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Coreen Bailor
(former) Associate Editor, CRM Magazine

Coreen covered customer service, contact centers, self-service, and related strategies and technologies for CRM magazine and destinationCRM.com. She received an Award for Publication Excellence (APEX ) for her feature story on homeshoring, entitled "Home Bodies," in CRM magazine's January 2007 issue. Her work is also occasionally featured in CRM magazine's sister publication, Speech Technology magazine and on www.speechtechmag.com .

A graduate of Rutgers University, double majoring in journalism and economics, she has worked as a reporter for various Rutgers publications, including The Daily Targum and Alum-Knights.

Articles By Coreen Bailor
11 strategies to ensure that you're hearing your customers loud and clear.
Posted 01 Dec 2007 [December 2007 Issue]
SAP Business ByDesign is the company's new on-demand midmarket product; much of its success hinges on SAP's channel strategy.
Posted 01 Dec 2007 [December 2007 Issue]
The company's planned acquisition of analytics powerhouse Business Objects represents the largest in company history.
Posted 01 Dec 2007 [December 2007 Issue]
With Antenna Software, the sales force for satellite-service provider DirecTV gets information when it's most needed.
Posted 01 Dec 2007 [December 2007 Issue]
Rockler.com has improved its Web site's browser-to-buyer conversion rate by 30 percent.
Posted 01 Nov 2007 [November 2007 Issue]
The mortgage division of a financial-services firm credits proactive communications with lowering its delinquency rate.
Posted 01 Nov 2007 [November 2007 Issue]
The industry rebel -- and founder and chief executive officer of RightNow Technologies -- sits down for a chat.
Posted 01 Nov 2007 [November 2007 Issue]
Contact center performance management provides a holistic view of agent performance; use that data to spur desirable behaviors that will help reps beat center and corporate goals.
Posted 01 Nov 2007 [November 2007 Issue]
Oracle connects its Siebel Contact Center application to its Oracle Adverse Event Reporting System, targeting pharmaceutical companies.
Posted 10 Oct 2007
The company will begin rolling out by year's end the latest version of its IP business communications software platform -- a release focused on security, integration, simplified deployment, and mobility.
Posted 09 Oct 2007
"Triple-play" subscriptions will shoot up 52 percent in 2007, but in the short term it will not boost the industry's profit margins.
Posted 03 Oct 2007
The networking giant's acquisition of Latigent, a provider of contact center business intelligence software, extends the reach of its Customer Contact Business Unit.
Posted 02 Oct 2007
Web self-service means having your customer become her own customer service rep -- but without making her resent doing what a real CSR can do in a fraction of the time.
Posted 01 Oct 2007 [October 2007 Issue]
The latest Siebel CRM On Demand highlights the software giant's interest in the on-demand market and underscores the strength of the Siebel name.
Posted 01 Oct 2007 [October 2007 Issue]
Only 4 percent of CRM systems are very successful; the software-as-a-service market almost doubles across most of the Asia-Pacific region; and other numerical news from the month online.
Posted 01 Oct 2007 [October 2007 Issue]
A technology-infrastructure specialist saves about $60,000 in one year by implementing a Web-based service management application from BlueFolder.
Posted 01 Oct 2007 [October 2007 Issue]
Companies will shell out 16 percent more on customer management apps next year, but nearly one-third of companies have experienced failed implementations -- and 25 percent of all CRM licenses go unused.
Posted 26 Sep 2007
The software vendor's ERP unit unveils both a product upgrade and a technology alliance aimed at bolstering its presence among SMB manufacturers.
Posted 25 Sep 2007
The German giant's "A1S" product -- officially known as SAP Business ByDesign -- targets companies with between 100 and 500 employees.
Posted 19 Sep 2007
Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft, and Nortel retain their positions as leaders, but Cisco Systems and Siemens fall out of the top quadrant; Interactive Intelligence moves up a notch.
Posted 17 Sep 2007
Interactive Intelligence moves back into the top quadrant, joining Aspect, Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, and Nortel.
Posted 13 Sep 2007
Software-as-a-service, focus on customer retention and acquisition, and verticalization are factors enabling the market's healthy growth.
Posted 01 Sep 2007 [September 2007 Issue]
Traditional marketing wisdom has been that a dissatisfied customer tells 10 people. But today that customer has the capacity to tell 10,000 people -- or 10 million.
Posted 30 Aug 2007
The vendor's newest release adds emotion detection, sitemap functionality, personalized routing, and a bundle of new chat features.
Posted 29 Aug 2007
The emergence of the always-on, always-connected consumer calls for companies to rethink their CRM strategies, says destinationCRM2007 speaker.
Posted 24 Aug 2007
Well-defined structures and roles are key to maximizing community involvement in Web 2.0 initiatives such as forums, blogs, and chats; a destinationCRM2007 exclusive.
Posted 22 Aug 2007
Two sessions at SpeechTEK 2007 center on the importance of speech as a self-service enabler and its ability to serve as a gateway to CRM applications.
Posted 21 Aug 2007
With customer service playing an increasingly important role as a competitive differentiator in the healthcare industry, facilities must place greater emphasis on customer interactions.
Posted 15 Aug 2007
The site, known for its strong portal business, has unseated perennial leader Google.
Posted 14 Aug 2007
The company's Qfiniti Explore Version 3.5--the latest version of its multichannel interaction-analysis application--features sentiment analysis, voice processing, trend spotting, and real-time notification--and gives analytics a whole new look.
Posted 07 Aug 2007
Contact center consolidation, voice portals, hosted contact centers, and unified communications are driving much of the movement.
Posted 02 Aug 2007
Retailers are toiling to make their email subscription procedures easy, quick, and more transparent; subscription incentives seem to be slipping in popularity.
Posted 01 Aug 2007
Barclaycard Business: Financing workforce management.
Posted 01 Aug 2007 [August 2007 Issue]
Financial services companies must focus on shifting away from siloed processes across departments and channels.
Posted 01 Aug 2007 [August 2007 Issue]
A $9 billion printing-solutions company turns to AchieveGlobal to develop a comprehensive agent-training program
Posted 01 Aug 2007 [August 2007 Issue]
Oracle reverts to the Siebel moniker for the newest version of its CRM On Demand product, which features several usability, customization, and integration enhancements.
Posted 25 Jul 2007
And two-thirds of the laggards plan on using some form of IP within two years, a new study finds.
Posted 24 Jul 2007
Europeans are set to double their online marketing spend over the next five years, thanks to consumer interest in the Web and marketers' growing affinity for online ads.
Posted 18 Jul 2007
Big Blue will leverage DataMirror software to support IBM Information Server and integrate the acquisition with its Information Management Software unit.
Posted 17 Jul 2007
The customer management applications market rose 8 percent in 2006, as it did in 2005; SAP and Oracle continue to lead, but their revenue figures don't tell the full tale.
Posted 13 Jul 2007
A report argues that as companies engage in survey overkill and collect skewed information, the value of customer feedback will likely fade.
Posted 11 Jul 2007
The worldwide CRM market grew 11.5 percent in 2006 to just under $6.5 billion in revenue; while SAP continues to dominate, Oracle Corp. sees both its revenue and its market share slip.
Posted 10 Jul 2007
A new report says the market for quality management/liability recording suites--essentially workforce optimization--more than doubled in 2006.
Posted 03 Jul 2007
The business apps juggernaut emphasizes its enterprise services strategy and the significance of coinnovation.
Posted 01 Jul 2007 [July 2007 Issue]
A turnkey framing company looks to mobile workforce management technology to automate its method for capturing timesheet and job status data.
Posted 01 Jul 2007 [July 2007 Issue]
The company releases its first major offering of the IP contact center product from its Telephony@Work acquisition.
Posted 27 Jun 2007
Forrester's Finance Forum highlights the importance of interacting independently with target customers.
Posted 26 Jun 2007
When it comes to satisfying customers--that is, citizens--e-government Web sites fare better than the overall federal government does, but they still trail the private sector.
Posted 20 Jun 2007
The business apps juggernaut has announced new and enhanced mobile applications intended to help companies extend SAP business processes to information workers through mobile devices.
Posted 19 Jun 2007
Hispanic online buyers will spend more on retail spending than any other minority group until at least 2011; incorporating customer product reviews is one way to cozy up to that market.
Posted 13 Jun 2007
Retail catalog call centers are doing a better job of satisfying their callers than call centers for banks, cell phone services, cable and satellite television companies, insurance firms, and PC companies.
Posted 12 Jun 2007
Two private equity firms rather than a competitor are acquiring the company in a deal valued at about $8.2 billion; analysts see it as positive, but wonder what might have been under a rival.
Posted 06 Jun 2007
The two companies' pairing results in Salesforce Group Edition featuring Google AdWords, an integrated product for small businesses.
Posted 05 Jun 2007
The retailers that focus on delivering a seamless customer experience have a markedly stronger chance of cultivating customer loyalty.
Posted 01 Jun 2007 [June 2007 Issue]
Knowledge management processes increasingly work as part of an organization's resolution of a core contact center conundrum: improving service experience while trimming costs.
Posted 01 Jun 2007 [June 2007 Issue]
Productivity improved with benchmarks for customer service.
Posted 01 Jun 2007 [June 2007 Issue]
Salesforce.com helps a company specializing in energy and security management services connect the field to the office.
Posted 01 Jun 2007 [June 2007 Issue]
The market for mobile applications hasn't reached mainstream adoption just yet, but is poised to hit the $9 billion mark by 2011; device makers, service providers, and software vendors all may contribute.
Posted 30 May 2007
Poor treatment or lack of branches or ATMs when they move are some reasons why bank customers switch banks; consider boosting loyalty by offering and promoting sticky services, one analyst says.
Posted 29 May 2007
This form of mobile marketing can be effective when customers can opt in and messages are relevant; avoid slamming the customer with too many alerts to avoid consumer frustration.
Posted 23 May 2007
Executives at high tech companies tend to have a more positive perception of the customer service experience they deliver than what their customers actually experience.
Posted 22 May 2007
Although overall customer satisfaction is high, several companies are lagging; the airline industry is among the sectors continuing to struggle.
Posted 17 May 2007
SAPPHIRE '07 International: The company acquires Finland's Wicom Communications; expect to see more large CRM firms buying contact center companies down the pike, according to one analyst.
Posted 16 May 2007
The company has beefed up its SaaS functionality by making available hosted automated outbound notification services and all of its contact center applications.
Posted 08 May 2007
The e-service player enters into a definitive agreement to grab management consultancy and systems integrator eVergance Partners; KANA will operate eVergance as a wholly owned subsidiary.
Posted 07 May 2007
Industry consultancy ISM announces the eight winners of its real-time CRM awards, applications that are delivering noteworthy capabilities as the clock ticks.
Posted 02 May 2007
The company's latest version of its CIM suite highlights functionality surrounding email management, collaboration, reporting, and the agent desktop.
Posted 01 May 2007
Text chat is no longer exclusively for the tech-adept, buddy-list teen set--it's picking up steam as an enterprise touch point to facilitate multichannel strategies for service and sales efforts.
Posted 01 May 2007 [May 2007 Issue]
Accepting responsibility is a key component of staying aloft during a PR nightmare.
Posted 01 May 2007 [May 2007 Issue]
A telecommunications company combines speech with CTI and increases customer satisfaction, agent efficiency, and self-service adoption as a result.
Posted 01 May 2007 [May 2007 Issue]
The two IT juggernauts are deepening their partnership by extending their blueprint for making available future versions of Duet software for Microsoft Office and SAP.
Posted 25 Apr 2007
SAPPHIRE '07: The business software giant highlights its enterprise services strategy and champions the importance of business network transformation.
Posted 24 Apr 2007
The global launch of Customer Interaction Express, a contact center suite targeting companies with no more than 150 reps, helps the company muscle up.
Posted 20 Apr 2007
The Siemens AG subsidiary releases a solution to capitalize on the agents-anywhere concept, and delivers additional presence and collaboration capabilities.
Posted 19 Apr 2007
The acquisition, which is expected to close within two weeks, will help expand CDC Software's portfolio of vertical-specific CRM solutions.
Posted 18 Apr 2007
Automating lead-to-sales conversion initiatives can improve the number of quality leads, give a shot in the arm to marketing ROI, and trim sales cycles.
Posted 12 Apr 2007
Magic Quadrant for MCM '07: SAS Institute, Teradata, and Unica maintain positions as leaders in the space, while Oracle's Siebel Systems gets bumped up.
Posted 11 Apr 2007
The deal may help Software AG's position in the SOA/BPM landscape, while moving it closer to its aim of being a billion-euro company.
Posted 10 Apr 2007
Now Vovici, the change refers to the importance of listening to customers when it comes to molding company direction; the company also launched its EFM Continuum suite.
Posted 03 Apr 2007
The industry's performance experiences a skid, thanks to weaker ratings in baggage handling, on-time arrivals, and involuntary denied boardings; overall, overall, Hawaiian Airlines did the best.
Posted 02 Apr 2007
It's simply not good for companies to provide a substandard service experience. As more consumers make purchase decisions based on interactions with companies (thanks in large part to technology improvements and increased customer expectations), chances are that a company falling flat in delivering an exceptional customer experience will ultimately fail to deliver an improved bottom line. We honor those CRM vendors and their customer companies committed to making the end-user customer the business priority.
Posted 01 Apr 2007 [April 2007 Issue]
There are customer service technology vendors making dynamic acquisitions and expanding their broad product portfolios that don't necessarily fit neatly into one of the seven Service Leader categories. In keeping with that our third annual Service Excellence award recipient, M2M Holdings, made two smart deals that plunged it directly into the full-suite CRM and knowledge management arenas. Also, we present our second annual Rising Star awards, spotlighting under-the-radar tech providers that are making serious strides to deepen their competitive footprint.
Posted 01 Apr 2007 [April 2007 Issue]
It's clear, as the impact of commoditization continues to sweep across various verticals, that devoting serious energy to customer care processes is a bona fide strategy for strengthening brand loyalty. CRM magazine acknowledges five companies that realized eye-catching returns on their contact center services and technology investments with service-and-support deployments in the areas of Web-support services, workforce optimization, speech solutions, hosted contact center services, and agent-facing universal desktop.
Posted 01 Apr 2007 [April 2007 Issue]
The customer care market in 2006 evolved at an enthralling rate, as providers of service-and-support technologies and services toiled to bolster their capabilities through strategic partnerships, head-turning mergers and acquisitions, and deepened research and development--all with the goal of helping companies provide stellar service. At the forefront of these developments are our 2007 Service Leaders--the contact center market's leading vendors in seven areas: computer telephony integration, interactive voice response, Web-support services, workforce optimization, quality monitoring, agent-facing universal desktop, and outsourcing services. The results are based on a blend of weighted criteria comprising analyst ratings for customer satisfaction, depth of functionality or services, and company direction, coupled with financial strength throughout the past year evidenced by revenue and revenue growth.
Posted 01 Apr 2007 [April 2007 Issue]
The customer care market in 2006 evolved at an enthralling rate, as providers of service-and-support technologies and services toiled to bolster their capabilities through strategic partnerships, head-turning mergers and acquisitions, and deepened research and development--all with the goal of helping companies provide stellar service. At the forefront of these developments are our 2007 Service Leaders--the contact center market's leading vendors in seven areas: computer telephony integration, interactive voice response, Web-support services, workforce optimization, quality monitoring, agent-facing universal desktop, and outsourcing services. The results are based on a blend of weighted criteria comprising analyst ratings for customer satisfaction, depth of functionality or services, and company direction, coupled with financial strength throughout the past year evidenced by revenue and revenue growth.
Posted 01 Apr 2007 [April 2007 Issue]
Craft applications with touch-tone and speech-enabled IVRs based on customer needs.
Posted 01 Apr 2007 [April 2007 Issue]
RightNow Higher Education, the vendor's first vertical-specific solution, is aimed at helping institutions recruit, retain, and inform students; additional tailored offerings will follow.
Posted 28 Mar 2007
Government agencies were among the first entities to gravitate to speech analytics applications, but the technology is gaining traction in the contact center at noteworthy rates.
Posted 27 Mar 2007
CallMiner's newest speech analytics solution, CallMiner Eureka!, is aimed at helping organizations understand why customers call and how calls are handled.
Posted 21 Mar 2007
North American contact centers trail their counterparts throughout the world when it comes to areas like average wait times, establishing SLAs, and crafting business continuity plans.
Posted 20 Mar 2007
The company will grab enteo Software, which develops PC life-cycle management and Citrix management solutions; the deal is strategically sound and a "competitive necessity," says one analyst.
Posted 15 Mar 2007
Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service Contact Centers '07: The vendor leads all evaluated companies in Gartner's annual report, while more than a dozen players chart as visionaries.
Posted 07 Mar 2007
Telecommunications companies are communicating better with their customers online, but still lag tech and retail outfits, according to The Customer Respect Group.
Posted 06 Mar 2007
Learn these WFM lessons to breed the best contact center forecasting, scheduling, and managing efforts.
Posted 01 Mar 2007 [March 2007 Issue]
Companies should plan and implement a formal approach to collecting feedback and inserting the customer's voice into the business strategy.
Posted 01 Mar 2007 [March 2007 Issue]
A nonprofit agency is outfitted with a more reliable network, enabling staffers and volunteers to stay connected in any location
Posted 01 Mar 2007 [March 2007 Issue]
Salesforce Wealth Management Edition, slated to be available in Q3, caters to the financial advisor crowd; the on-demand vendor nabs Merrill Lynch, its biggest customer, with 25,000 seats.
Posted 28 Feb 2007
Perhaps indicative of Verint Systems' intent to continue its pre-Witness initiatives, the company's latest performance management solution caters to the front office, back office, and enterprise departments.
Posted 27 Feb 2007
The company's SOA framework will fuse its own capabilities with those acquired from workforce management player IEX and performance management specialist Performix Technologies.
Posted 21 Feb 2007
While overall satisfaction with e-commerce continues its upsurge, the online travel industry is feeling the competitive pressure from airline and hotel sites, and travel search engines.
Posted 20 Feb 2007
Magic Quadrant for E-Commerce '06: ATG and IBM WebSphere Commerce top the new quadrant, an examination of vendors delivering B2B and B2C e-commerce offerings.
Posted 14 Feb 2007
Email marketing turns out to be highly effective at connecting with and gaining mind share with small businesses, second only to magazine ads; marketers must tailor tactics to the B2B target.
Posted 13 Feb 2007
Total software revenue is forecasted to hit the $1.1 billion mark by 2011; more vertically focused and line-of-business offerings and additional delivery models are driving the market.
Posted 07 Feb 2007
Demand for a technology in the small-business segment depends on installed base, perceived need, and business size, according to a Jupiter Research report.
Posted 06 Feb 2007
Exhausting customers in a fierce business environment erodes profits through loyalty loss; here, some winning ways to help combat customer fade.
Posted 01 Feb 2007 [February 2007 Issue]
A $3.2 billion Arkansas telco turns to self-service and remote troubleshooting to better serve its nontechnical customers.
Posted 01 Feb 2007 [February 2007 Issue]
Increased B2B emphasis on the customer experience and continued CRM investment from midmarket companies are two reasons behind expected 2007 spending of more than $1 billion.
Posted 01 Feb 2007 [February 2007 Issue]
The latest version delivers improvements to a number of key applications, and includes certification with Oracle Fusion Middleware.
Posted 31 Jan 2007
The companies forge a strategic alliance that may bolster Salesforce.com's efforts to add more enterprise-size organizations to its client roster.
Posted 30 Jan 2007
The BPM vendor will acquire predictive analytics vendor Decisioneering, which should help beef up its risk management functionality.
Posted 24 Jan 2007
Altitude Software unveils the latest release of its Altitude uCI contact center suite with most of its shored-up functionality focusing on virtualization, service, and agent productivity.
Posted 23 Jan 2007
Cost-cutting remains the top reason why companies outsource business processes, but other drivers include supporting growth and driving innovation.
Posted 17 Jan 2007
Clementine is equipped with nearly 50 major enhancements spanning data preparation, graphs, modeling, output, security, performance, scoring, and more.
Posted 16 Jan 2007
Market penetration has been slow, but the benefits of contact center performance management applications to the contact center and other enterprise departments are expected to help spur growth.
Posted 10 Jan 2007
NCR will spin off its Teradata division, in a move to enable both soon-to-be independent companies to better focus on their customer base, business strategy, and operational needs.
Posted 09 Jan 2007
The supply and demand talent dynamic for technology-based industries is one of the main factors behind expected growth in wages in 2007, a talent and outsourcing services provider says.
Posted 03 Jan 2007
North American enterprises devoted about one fourth of their 2006 telecom and network services budgets to mobility, but most of these budgets are still going to landline services.
Posted 02 Jan 2007
E-learning deployments earn straight A's when used in conjunction with formal classroom training.
Posted 01 Jan 2007 [January 2007 Issue]
Cut contact center operating costs, reduce churn rates, and up flexibility--a serious look at the at-home agent model.
Posted 01 Jan 2007 [January 2007 Issue]
Phone-based advertising can enhance a company's bottom line, but there's a chance of adding to customer frustration if it's not done right.
Posted 01 Jan 2007 [January 2007 Issue]
Lagan Technologies helps Minneapolis launch a 311 system to provide information on municipal issues and nonemergency services.
Posted 01 Jan 2007 [January 2007 Issue]
A recent study ranks information compromise and terrorism the top executive worries, trumping "traditional concerns" like product recalls.
Posted 26 Dec 2006
The e-service vendor's latest release eyes unifying email and chat capabilities to provide agents with a holistic view of the customer.
Posted 20 Dec 2006
Loyalty leaders outperform loyalty laggards in payment options, item delivery, and post-sale customer support; Victoria's Secret and Walgreen's are click-and-mortar standouts.
Posted 19 Dec 2006
The region's enterprise telephony application market is set to realize a seven-year CAGR of 33.7 percent, thanks largely to interest in leveraging IP platforms to spur productivity and slash costs.
Posted 13 Dec 2006
The services will provide partners with the ability to market, sell, invoice, and deliver applications to customers through the AppExchange, and customers with one source for trying, buying, and deploying applications.
Posted 12 Dec 2006
The quality management and liability recording market is projected to exceed expectations, thanks in large part to the space's competitive landscape and product innovation.
Posted 07 Dec 2006
Magic Quadrant findings ping Avaya, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Intervoice, and Nortel as leading the sector; reduced complexity and tight integration are hallmarks of advancement.
Posted 06 Dec 2006
Telemarketers taking the ostrich approach to DNC compliance is a nonstarter for enterprises. Refresh marketing initiatives to ensure that the rules are followed and reach your target audience more effectively.
Posted 01 Dec 2006 [December 2006 Issue]
UPC Nederland's unified approach to agent scheduling leads to cost savings and upped customer satisfaction
Posted 01 Dec 2006 [December 2006 Issue]
Some energy companies are deploying CRM systems for cost cutting; others are focusing on customer acquisition and retention.
Posted 01 Dec 2006 [December 2006 Issue]
The financial management software vendor will acquire on-demand banking services provider Digital Insight, which will allow Intuit to blend financial management workflows with online banking.
Posted 30 Nov 2006
Centive unveils the latest release of its on-demand sales compensation management system, featuring custom reporting and operational enhancements.
Posted 29 Nov 2006
Banks must focus on listening to their customers and tweaking their services to help improve retention and cross-sell initiatives; a study says that Wachovia leads in online banking satisfaction.
Posted 22 Nov 2006
The vendor delivers Usability Release 2006, the latest update of its on-demand CRM suite, and is getting set to release Rave CRM, a sales optimization application featuring offline synchronization.
Posted 15 Nov 2006
Pepsi and Cadbury Schweppes tie for high soft-drink satisfaction scores, surpassing Coke in ACSI's manufacturing/nondurable goods examination; the category as a whole realized its best score ever.
Posted 14 Nov 2006
Refreshed interest in the contact center is spurring investment in VoIP, speech recognition, data integration, and performance analytics.
Posted 10 Nov 2006
Consumers can get ill over bad service experiences, but there is a silver lining: Most of them buy more from a company because of a good service experience.
Posted 08 Nov 2006
Many European businesses are classifying mobility as a core component of their strategic initiatives, but are concerned primarily with cost and reliability factors.
Posted 07 Nov 2006
Budgets will grow by 12.3 percent next year, thanks to factors like healthy IT spending, enhanced functionality, and continued interest from SMBs and midmarket companies.
Posted 02 Nov 2006
Thanks to convenience and consumer comfort with online shopping, a report states that this year's online holiday retail sales may touch $27 billion.
Posted 01 Nov 2006
Consumers in their mid-60s and older are marketing's underserved age bracket, and campaigns usually miss the mark with this generation. Read on for tips on how to fix these efforts' misfires.
Posted 01 Nov 2006 [November 2006 Issue]
The country's vast population and growing economy are just two of the reasons for the expected uptake.
Posted 01 Nov 2006 [November 2006 Issue]
Fluency Voice Technology helps a travel services company provide its customers with more communication choice.
Posted 01 Nov 2006 [November 2006 Issue]
Ardence centralizes a cable outlet with app streaming.
Posted 01 Nov 2006 [November 2006 Issue]
The vendor makes available its newest upgrade to its Service suite, which features nine new applications catering to self-service, assisted service, and process automation.
Posted 31 Oct 2006
Marketers struggle with using Web-site clickstream behavior in email due in large part to lack of expertise, data overload, and integration issues.
Posted 25 Oct 2006
A private equity firm has entered into a merger agreement; the deal is the latest in a trend toward building a service life cycle management suite, according to one analyst.
Posted 24 Oct 2006
It will be a cautious spend that won't match the U.S.'s expected 2006 layouts, but European IT's 2007 growth rate will be larger.
Posted 18 Oct 2006
The company has made generally available new features and enhancements to its multichannel product suite; the functionality focuses on deeper integration and beefed up content authoring and search functionality.
Posted 17 Oct 2006
Spanlink unveils its Mobile Supervisor Workstation product, arming contact center supervisors with a tool to monitor and manage schedules and interact with agents without having to be in front of their desktop.
Posted 11 Oct 2006
Unified CVP 4.0 features operations, administration, management, and provisioning capabilities, along with service creation environment enhancements.
Posted 10 Oct 2006
Working from home or from a satellite office continues to gain traction thanks in large part to efforts geared toward attracting and retaining high-impact employees.
Posted 04 Oct 2006
The WFO solutions provider acquires two WFM vendors that play in the financial services space; the move extend its solutions beyond the contact center and into the enterprise.
Posted 03 Oct 2006
National Customer Service Week '06: Delivering a seamless, straightforward customer experience that lives up to its promises can help companies get repeat, more profitable business.
Posted 01 Oct 2006 [October 2006 Issue]
Knova 7 is part of the company's efforts to move from its traditional SRM space into the broader area of managing the customer experience.
Posted 27 Sep 2006
The billion-dollar market is expected to continue its growth streak thanks in large part to innovation, solutions' ability to address specific contact center issues, and the abundance of best practices.
Posted 26 Sep 2006
The company will beef up its on-demand initiatives through the acquisition with capabilities that are particularly attractive to retailers.
Posted 20 Sep 2006
An industry luminary and keynote speaker at the destinationCRM 2006 conference champions real-time CRM as the muscle that will push CRM to new heights.
Posted 18 Sep 2006
Envision Telephony targets contact center security; etalk unveils Qfiniti Assist; Verint ties together technology and methodology; and more.
Posted 15 Sep 2006
The IVR and speech app specialist looks to IP contact center functionality to help it compete more effectively in the general contact center space.
Posted 06 Sep 2006
Firms must struggle with compliance, fraud, and market saturation, while keeping improved customer experience top of mind.
Posted 01 Sep 2006 [September 2006 Issue]
UCN helps a pharmacy benefit manager handle an expected uptick in call volume.
Posted 01 Sep 2006 [September 2006 Issue]
Data bandits gained access to personal data of AT&T customers who bought DSL equipment from the telecommunications giant; a potential fraud threat is up for several thousand customers.
Posted 30 Aug 2006
Business continuity, security concerns, and the expanding mobile workforce are the main drivers behind the projected growth of the remote access services market.
Posted 29 Aug 2006
The groundbreaking Web auction site has been experiencing slowed growth in its auction business, but continues its push into text-based advertising and click-to-call functionality.
Posted 28 Aug 2006
Avaya updates its VPNremote phone and IP multimedia contact center offering; NEC unveils a managed IP telephony service for SMBs; Verizon Business furthers its push into IP with three offerings; and more.
Posted 25 Aug 2006
Successful closure will help Comverse extend its real-time billing and customer management solutions, offering Netonomy as both standalone and integrated into Comverse's capabilities.
Posted 23 Aug 2006
Google's satisfaction score took a slight dip, but thanks to Yahoo!'s fall, largely attributable to its option-heavy homepage, Google widens its lead.
Posted 22 Aug 2006
The VoIP solutions provider gains the established multisite, multichannel, and multilingual functionality of Calabrio, and a customer base spanning Africa, Europe, and South America.
Posted 16 Aug 2006
VoIP's ability to help call centers more effectively and efficiently manage geographically dispersed agents is a key reason for expected growth.
Posted 15 Aug 2006
Speech Server 2007 will be part of the broader Office Communications Server 2007; Windows Vista will have speech recognition in eight languages, a Windows first.
Posted 09 Aug 2006
Customer frustrations with automated phone systems abound, but easy-to-use systems that provide customers with the option to speak with live reps can help build loyalty and enhance the brand.
Posted 08 Aug 2006
Etalk's newest installment of Qfiniti Expert, a tool designed to automatically deliver targeted online programs to agents, tackles a big issue facing e-learning today.
Posted 02 Aug 2006
The direct marketing company acquires a data quality specialist, but one analyst says it will take time to integrate it into Trillium Software.
Posted 01 Aug 2006
Highlights of a contact center capability model.
Posted 01 Aug 2006 [August 2006 Issue]
Don't allow the customer information that lies in recorded calls to go unreported and unnoticed--incorporating speech analytics can help improve business areas enterprisewide.
Posted 01 Aug 2006 [August 2006 Issue]
The enterprise software company underscores its on-demand CRM capabilities while continuing with its enterprise services architecture approach
Posted 01 Aug 2006 [August 2006 Issue]
Aspect's latest upgrade focuses on support for outbound and blended contact center environments, while Witness Impact 360 Version 7.7 targets recording and optimization.
Posted 26 Jul 2006
About two-thirds of skills gaps are in customer handling, and training initiatives haven't changed patterns in the workforce.
Posted 25 Jul 2006
The partnership includes joint R&D, sales and marketing, and systems integration efforts, but the joint rollout won't hit the market until 2007.
Posted 19 Jul 2006
The company refreshes its flagship product with per-caller personalization, an application execution environment, Web services support, and multimodal support.
Posted 18 Jul 2006
The bulk of the enhancements focuses on personalized responses, speedier resolution, and strengthened revenue generation capabilities.
Posted 12 Jul 2006
Sales methodology and training specialist Select Selling has grabbed the former Siebel division to form a new sales effectiveness company.
Posted 11 Jul 2006
The on-demand delivery model, focus on the midmarket, and continued consolidation are some of the common threads in these markets today.
Posted 05 Jul 2006
This time, CDC is offering an all-cash deal to try to stop a signed acquisition agreement between Onyx and M2M Holdings.
Posted 03 Jul 2006
The software giant hopes to end the struggle with the development, management, and TCO of speech-enabled apps.
Posted 01 Jul 2006 [July 2006 Issue]
The Chrysler Group talks to site visitors through eStara during potential purchase opportunities.
Posted 01 Jul 2006 [August 2006 Issue]
Deploying a hosted solution helps a retailer with a diverse inventory monitor and train its seasonal staff.
Posted 01 Jul 2006 [July 2006 Issue]
Its Global Services initiative includes an offering aimed at creating a more exact experience and another focused on consistency across channels.
Posted 28 Jun 2006
The enterprise software giant keeps its commitment to deliver new PeopleSoft functionality, while continuing to keep its eye on SOA.
Posted 27 Jun 2006
Given Onyx's previous rejections of CDC's offers, some may say that this proposal will experience the same fate.
Posted 21 Jun 2006
Among the country's SMBs, hosted apps buys will grow by 23 percent in 2006, thanks in large part to SaaS-based CRM.
Posted 19 Jun 2006
Worldwide, CRM software realized about 14 percent growth in 2005; drivers include consolidation, vertical market solutions growth, and midmarket growth.
Posted 14 Jun 2006
The company's latest voice apps can ID callers and provide agents with information; one analyst says that integrating its CRM capabilities with customers' premise-based phone tools "will continue to be a challenge."
Posted 12 Jun 2006
Big Blue becomes the first vendor to land in the leaders circle of a CDI hub quadrant, but must improve its ability to execute.
Posted 07 Jun 2006
A holding company wins the bid, and will take the company private; CDC loses out on the chance to acquire its CRM competitor.
Posted 06 Jun 2006
VoIP protocol SIP's potential in the contact center comes with both benefits and caveats.
Posted 01 Jun 2006 [June 2006 Issue]
Overlooking these simple partnership practices may scrap any hope of delivering a seamless customer service experience.
Posted 01 Jun 2006 [June 2006 Issue]
CosmoCom helps hearing impaired callers stay connected.
Posted 01 Jun 2006 [June 2006 Issue]
Perhaps Michael Fields's most intriguing decision was to bring outsourced engineers back in-house.
Posted 01 Jun 2006 [June 2006 Issue]
The e-service specialist earns high marks for the breadth and depth of its offerings, but the company must continue to improve how it works.
Posted 31 May 2006
Some household-name banks and full-service brokerages struggle with customer advocacy, while credit unions and insurance firms connect with consumers.
Posted 26 May 2006
G-Force '06: Genesys highlights its Genesys-VoiceGenie integration road map at its annual user conference.
Posted 24 May 2006
SAPPHIRE '06: The company highlights its hybrid on-demand/on-premise CRM offering, while persistently promoting its enterprise services architecture strategy.
Posted 19 May 2006
SAPPHIRE '06: Amid "the industrialization of software," the German juggernaut continues its service-based strategy.
Posted 17 May 2006
Crafting a well-defined customer data management initiative is essential to supplying a holistic view of the customer.
Posted 12 May 2006
The BI giant, with an eye to extending its on-demand presence, has made available five offerings through that delivery model.
Posted 10 May 2006
Many online marketers launch search engine campaigns as online sales generators, but neglecting the offline potential of such initiatives may shut doors.
Posted 03 May 2006
Oracle's Siebel field service management functionality is deemed the space's leader, but may struggle to maintain that status as part of a larger conglomerate.
Posted 02 May 2006
Making your IVR system as user friendly as possible will help increase customer loyalty and keep costs down.
Posted 01 May 2006 [May 2006 Issue]
The Houston-area BBB chose Dovarri for its cost-effective, time-sensitive implementation.
Posted 01 May 2006 [May 2006 Issue]
IBM and Call Design help St. George Bank reap the benefits of a speech-user interface.
Posted 01 May 2006 [May 2006 Issue]
Rollouts and road maps are signs of Oracle's emphasis on enhancing existing product lines as the company deepens its SOA initiative.
Posted 26 Apr 2006
The technologies, products, and services provider for wireless networks unveils functionality for the enterprise contact center.
Posted 25 Apr 2006
More operators in the young Asia Pacific NGEV services market look to deliver these offerings as businesses migrate to IP-telephony platforms.
Posted 19 Apr 2006
The addition will help Amdocs's customers generate revenue through delivering digital content across multiple devices and access methods.
Posted 18 Apr 2006
Purchasing the billing and revenue management solutions provider should strengthen Oracle's go to market offerings for the communications and media industry, and bolster its apps focus.
Posted 12 Apr 2006
The on-demand vendor has acquired Sendia to bring mobility to its AppExchange applications.
Posted 11 Apr 2006
The deal is one of the latest markers of contact center consolidation; details of the cash transaction were not disclosed.
Posted 05 Apr 2006
IBM continues its SOA efforts with a cluster of products and services designed to help bolster SOA-based deployments.
Posted 04 Apr 2006
The contact center industry was hot in 2005, as providers of customer service and support technologies and services strengthened their commitment to delivering first-class service. Many of the industry's players made their presence felt with forward-thinking mergers and acquisitions, while others upped the ante by growing from within and extending strategic alliances. We honor the industry's top-three leaders and one company to watch in the following categories: computer telephony integration, interactive voice response, Web-support services (formerly the Web self-service category), workforce optimization (formerly the workforce management and optimization category), quality monitoring, agent-facing universal desktop, and outsourcing services. The results are based on a weighted formula that includes analyst assessments for customer satisfaction, depth of functionality, and company direction, as well as fiscal health over the course of 2005.
Posted 01 Apr 2006 [April 2006 Issue]
The contact center industry was hot in 2005, as providers of customer service and support technologies and services strengthened their commitment to delivering first-class service. Many of the industry's players made their presence felt with forward-thinking mergers and acquisitions, while others upped the ante by growing from within and extending strategic alliances. We honor the industry's top-three leaders and one company to watch in the following categories: computer telephony integration, interactive voice response, Web-support services (formerly the Web self-service category), workforce optimization (formerly the workforce management and optimization category), quality monitoring, agent-facing universal desktop, and outsourcing services. The results are based on a weighted formula that includes analyst assessments for customer satisfaction, depth of functionality, and company direction, as well as fiscal health over the course of 2005.
Posted 01 Apr 2006 [April 2006 Issue]
Bring specialized agents into the mix to enhance service levels for wireless companies as CSRs work to understand new products and services.
Posted 01 Apr 2006 [April 2006 Issue]
Some organizations grapple with attaching bottom-line value to their revamped Web sites, but crafting ROI models can help.
Posted 29 Mar 2006
Although the tax-collection agency's site did not receive the highest satisfaction index, it did take substantial steps to boost citizen satisfaction with its online presence.
Posted 22 Mar 2006
Although IP telephony in the SMB market is still for early adopters, Mitel and Cisco led the way in U.S. market share of IP telephony station shipments in 2005.
Posted 20 Mar 2006
The technology space is poised for substantial upsurge, but vendors must make the upgrade process as simple and trouble-free as possible.
Posted 15 Mar 2006
Responsiveness is improving, but some travel providers stumble when it comes to the quality of the response, a new TCRG survey reveals.
Posted 13 Mar 2006
The settlement allows RIM to sidestep a potential freeze; the lengthy litigation process may have the company keeping a closer eye on competitors.
Posted 06 Mar 2006
A Gartner analyst predicts "positive but modest growth going forward" for CRM license revenue, as industry players continue to expand their offerings and quench their M&A thirst.
Posted 01 Mar 2006
Organizations no longer have to choose between efficiency and effectiveness as contact center technology evolves. Here, five approaches to service and efficiency equilibrium.
Posted 01 Mar 2006 [March 2006 Issue]
Posted 01 Mar 2006 [March 2006 Issue]
The 311 framework allowed the agency to ramp up its agent pool from 500 to about 900, with employees from other departments and agencies.
Posted 01 Mar 2006 [March 2006 Issue]
Employees work from home, maintaining a business-as-usual approach, as the 2005 transit strike halts the public transportation system.
Posted 01 Mar 2006 [March 2006 Issue]
Unifying customer touch points helps a hotel company specializing in the South Pacific tourism industry reduce costs and boost agent utilization.
Posted 01 Mar 2006 [March 2006 Issue]
The midmarket CRM player, recently acquired by Francisco Partners, unveils IP voice functionality that could extend its relationship with GoldMine shops.
Posted 27 Feb 2006
Not all sectors of online business are seeing substantial uptake in adoption and satisfaction, but the channel continues to gain traction for its accessibility and ease of use.
Posted 22 Feb 2006
The market is expected to become more integrated and to reflect more specific differentiating business objectives.
Posted 15 Feb 2006
Providing online support can boost customer satisfaction while cutting costs, but companies must offer the right services to maximize deployments.
Posted 13 Feb 2006
Households are expected to view more bills online, but companies must work to increase customer awareness of the benefits of Web payment.
Posted 08 Feb 2006
The car company's German site has been removed from the search engine's index for deceptive tactics.
Posted 06 Feb 2006
Management is taking steps to prevent misused information; analyst says the mishap likely won't affect reader loyalty.
Posted 01 Feb 2006
We tapped contact center industry experts to discuss common gaffes and ways to avoid them and get back on track.
Posted 01 Feb 2006 [February 2006 Issue]
Professional services firms' adoption of CRM has been low; analytics functionality and the hosted model may help raise it.
Posted 01 Feb 2006 [February 2006 Issue]
Taking the multichannel-service route delivers savings of roughly 40 percent.
Posted 01 Feb 2006 [February 2006 Issue]
The organization has filed two suits against companies it claims are lifting and selling customer call records.
Posted 30 Jan 2006
Several speech-technology partnerships and products may help Big Blue get heard over the revenue din of its competition.
Posted 25 Jan 2006
The online-auction powerhouse is launching a site that deviates from bidding and allows for instant purchasing.
Posted 23 Jan 2006
An upgraded framework boosts contact center efficiency and service levels by simplifying the agent desktop while delivering multichannel and self-service options.
Posted 18 Jan 2006
Spending on things to do, such as travel and dining, is a trend for this segment and a driver of real growth.
Posted 16 Jan 2006
MI, a business technology optimization provider, is adding this service-oriented architecture firm to its ranks to help its customers maximize their SOA initiatives.
Posted 11 Jan 2006
Area companies are outsourcing some of their own work to neighbors as more U.S. organizations outsource to the region.
Posted 09 Jan 2006
U.S. home-based agents represent a small portion of total customer care reps, but their ranks continue to swell, thanks to macroeconomic trends.
Posted 04 Jan 2006
Organizations jeopardize their ability to best serve customers if they don't have selection, retention, and development strategies for contact center agents. Here, industry insiders offer nine tips to help minimize risk.
Posted 01 Jan 2006 [January 2006 Issue]
The new company must balance rationalizing its overlapping functionality with retaining and attracting new customers.
Posted 01 Jan 2006 [January 2006 Issue]
Field-service management and optimization lead to enhanced productivity and significant cost savings.
Posted 01 Jan 2006 [January 2006 Issue]
Seventeen call center reps are accused of stealing from Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.
Posted 28 Dec 2005
Unica takes the acquisition route, not a usual move for the company, to enhance its marketing automation functionality.
Posted 21 Dec 2005
The concentrated geographics of IT spending, according to a new study, will enable vendors to appropriately tailor their marketing and offerings.
Posted 13 Dec 2005
Scheduled for general availability Friday, a new release offers enhancements including advanced reporting, customizable dashboards, and workflow management.
Posted 12 Dec 2005
Software vendors, enterprise IT managers, and investors face challenges as the market evolves, including quality of software and confusion about license models.
Posted 08 Dec 2005
An evaluation observes that standardization is growing as a trend, but that dashboards are driving BI adoption.
Posted 07 Dec 2005
To ease supervisors' time-intensive data-collection method, the organization created an in-house tool.
Posted 01 Dec 2005 [December 2005 Issue]
A reworked support blueprint leads to a near perfect self-service rate.
Posted 01 Dec 2005 [December 2005 Issue]
Siebel and Oracle partners try to relieve customer headaches.
Posted 01 Dec 2005 [December 2005 Issue]
Commoditized technology puts the on-demand player in a 'pretty strong' position.
Posted 01 Dec 2005 [December 2005 Issue]
SOX-compliance spending in 2006, as in 2005, is expected to hit the $6 billion mark; dissimilarities appear in how spending will be segmented.
Posted 29 Nov 2005
The market is expected to outstrip the growth rates of traditional CRM, with the U.S. market faring substantially stronger than its European counterpart.
Posted 28 Nov 2005
More companies are expected to eliminate monthly fees to attract more online bill payers as gen Xers and Yers drive the growth of Internet banking.
Posted 23 Nov 2005
Voice-embedded IT applications have the potential to save organizations up to 30 percent on telephone outlay, according to a new report.
Posted 21 Nov 2005
A CRG study indicates that email gaffes in responsiveness and the quality of answers helped retail surpass the telco sector, but Bell Canada secured the top slot in company evaluations.
Posted 16 Nov 2005
A report suggests ways for companies to improve CSR coaching and shows time is the biggest deterrent to success.
Posted 14 Nov 2005
The FCC and E911; Accenture plans to acquire Media Audits; Citrix announces its new Smart Agent technology; and more.
Posted 11 Nov 2005
A stronger driver of consumer click-through rates, text is often the initial content of an email; target by response behavior to attract more clicks.
Posted 09 Nov 2005
The market is on track to hit and surpass a previous forecast due to enhanced innovation, better ROI, and less-costly software-based recording.
Posted 07 Nov 2005
The company is trying to end the year with its first CRM release since December 2003, but the general availability of the release is pending.
Posted 02 Nov 2005
Speech recognition has struggled to move into the mainstream, but these applications are picking up where touch tone IVR leaves off.
Posted 01 Nov 2005 [November 2005 Issue]
Posted 01 Nov 2005 [November 2005 Issue]
Pitney Bowes' move to acquire the remaining outstanding shares of Firstlogic is part of the latest wave of data quality consolidation.
Posted 01 Nov 2005 [November 2005 Issue]
Boosting the market's understanding of the company's technology and selecting an advisory board are two imperatives for the new president and CEO.
Posted 31 Oct 2005
Sixty percent of midmarket firms plan to deploy an integrated ERP suite within the next year as the fragmented approach gives way to more cohesion.
Posted 25 Oct 2005
Training and procurement are the business process outsourcing market's two fastest growing segments as companies begin to think more strategically.
Posted 24 Oct 2005
Enhanced integration and flexibility, coupled with other factors like reduced cost, are steadily becoming more attractive to organizations.
Posted 19 Oct 2005
The soon-to-be acquired company unveils a new strategy and architecture as SAP baits a safe passage program hook for Siebel's customers.
Posted 17 Oct 2005
SAP announces its 28-piece play for midsize enterprises; Oracle targets sales contracts; Maximizer announces Q3 results; and more.
Posted 14 Oct 2005
Long-term workforce planning and updating, and integrating HCM technology, are ways to respond.
Posted 13 Oct 2005
ROI increases as organizations' marketing initiatives fall in line with strategic corporate goals; four core marketing competencies help.
Posted 12 Oct 2005
SMBs are considering converged communications solutions, ranking Cisco Systems' tools number one in a recent survey.
Posted 05 Oct 2005
National Customer Service Week '05: The ICSA and the CSG honor the importance and hard work of customer service and support teams worldwide.
Posted 03 Oct 2005
The CRM industry over the course of the year grappled with well-publicized mergers and acquisitions, executive turnover, and product line restructuring. Still, the industry's impact--especially in the small and medium business markets--is growing more pervasive across industries and within organizations. With an eye on ROI, companies are benefiting from lower startup costs, shorter implementation times, ease of use, and more robust analytics, from both the on-demand (hosted) delivery model and on-premise solutions. Spearheading these developments are the 2005 CRM Market Leaders--read on to see how they are driving the market and how they stack up against the competition.
Posted 01 Oct 2005 [October 2005 Issue]
The CRM industry over the course of the year grappled with well-publicized mergers and acquisitions, executive turnover, and product line restructuring. Still, the industry's impact--especially in the small and medium business markets--is growing more pervasive across industries and within organizations. With an eye on ROI, companies are benefiting from lower startup costs, shorter implementation times, ease of use, and more robust analytics, from both the on-demand (hosted) delivery model and on-premise solutions. Spearheading these developments are the 2005 CRM Market Leaders--read on to see how they are driving the market and how they stack up against the competition.
Posted 01 Oct 2005 [October 2005 Issue]
It is impressive when CRM vendors promise business performance improvements never before possible, but it is more impressive when their products actually deliver on those promises. The CRM Elite awards showcase six companies that have achieved significant returns on their technology investments that have either met or surpassed their expectations.
Posted 01 Oct 2005 [October 2005 Issue]
Influential leaders are those who pave the way for others to follow. They are often the first to market with a strong CRM product or strategy, are often the best at delivering a product or strategy, or have such industry clout that their actions reverberate widely in the market.
Posted 01 Oct 2005 [October 2005 Issue]
It is impressive when CRM vendors promise business performance improvements never before possible, but it is more impressive when their products actually deliver on those promises. The CRM Elite awards showcase six companies that have achieved significant returns on their technology investments that have either met or surpassed their expectations.
Posted 01 Oct 2005 [October 2005 Issue]
It is impressive when CRM vendors promise business performance improvements never before possible, but it is more impressive when their products actually deliver on those promises. The CRM Elite awards showcase six companies that have achieved significant returns on their technology investments that have either met or surpassed their expectations.
Posted 01 Oct 2005 [October 2005 Issue]
The CRM industry over the course of the year grappled with well-publicized mergers and acquisitions, executive turnover, and product line restructuring. Still, the industry's impact--especially in the small and medium business markets--is growing more pervasive across industries and within organizations. With an eye on ROI, companies are benefiting from lower startup costs, shorter implementation times, ease of use, and more robust analytics, from both the on-demand (hosted) delivery model and on-premise solutions. Spearheading these developments are the 2005 CRM Market Leaders--read on to see how they are driving the market and how they stack up against the competition.
Posted 01 Oct 2005 [October 2005 Issue]
PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards customers discuss bright spots and concerns.
Posted 01 Oct 2005 [October 2005 Issue]
Industry experts provide guidance for considering and deploying speech technologies.
Posted 01 Oct 2005 [October 2005 Issue]
Nortel realigns its organization; TuVox dives deeper into speech analytics; SER Solutions unveils a new outbound call management tool; and more.
Posted 30 Sep 2005
Consolidation continues in the industry as Witness makes an impact with workforce optimization integration and Avaya helps companies with regulatory requirements.
Posted 29 Sep 2005
A Python urges the use of creativity, communication, and innovation in training; a second keynote stresses benchmarking.
Posted 27 Sep 2005
The Web self-service vendor has rolled out a new product suite that incorporates the basis of its recast customer strategy.
Posted 21 Sep 2005
The networking giant pushes IP-telephony solutions and financing options for the SMB and midmarket spaces, among its slew of new offerings.
Posted 20 Sep 2005
Jacada will announce agent portal; Business Objects cozies up to the midmarket; Maximizer Software goes wireless; and more.
Posted 16 Sep 2005
A shift from penny-pinching to business growth and the appeal of hosted solutions are contributing to a license-revenue upswing.
Posted 14 Sep 2005
Ellison and company look to bolster their portfolio to counter SAP as industry consolidation continues.
Posted 12 Sep 2005
The company is 'positioning' itself as offering enterprise analytics, with business functions like performance and supply chain management.
Posted 07 Sep 2005
Companies are undervaluing the channel as more customers seek support.
Posted 01 Sep 2005 [September 2005 Issue]
Posted 01 Sep 2005 [September 2005 Issue]
Financial woes behind it, the company is focusing on new products and brand awareness.
Posted 01 Sep 2005 [September 2005 Issue]
"Through the call center we are able to be more precise...in the evaluation of a problem."
Posted 01 Sep 2005 [September 2005 Issue]
A hotel group selects Voxify to provide callers with a consistent customer experience.
Posted 01 Sep 2005 [September 2005 Issue]
The software giant is upping its IP-telephony efforts for everyday consumers and enterprise workers.
Posted 31 Aug 2005
Siemens unveils a tool for mobile workers; Surado has releases Surado CRM 5.0; EmailLabs and Habeas partner; and more.
Posted 30 Aug 2005
Consumers prefer to buy bundled services when it comes to purchasing home communication packages.
Posted 29 Aug 2005
A strong need to increase revenue drove the surge, with the hosted model enjoying a 105 percent growth rate.
Posted 24 Aug 2005
Salesforce.com unveils Smashforce; CDC announces unaudited Q2 2005 results; and more.
Posted 23 Aug 2005
The CRM industry has the lowest loyal-customer base in the U.S. for the software industry; Microsoft and SAP are the sole CRM software-loyalty leaders.
Posted 22 Aug 2005
The FTC settlement demands the company pay $950,000 and stop using deceptive practices for Web-site offers of 'free' credit reports; a warning is issued to 130 other sites.
Posted 17 Aug 2005
UniPress Software introduces FootPrints 7.0; TuVox reveals new speech applications; a new general manager will oversee Omniture's European headquarters; and more.
Posted 16 Aug 2005
Customer needs, technology, and pricing structure are focal points for its upcoming, to-be-defined solution; analysts express confusion about the offering.
Posted 15 Aug 2005
Banks should look for warning signs and offer customer support to help prevent defaulting on payments, a survey states.
Posted 12 Aug 2005
RightNow unveils an upgrade to its CRM suite and delivers two call center solutions, while KANA vies for the midmarket.
Posted 10 Aug 2005
Aspect, Avaya, Edify, and others showcase their products, and announce partnerships.
Posted 04 Aug 2005
Avaya's CEO explains in his keynote at SpeechTEK 2005 the growing popularity of IP telephony.
Posted 02 Aug 2005
Self-service done right--in the right enterprise--can return some real benefits. Here, a review of the five top vendors with robust, integrated solutions
Posted 01 Aug 2005 [August 2005 Issue]
A multichannel flower retailer's handling of peak holiday call volume blossoms.
Posted 01 Aug 2005 [August 2005 Issue]
Speech analytics solutions are enabling companies to track and analyze emotional cues.
Posted 01 Aug 2005 [August 2005 Issue]
"Outsourcing has more to do with linguistics or the language than it has to do with the trade regulations."
Posted 01 Aug 2005 [August 2005 Issue]
Sales execution concerns and closing fewer megadeals hamper the company's growth.
Posted 27 Jul 2005
A guide to knowledge-enabled CRM applications puts the company's solutions on top.
Posted 25 Jul 2005
The number of offshore suppliers and more client selectivity are contributing to the drop.
Posted 20 Jul 2005
A new report offers a framework for developing, measuring, and improving self-service initiatives.
Posted 18 Jul 2005
The company, a possible acquisition target, is cutting staff in the U.S. and Europe.
Posted 13 Jul 2005
SAS and HBSC partner to prevent fraud; Amdocs extends its relationship with Acer; ValueClick, Salesforce.com, and ATG announce executive appointments; and more.
Posted 12 Jul 2005
CallMiner adds to its analytics suite a new Web-based reporting and analysis tool that automates the delivery of customized reports.
Posted 11 Jul 2005
Shaheen acknowledges the firm did not meet expectations for licensed revenues; there's a new focus on the need to improve, including help from a new CMO and executive vice president of corporate strategy.
Posted 08 Jul 2005
Avaya and Genesys announce solutions for different sizes, opening more opportunities in the growing market.
Posted 07 Jul 2005
The ink is dry on the contact center outsourcing contract. Now what? We take a look at five factors companies need to evaluate over the course of the agreement to ensure a smooth-running partnership.
Posted 01 Jul 2005 [July 2005 Issue]
Major phone companies are offering VoIP providers with 911 services, but tracking and routing issues remain.
Posted 01 Jul 2005
Posted 01 Jul 2005 [July 2005 Issue]
As contact centers are under mounting pressure to grow revenue for organizations, CSRs are being encouraged to engage in cross- and upsell opportunities.
Posted 01 Jul 2005 [July 2005 Issue]
IBM announces a services-oriented architecture initiative geared toward business partners, ISVs, and SIs; Siebel and IBM extend their partnership to offer a developer kit.
Posted 29 Jun 2005
RightNow Technologies announces products that outfit the company with both Web and voice self-service capabilities.
Posted 27 Jun 2005
Customer advocates challenge loyalty card holders' anonymity; an expert cautions that ID fraud issues cut both ways.
Posted 22 Jun 2005
When it comes to wireless services, messaging has a significant lead over playing games, gambling, reading, and watching movies.
Posted 20 Jun 2005
The company is looking to broaden its EMM functionality; the acquisition is seen as a 'good for the industry' move.
Posted 15 Jun 2005
According to one analyst, the management changes give the competition 'a bit of a jump.'
Posted 10 Jun 2005
The company unveils a plan to improve its financial performance and tries to ease investor worries.
Posted 08 Jun 2005
Best practice suggests businesses must prepare customer-facing agents to deal with tough questions when things go wrong.
Posted 07 Jun 2005
Outsourcing Center gives the nod to partnerships that are built to last, and uncovers recent industry trends during its award-evaluation process.
Posted 02 Jun 2005
...successful and disastrous: 90 bright ideas for your CRM strategy and 10 dim ones to avoid. Edited by David Myron
Posted 01 Jun 2005 [June 2005 Issue]
...successful and disastrous: 90 bright ideas for your CRM strategy and 10 dim ones to avoid. Edited by David Myron
Posted 01 Jun 2005 [June 2005 Issue]
Wireless carriers must nurture existing customers, not just focus on attracting new ones.
Posted 01 Jun 2005 [June 2005 Issue]
Posted 01 Jun 2005 [June 2005 Issue]
North America and Western Europe invest for customer intimacy, service differentiation, and supply-chain efficiencies; increases in per capita consumption spur investments in emerging economies.
Posted 31 May 2005
Not a true CRM solution, an updated CosmoCall Universe does allow contact centers to integrate with database apps and speech application platforms, while supporting standalone IP telephones.
Posted 24 May 2005
G-Force '05: The company collaborates with Verizon to forge a hosted IP solution; the partnership with Microsoft will now deliver BPO solutions.
Posted 23 May 2005
Salesforce.com announces strong quarterly results; Group 1 introduces its e2 Suite; Talisma makes two announcements; and more.
Posted 19 May 2005
RightNow Technologies and Knova Software play alone in the leaders category, while others fill the Top 10.
Posted 17 May 2005
Not just for SMBs anymore, organizations of all sizes are now evaluating the potential of hosted contact center solutions.
Posted 16 May 2005
The former rival vendors in the speech recognition niche will merge, delivering an extensive selection of enterprise speech solutions.
Posted 10 May 2005
The first solution on offer since Kanisa and ServiceWare's merger includes an improved search engine and a mobile support application.
Posted 09 May 2005
Concerto experiences year-over-year growth; WebSideStory sees its revenue rise; and more.
Posted 06 May 2005
This week's Witness user conference highlighted touch point innovation, a workforce optimization maturity model, and the evolution of the VCC.
Posted 05 May 2005
Integrating your multichannel operations can seem like a near-impossible feat, but it doesn't have to be. Follow these strategies to ease your integration process and maximize your multichannel potential.
Posted 02 May 2005 [May 2005 Issue]
Customers will have a single upgrade path, single maintenance environment, and singular user interface.
Posted 02 May 2005 [May 2005 Issue]
The Internet security company employs a scalable CRM system to handle its growth.
Posted 02 May 2005 [May 2005 Issue]
Enterprises are debating these choices as their potential continues to mature.
Posted 02 May 2005 [May 2005 Issue]
To honor Mother's Day 2005 CRM magazine presents demographic information on moms collected over time from the U.S. Census Bureau.
Posted 02 May 2005 [May 2005 Issue]
The company's deployment and selling style will be regarded as indicators of how well it can demonstrate both stability and flexibility.
Posted 28 Apr 2005
Organizations are adopting outbound dialing systems to be more active in delivering customer service.
Posted 25 Apr 2005
The provider of enterprise infrastructure software hopes to expand into the contact center; first-quarter earnings are up.
Posted 21 Apr 2005
Customers want better marketing processes, regardless of the communication channel.
Posted 18 Apr 2005
Multiple mobile phones in individual households is driving growth, not the number of homes with phones.
Posted 14 Apr 2005
U.S. mobile subscribers increasingly are using their devices for downloading games, and retrieving news and information.
Posted 11 Apr 2005
Leaders include eGain, iPhrase, KANA, and KnowledgeBase, with RightNow and ServiceWare designated as strong performers.
Posted 08 Apr 2005
Siebel announces its first-quarter '05 preliminaries; Genesys and Viecore expand their partnership; Keynote Systems adds two execs; and more.
Posted 08 Apr 2005
Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service and Support Applications '05: Lack of industry breadth keeps Amdocs out of the leaders box.
Posted 06 Apr 2005
CRM magazine presents the Service Leaders awards to the most impressive providers of customer care architecture, technology, and services who have worked tirelessly over the past year to improve their capabilities so that contact centers can go about their crucial business more efficiently and effectively than ever before.
Posted 01 Apr 2005 [April 2005 Issue]
CRM magazine presents the Service Leaders awards to the most impressive providers of customer care architecture, technology, and services who have worked tirelessly over the past year to improve their capabilities so that contact centers can go about their crucial business more efficiently and effectively than ever before.
Posted 01 Apr 2005 [April 2005 Issue]
More customers are adopting Web self-service, but not all customers are satisfied.
Posted 01 Apr 2005 [April 2005 Issue]
Amdocs connects Elisa; U.S. Army Reserve taps DefenseWeb Technologies; NetSuite adds a new member to its marketing team; and more.
Posted 31 Mar 2005
The company announces the availability of Siebel CRM OnDemand Release 7, equipped with CRM and contact center capabilities.
Posted 31 Mar 2005
Billing and service continue to be two sore spots for wireless customers.
Posted 29 Mar 2005
Customers are choosing aggregator sites for their wide-ranging offerings and convenience.
Posted 24 Mar 2005
Northern Kentucky University aces CRM with CIBER and SAP; Ricoh turns to BEA Systems; NetSuite and Coremetrics appoint new execs; and more.
Posted 24 Mar 2005
IAC is betting that Web self-service technology, specifically natural-language capabilities, will continue to mature.
Posted 22 Mar 2005
Enhancements include advanced shift and request bidding, and the integration of in-house and outsourced staff schedules.
Posted 18 Mar 2005
Oracle ups the ante for Retek; Kevin Martin is named new chairman of the FCC; Onyx appoints a new CFO; and more.
Posted 18 Mar 2005
IBM looks to expand its reach into the data integration space, with plans to fatten its BI and data management functionality.
Posted 14 Mar 2005
Consumers prefer the convenience and availability of the online banking channel to traditional banking.
Posted 11 Mar 2005
FrontRange unveils customer wins; Open Solutions acquires CGI Group's US Services to Credit Unions business unit; Genesys and Veraz Networks announce integration capabilities; and more.
Posted 11 Mar 2005
The company made dual announcements about its plans to release its Summer '05 solution and its partnership with Thomson Financial.
Posted 09 Mar 2005
Luxe Worldwide Hotels turns to Siebel; Vintage Design hits the nail on the head with OnSite CRM; Nortel announces senior management moves; and more.
Posted 04 Mar 2005
Online travel agencies are receiving higher marks than their airline-Web site competitors when it comes to overall online customer experience.
Posted 04 Mar 2005
Best-in-class companies are migrating to profit centers by reorganizing their contact centers to handle cross-selling and upselling opportunities.
Posted 02 Mar 2005
Many companies remain indecisive about consolidating all service channels under a single umbrella of authority.
Posted 01 Mar 2005 [March 2005 Issue]
The quality management and liability recording market is expected to grow significantly.
Posted 25 Feb 2005
SITEL GmbH taps IEX's workforce management solution; Verint colors The Orange Group's contact centers; NuTech Solutions leads to time reduction for Beiersdorf AG; and more.
Posted 25 Feb 2005
The company's newest release is equipped with greater functionality and user enhancement improvements.
Posted 23 Feb 2005
Despite increasing call-abandonment rates, contact centers are reducing the training they provide their staffs.
Posted 17 Feb 2005
Concerto announces yearly earnings; Angel.com announces its Virtual Call Center; Avaya prepares for SpeechTEK; and more.
Posted 17 Feb 2005
Powerhouse companies like Amazon.com, Charles Schwab, and eBay are seeing customer satisfaction scores slide.
Posted 16 Feb 2005
The company will announce Version 2.0 of its solution later this year.
Posted 11 Feb 2005
Nuance and Angel.com form a partnership; SilkRoad, Lumenvox, and Performix unveil new solutions; Thunder Valley Casino cashes in with CRM; and more.
Posted 11 Feb 2005
Young, affluent customers are shunning traditional images of wealth and luxury, and looking for more value.
Posted 09 Feb 2005
Customers want efficient, effective, available service.
Posted 04 Feb 2005
Cognos extends its relationship with IBM; E.piphany, SAS, and Centra announce 2004 earnings; FrontRange ships its new SOX-compliant solution; and more.
Posted 04 Feb 2005
Email is becoming an integral part of CRM solutions, collaboration suites, knowledge management solutions, and BI applications, forcing generic-email system vendors to develop flexible solutions.
Posted 02 Feb 2005
Siebel, Sento, and Inforte announce financial results; ATG introduces a new solution; Salesforce.com announces three new customers; and more.
Posted 28 Jan 2005
The country's largest companies are not effectively handling online customer queries.
Posted 28 Jan 2005
Companies are also considering cultural alignment and the ability to offer transformation service when selecting a BPO provider.
Posted 26 Jan 2005
Most companies will invest in CRM to spur revenue or customer loyalty, not as a way to cut costs.
Posted 21 Jan 2005
Entertainment companies are putting the spotlight on targeted customer strategies to improve service, build loyalty, and grow wallet share.
Posted 21 Jan 2005 [February 2005 Issue]
ING is growing satisfaction--and revenue--by asking customers and partners what they want, and then giving it to them.
Posted 21 Jan 2005 [February 2005 Issue]
Marketers are seeing solid ROI from new technologies.
Posted 21 Jan 2005 [February 2005 Issue]
NetSuite announces an aggressive subscription discount offer; Convergys opens up its fourth quarter books; EADS partners with Axcess; and more.
Posted 19 Jan 2005
The manufacturing company uses Exact Software to better automate its front-office processes.
Posted 17 Jan 2005
Search engine advertising ROI rocketed past Q3 figures.
Posted 14 Jan 2005
More than half of customers are not satisfied with the service from their carrier; providers are looking at a less-competitive space due to recent mergers.
Posted 10 Jan 2005
IBM acquires SRD; Aberdeen examines best-in-class companies; Software On Sailboats announces a product upgrade; and more.
Posted 10 Jan 2005
Oracle seals the PeopleSoft deal; FreeCRM.com's customer base rises; Acxiom acquires SmartDM; and more.
Posted 07 Jan 2005
Research and Markets unveils a report on CRM in the financial services industry; Firstlogic integrates with Siebel; pulver.Communicator connects to Skype; and more.
Posted 06 Jan 2005
The number of consumers who use online self-service is high, but satisfaction continues to lag.
Posted 05 Jan 2005
The company uses Coremetrics to determine which online marketing initiatives are bringing in ROI, and which are not showing results.
Posted 03 Jan 2005
Technology Solutions Company closes its ZAMBA acquisition; Recruitmax launches its Data Intelligence Group; Forrester appoints a new CTO and CIO; and more.
Posted 30 Dec 2004
Most companies have yet to centralize how they own the customer experience.
Posted 29 Dec 2004
The country's tourism bureau shifts from mass marketing to tailored campaigns to help drive tourists to the area.
Posted 27 Dec 2004
Amdocs extends its share buyback program; Nuance announces new member to its board of directors; and more.
Posted 23 Dec 2004
The performance-optimization software provider looks to extend its position in the market.
Posted 20 Dec 2004
Latin American companies add flavor to their services.
Posted 20 Dec 2004 [January 2005 Issue]
Aastra Technologies Limited to acquire EADS Enterprise Telephony Business; NetSuite unveils multicurrency credit card processing; Bliss deploys CommercialWare for channel transparency; and more.
Posted 17 Dec 2004
Cincom Systems announces its second deployment for Milacron; Qatar Telecom goes live with Convergys; KnowNow donates software to RAINN; and more.
Posted 16 Dec 2004
A Yankee Group study says the vendors rank number one and number two, respectively, as the IP telephony solution providers of choice.
Posted 15 Dec 2004
The utility company uses e-billing to shift customers from the phone to the Web--and has upped customer satisfaction in the process.
Posted 13 Dec 2004
The BBC bolsters its use of Web analytics; Salesforce.com announces new customer wins; EDS Israel opts for CosmoCom; and more.
Posted 08 Dec 2004
KANA launches a new application designed to help contact center agents resolve customer concerns more quickly and accurately.
Posted 08 Dec 2004
The dealership moves from a PC-based CRM application to a Web-based solution to support its growth strategy.
Posted 06 Dec 2004
NetSuite announces NetSuite Holiday Mall; Sales Performance International launches a new consulting practice; Verint reports third quarter results; and more.
Posted 02 Dec 2004
Best Software and Salesforce.com are the leaders in the SMB space, according to a new survey.
Posted 01 Dec 2004
Many of today's most effective CRM processes and strategies are so successful because of the underlying technologies that enable and support them. In our dynamic, evolving industry new technologies continue to allow us to interact with customers in ways we never imagined. This is not to say that technology is the end-all in CRM--we still need engaged people, relevant processes, and quality data. But when properly implemented, technology can take that powerful threesome even farther. Consider the already heady impact and potential of the following 10 technologies...
Posted 01 Dec 2004 [December 2004 Issue]
The credit card issuer uses VoIP to integrate and manage its different contact center sites.
Posted 29 Nov 2004
Butterball Turkey's customer service initiative primes for the company's busiest time of year.
Posted 24 Nov 2004
The cable television and telecommunications service company uses quality monitoring and evaluation tools to improve service and sales.
Posted 22 Nov 2004
The Federal Communications Commission says certain IP-based services are not subject to state regulation.
Posted 17 Nov 2004
Creating true ties with partners helps to optimize sales results.
Posted 15 Nov 2004 [December 2004 Issue]
The Midwest utility integrates disparate customer information systems after a merger and an acquisition.
Posted 15 Nov 2004
Managed care organizations are broadening the reach of their Web sites to better serve their members, providers, staffs, and brokers.
Posted 10 Nov 2004
The grocery service is using CRM to manage growth and harvest revenues.
Posted 08 Nov 2004
The vendors look to cover both the sales and service worlds with their new partnership.
Posted 04 Nov 2004
The HEAT and GoldMine provider also announced additional products.
Posted 03 Nov 2004
The global bank revamps its online experience and improves contact center interactions as a result.
Posted 01 Nov 2004
The company announces the availability of the new Uniphi Suite at its annual user conference in New Orleans.
Posted 28 Oct 2004
The communication systems, applications, and services provider reports fiscal fourth-quarter 2004 and FY 2004 results, and announces the launch of new products.
Posted 27 Oct 2004
The global supplier of power, data management, and standard semiconductor components selected Azerity's ProChannel solution for interactive quote management.
Posted 25 Oct 2004
The online retailer uses analytics to improve the customer experience on its Web site.
Posted 18 Oct 2004
Contact centers can help organizations create a significant competitive advantage. Here's how.
Posted 18 Oct 2004 [November 2004 Issue]
Prior to VoiceXML each IVR vendor had its own proprietary languages accompanied by high development costs.
Posted 18 Oct 2004 [November 2004 Issue]
According to a recent report from the Aberdeen Group based on a survey conducted in conjunction with CRMmagazine, a few companies have mastered this management.
Posted 13 Oct 2004
Intrawest's customers are skiers and snowboarders covered with snow and dealing with freezing fingers--asking them to fill out paper-based forms slashed Intrawest's chances of learning how to become more inline with its customers.
Posted 11 Oct 2004
The enhanced version of RightNow Service features an Offer Advisor component that equips agents with a tool that can automatically suggest potential offers or promotions that may be appealing to the customer given his history.
Posted 06 Oct 2004
National Customer Service Week '04: The annual celebration recognizes and rewards the efforts of contact center agents.
Posted 04 Oct 2004
Managers are always searching for ways to spur productivity that will balance the needs of the customers, the agents, and the company.
Posted 01 Oct 2004 [October 2004 Issue]
Continental selected Voxify's Automated Agents solution to help manage non-value-added customer calls.
Posted 27 Sep 2004
The ability to have a centralized call center may lead to an increase in the use of VoIP.
Posted 24 Sep 2004 [October 2004 Issue]
Now the company uses NetTracker to help move customers from the call center to the Web.
Posted 23 Sep 2004 [October 2004 Issue]
Posted 23 Sep 2004 [October 2004 Issue]
Loyalty leaders in the IT industry experienced significant growth levels compared with their counterparts.
Posted 22 Sep 2004
There are two fundamental types of language, according to Tim Berners-Lee, director of the World Wide Web Consortium: natural language, classified as soft and evolving; and computer language, which takes a solidly defined, hard-language approach.
Posted 20 Sep 2004
The CVP supports speech-enabled and touch-tone applications that can be integrated with back-end data and business rules accessible through the Web, using Java 2 Enterprise Edition and VoiceXML standards.
Posted 14 Sep 2004
TAMS wanted to implement a business intelligence project to ensure the success of its marketing efforts.
Posted 13 Sep 2004
While public IMing is expected to continue to burgeon for the next five years, EIMing vendors may find their entrance into the market by bulking up their integration initiatives and educating end users on the advantages that EIMing offers.
Posted 08 Sep 2004
Extream Software wins Baltmore utility customer, and more.
Posted 07 Sep 2004
DCI's Customer Relationship Management Conference and Exposition this week brought CRM newcomers and enthusiasts together to discuss strategies.
Posted 02 Sep 2004
The company now has the ability to build new CRM modules to manage quote generation and product-return processes.
Posted 30 Aug 2004
Presenting financial information from 2003, the report analyzes the workforce management market.
Posted 25 Aug 2004
After years of running into roadblocks trying to ensure that its own service representatives could communicate effectively with one another while in the field, Pitney Bowes needed a new strategy.
Posted 23 Aug 2004
Consumers are open to buying more products and services, but only if the customer service representative (CSR) first resolves the customer's concern.
Posted 18 Aug 2004
Different client databases can splinter prospect organization, and the lack of a centralized look at the client base can put a hurdle in the path of firms on the quest for new clients.
Posted 16 Aug 2004
A roundup of call center solutions for now and in the near future.
Posted 12 Aug 2004
SAP's application does not have the same amount of functionality as Siebel's, but in terms of what people actually use on a regular basis, they have reached functional parity.
Posted 10 Aug 2004
TDWI's second report in its 2004 Report Series, "In Search of a Single Version of Truth: Strategies for Consolidating Analytic Silos," finds that organizations have yet to consolidate an average of two data warehouses, six independent data marts, and 28.5 spreadmarts, with only one third of all structures actually consolidated.
Posted 05 Aug 2004
The latest version of the company's application suite for service resolution management explores a variety of areas that help users navigate through self-service.
Posted 03 Aug 2004
The Customer Loyalty Bootcamp program is a series of simulations that allow TI managers to experience what it is like to be a TI customer.
Posted 02 Aug 2004 [August 2004 Issue]
Cost minimization has been and will continue to be a key component in companies' decisions to locate their contact centers offshore, but firms should weigh other options to ensure that they make the right decision.
Posted 02 Aug 2004 [September 2004 Issue]
Onyx reports a second quarter revenue of $14.8 million, an increase from the $14.2 million it amassed from the year's first quarter.
Posted 29 Jul 2004
IT organizations want solutions that improve their customers' experiences.
Posted 27 Jul 2004
The report anticipates moderate growth over the next two years for state-and-local e-governments, but by 2006 expects to see the beginning of a growth cycle to reach a compound annual growth rate of about 30 percent through 2007.
Posted 21 Jul 2004
Companies need to quantify the impact of problem resolution by individual problem type, and set employee response guidelines appropriately.
Posted 20 Jul 2004
The company's improved contact center suite is rooted in its having listened to customers' requests for a more flexible product.
Posted 15 Jul 2004
Divesh Sisodraker, who served as Pivotal's CFO for almost three years, has been named president and CEO of Chinadotcom's CRM software division.
Posted 13 Jul 2004
A new study finds that over the next fours years there will likely be an increase in the number of worldwide, unique phishing (email scams that try to get customers to reveal personal information) attacks.
Posted 08 Jul 2004
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