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Lauren McKay

Lauren received her BA in Journalism from the University of Missouri. While at university she held several roles at Vox Magazine, which, according to its Web site "was named the best magazine produced by college students in the whole darn country." Some of her roles at Vox included department editor and contributing writer. Lauren also served as the education reporter at the Columbia Missourian in the Fall of 2005. Most recently, after moving to New York, she worked as an editorial intern at Working Mother Media.

Articles By Lauren McKay
A food processing equipment company finds that success tastes best when sales and service are served on the same plate
Posted 01 Feb 2011 [February 2011 Issue]
Fairbanks Morse Engine implements a CRM system that unites its customer records and tracks its engine service requests
Posted 01 Feb 2011 [February 2011 Issue]
A financial services firm invigorates its VOC program to better understand its business—and its customers
Posted 04 Jan 2011 [January 2011 Issue]
Sonos shoots for perfect pitch with its social media and self-service support capabilities
Posted 04 Jan 2011 [January 2011 Issue]
A study evaluates the performance of leading vendors
Posted 03 Jan 2011 [January 2011 Issue]
Astadia and Salesforce CRM help a data-hosting firm increase annual revenue by 200 percent to 300 percent
Are consumers comfortable with or creeped out by online data collection tactics?
Posted 31 Dec 2010 [January 2011 Issue]
Oracle's massive annual gathering garners a lot of press—both good and bad
A travel service for military personnel uses SMS and live chat to ensure its customers can communicate
After years of unfulfilled promise, CRM and mobile technology are finally making a move.
AMI-Partners research indicates that SMBs are steadily turning to mobile applications to cut down on computing costs and address the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce.
Posted 02 Dec 2010
In Part 2 of its study, Evoke CRM study ranks the most social CRM companies on the Web.
Posted 02 Dec 2010
With the launch of Conversation Center, the company adds another module to its Social Media Analytics platform.
Posted 01 Dec 2010
Social media usage report reveals that for marketers social media is now a strategic initiative, good content is king, and video will be the hottest social channel.
Posted 01 Dec 2010
Evoke CRM study ranks the most social CRM companies on the Web.
Posted 01 Dec 2010
A Deloitte study uncovers the changing face of brand advocates and the necessary steps companies must make to get influential consumers on their side.
Posted 30 Nov 2010
With the general availability of Sugar 6, the open-source vendor zeroes in on a new interface, productivity enhancements, and new partnerships.
Posted 30 Nov 2010
A few years following the acquisition of Talisma, nGenera unites its collaboration and customer interaction product sets on one platform.
Posted 30 Nov 2010
A Harvard Business Review survey shows the immaturity of business activity in the space.
Posted 30 Nov 2010
With new industry- and department-specific capabilities, PivotLink expands its BI prowess.
Posted 30 Nov 2010
As consumers become more and more connected, even leading companies are struggling to keep up.
Posted 30 Nov 2010
With its latest release of Customer Process Manager, Pegasystems aims to make customer interactions more meaningful and customer feedback more actionable.
Posted 30 Nov 2010
The Social CRM player rolls out a fully integrated suite of social tools, complete with commerce, support, and brand-awareness-specific offerings.
Posted 22 Nov 2010
American Customer Satisfaction Index E-Business Report '10: FoxNews.com and Google take top honors, while popular social networking sites leave members wanting more.
Posted 16 Nov 2010
UnitedHealthcare overhauls its CRM program to embrace an on-demand solution that users will actually use.
Posted 04 Nov 2010 [October 2010 Issue]
Proactive CRM enables organizations to cut costs, minimize risk, protect their brand, and improve customer experiences.
Posted 04 Nov 2010 [October 2010 Issue]
One provider shows how to join consumers in social networks without compromising a secure relationship.
Posted 04 Nov 2010 [October 2010 Issue]
Executives from four of the industry's top vendors share the same stage—but not the same views.
Posted 04 Nov 2010 [October 2010 Issue]
destinationCRM.com Exclusive: A partnership ends when a reseller of Eloqua marketing software refuses what it calls a vendor ultimatum.
Posted 26 Oct 2010
A study by Performics and ROI Research indicates that customers are talking all across the social Web — about brands in verticals ranging from automotive to travel.
Posted 22 Oct 2010
SocialcastReach, the latest update to the company's collaboration platform, extends the collaboration effort to other enterprise applications.
Posted 20 Oct 2010
Web 2.0 Expo '10 — Day 3: A marketing executive from Philips, the largest consumer group on LinkedIn, shares what it takes to run a healthy community.
Posted 18 Oct 2010
DataFlux Ideas '10: CEO Tony Fisher identifies the three potholes on the highway to data management success.
Posted 18 Oct 2010
Web 2.0 Expo '10 — Day 1: "The world we need is one we've never yet seen," declared Tim O'Reilly at his bi-annual technology event.
Posted 01 Oct 2010
Web 2.0 Expo '10 — Day 2: A keynote presenter reveals how data can help modern companies overcome their "used-car salesman" personas.
Posted 01 Oct 2010
Oracle OpenWorld '10 — Day 3: Salesforce.com Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff unveils new features of his company's enterprise social network product.
Posted 25 Sep 2010
Hotels are finding a home away from home in social media, and boosting the customer experience in the process.
Posted 22 Sep 2010 [September 2010 Issue]
Oracle OpenWorld '10 — Day 1: Kicking off its mammoth conference, Oracle makes a few hardware announcements, tackles the cloud, and sheds more light on 2011's Fusion Platform.
Posted 22 Sep 2010
Oracle OpenWorld '10 — Day 2: The latest version of the company's software-as-a-service application adds modules for "best-in-class" marketing and business planning as well as a preview of CRM technologies to come.
Posted 22 Sep 2010
A unit of Prudential Financial invests in Salesforce.com to revive a lethargic sales and customer retention program.
Posted 22 Sep 2010 [September 2010 Issue]
With interface improvements and the introduction of an integrated information service, one industry thought leader remarks that he is "massively impressed."
Posted 15 Sep 2010
Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation '10: The top sector of the annual market assessment also includes Microsoft and two Oracle offerings.
Posted 15 Sep 2010
The cloud computing company brings its newly acquired data services piece in-house with Jigsaw for Salesforce CRM.
Posted 15 Sep 2010
Despite unveiling three reports on social software, some in the industry question whether the research giant has done justice to a still-exploding sector.
Posted 14 Sep 2010 [September 2010 Issue]
ICentera, a provider of sales enablement solutions, releases a specialized product designed for channel partners.
Posted 31 Aug 2010
With its latest launch, the social solution provider brings forward new reporting dashboards, mobile applications, and social network interoperability.
Posted 31 Aug 2010
An Accenture in-depth survey reveals that while customer service investments in the two industries may be up, consumers remain less than thrilled with their experiences.
Posted 31 Aug 2010
Making a meal of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, JellyBelly cuts down on churn and boosts revenue
Posted 24 Aug 2010 [August 2010 Issue]
Business products provider CDW ups sales thanks to a Communispace-powered environment that turns customers into stakeholders
Posted 24 Aug 2010 [August 2010 Issue]
Posted 24 Aug 2010 [August 2010 Issue]
Posted 24 Aug 2010 [August 2010 Issue]
Posted 24 Aug 2010 [August 2010 Issue]
The socially evolved ECM player expands its social media and productivity services, adding a no-cost microblogging tool to its offerings.
Posted 19 Aug 2010
Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools '10: IBM, Informatica, Trillium and SAP BusinessObjects follow the leader in the research firm's annual evaluation of the market.
Posted 19 Aug 2010
Magic Quadrant for Externally Facing Social Software '10: The research firm's third social report says the EFSS market is "young but developing quickly." "Expect social CRM to split into several [markets] as the technologies mature," says one report author.
Posted 19 Aug 2010
In what one industry analyst calls a "good move and a very good choice," IBM expands its content management and business workflow capabilities by purchasing data-capture vendor Datacap.
Posted 18 Aug 2010
One of the last vendors to dive into on-demand, Sage partners with Amazon.com for SalesLogix Cloud
Posted 11 Aug 2010 [August 2010 Issue]
CRM Evolution '10 — Day 1: "Social will be like air in 2011," says Altimeter Partner Ray Wang in presenting the top use cases for social CRM.
Posted 07 Aug 2010
CRM Evolution '10 — Day 2: Four of the industry's top CRM executives square off for the first time ever to share perspectives on the ever-changing world of CRM.
Posted 07 Aug 2010
CRM Evolution '10 — Day 3: Companies are eager to make their presence known on the social Web, but they must remember to look before they leap.
Posted 07 Aug 2010
Tapping into the Franz AllegroGraph 4.0 database, the vendor shares its plans to invest in semantics to unite personalization and predictive analytics with CEM.
Posted 18 Jul 2010
The cloud computing business software provider looks to new partnerships to integrate friends into the shopping experience.
Posted 18 Jul 2010
At its Worldwide Partner conference, the vendor presented partners with an application marketplace and a slew of new capabilities for Microsoft CRM users.
Posted 18 Jul 2010
"Oracle BI is definitely back," comments one industry analyst.
Posted 16 Jul 2010
Financial services firm Raymond James Financial gently offers its more than 5,000 advisors and associates a CRM interface they're familiar with.
Posted 14 Jul 2010 [July 2010 Issue]
Professional services firm Ceridian brings its independent salesforces under one CRM roof.
Posted 14 Jul 2010 [July 2010 Issue]
Sigma Financial turns sales into something more than spreadsheets.
Posted 14 Jul 2010 [July 2010 Issue]
Why the badge is finally one worth wearing.
Posted 14 Jul 2010 [July 2010 Issue]
Magic Quadrant for Social CRM '10: The analysis firm whittles down a list of 140 vendors claiming to offer social CRM to a final set of 20.
Posted 09 Jul 2010
A new Forrester Research report reveals methods to make customer experience projects matter to companies and consumers.
Posted 09 Jul 2010
The cloud computing vendor moves forward with its "Cloud 2" and announces general availability of Chatter, its social networking and collaboration platform.
Posted 01 Jul 2010
The Forrester Wave: CRM Suites for Midsized Organizations '10: In his annual evaluation, analyst Bill Band identifies the top-performing options for midmarket CRM.
Posted 30 Jun 2010
The Forrester Wave: CRM Suites for Large Organizations '10: Forrester Research names the seven top-performing vendors at the enterprise level.
Posted 30 Jun 2010
With Cloud9 Analytics Performance Management, the vendor promises contextual analysis for line-of-sales people, and future integrations with Oracle, NetSuite, SAP, and Microsoft.
Posted 20 Jun 2010
With the launch of the Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics product portfolio, the marketing automation player helps marketers prove ROI.
Posted 17 Jun 2010
Internet Week NY '10 / Conversational Marketing Summit '10: Speakers from Twitter, Google, Moxie Interactive, and Starbucks reveal new ways to connect with customers.
Posted 13 Jun 2010
Info-Tech Research Group evaluates the incumbent players and outlines opportunities surrounding the convergence of CRM and social media.
Posted 11 Jun 2010
Leapfrog, a maker of educational products, gives its customers something to jump up and down about: an online community powered by Lithium Technologies.
Posted 10 Jun 2010 [June 2010 Issue]
Nestlé feels the crunch when its own social network turns from semi-sweet to dark.
Posted 09 Jun 2010 [June 2010 Issue]
Companies can corral as many customers as they like, but any true community has to truly benefit its members—customers and companies alike.
Posted 09 Jun 2010 [June 2010 Issue]
The research firm makes sense of the top teamwork providers.
Posted 04 Jun 2010
The enterprise feedback management vendor's Engage 7 adds social media to its toolbox of surveying options, unveils a new interface, and introduces text analysis.
Posted 02 Jun 2010
Sage Insights '10: Company executives convey Sage's commitment to customer experience and to uniting the brand's business solutions.
Posted 01 Jun 2010
Sage Insights '10: After months of readying partners, Sage announces the June availability of SalesLogix for the Cloud.
Posted 01 Jun 2010
AMI-Partners report shows that small and midsize business usage of social media is growing, but they don't consider it a strategic process.
Posted 16 May 2010
With the latest launch of its Coremetrics Analytics 2010 application, the Web analytics vendor brings forward a smarter user interface, a new mobile app, and a host of new features.
Posted 16 May 2010
A merger will bring together the two private companies -- and will provide a better workbench for bringing together sales and marketing.
Posted 15 May 2010
A provider of contact center solutions implements CRM to eliminate shelfware and to use tools the company already had in place.
Posted 11 May 2010 [May 2010 Issue]
Within the search giant's Apps Marketplace, small and midsize application providers can integrate with cloud-based offerings.
Posted 11 May 2010 [May 2010 Issue]
The flatter the world, the further the reach of the empowered customer. In his new book, Flip the Funnel, Joseph Jaffe explains how that may finally bring down silos once and for all.
Posted 11 May 2010 [May 2010 Issue]
Just as you finally come to grips with CRM, the customers themselves have turned the tables—and now they're managing you.
Posted 11 May 2010 [May 2010 Issue]
An antivirus company turns pro-self-service.
Posted 11 May 2010 [May 2010 Issue]
Microsoft Convergence '10: At this year's business solutions event, the Microsoft team announces extensions to CRM Dynamics Online and previews the next generation of Microsoft CRM.
Posted 05 May 2010
With a goal to "open up the enterprise," the semantic analytics company purchases the global listening solution provider for an undisclosed sum.
Posted 05 May 2010
Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service Contact Centers '10: New players join Oracle Siebel, Microsoft, and Salesforce.com as the market seeks to empower agents and deliver next-generation service.
Posted 25 Apr 2010
In a definitive agreement, the software-as-a-service pioneer will absorb the provider of crowdsourced business data.
Posted 21 Apr 2010
SugarCon '10: Keynote speakers impart their wisdom to attendees, with the key message to become "a company like me" for every customer.
Posted 21 Apr 2010
SuiteCloud '10: Distinguishing the real from the fake, CEO Zach Nelson announces some very real deals around cloud-to-cloud integration, vertical extensions, and code-less workflow development.
Posted 21 Apr 2010
SugarCon '10: With the launch of Sugar 6, the open-source CRM pioneer promises to deliver a "new generation of CRM software bred for the Web — for speed, simplicity, and interoperability."
Posted 15 Apr 2010
The mega-vendor makes a handful of CRM announcements and heads into two new verticals.
Posted 14 Apr 2010
CloudForce 2010: Pushing Sales and Service further into the "Cloud 2," introducing Chatter for Force.com, and unveiling a Chatter-specific AppExchange, Salesforce.com continues to embrace social media, collaboration, and the "Facebook Imperative."
Posted 14 Apr 2010
Version 11 continues along the path of "mobilizing the workforce" and introduces a new all-inclusive licensing option for SMBs.
Posted 08 Apr 2010
CIM Version 9 brings forth social media monitoring, community integration, and new support functions all wrapped up in the company's notion of the "social customer."
Posted 08 Apr 2010
No matter what your company's environmental motivations may be, the bottom line is still the bottom line.
Posted 06 Apr 2010 [April 2010 Issue]
Why Gen Y and the Millennials are greener than you'll ever be.
Posted 06 Apr 2010 [April 2010 Issue]
A saturated market for organic packaged goods has sprouted a new demand: sustainability.
Posted 06 Apr 2010 [April 2010 Issue]
Posted 06 Apr 2010 [April 2010 Issue]
Think a green initiative is either too lofty a goal or too difficult to pursue? These 10 companies would be quick to disagree.
Posted 06 Apr 2010 [April 2010 Issue]
An Arizona State University outreach program cuts costs and carbon by going virtual.
Posted 06 Apr 2010 [April 2010 Issue]
Search Engine Strategies '10: Avinash Kaushik's four tips for making your metrics matter.
Posted 30 Mar 2010
With the launch of its ReadiMetrix product family, the on-demand BI vendor hopes to deliver "insights-as-a-service."
Posted 29 Mar 2010
The latest launch from the enterprise feedback management vendor involves a flexible application toolkit, PowerPoint integrations, and more-intuitive designs.
Posted 23 Mar 2010
With InQuira OnDemand, the vendor debuts online versions of its Web Self-Service and Contact Center Solutions.
Posted 18 Mar 2010
Two months after rejecting a bid by CDC Software, customer experience management vendor Chordiant strikes a deal with a leader in the BPM space.
Posted 18 Mar 2010
With Jive Ideation, the social business software provider integrates idea management into its portfolio.
Posted 18 Mar 2010
Posted 11 Mar 2010 [March 2010 Issue]
Posted 11 Mar 2010 [March 2010 Issue]
Communispace does a nifty two-step, providing clients with private communities and then helping to glean information from participants.
Posted 11 Mar 2010 [March 2010 Issue]
LiveOps' solutions for outsourcing and workforce management enable contact centers to employ work-at-home agents.
Posted 11 Mar 2010 [March 2010 Issue]
With an online environment designed by Helpstream, Infusionsoft's own customers are able to provide community-based support.
Posted 11 Mar 2010 [March 2010 Issue]
A Verint Systems deployment gives New York Life's Tampa-based contact center agents something to stick around for.
Posted 11 Mar 2010 [March 2010 Issue]
At least one analyst firm saw consolidation as an opportunity for creative recruiting.
Posted 10 Mar 2010 [March 2010 Issue]
Mergers and acquisitions ramp up at the start of the new year as vendors expand roadmaps and look for ways to fulfill promises.
Posted 10 Mar 2010 [March 2010 Issue]
A timeline of the tumult: The industry's shaken, but that may be a sign that the something's stirring. Here's a chance to look at the big picture—and to remember that not all deals pan out as intended.
Posted 10 Mar 2010 [March 2010 Issue]
CEO Greg Gianforte introduces the vendor's new Cloud Service Agreement and calls out CRM competitors for not delivering on the true promises of software-as-a-service.
Posted 05 Mar 2010
With its February '10 release, the customer experience vendor deepens its social functions, bridges communities, and expands monitoring features.
Posted 05 Mar 2010
With its latest updates, the email marketing provider helps its small business customers take their CRM efforts to the next level.
Posted 26 Feb 2010
The social business software vendor updates its platform and introduces a freemium model.
Posted 26 Feb 2010
With DataFlux Data Management Platform, the SAS subsidiary unites its data quality, data integration, and MDM product sets into one overarching platform.
Posted 26 Feb 2010
With its version of SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand, SAP targets the "casual user" with an integrated toolset that spans both on-demand and on-premise technologies.
Posted 26 Feb 2010
Reports point to the emergence of a new social group and help marketers act upon the various segments of online participants.
Posted 16 Feb 2010
Two research reports outline the drivers of growth for open-source business intelligence -- and what customers can expect as the market matures.
Posted 16 Feb 2010
With real-time alerts and notifications, the lead generation solution provider helps users be even more proactive when it comes to Web site activity.
Posted 16 Feb 2010
Accenture's Social CRM report reveals the trio of obstacles to overcome when developing a social strategy.
Posted 16 Feb 2010
Net Promoter Conference '10: Satmetrix CEO encourages companies to move beyond the "zone of tolerance" to redefine customer experiences.
Posted 15 Feb 2010
Net Promoter Conference '10: Three companies reveal the secrets to delivering high-quality customer experience.
Posted 15 Feb 2010
With an eye on the user experience, some brands are inviting imaginary friends to the party.
Posted 11 Feb 2010 [February 2010 Issue]
Aided by SiteSpect, a specialist in elder-care placement boosts Web conversions and better addresses client needs.
Posted 11 Feb 2010 [February 2010 Issue]
Announcing the exit of Chief Executive Officer Léo Apotheker, SAP returns to a "Co-CEO" format, appointing Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe to split leadership duties.
Posted 08 Feb 2010
After weeks of rampant speculation -- and just six days after Informatica and Siperian dashed to the altar -- IBM and Initiate finally tie the knot, adding yet another variety of master data management to Big Blue's arsenal, and extending its reach into the healthcare and public sectors.
Posted 03 Feb 2010
"This acquisition rounds out our MDM strategy beautifully," says Informatica's CMO.
Posted 02 Feb 2010
The analyst firm gives its CRM forecast for upcoming years.
Posted 01 Feb 2010
The purchase allows the life sciences CRM vendor to increase the breadth of its OneKey healthcare data.
Posted 30 Jan 2010
With its Extended Customer View for financial services firms, the MDM vendor — acquired today by Informatica for $130 million — puts the emphasis on relationship-based insights.
Posted 28 Jan 2010
Information Industry Summit '10: Panelists share their secrets to shaking up the information industry.
Posted 27 Jan 2010
With podcasts, a blog, and social network participation, Lion Brand Yarn weaves itself into the fabric of the customer experience.
Posted 26 Jan 2010 [January 2010 Issue]
The 2009 Groundswell Awards congratulate cutting-edge companies mastering social media.
Posted 26 Jan 2010 [January 2010 Issue]
The insurance industry is slowly shifting from traditional to trendy.
Posted 26 Jan 2010 [January 2010 Issue]
Perhaps more than ever, it's a good idea to look for good ideas? But where are they hiding?
Posted 26 Jan 2010 [January 2010 Issue]
Big Red squeezes onto the Leaders Quadrant and an open-source player joins the evaluation for the first time.
Posted 23 Jan 2010
With the introduction of FreshContacts, the business database service provider allows users to gain access data for free -- so long as they trade in their business contacts.
Posted 23 Jan 2010
The social media monitoring company announces new sentiment analysis technology for its customers.
Posted 20 Jan 2010
With the launch of Business Objects Sustainability Performance Management, SAP wants to provide companies with holistic views into their sustainable strategies and actions.
Posted 19 Jan 2010
In Forrester's Annual survey, Barnes and Noble, Marriott Hotels, and Hampton Inn and Suites deliver the best experiences.
Posted 15 Jan 2010
Forrester outlines the top changes professionals should make and look out for when moving toward new applications.
Posted 11 Jan 2010
A private equity firm's acquisition moves the customer experience management player out of the public sphere.
Posted 07 Jan 2010
Open-source software provider Ingres commissions Xactly to automate incentives.
Posted 01 Jan 2010 [November 2009 Issue]
Economist Intelligence survey indicates that agile decision making is vital to operational efficiency and success -- yet most firms' ability to make good decisions needs improvement.
Posted 21 Dec 2009
Hypatia Research evaluates the state of EHRs among healthcare facilities and outlines roadblocks to adoption.
Posted 18 Dec 2009
The social collaboration platform provider puts out a new release geared toward community managers.
Posted 14 Dec 2009
Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace '09: Gartner narrows its scope and crowns leaders for the first time, but notes that the market is still immature and there are "no safe bets yet."
Posted 10 Dec 2009
The online social CRM product allows salespeople to create deals, link up with social networks, and organize customers with unique SuperTag functionality.
Posted 10 Dec 2009
From hodgepodge to homogeneity, Intuit provides a new home for customer information.
Posted 03 Dec 2009
Analyzing churn helped the Internet service provider improve not just the targeting of its messages, but its overall customer retention as well
Posted 01 Dec 2009 [December 2009 Issue]
Your data is multiplying, your channels are extending, the chatter is never-ending. You're already having trouble keeping up with the stream of information. What happens when that stream becomes a flood?
Posted 01 Dec 2009 [December 2009 Issue]
Big brands and consumers alike see a newfound value in trust.
Posted 01 Dec 2009 [December 2009 Issue]
Web 2.0 Expo '09: Keynote speaker Chris Brogan converses with attendees on the art listening and what really to do on Twitter, aka the Serendipity Engine.
Posted 28 Nov 2009
Web 2.0 Expo '09: Panel of 2.0 entrepreneurs hash out the most common routes to failure, paths to recovery, and acceptance of "I Can Has Failure."
Posted 28 Nov 2009
Sage Summit '09: Brent Leary conveys to Sage attendees why CRM is turning into SCRM - and why hash tags matter.
Posted 18 Nov 2009
The social business software player announces a new version of its platform, connects communities, and makes a play for the iPhone.
Posted 15 Nov 2009
Ad:Tech '09: Sites such as Walmart.com prove there's more to e-commerce than just shopping carts.
Posted 14 Nov 2009
Ad:Tech '09: eMarketer CEO relays social statistics and strategies and highlights a social customer case study.
Posted 14 Nov 2009
Sage Summit '09: Company executives describe the response to key industry trends, such as social media, cloud computing, and globalization.
Posted 14 Nov 2009
Salesforce.com made software-as-a-service its trademark—can lightning strike twice with cloud computing?
Posted 06 Nov 2009 [November 2009 Issue]
Forrester Consumer Forum '09: In order to interact with the multi-channel customer, companies must recognize changing consumer behaviors, expand reach on multiple channels, and embrace digital tools.
Posted 03 Nov 2009
Forrester Consumer Forum '09: Analyst provides three steps for making the customer experience matter.
Posted 03 Nov 2009
CRM providers are like scavengers these days, eager to poach from a competitor's client list.
Posted 01 Nov 2009 [November 2009 Issue]
An older CRM vertical gets a new dose of on-demand technology.
Posted 01 Nov 2009 [November 2009 Issue]
With StayinFront EdgeRx, The vendor diagnoses a new hosted CRM version for its life sciences customers.
Posted 27 Oct 2009
Social Ad Summit '09: How to make connections contagious and promote customer's passions. Deep Focus's Ian Schafer shares secrets behind the "Mad Men Yourself" campaign.
Posted 23 Oct 2009
Mediabistro.com's UGCX '09: A Forrester Research analyst outlines the impact of social media on business.
Posted 22 Oct 2009
Industry thought leaders -- Hinchcliffe & Co., Asuret, and Socialtext -- join forces to drive success in enterprise social computing projects. Plus, Socialtext calculates an announcement of its own.
Posted 21 Oct 2009
Oracle OpenWorld '09, Day 4: The final conference keynote featuring CEO and Founder Larry Ellison pumps up the crowd with a few surprise guests and a sneak peak at Fusion Apps.
Posted 15 Oct 2009
Oracle OpenWorld '09, Day 2: Executives detail Oracle's broad strategy as a systems provider, and its head of CRM delves into transforming technology at the application layer.
Posted 14 Oct 2009
Oracle OpenWorld '09, Day 3: One executive calls Oracle CRM On Demand not only Big Red's fastest-growing software-as-a-service application, but its fastest-growing application — period.
Posted 14 Oct 2009
AIIM ECM Seminar: "We are at a tipping point," said industry president, telling attendees that the time is now to establish an Enterprise Content Management plan-of-action.
Posted 05 Oct 2009
The release of OmniSocial unifies the company's collaboration, social media, and community products.
Posted 03 Oct 2009
They say you can't manage what you can't measure. But what if you're using the wrong ruler?
Posted 01 Oct 2009 [October 2009 Issue]
Times are changing — and so should your metrics.
Posted 01 Oct 2009 [October 2009 Issue]
In-depth analysis of online activity helps Rail Europe get its Web operations back on track.
Posted 01 Oct 2009 [October 2009 Issue]
The social media monitoring company extends its truCast Suite and segments its capabilities based on user needs.
Posted 17 Sep 2009
Gartner CRM Summit '09, Day 1: CRM analyst Michael Maoz says not only are consumers losing trust in corporations, but they are managing more aspects of the relationship.
Posted 17 Sep 2009
Gartner CRM Summit '09, Day 2: Analyst Gene Alvarez emphasizes the strategic importance of expanding e-commerce with the power of Web 2.0 technologies.
Posted 17 Sep 2009
Gartner CRM Summit '09, Day 3: Connecting with customers relies on the power of influence.
Posted 17 Sep 2009
The company brings forth its fifth option for CRM users, Salesforce Contact Manager, geared toward the smallest of businesses.
Posted 09 Sep 2009
The company releases Service Cloud 2 with innovation around Knowledge, Answers, and Twitter.
Posted 09 Sep 2009
The CRM vendor scoops up a social networking and community platform provider for $6 million to expand its social CRM offerings.
Posted 09 Sep 2009
Aberdeen Group fleshes out the top reasons for business intelligence investments among small-to-midsize businesses.
Posted 07 Sep 2009
AMI-Partners reports 100 percent growth in interest among small-to-midsize businesses in managed software and services.
Posted 07 Sep 2009
A new version of Sage's contact and customer management software sports a redesigned interface, social media capabilities, and e-marketing functionality.
Posted 04 Sep 2009
Microsoft and IBM do the most sharing, with Novell playing close behind.
Posted 02 Sep 2009
Despite an uptick in business activity, Pear Analytics says the majority of Twitter posts contain "Pointless Babble."
Posted 02 Sep 2009
CRM Evolution '09: CRM consultant shares tips for barreling through the economy and thriving in a post-recession world.
Posted 02 Sep 2009
A services company makes a clean start with Microsoft Dynamics CRM [Sales Force Automation]
Posted 01 Sep 2009 [September 2009 Issue]
Friending Consumers
Posted 01 Sep 2009 [September 2009 Issue]
Making Social Media Matter
Posted 01 Sep 2009 [September 2009 Issue]
Posted 01 Sep 2009 [September 2009 Issue]
Posted 01 Sep 2009 [September 2009 Issue]
Posted 01 Sep 2009 [September 2009 Issue]
Eager to play with social media, employees of CRM vendors are finding themselves burdened by new rules
Posted 01 Sep 2009 [September 2009 Issue]
CRM Evolution '09 — Day 2: Altimeter Group Partner Ray "R" Wang clues conference attendees in on how customer data can lead to a connected enterprise — and why B2B is dead.
Posted 29 Aug 2009
CRM Evolution '09 — Day 3: Two sets of panelists take the stage to confer on social CRM — where we are now and where we may be headed.
Posted 29 Aug 2009
CRM Evolution '09 — Day 1: Sales and strategy luminaries offer tips for staying above ground -- and prospering -- during the downturn.
Posted 25 Aug 2009
Magic Quadrant for SFA '09: The research firm evaluates two fewer vendors this year, and promotes Oracle CRM On Demand to join corporate cousin Siebel CRM in the top quadrant for the first time.
Posted 19 Aug 2009
The behavioral analytics provider boosts scalability, flexibility, and affordability with its new deployment model.
Posted 13 Aug 2009
Citing heavy demand, the research firm unveiled its first-ever evaluation of nine vendors in the rapidly maturing space.
Posted 13 Aug 2009
Hypatia Research discusses the importance of enterprise feedback management and the future of the market.
Posted 11 Aug 2009
A new Forrester Research report encourages organizations to embrace self-service business intelligence and mash it up to get even more intelligent.
Posted 05 Aug 2009
The productivity suite provider integrates email and CRM, beefs up its Projects application, and entices Salesforce.com users to switch over.
Posted 04 Aug 2009
Brands from Dell to Office Depot are slicing customers into ever-tinier segments—and learning the dos and don'ts along the way.
Posted 01 Aug 2009 [August 2009 Issue]
Facing regulatory requirements, spiraling costs, and an aging (and ailing) customer base, the healthcare industry looks to CRM to balance a pair of age-old doctrines: First, do no harm—and physician, heal thyself.
Posted 01 Aug 2009 [August 2009 Issue]
Improved surveying techniques improve a hospital's patient centricity.
Posted 01 Aug 2009 [August 2009 Issue]
CRM player plans to integrate proactive service offerings and to focus on point solutions.
Posted 29 Jul 2009
AIIM report details traits of today's Enterprise Content Management industry.
Posted 21 Jul 2009
Gartner Magic Quadrant for MDM for Customer Data '09: As vendors continue to invest in master data management initiatives, Initiate Systems joins IBM and Oracle in this year's top segment.
Posted 18 Jul 2009
The enterprise feedback management vendor scoops up an online-survey software player.
Posted 14 Jul 2009
With new versions of PASW Data Collection and PASW Collaboration and Deployment Services, SPSS helps analysts and business users alike manage the voice of the customer.
Posted 13 Jul 2009
Inbound marketing vendor HubSpot offers a new social media monitoring solution and gives advice to small businesses toying with Twitter.
Posted 11 Jul 2009
The Harte-Hanks software division's Version 12 refreshes real-time validation capabilities, business-rules sharing, and dashboard interfaces.
Posted 11 Jul 2009
Oracle releases financial results, announces the departure of an influential leader, and creates news around its Fusion Middleware Apps.
Posted 09 Jul 2009
The listening platform provider brings social media analysis to the CRM world.
Posted 09 Jul 2009
Magic Quadrant for CRM Service Providers '09: The market for CRM consulting and solution implementation services grew in 2008, but the next year will bring challenges for all providers, including the foursome Gartner rated tops: Accenture, Capgemini, Deloitte, and IBM Global Services.
Posted 09 Jul 2009
AMI-Partners research indicates that small businesses aren't as slow to get social as some have contended. What's driving adoption? The blurring of the lines between professional and personal uses of social networking.
Posted 04 Jul 2009
For The Carphone Warehouse, the key to quality service is empowering agents with consistent and organized knowledge.
Posted 01 Jul 2009 [July 2009 Issue]
Forget money: Trust, transparency, and value represent today's social currency.
Posted 01 Jul 2009 [July 2009 Issue]
Author Tara Hunt explains how The Whuffie Factor can be a company's saving grace.
Posted 01 Jul 2009 [July 2009 Issue]
Since roadblocks on the implementation superhighway often come down to human factors, we've collected 10 of the most common and the most costly — to help you avoid them.
Posted 01 Jul 2009 [July 2009 Issue]
Social media monitoring vendor Visible Technologies launches TruReputation and expands its search reputation management offerings.
Posted 27 Jun 2009
Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools '09: Five leading vendors hold their ground, despite a slight slip by SAP.
Posted 27 Jun 2009
Portal software provider builds upon its sales enablement offering with version 6.0 and taps into what one analyst calls an "emerging market" in the process.
Posted 19 Jun 2009
Mediabistro Circus '09: Social media maven Steve Rubel shares insight into marrying brands and consumers displaying "selective ignorance."
Posted 11 Jun 2009
An Aberdeen Group study suggests it's not too late to begin tapping into social media to manage your brand reputation online. Not yet, anyway.
Posted 10 Jun 2009
Internet Week '09: Brand Exposure event shows companies how to join the conversation.
Posted 10 Jun 2009
A new Aberdeen Group report contends that BI could cost your organization more than you think, but some investments can help avoid budget blunders.
Posted 01 Jun 2009
You may not know what you're doing — but your customers do. If the time to act is now — does that mean it's too late to plan?
Posted 01 Jun 2009 [June 2009 Issue]
If you expect employees to stay within the lines, you need to draw the lines first.
Posted 01 Jun 2009 [June 2009 Issue]
Quality time — and high-quality engagement — on Twitter helps CruiseDeals.com extend its brand and develop leads.
Posted 01 Jun 2009 [June 2009 Issue]
Fewer than half of all organizations have a defined strategy regarding customer data, according to research by Experian QAS.
Posted 28 May 2009
Gartner unveils its 2009 "Cool Vendors" in business intelligence and performance management.
Posted 25 May 2009
The provider of lead-generation solutions unveils Demandbase Professional 2.0 to help B2Bs target the right people at the right time.
Posted 22 May 2009
Sage Insights '09: Executives revisit the Sage CRM 2010 roadmap with insight into what CRM users want -- and are ready for.
Posted 20 May 2009
The email marketing vendor brings social capabilities to the inbox, and has reasons of its own to celebrate.
Posted 14 May 2009
Sage Insights '09: Executives outline the future for Act! by Sage, SalesLogix, and Sage CRM products, and discuss the company's "transformational year."
Posted 14 May 2009
The latest edition of E-Business Suite offers a medley of enhanced capabilities, from compensation incentives to supply chain management. Also, Oracle waives first-year Extended Support costs for some customers.
Posted 04 May 2009
Akamai Technologies needed to step up its Web-content delivery efforts on behalf of the music television network.
Posted 01 May 2009 [May 2009 Issue]
The candy brand integrates its messaging across Twitter, Flickr, Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, and elsewhere on the social graph.
Posted 01 May 2009 [May 2009 Issue]
Neither your best guess nor your gut instinct is good enough anymore. Fortunately, with enterprise decision management, the technology and methodology now exist to help you reach a better conclusion.
Posted 01 May 2009 [May 2009 Issue]
The online business directory's new Data Fusion product targets issues of data quality.
Posted 30 Apr 2009
New research points to a growing but immature market, populated with "a great mass of junior analysts who…can get quite confused about the depth of all these issues."
Posted 30 Apr 2009
Aberdeen Group reveals that, as technology budgets are slashed, organizations are deploying new methods to meet the mobility demand and to appease "pro-sumers."
Posted 28 Apr 2009
With its latest edition, the software-as-a-service business intelligence vendor touts usability over features.
Posted 24 Apr 2009
In a transaction valued at $7.4 billion, Big Red scoops up the software-and-services provider after Sun's failed negotiations with IBM.
Posted 20 Apr 2009
Software spending among small and midsize businesses is now expected to grow at an annual rate of 6 percent during the next five years -- with software-as-a-service leading the charge.
Posted 09 Apr 2009
The MDM vendor releases a new application to empower business issues with data management.
Posted 09 Apr 2009
The vendor updates its software for data mining and text analytics, ditching the "Clementine" brand name for "PASW," an acronym for "predictive analytics software."
Posted 06 Apr 2009
Web 2.0 Expo '09: Keynote speakers urge audience to connect with customers -- by telling stories and, above all else, by being honest.
Posted 03 Apr 2009
Web 2.0 Expo '09: Social media thought leaders Charlene Li, Jeremiah Owyang, and Peter Kim discuss the barriers to social media marketing, and how to encounter them without going "over capacity."
Posted 02 Apr 2009
Web 2.0 Expo '09: Keynote speakers strike a common chord -- consumers want their corporations and their government to open up.
Posted 02 Apr 2009
Vendors unleash a new round of community forums for their customers.
Posted 01 Apr 2009 [April 2009 Issue]
A recent report reveals what even flawed marketers might achieve with efforts involving social media.
Posted 31 Mar 2009
Search Engine Strategies NYC '09: Expert panel discusses the state of search -- and what marketers and consumers can do with it.
Posted 30 Mar 2009
Search Engine Strategies NYC '09: In the current economic climate, even top-shelf brands need to be wary. "Marketing must move from passion to compassion," according to a presenter.
Posted 30 Mar 2009
Search Engine Strategies NYC '09: Top twitterer Guy Kawasaki explains how to use the microblogging site for marketing, and why "nobodies are the new somebodies."
Posted 25 Mar 2009
Magic Quadrant for BPM Suites '09: Established players continue to thrive as the space continues to evolve.
Posted 13 Mar 2009
The company data provider focuses on bringing more intelligent data to the midmarket.
Posted 12 Mar 2009
Gartner Business Intelligence Summit '09: Industry experts weigh in on aligning BI initiatives with business strategy.
Posted 10 Mar 2009
Gartner Business Intelligence Summit '09: BI remains a top priority, but one that often conflicts with reality.
Posted 09 Mar 2009
With its latest release of Insights, the community platform provider establishes metrics and methodology to show the health of communities.
Posted 04 Mar 2009
On-demand billing vendor Zuora takes its Z-Commerce platform to the social networking cloud.
Posted 03 Mar 2009
As LinkedIn grows, what does the future hold for enterprise social networking?
Posted 01 Mar 2009 [March 2009 Issue]
Mobile CRM has been around for years, but Apple's handheld device has upended everything. Now vendors are rewriting applications, companies are rethinking the BlackBerry's seeming stranglehold, and users are wondering what's next. The answer may be nothing less than a CRM revolution, and a chance for Apple to enter the enterprise.
Posted 01 Mar 2009 [March 2009 Issue]
Assisted living is a growth industry, but one suffering from information overload.
Posted 01 Mar 2009 [March 2009 Issue]
Magic Quadrant '09: This year's roundup shows continued investments -- and more than a few shakeups.
Posted 24 Feb 2009
Predictive Analytics World '09: A former Amazon.com executive shares the steps required to manage today's customers.
Posted 20 Feb 2009
Predictive Analytics World '09: With a goal of operational excellence, you can target the right customers and save money along the way.
Posted 18 Feb 2009
Forrester Wave on Listening Platforms '09: The analyst firm listens closely to a market segment that used to be known as brand monitoring.
Posted 13 Feb 2009
BlackBerry Media Event: The smartphone provider describes the release as "the easiest upgrade ever."
Posted 11 Feb 2009
Oracle BI Forum: Blending BI and performance management can lead to operational and management excellence.
Posted 10 Feb 2009
A provider of software for lead generation and Web analytics releases a new product to further segment and target prospects.
Posted 10 Feb 2009
Magic Quadrant '09: This year's edition shows the biggest players dominating the BI Platform market.
Posted 09 Feb 2009
The enterprise feedback management vendor broadens its multichannel reach and releases a new on-demand platform.
Posted 04 Feb 2009
The research giant unveils five predictions for business intelligence in 2009.
Posted 02 Feb 2009
Gartner analyst shines a little hope on the downtrodden marketer: Try spending to save, but be sure to get quick results.
Posted 02 Feb 2009
Technology provider National Instruments caters to a community.
Posted 01 Feb 2009 [February 2009 Issue]
Counterintuitive as the notion seems, sometimes the only way out of a financial crunch involves spending more to make more. But how do you make your spending more strategic?
Posted 01 Feb 2009 [February 2009 Issue]
Playboy and other entertainment companies make cuts—but hope to keep the brand alive.
Posted 01 Feb 2009 [February 2009 Issue]
IBM announces cloud-based services within LotusLive, plus integration with CRM players, social networking, and mobile applications.
Posted 26 Jan 2009
The provider of professional services automation -- now a NetSuite company -- announces closer integration with Salesforce.com.
Posted 19 Jan 2009
The research firm compares the top vendors in the space.
Posted 14 Jan 2009
The small-business CRM provider unleashes Basic, Deluxe, and Pro editions.
Posted 12 Jan 2009
Analysts weigh in on content management trends for the New Year.
Posted 07 Jan 2009
Sales compensation helps a communications provider close deals more quickly.
Posted 07 Jan 2009 [January 2009 Issue]
A Forrester analyst reveals a five-part plan to deploy successful applications -- and to defy the downturn in the process.
Posted 05 Jan 2009
A few insights on the subject from various thought leaders.
Posted 01 Jan 2009 [January 2009 Issue]
The industry knows how to write policies, but can it create efficient policies for its own business processes?
Posted 01 Jan 2009 [January 2009 Issue]
In the rush toward cloud computing, the company that began as a mere search engine is rapidly becoming the go-to source for low- and no-cost office productivity software. Handling customer information, though, requires special attention.
Posted 01 Jan 2009 [January 2009 Issue]
SAP's business intelligence division strengthens its abilities in data warehousing and data exploration with its latest BI OnDemand release.
Posted 17 Dec 2008
Research indicates that the use of social networks among small businesses will double over next 12 months.
Posted 17 Dec 2008
Gartner points to the continued evolution of software-as-a-service implementations.
Posted 12 Dec 2008
Consumer Health World '08: Consumers are cost-ignorant with healthcare -- and yet always want too much.
Posted 11 Dec 2008
Consumer Health World '08: Health 3.0 involves an alignment with the consumer Web, but as much as consumers are clamoring for personalization, adoption still lags.
Posted 10 Dec 2008
The Entellium saga continues as it files for bankruptcy protection, and competing vendors look to pick up the SMB solution provider's pieces.
Posted 04 Dec 2008
The CRM vendor's mobile solution is now available for Nokia phones and other smartphones running the Symbian operating system.
Posted 04 Dec 2008
A survey by Coremetrics shows a general decline in e-commerce holiday-shopping results -- but several verticals saw a surprise lift.
Posted 02 Dec 2008
Web 2.0, social media, customer feedback, conversations. Transparency is the new currency in CRM—but are you really ready to let your customer behind the curtain?
Posted 01 Dec 2008 [December 2008 Issue]
Will the Grinch steal retail's favorite season?
Posted 01 Dec 2008 [December 2008 Issue]
CareerBuilder.com, the largest job-search and employment Web site, aims to ease subscribers' search burden.
Posted 01 Dec 2008 [December 2008 Issue]
An IDC survey indicates that few users pay attention to advertising on social networking sites; more than half say they find ads there "annoying."
Posted 26 Nov 2008
Magic Quadrant for Social Software '08: New report shows an immature and clustered marketplace for collaborative and social tools.
Posted 24 Nov 2008
Sage Summit '08: Sage CRM General Manager David van Toor fields questions on social CRM, the recession, and collaborative communities.
Posted 21 Nov 2008
Sage Summit '08: Keynotes reveal inaugural customer awards and encourage customers to fight through the recession like champions.
Posted 19 Nov 2008
A depressed shopping season may lead to a transformation of consumer behavior -- and the disappearance of several brand-name retailers.
Posted 13 Nov 2008
Forrester Research reveals an Enterprise Web 2.0 growth chart.
Posted 10 Nov 2008
Dreamforce '08: Salesforce.com's partners capitalize on conference momentum with a number of new announcements and product releases.
Posted 07 Nov 2008
Dreamforce '08: The SaaS vendor ups research funds for CRM, declaring this a critical time to listen to and invest in customers and employees.
Posted 05 Nov 2008
Dreamforce '08: Salesforce.com cofounder, Chairman, and CEO Marc Benioff announces the cloud company's foray into Web sites and its integration with Facebook and Amazon Web Services platforms.
Posted 03 Nov 2008
A DirecTV reseller gets bigger, fast.
Posted 01 Nov 2008 [November 2008 Issue]
Personas, avatars, and social communities will drive spending in 10 years.
Posted 01 Nov 2008 [November 2008 Issue]
As high-tech companies seek new directions, is the customer experience falling through the gap?
Posted 01 Nov 2008 [November 2008 Issue]
They're sticking around longer—that means their spending money has to last as long as they do.
Posted 01 Nov 2008 [November 2008 Issue]
Infusionsoft updates its marketing software with a user-intuitive, fuss-free interface.
Posted 29 Oct 2008
Forrester says business architecture is coming to the fore -- and could raise interesting questions for technology departments.
Posted 27 Oct 2008
Forrester report shows that B2B marketing, unlike its B2C counterpart, may be lax in diving into Web 2.0 business efforts.
Posted 23 Oct 2008
From "going green" to the consumerization of the enterprise, the research firm outlines factors that will soon shake up the workplace.
Posted 21 Oct 2008
MDM Summit '08: Vendors and customers bemoan the growing pains of master data management -- and revel in its growth spurt.
Posted 20 Oct 2008
Consona Connect '08: Say goodbye to the names Knova and Onyx -- the two are joining forces under Consona CRM.
Posted 19 Oct 2008
Teradata Partners '08: With product enhancements galore, the enterprise data warehousing company kicks off its annual conference with a commitment to collective intelligence.
Posted 15 Oct 2008
Teradata Partners '08: Regardless of what you ask, customers tend to be averse to opting in or out -- in fact, they often prefer not to opt at all.
Posted 15 Oct 2008
Two studies offer different perspectives on CRM adoption -- and yet both see an opportunity for continued growth.
Posted 10 Oct 2008
The acquisition means a greater project portfolio management breadth for Big Red's enterprise PPM suite.
Posted 10 Oct 2008
With the days of never-ending on-premises engagements and limitless budgets long gone, CRM can no longer sustain the consultancies of yesteryear. But what kinds of professional services are still needed in today's CRM industry—and what kind of CRM are consultants selling?
Posted 01 Oct 2008 [October 2008 Issue]
The mobile-service provider runs into problems and looks to customer experience as a solution.
Posted 01 Oct 2008 [October 2008 Issue]
A valuable customer management system is worth saving.
Posted 01 Oct 2008 [October 2008 Issue]
Data Integration Magic Quadrant '08: Informatica and SAP-Business Objects join Big Blue as the leading integrators.
Posted 30 Sep 2008
Oracle OpenWorld '08: The vendor introduces and expands Social CRM applications and an initiative to integrate social networking with CRM.
Posted 29 Sep 2008
Oracle OpenWorld '08: Partnering with HP and Intel, the software giant introduces not one but two servers.
Posted 24 Sep 2008
Oracle OpenWorld '08: Intel's CEO addresses the fast-paced world of computing, an extended commitment with Oracle, and Green IT.
Posted 23 Sep 2008
Oracle OpenWorld '08: The vendor kicks off its annual conference with a Monday keynote filled with a laundry list of announcements, strategies, and roadmaps.
Posted 22 Sep 2008
Gartner Web Portals, Content & Collaboration Summit '08: An active and collaborative community involves taking liberties and setting limitations.
Posted 19 Sep 2008
Gartner Web Innovation Summit '08: Salesforce.com chairman and CEO weighs in on the evolving software landscape and his CRM company's monumental leap onto the platform.
Posted 17 Sep 2008
Gartner Web Innovation Summit '08: Computing on the Web today means community, collaboration, and consumerization.
Posted 16 Sep 2008
SalesLogix version 7.5 offers extended Web access and customization features.
Posted 15 Sep 2008
SAS Institute broadens its customer intelligence with a new analytics solution.
Posted 12 Sep 2008
Gartner CRM Summit '08: Key takeaways include building upon the customer experience and embracing social trends; 90 percent of attendees report CRM budgets have either remained the same or increased over the past year.
Posted 11 Sep 2008
Gartner CRM Summit '08: Industry analyst provides recommendations in keeping interactions with the customer skin-deep.
Posted 08 Sep 2008
Infusionsoft Marketing Revolution Tour: The marketing automation provider helps small businesses manage sales opportunities.
Posted 04 Sep 2008
Appian, a provider of business process management software, partners with enterprise architecture specialist Mega automates and streamlines business processes.
Posted 02 Sep 2008
The Rethinker: Kevin Bandy -- partner & manager of directory sales and marketing transformation, Accenture.
Posted 01 Sep 2008 [September 2008 Issue]
The Penny-Pincher: Sridhar Vembu -- chief executive officer, AdventNet, parent company of Zoho.
Posted 01 Sep 2008 [September 2008 Issue]
Networking the enterprise.
Posted 01 Sep 2008 [September 2008 Issue]
Sending the bill, from A(ria) to Z.
Posted 01 Sep 2008 [September 2008 Issue]
Swifter connections and speedier results with EchoSign and Salesforce.com.
Posted 01 Sep 2008 [September 2008 Issue]
With Siebel Systems and PeopleSoft finally assimilated, Oracle takes its place atop the throne.
Posted 01 Sep 2008 [September 2008 Issue]
Despite an increasingly blurry line between data quality and data integration, SAS Institute's DataFlux wins yet again.
Posted 01 Sep 2008 [September 2008 Issue]
The open-source CRM vendor offers a free yearlong trial of its ConcourseSuite 5.0 for businesses with up to 100 users.
Posted 28 Aug 2008
Maximizer Software announces a branding strategy for its Mobile CRM product.
Posted 25 Aug 2008
Oracle's BEA Welcome Event: The enterprise software provider shares its post-acquisition roadmap, and promises "no forced migration."
Posted 22 Aug 2008
destinationCRM 2008: Closing keynote speakers tackle issues and the changing face of the CRM industry.
Posted 20 Aug 2008
destinationCRM 2008: Keynote addresses today's customer demands and what companies can do to keep them coming back.
Posted 19 Aug 2008
destinationCRM 2008: To build customer loyalty, make experiences memorable.
Posted 18 Aug 2008
A new Forrester report points to more emphasis on real-time data warehousing -- and outlines five ways to go about it.
Posted 15 Aug 2008
The provider of open-source ERP and CRM products releases an upgrade with more analytic and greater integration.
Posted 13 Aug 2008
With a nod to Apple's iPhone, the enterprise application vendor reconfigures the user interface for its business software.
Posted 11 Aug 2008
In addition to those two vendors, Dun & Bradstreet's Purisma and Oracle UCM remain near the top of the research firm's latest report.
Posted 11 Aug 2008
Marketing pro Dan Kennedy and Infusionsoft offer marketing advice for small businesses.
Posted 08 Aug 2008
CRM can be a tough animal to tame. We've gathered a handful of tunes that actually soothe the sometimes-savage beast.
Posted 01 Aug 2008 [August 2008 Issue]
On The Scene: Gartner AADI & Gartner Enterprise Architecture -- Now's the time to decide upon a business process platform.
Posted 01 Aug 2008 [August 2008 Issue]
Physical and mental wellness can affect the quality of customer service.
Posted 01 Aug 2008 [August 2008 Issue]
A Canadian school district doubles its number of phones -- and still saves money.
Posted 01 Aug 2008 [August 2008 Issue]
Pivotal CRM 6.0 makes the platform more familiar for users.
Posted 30 Jul 2008
The open-source data integration company provides a SugarCRM Solution Pack to solve integration woes.
Posted 28 Jul 2008
ABI Research predicts the industry will reach $1.3 billion within five years.
Posted 23 Jul 2008
The scope of master data management widens -- and Gartner alters its report name to reflect the change.
Posted 21 Jul 2008
AIIM offers a return-on-investment calculator for email management -- and spotlights the problem that email has become.
Posted 18 Jul 2008
Forrester says IT departments, not business leaders, are the ones pushing for Web 2.0 initiatives.
Posted 17 Jul 2008
A new Forrester report reveals an increased number of unified communications pilots -- but a low number of actual deployments.
Posted 14 Jul 2008
The customer interaction management vendor -- now an nGenera company -- partners with Denodo to offer data mashups.
Posted 09 Jul 2008
Forrester says "persuasive" content management relies on having technology and marketing personnel understand each other.
Posted 07 Jul 2008
With CrowdSound, companies can put an ear to customer noise.
Posted 02 Jul 2008
Orchid Book Distributers, an Irish seller of textbooks and training manuals, sprouts email newsletters from VerticalResponse.
Posted 01 Jul 2008 [July 2008 Issue]
On The Scene: Web 2.0 -- As enterprise social computing takes off -- and employees clamor for more -- CRM providers scramble to connect, as well.
Posted 01 Jul 2008 [July 2008 Issue]
As healthcare becomes more technologically advanced, are patients better served?
Posted 01 Jul 2008 [July 2008 Issue]
It's no longer a matter of just testing the waters: Large enterprises are making a splash with software-as-a-service CRM.
Posted 01 Jul 2008 [July 2008 Issue]
Gartner advises technology departments to gear up for the next wave of modernization.
Posted 30 Jun 2008
Two recent reports throw a bit of cold water on master data management, despite significant benefits and business process gains.
Posted 25 Jun 2008
Teradata's reselling of Trillium DQ offerings offers a boost in master data management for enterprises.
Posted 23 Jun 2008
Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools '08: Business Objects, IBM, Informatica, and Harte-Hanks' Trillium Software join the SAS Institute unit in the top box.
Posted 20 Jun 2008
The company's nonlinear, collaborative workspace product brings visualization to customer relationships and business projects.
Posted 18 Jun 2008
A weakened economy leads to a reduced growth prediction, but IBM still remains on top.
Posted 16 Jun 2008
Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit '08: Industry experts share insight on the future of information technology.
Posted 12 Jun 2008
Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit '08: Analysts weigh in on cloud computing, social networking, and the new face of AADI.
Posted 11 Jun 2008
Information Builders Summit '08: Analysts weigh in on the BI industry and a changing market.
Posted 04 Jun 2008
Information Builders Summit '08: Information Builders strengthens its WebFOCUS platform, delivering on cost-effectiveness and demands for analytics.
Posted 03 Jun 2008
Unified communications has the potential to drastically alter the business landscape -- assuming vendors really can get their collective act (and your communications) together.
Posted 01 Jun 2008 [June 2008 Issue]
With chaos in the airline industry, is it any wonder customers find their faith anything but sky-high?
Posted 01 Jun 2008 [June 2008 Issue]
How Lithium Technologies' online community-based CRM solution saved Christmas.
Posted 01 Jun 2008 [June 2008 Issue]
Business process management provider releases new suite offerings.
Posted 28 May 2008
AIIM content management research shows steady Enterprise 2.0 growth--but also vague understanding of the topic.
Posted 27 May 2008
The open source CRM vendor moves to put customization and control in the hands of enterprise customers and partners.
Posted 22 May 2008
The relative newcomer -- a provider of "business-innovation platforms" -- looks to add Talisma's customer-interaction software to its rapidly expanding platform.
Posted 21 May 2008
As master data management moves out of the early-adoption phase, Forrester Research forecasts trends for the year, reasons for failure, and recommendations for future success.
Posted 19 May 2008
The hefty merger hopes to rival IBM, but provides little advancement in terms of CRM.
Posted 14 May 2008
Gartner and IDC reports show Enterprise 2.0 is growing among enterprises and a valuable resource for retailers.
Posted 12 May 2008
ISM Top 15 '08: The CRM consultancy anoints its annual crème de la crème of the industry, and divulges emerging and prevalent industry trends.
Posted 09 May 2008
Infor releases a CRM software package designed to meet the needs of the midmarket.
Posted 05 May 2008
Retailers beware: Survey blames inflation, unemployment, and smaller income gains for buyer burnout.
Posted 01 May 2008
On The Scene: AIIM 2008 -- Fostering online communities and embracing user-generated content can provide great value for CRM.
Posted 01 May 2008 [May 2008 Issue]
The SaaS and PaaS vendor becomes a public company in an unorthodox way, raising funds for further development of its Etelos Marketplace.
Posted 28 Apr 2008
Web 2.0 Expo '08: With interest in Enterprise 2.0 at an all-time high, it's time to get the people behind you.
Posted 25 Apr 2008
Web 2.0 Expo '08: Mashups and meshes and dashboards -- oh, my!
Posted 25 Apr 2008
Web 2.0 Expo '08: Aiming to innovate is always in season.
Posted 24 Apr 2008
A new study shows that even top Web companies slack when it comes to the phone -- But the delayed response time could be drastic sales matter.
Posted 10 Apr 2008
Wireless data provider Mobile Data Now hooks CRM up to mobile devices.
Posted 07 Apr 2008
Enterprise social networking takes flight with Trampoline Systems' newest release.
Posted 31 Mar 2008
With yet another Web-based application -- Zoho Invoice -- the Zoho Suite extends its sweet offerings.
Posted 28 Mar 2008
The fourth annual Beagle Research study outlines the year's seven coolest and most innovative industry solutions.
Posted 26 Mar 2008
The CRM vendor enhances sales force features and contact management through intricate integration with Microsoft Outlook.
Posted 24 Mar 2008
Unified communications software vendor Objectworld offers a UC platform that lets companies keep their existing phone systems.
Posted 20 Mar 2008
The vendor ventures into the on-demand CRM waters by dipping its toe into one corner of the financial services market -- institutional asset management.
Posted 17 Mar 2008
Contact center solutions vendor Aspect Software has a new UC strategy -- and the company says it starts with the customer.
Posted 12 Mar 2008
Sage Software's latest CRM shift promises one step up in mobility and another toward integration.
Posted 10 Mar 2008
AIIM '08: Analytical findings reveal certain trends when mapping out Web content management (WCM).
Posted 07 Mar 2008
AIIM '08: With enterprise content management on the rise, users demand to have what's easy.
Posted 05 Mar 2008
The CRM vendor brings a new offering --- and name --- to the marketplace.
Posted 03 Mar 2008
With its new OpSource Connect, the provider of software-as-a-service infrastructure sees mainstream acceptance of SaaS as a sign that the industry is primed to tackle integration now.
Posted 29 Feb 2008
The on-demand supplier of customer service solutions targets contact center efficiency.
Posted 26 Feb 2008
The software conglomerate's Infor CRM Epiphany Outbound Marketing 7.1 offers industry-specific features for retailers.
Posted 25 Jan 2008
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