, and creates news around its Fusion Middleware Apps.
Responsys Gets Personal
By integrating data collected by its recommendation-engine partners, Responsys aims to help clients deliver highly personalized emails.
7 Ways to Accelerate Sales in a Down Economy
The answer involves more than just "always be closing."
Coremetrics Targets Ad-Targeting
New releases promise to help Coremetrics clients deliver ads of higher relevance.
Small Businesses Show Social Networks Some Love
AMI-Partners research indicates that small businesses aren't as slow to get social as some have contended. What's driving adoption? The blurring of the lines between professional and personal uses of social networking.
Web Self-Service Will Make You Great
Five surefire ways to increase adoption among customers and contact center agents.
Innovate Your Way Out of a Recession
In a recession, an innovative organization can learn to focus on fewer projects—but ones that can meet and even exceed expectations.
CRM in the Palm of Your Hand
Three factors are combining to (finally) drive interest in mobile CRM.
The Post-Recession Customer
From now on, consumers will be saddled with residual uncertainty.
New Routes to New Customers
A customer-centric approach for emerging markets.
Contact Centers and the Age of Analytics
A variety of applications promise revenue generation and cost reduction.
A Revolution in Customer Centricity
It all started with sales tax.
Matching Pie Slices to Plates
As more vendors enter the on-demand CRM arena, profit may be harder to come by. Is consolidation the answer?
Taking the Measure of Social Media
Experts insist that social media is measurable—it just depends on how you define your metrics.
On the Scene: New Beginnings from Within
Customer Experience Summit '09: Improving the customer experience starts with a hard look in the mirror.
Whuffie Doesn’t Grow on Trees
Forget money: Trust, transparency, and value represent today's social currency.
Required Reading: Cashing In On Social
Author Tara Hunt explains how The Whuffie Factor can be a company's saving grace.
CRM on Twitter: July 2009
Feedback: July 2009
A reader offers a Pre-view on smartphones, and "Pint of View" generates some responses.
Making the Grade
As the higher education sector finds itself struggling under a heavy course load — short-term admissions problems made worse by a systemic financial crisis—leading-edge universities are studying up on CRM.
Search Engineering
Your customers are searching for you. Unfortunately, if you don't come to grips with search engine marketing, you're making it harder for them to find you.
Simplementation: 10 Tips to Smooth Your CRM Initiative
Since roadblocks on the implementation superhighway often come down to human factors, we've collected 10 of the most common and the most costly — to help you avoid them.
Adhering to Higher Quality
New York Life streamlines its workforce, vastly improving internal metrics.
Dialing into Knowledge
For The Carphone Warehouse, the key to quality service is empowering agents with consistent and organized knowledge.
Diaper Duty
With search-optimized customer reviews, Diapers.com increases site traffic and online sales.
Smooth Sailing
Travel Dynamics International finds that adding a real CRM system can lead to unexpected destinations.
Branching Out Toward Data Management
Forest-product supplier Weyerhaeuser builds out its master data management strategy with Siperian.
Re:Tooling -- Partner Relationship Management: Rousing from a Slumber
The PRM market—often seen as a quiet backwater—may be entering a revival, particularly among B2Bs.
Business Process Management Goes Social
A practice with deep roots must bear new fruit.
Contact Center Performance Thriving in the Recession
A new CFI Group study find customer satisfaction statistics improving despite the economic downturn.
Starting on the Right Foot with Social CRM
Start-ups require speed, and the social Web is the backbone of velocity.
Business as Usual within Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools
Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools '09: Five leading vendors hold their ground, despite a slight slip by SAP.
Your Social Media Reputation Is Visible
Social media monitoring vendor Visible Technologies launches TruReputation and expands its search reputation management offerings.
The Truth about Social Networking
Deliver freedom, not hype.
Accelerating the Evolution of the Online Experience
Forrester Customer Experience Forum '09: A Day Two keynote stressed that the pinnacle of online capabilities yet awaits.
LucidEra Shuts Down Operations
Sources say the software-as-a-service business intelligence vendor caved under tough economic conditions.
Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Customer Experience
Forrester Customer Experience Forum '09: Opening keynote stresses the importance of possessing heart, brains, and courage in the pursuit of experience-based differentiation.
Interactive Intelligence Ups Its IQ with Process Automation
The vendor's latest offering looks to deliver a clear vision for unified communications — a vision that centers on productivity enhancements.
The 5 Principles of Interactive Social Marketing
A handful of first steps for marketing campaigns that make the most of social media.
Antenna Software Picks Up Dexterra
Antenna's latest acquisition puts the company in a position to capture an even greater share of the growing market for mobile middleware.
The Growth of the Social Inbox
Forrester Research forecasts overall growth in domestic email marketing — to $2 billion by 2014 — but social platforms are replacing the traditional email inbox among the younger set.
One More Thing You Can Do To Get More Business
Where social media fits within public relations, marketing, and advertising.
iCentera Enlivens Sales Enablement
Portal software provider builds upon its sales enablement offering with version 6.0 and taps into what one analyst calls an "emerging market" in the process.
Marketo Brings Social Into Sales Insight
Incorporating data from Jigsaw, Demandbase, and LinkedIn, Marketo aims to empower sales with its native Force.com application.
Socializing with Gen Y
Latest report from Forrester's "Designing for Gen Y Series" examines one of four approaches for engaging with Gen Y on the Web.
Amdocs and TOA Aim for a More Holistic Customer Experience
A global partnership between the two companies is indicative of a growing trend, according to one pundit.
The Art of the ‘Human’ Business
How social marketing can spotlight your organization's inner person.
The Network Effect of Word of Mouth
Mobilize customer sales forces with social media marketing: "You need to take your message to the people."
Give 'Em Something to Talk About
Ten ways to make sure employees are spreading the right message through social media.
Tying Together Social Service and CRM
Helpstream adds deeper integration and a bolstered best practices community with its latest release.
Customer Experience Is A Key Differentiator
Research by Strativity Group shows that higher investments in customer experience result in lower attrition and higher referral and customer satisfaction rates. Cutting back is not an option. "The race is on," says Lior Arussy, president of Strativity Group.
Autonomy Interwoven Unveils Social Media Analytics Tool
Merging social media monitoring with content management, the solution aims to help marketers find meaning and take action.
Envision Takes a "Real" Look at Speech
Envision Telephony wants to deliver a "realistic" speech analytics solution with InteractionIQ.
Reinvent Customer Experience with Social Interactions
Along with Web 2.0, those interactions can also boost brand image.
4 Steps to Immediate Customer Engagement
Mediabistro Circus '09: Social media maven Steve Rubel shares insight into marrying brands and consumers displaying "selective ignorance."
Social Customer Service Remains "A Breed Apart"
The successful utilization of social media by contact center agents remains several years away, according to new research from Datamonitor.
Avaya Takes a Fresh Look at the Midmarket
Industry pundits say the latest initiatives will help the company play catch-up.
RightNow's May '09 Edition Introduces Cloud Monitoring
RightNow Technologies' latest release provides the company's answer to social media and customer service.
10 Steps to Social Media Success
Internet Week '09: Brand Exposure event shows companies how to join the conversation.
The Social Media Monitoring Cheat Sheet
An Aberdeen Group study suggests it's not too late to begin tapping into social media to manage your brand reputation online. Not yet, anyway.
No More Teachers, No More Books: The Social Student Comes of Age
Internet Week '09: Students are connecting and learning on the Web -- and institutions that fail to stay relevant are sure to flunk out.
Does Mobile Need Social?
Mobile Marketing Forum '09: The quintessential benefit of social media is the ability to stay connected anywhere, anytime. That makes social media reliant on mobile technology -- but is the reverse also true?
Social CRM Has Been Around Longer Than You Think
Five ways that successful companies use social networking to manage conversations.
Online Reviews Continue to Drive Consumption
New research finds that companies failing to actively monitor the channel for user-generated content risk falling behind.
The 4 Hidden Costs of Business Intelligence
A new Aberdeen Group report contends that BI could cost your organization more than you think, but some investments can help avoid budget blunders.
Social Media Spawns a New Era in Customer Intelligence
Customer attitudinal information is what companies have been clamoring to obtain for years.
The New Currency of Social Media
Active engagement gives us a chance to better understand the customer.
The New Interaction of Social Media
Beyond marketing, the popular tools and techniques can also serve as a channel for support.
The New Maelstrom of Social Media
We're awash in social networking data. Do we really want our businesses drowning in it, too?
The 5 Phases of Social Experience
The social Web is about to evolve — again. Are you ready to evolve, too?
The New Connections of Social Media
I don't care to belong to any social network that will accept me as a member.
Social Shepherds
If you expect employees to stay within the lines, you need to draw the lines first.
Poking Holes in Attrition
Social networking has the potential to transform the day-to-day operations of customer service representatives.
On the Scene: Users Converge
Microsoft Convergence '09: Microsoft and its user groups extend face-to-face with @-to-@.
Required Reading: Socially Aware
The co-author of Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom explains why it's not so easy for companies to simply hop aboard the social media bandwagon.
CRM on Twitter: June 2009
Social media thought leaders, twittering about social media.
Who Owns the Social Customer?
CRM magazine's in-depth report on the state of social media in CRM.
Social Media from A to Z
An alphabetical glossary of what you need to know about social media.
Maturity and Social Media: You'll Be Social (Soon)
CRM magazine's Social Media Maturity Model, the launching pad for a discussion of the next five years of social media.
Strategy and Social Media: Everything’s Social (Now)
You may not know what you're doing — but your customers do. If the time to act is now — does that mean it's too late to plan?
Sales and Social Media: No One’s Social (Yet)
Social computing is still working its way into the consultative sales process. For most sales forces, that's just fine.
Marketing and Social Media: Everyone’s Social (Already)
Your customers are increasingly connected — to you, to your competition, to each other — but you're not supposed to be the center of every network.
Service and Social Media: You’re Not Social (Enough)
Communities and channels are rapidly expanding — and your company needs to at least know its place in all of them.
Sales in the Facebook Era
An exclusive excerpt from the new book, The Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products, Reach New Audiences, and Sell More Stuff, by Salesforce.com's Clara Shih.
Social from the Inside Out
By focusing on connecting employees, a socially entwined culture benefits clients.
A Travel Company’s Tweet Deals
Quality time — and high-quality engagement — on Twitter helps CruiseDeals.com extend its brand and develop leads.
Infusing Social Communities into Service
With Helpstream's on-demand offering, Infusionsoft bolsters its customer support.
Investing in Knowledge Management
Financial software developer Advent uses InQuira to show it's what you know and who you know.
A Community Gives Pitney Bowes Its Stamp of Approval
A forum designed to address one problem evolves into an enterprise asset.
Re:Tooling -- Social Networking Platforms: Making Social More Social
Capable of far more than pokes, tweets, and zombies, vendors begin to connect with social software platforms.
Doesn't Your Sales Team Want Access to Prospect Data?
Eloqua's latest release strives to throw more than just leads over the wall from marketing to sales.
The Data Quality Conundrum
Fewer than half of all organizations have a defined strategy regarding customer data, according to research by Experian QAS.
VoIP Penetration Steadily Increases
Pent-up demand for integrated telephony and business applications will drive adoption through 2013, according to new research findings.
"Second-Generation Analytics" with Quantivo's Omniture Adapter
Using data from Omniture SiteCatalyst, Quantivo aims to perform deeper analytics, faster.
E-Discovery Goes Global
Kazeon Systems' latest triad of products targets a globally distributed workforce.
CRM Characteristics for the Midmarket
Smaller enterprises demand a different approach.
Web Analytics Market to Hit the Billion-Dollar Mark by 2014
Exclusive First Look: A new Forrester Research report, due out on Wednesday, shows an industry segment lurching through a tricky middle stage, but one that will continue to blossom in coming years.
Identifying Your iNeed to iDeploy an iPhone App
As the iPhone App Store emerges as a significant brand-building platform, the phrase "There's an app for that" has become a catchphrase for consumers and businesses alike. But is it the right place for you?
Paperless Marketing for the Digital Consumer
No-programming-necessary software allows the traditional direct marketer to offer the choice of receiving marketing materials as desired.
Hot New BI Vendors Keep Things Cool
Gartner unveils its 2009 "Cool Vendors" in business intelligence and performance management.
Payment Intelligence
Segmentation and analytics drive revenue generation and loyalty.