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221 River Street
10th Floor

Hoboken NJ 07030

PH: 866-999-NICE (6423)
Contact: nice.sales@nice.com
Visit their Web site: www.nice.com
Year Founded: 1986
Ownership: Public
Stock Symbol: NICE
Number of Employees: over 1,000

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NICE (Nasdaq: NICE), the worldwide leading provider of both cloud and on-premises enterprise software solutions, helping organizations of all sizes deliver better customer service, ensure compliance, combat fraud and safeguard citizens. Over 22,000 organizations in more than 150 countries, including over 80 of the Fortune 100 companies, are using NICE solutions. For more about NICE, visit www.nice.com.


Product Description

Quality Monitoring Total Recording Contact Center Analytics e-Learning Customer Feedback

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AnalyticsConsumer Packaged GoodsCustomer Service/Call CentersEducation
Financial Services/BankingGovernmentHealthcareInsurance
Manufacturing/AutomotiveNon-profitPharmaceuticals/ChemicalsProfessional Services
RetailSales AutomationSMB/Mid-market CRMSports/Entertainment
Articles Mentioned
Bright Pattern Integrates with NICE Workforce Optimization
Bright Pattern has integrated its omnichannel cloud contact center software with NICE Workforce Optimization powered by advanced analytics. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
NICE inContact Adds Omilia as a CXone Partner
NICE inContact CXone has expanded its CXone partner apps portfolio with speech-enabled virtual assistants and AI chatbots from Omilia.
In Customer Service, Being Nice Only Goes So Far
Problem solving, rather than relational work, yields higher customer satisfaction.
There’s a Consumer Trust Crisis, and Smart Firms Will Shape CX to Address It
Being transparent and offering authentic experiences can help companies break through the murk.
The 2018 CRM Service Rising Stars: Amazon
Amazon's AI connects with contact centers
The 2018 CRM Service Elite Customers
Our 15th annual recognition of innovation and success in customer service
The 2018 CRM Service Elite Customers: TechStyle Fashion Group
TechStyle gives a NICE boost to its agent and customer experience
The Must-Dos, and Must-Don’ts, of CRM Data Integration
Here's how to keep system integration project management on track.
NICE Introduces Winter Release of NICE Satmetrix NPX
Integrations with NICE Nexidia Analytics, NICE AIR and Engage, and NICE inContact CXone cloud platform unify direct and indirect customer feedback with behavioral and operational data.
NICE inContact Launches CXone Agent for Salesforce
CXone Agent for Salesforce add's NICE's Workforce Optimization to Salesforce.com's unified desktop. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
NICE Releases GDPR Compliance Solution for Contact Centers
NICE's GDPR Compliance Center simplifies the implementation of data governance processes to help contact centers comply the General Data Protection Regulation. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
The Contact Center in 2018: Helping Customers Help Themselves
This year, customers are demanding that service organizations build out self-service, automate where possible, and empower agents.
3 Ways to Ensure You’re Getting the Most Out of Customer Data
A marketing program is only as good as the data that feeds it. Here's how to optimize data use.
CEM Market to Triple by 2022, Research Firm Reports
The global customer experience management market is projected to be worth $16.91 billion in five years.
NICE inContact CXone Agent Now Available on the Salesforce AppExchange
NICE inContact CXone Agent unifies the agent console to streamline customer and agent experiences. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Active Data Quality: Keeping Up with Customers Is Not a Static Process
Real-time data quality operations in your CRM system provide a clearer view of customers for all stakeholders.
Robots Are in Your Contact Center’s Future
Robotics, in tandem with desktop analytics, will drive productivity improvements.
Chat Is Not Replacing the Voice Channel for Customer Service
Is it a must-have for contact centers? Yes. But it remains a complement to voice.
NICE Acquires WorkFlex to Build out its Workforce Engagement Suite
NICE's workforce optimization suite gets a boost with the integration of WorkFlex's intraday management software. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
NICE Launches Satmetrix VoC
The NICE Satmetrix solution is a fully-integrated, self-service, analytics-driven voice of the customer offering.
The latest NICE Workforce Management solution leverages artificial intelligence to improve forecasting and usability. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Yet One More Case for Customer-Centricity
Open design can improve collaboration and communication, but businesses should make sure it won't impact customer relationships
Bots Are Here to (Self-) Serve You
Thanks to machine learning and AI, bots today can usually give customers what they want.
A Customer-Engaged Company Has Empathy in Its DNA
It has to be both baked into your company's culture and present in your people.
NICE inContact Releases Summer 2017 Version of CXone
The latest release offers omnichannel journey management, analytics-based routing, and unified workforce optimization.
You and Your CRM Need to Talk: Voice Activation Is Coming
Thanks to Siri, Google, and Alexa, many of us are already speaking to our consumer devices. But voice-activated technology will soon have plenty of business uses as well.
As the WFO Market Evolves, Will Vendors Adapt?
New targets, the demand for personalization, and the need to adjust sales models are among the challenges.
The 2017 CRM Market Leaders: Midmarket CRM Suite
Our finalist and winners in nine categories point the way forward with the latest products and capabilities hitting the market
The 2017 CRM Market Leaders: Small-Business CRM Suite
Our finalist and winners in nine categories point the way forward with the latest products and capabilities hitting the market
The 2017 CRM Market Leaders: Sales Performance Management
Our finalist and winners in nine categories point the way forward with the latest products and capabilities hitting the market
NICE Announces Its Compliance Center
The solution aims to reduce the risk of regulatory breaches.
Inbenta Joins NICE inContact DEVone Ecosystem
Inbenta will provide hybrid chat and chatbot technology via CXexchange to NICE inContact users. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
NICE Launches NICE inContact CXone
The cloud platform looks to help organizations improve their cross-channel customer experience. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
How to Make Your CRM and Your Marketing Automation Get Along
Before you achieve the necessary integration, your sales and marketing teams have to carry out the crucial first step: communication.
Customers in Control: Why Your Brand Must Deliver a Superior Omnichannel Experience
A well-organized omnichannel experience has become more than a nice-to-have—it's now imperative to growth for both product- and service-oriented companies.
WFM Solutions and Vendors Are Not All the Same
A buyer's guide for a market in which one size does not fit all
Required Reading: Using Content to Reduce Friction
The middle of the funnel brings with it new opportunities
The Next Big Thing in CRM—E-Commerce
Analytics and machine learning are changing the way we think about e-commerce and CRM systems
Better Field Service Tools Reduce Frustration
Technology upgrades are delivering happier customers and field service workers
NICE inContact Joins FedRAMP Marketplace
Government agencies will now have access to the first cloud contact center solution available directly from a FedRAMP-authorized provider. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Cognitive Computing Energizes the Enterprise
Today's intelligent systems can learn from customer data to discover and provide insights that drive better experiences, heighten employee engagement, and inspire companies to innovate
NICE Launches Digital Containment Solution
NICE Digital Containment optimizes customer experience and contact center cost-effectiveness by using customer journey analytics to minimize cross-channel transfers. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
TechStyle Gets NICE with Its Employees
An agent engagement tool and precise staff forecasting provide a path to better experiences for employees and customers
You Can’t (Mis)Handle the Truth!
Thoughts on the role of truth in a post-facts world.
Tips for Maximizing CRM Investments
It's good to have a powerful CRM system, but one that is useful offers the best payoff
NICE Introduces Quality Management That Works with Any Recording Platform and Data Source
With customizable workflows, NICE Quality Central provides end-to-end automation and insight throughout the customer's journey and across complex processes. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
NICE Enhances Its Robotic Process Automation Software for the Enterprise
The technology has been updated with management, security, and connectivity capabilities to 'raise the bar' for scale. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Cost Considerations Become a Top Concern
As products largely become commoditized and differentiation is harder to come by, cost clearly is setting some vendors apart in 2017.
The 2017 CRM Service Rising Stars: NICE—the Contact Center Consolidator
Big acquisitions propel the company to a coveted spot in the industry
Why Large Organizations Can Struggle With Customer Experience
Bigger isn't always better: Data and personnel at big companies can often be working at cross-purposes. The solution: finding smart ways to make data actionable and people accountable.
How Far We’ve Come in 20 Years
The industry continues to sustain itself with a steady flow of start-ups and cutting-edge innovations that expand what CRM can do
Cloud Solutions Are Rising in the Contact Center
Increased reliability, flexibility, and security of solutions make them an increasingly obvious choice
Workforce Optimization Is Under Siege
The sector has slowed of late, but innovation shows a way forward
Separating AI Reality from AI Hype
Artificial intelligence is about to go mainstream, so let's talk about what it is, and isn't
NICE Launches Nexidia Analytics
Nexidia Analytics offers interaction analytics via omnichannel "listening" to know what customers and prospects are saying and then analyze those conversations to tailor experiences to their stated needs. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Your CRM Framework Probably Needs to Grow
A survey of executives reveals the top sales tools
Is an Omnichannel Environment Truly Attainable?
Research suggests the need for integrating systems, but it's not an initiative that should be taken lightly
Healthcare CRM Expected to Flourish
Research predicts that healthcare CRM solutions will become a $17.4 billion market by 2025.
NICE Launches Uptivity WFO for SMBs
The NICE Uptivity offering is geared specifically for the SMB market, providing an integrated suite of next-generation WFO solutions with critical contact center functions.
For the Record, Integrated CRM Is Getting Closer
Writing is in everything we do, but we still need to unify systems of record and engagement
Speech Analytics Can Help Alter the Service Paradigm
To create outstanding and personalized experiences for customers, you have to know them
Qubit Adds Machine Learning to its Digital Experience Management Platform
The DXM platform draws predictive insights to bubble up valuable customer segments.
InMoment Releases Experience Hub 2.0
Experience Hub 2.0 helps companies understand the why behind customer data.
NGDATA Acquires Personalized Video Platform Rednun
The company's customer experience solution will now be bolstered by real-time video content.
NICE Introduces Evolve WFM
NICE Evolve WFM is a continuous delivery workforce management solution with advanced capabilities like analytics-based forecasting and user-defined scheduling in an elastic cloud-based deployment model. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Should You Create a Customer Journey Map?
Customer journey maps can help organizations understand customers' motivations, feelings, questions, and expectations at any given customer touch point.
Workforce Optimization Is Poised for Big Changes
The cloud, integrated suites, and Big Data are transforming the market, and vendors must adapt
Citizen Relationship Management Requires a Different CRM
Government can't do what businesses do, but citizens still expect the same kind of customer service
NICE Launches Scenario Analyzer
Scenario Analyzer helps enhance customer journey analytics with business intelligence. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
The 2016 CRM Market Rising Stars
Whether you need to uncover customer data hidden in emails and texts or integrate mobile wallets into your marketing campaigns, our seven Rising Stars, and their innovative solutions, have got you covered.
NICE Introduces Engage 6.5
The latest release of NICE's recording platform provides deeper business insights across channels, including chat and Skype for Business. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
NICE Acquires inContact
The deal adds cloud and contact center infrastructure technology to NICE's portfolio. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Journey Maps: The Secret to Our Customer Success
In the era of digital disruption, new tools can help you strive for authenticity
Unified Agent Desktops Connect Reps to Essential Apps
A single interface that houses all of the information an agent could need will increase productivity and efficiency
Qognify Launches VisionHub Video Management System
The solution aims to provide extensive video surveillance and security management capabilities to organizations with high security needs.
Nice People at Work Launches SmartAds
SmartAds is the latest addition to the YOUBORA analytics platform.
NICE Launches Sales Performance Management Solution for Large Organizations
The latest version of NICE Sales Performance Management is geared toward organizations with substantial transactions and complex incentive compensation management needs.
NICE Introduces Total Voice of the Customer
NICE's latest VOC solution maps emotional expression to observed behaviors. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Exclusive Video Interview with SugarCRM’s CEO Larry Augustin
The CRM executive reflects on the company's recent developments, plans for 2016, and the economy.
NICE Acquires Nexidia
The union between the two companies seeks to provide a superior analytics solution.
NICE Engage Platform Integrates with Microsoft's Skype for Business
The solution brings real-time customer information and 100 percent call recording to Microsoft's communications system.
Nice Updates the NICE Engage Platform
NICE Engage brings more multichannel capabilities and management tools to contact centers. (Featured on SpeechTechMag.com.)
Predictive Marketing Can Help Retail Harness the Holiday Hustle
Understanding data, anticipating behavior, and evaluating progress can help stores get the most out of the shopping season.
NICE Releases Adaptive WFO
Adaptive WFO enables companies to create personalized customer experiences based on agent personas. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Speech Analytics Is Important to Your Future
Analyzing what your customers say to agents can have huge operational benefits across an enterprise
How Amazon and Salesforce.com Are Shaping Mobile Customer Support
Video chat apps such as Amazon's Mayday Button and Salesforce.com's Service SOS lead a new breed of mobile customer service apps
Salesvue Teams up with Ambition
The partnership between Salesvue and Ambition brings together two sales performance management leaders.
Required Reading: Why Everybody Matters
Organizations need to give workers a sense of purpose
The Age of Speech Analytics Is Close at Hand
The "Johnny-come-lately" in contact centers is poised to become "Johnny-on-the-spot"
NICE Updates Fizzback Voice of the Customer Solution
The latest version of NICE Fizzback provides greater visibility into customer experiences.
EBay Finds a NICE Way to Save
NICE Systems' Interaction Analytics helps eBay Enterprise dramatically cut average handling times
The Outlook for WFO: Optimal
The workforce optimization market stays strong, and better analytics and back-office features could make it stronger
NICE Releases Journey VoC
NICE Journey VoC combines voice of the customer and journey mapping to improve customer interactions.
Success in Spite of Itself
How far can the experience take you when the product is rubbish?
15 Elements of a Great Relationship
We're all human, and humans sometimes fail in relationships. Here are the keys to building ones that last.
NICE Releases Complaints Management Suite
The NICE Complaints Management Suite blends, speech, text, and desktop analytics to identify and route customer complaints. (Featured on SpeechTechMag.com.)
The Secret to Loyalty Is Less Effort, Speakers at Interactive Intelligence's Interactions Assert
Simply delighting customers doesn't breed loyalty, but it can cost more, CEB research suggests.
InsideView Builds Platform, Partners with ConnectUp and Kairos
The new framework will extend InsideView solutions to a new set of customers.
NICE Expands Its WFM, Analytics, and Recording Solutions
Employee Engagement Manager added to NICE's workforce management solution, while Vidyo integration and cloud availability announced for its analytics products.
Adapt or Perish When Digital Disruption Strikes
It's nice to have options—that's how disruption starts.
Aptean Releases Pivotal 6.5
Newest version of Pivotal CRM offers greater mobile capabilities.
NICE Releases IVR Journey Analytics
IVR Journey Analytics presents a visual map of everything that happens within IVR interactions. (Featured on SpeechTechMag.com.)
The 2015 CRM Rising Stars: Helpshift Pushes In-App Customer Service a Few Steps Ahead
The company improves feedback and customer service in mobile applications.
The 2015 CRM Rising Stars: NICE Systems Innovates with Real-Time Analytics
The veteran vendor is this year's comeback kid.
The Hidden Sources of Poor Customer Service
Interactions should be designed with the customer in mind.
SIO Emerges as a New Contact Center Segment
Frost & Sullivan identifies support interaction optimization as a $1.3 billion global market category.
NICE Systems' Real-Time Fraud Prevention Is a Triple Threat in the Contact Center
Technology incorporates real-time streaming, voice biometrics, and analytics to thwart fraudsters. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Why Effectiveness Trumps Efficiency
'Things that increase the efficiency of sales reps are not valuable today.'
Don't Drop the Ball on Your Digital Engagement Strategy
Customers' app journeys hold the key to new opportunities.
Promoter.io Launches NPS Loyalty Analytics Platform
Promoter.io lets businesses predict customer behavior, proactively eliminate churn and negative word of mouth, and identify their most loyal promoters.
Why You Should Consider Customer Journey Maps
While creating a customer journey map that accounts for experiences across multiple channels might sound difficult, it is possible.
5 Hot Customer Service Technologies
The latest innovations add a sense of immediacy to customer interactions.
NICE Releases Updated Fizzback VoC Solution
New version captures data from more sources, including third-party surveys and social media.
NICE Joins the FIDO Alliance
NICE brings real-time voice authentication expertise to the Fast IDentity Online Alliance. (Featured on SpeechTechMag.com.)
Salesforce.com Delivers Desk.com for Retail
Innovations in Desk.com for Retail include new pay-as-you-go pricing, reporting tools, and e-commerce integrations.
The 2014 CRM Market Leaders
Paving the way for success throughout all areas of CRM, our finalists and winners in 10 categories exhibited strategies and innovation this year that put them at the top of their game.
The Connection Between Online Dating and CRM Vendor Selection
Don't be misled by what's too good to be true.
NICE Engage Lets Agents Meet Customers' Needs in Real Time
Satisfying today's customers is easier with real-time analytics. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Dos and Don'ts for Customer Onboarding
A good first impression can mean the difference between success and failure.
NICE Launches Customer Journey Optimization
NICE Customer Journey Optimization helps companies understand how and why customers are interacting with them across different channels and touch points.
Virtual Receptionists Work for Virtual Law Firm
Ruby Receptionists answers Burton Law's calls from miles away.
Microsoft and Salesforce.com Announce Strategic Partnership
Industry leaders to deliver new solutions and mobile experiences for mutual customers.
NICE Delivers Real-Time Voice Biometrics to the Call Center
Biometrics solution authenticates callers through a multilayered process. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Retailers Bring the Digital Experience In-Store
Using smartphones, tablets, and creative displays, retailers can give consumers the best of both worlds.
Moving Toward Agile Selling
Today's sales professionals must be quicker thinkers and learners.
NICE Enhances Gamification in Performance Management Solution
New rewards, and individual and team challenges are among the NICE gamification enhancements.
Why Customer Experience Is a Bad Metric
The importance of customer engagement will surpass customer experience.
3 Reasons to Boost Your Contact Center's Strategic Value
Today's solutions are lower in cost, offer predictive capabilities, and require less technical know-how to operate.
Eschew the Peer Review?
There are limits to what "people like me" can tell you.
Ellie Mae Launches Encompass CRM
End-to-end CRM and marketing automation system delivers new capabilities to drive new business and ensure compliance.
Logi Info 11.2 Release Takes on Big Data
Update focuses on big data shaping and visualization.
To App or Not to App?
Base your plan of action on this simple formula.
The 2014 CRM Service Leaders
CRM in the Age of Customer Engagement
When definitions are in flux, flexibility is key.
Commence Adds Calendaring and Twitter Functionality to CRM App
Commence CRM Version 5.5 offers instant messenger, Microsoft Word integration, calendar syncing, and mobile features.
Gamification Comes to the Contact Center
Game techniques keep agents happy, engaged, and better equipped to handle interactions.
The Key to Delivering Amazing Customer Service
Shep Hyken outlines Ace Hardware's secrets to going beyond 'satisfactory.'
Overcome Multichannel Customer Service Challenges
Effective strategies start with talking to customers.
The Role of Gamification in the Contact Center and Back Office
Gain more value from employees and customers with gamification processes.
Preparing for the Omnichannel Environment
In a world where so much attention is placed on technology, we shouldn't lose sight of the human element.
Building a Business Case for Enterprise CMS
An evolving need for content calls for an all-in-one way to manage it.
Voice Biometrics Builds a Business Case
Advances in speech security have made it more feasible and reliable as a call center tool.
Schools Need to Rethink Their CRM Approaches
Many colleges and universities are only using CRM for marketing, ignoring vital service and sales components.
Luxury and Discount Retailers Seize Digital Marketing Momentum
With no one-size-fits-all solution, companies strive to stand out to core customers.
The Mobile CRM R(evolution)
New options move focus from convenience to performance.
Vanity Metrics 2.0
Deriving actionable intelligence from big data.
How Automation Can Make Us More Human
Providing agents with automation offers streamlined service with a personal touch.
NICE to Acquire Causata
The deal brings Web and contact center analytics together
Collaboration Makes Good Sales Great
World-class organizations leverage teamwork to be more successful.
NICE Introduces Contact Center Video Recording
Recording can improve compliance, quality monitoring, and coaching for customer service via video conferencing.
Vivint Finds Service Success with RightTime
The home automation services company uses agent downtime to increase productivity.
Workforce Management: Better but Not Good Enough
What makes an ideal solution?
NICE Partners with Bunchball
The pairing brings gamification to workforce optimization solutions.
Taking SPM Out of the Dark Ages
New solutions remove barriers to payment plan success.
NICE Releases Updates to Its WFO Solutions
New offerings let businesses incorporate collaboration and gamification into their operations.
Ebix Joins Constant Contact’s AppConnect Partner Program
Integration allows syncing of contact information between Ebix SmartOffice CRM and Constant Contact's Email Marketing.
Winning the Battle Between Sales and Marketing
Look to marketing automation to lead the way.
NICE Introduces Customer Engagement Analytics
The platform combines interaction analytics and transaction analytics for insights into the complete cross-channel customer journey.
NICE Introduces Proactive Compliance Suite for Financial Institutions
The offering will enable organizations to manage compliance across the enterprise, prepare for audits, and meet regulatory requirements.
NICE Partners with Silver Lining Solutions
Joint solutions combine NICE WFO technology with Silver Lining's performance management and agent coaching tools.
The Future of Mobile CRM
Providing access from anywhere is essential in today's business environment.
Measuring and Evaluating Your Social Media Effort
Know your audience, function, and business goal.
Meeting the Needs of the Always-Connected Consumer
Forrester Research and Gartner uncover trends driving marketing decisions for 2013.
Bally Pumps Up Its Image
A twice-bankrupt fitness giant revamps its service efforts.
NICE Launches Cloud-Based WFO Suite
The cloud-based offering addresses growing market demand and customer need for flexibility
NICE Rolls Out Voice Biometrics Solution
Technology aimed at reducing fraud in the contact center.
Building an Impenetrable Cloud
Companies concerned about data security have more hybrid (public and private) cloud computing options.
The Pros and Cons of Gamification
What works within companies might call for caution with customers.
Mobile Application Success Strategies
A pretty app is nice, but the key is giving customers a reason to come back.
NICE Teams with IBM on Analytics Offering
The solution is geared toward big data analysis in the Hadoop environment.
NICE Launches Mobile Workforce Optimization Suite
NICE's WFO suite offers managers and employees new mobile capabilities to drive higher engagement in today's work environment.
NICE Launches Upgraded Release of Performance Management Solutions
NICE Performance Management and NICE Incentive Compensation Management solutions enable enterprises to manage, measure, and motivate frontline service and sales employees.
The 2012 CRM Market Leaders
Uncovering the Hidden Wealth of Your Customers
Don't miss these opportunities.
Change Is the Name of the Game
How current technology trends are affecting CRM.
Overcoming the Challenges of Midmarket Contact Centers
How to get what you need at a price you can afford.
Listening to the Voice of the Customer
As companies adopt voice of the customer solutions, customers expect them to act on their feedback.
In Contact Centers, WFO's Star Is on the Rise
A host of innovations are adding new dimensions.
Twitter: Hearing 140 Million Voices
It's easier than you think to make sense of Twitter.
NICE Introduces Analytics-driven Real-time Customer Interaction Management Offering
The offering, enhanced by recent Fizzback and Merced acquisitions, enables enterprises to shape interactions as they occur and impact every stage of the interaction lifecycle.
Knowing Your Customers in the Digital Age
New technologies mean new challenges.
NICE Releases Mobile Reach
Solution helps smartphone users determine the best way to reach customer service.
NICE Opens New Practice Dedicated to Dodd-Frank Act
Financial institutions can leverage NICE's expertise and solutions to ensure compliance with key components of the act relating to transactions and interactions for trading floors, contact centers, back offices, and branches.
The Fast and the Curious
Building a business model to keep up with customer expectations.
Be the Influencer
A voice unheard is a waste.
Mobile CRM: Nice to Have or a Business Essential?
Don't risk becoming a digital dinosaur.
Turning Unprofitable Customers into Profitable Relationships
Figure out what your customers want.
NICE Selected for Cisco’s SolutionsPlus Program
NICE selected for its suite of analytics-based business solutions and Workforce Optimization products.
NICE Integrates Interaction Management and Fizzback Solutions to Enhance Customer Experience
The combined Voice of the Customer solution enables companies to gain insight into the root cause of specific customer feedback by correlating voice interactions with real-time feedback survey results.
Five9 and NICE Partner for Workforce Optimization in the Cloud
The two vendors combine to offer a fully integrated hosted solution.
The 2012 Service Leaders
The Argument for Desktop Analytics
This new IT sector offers visibility, real-time guidance, and process automation.
Xactly Ups Ante of Sales Comp Software
Xactly Express Plan Store features personalized rules engine, prebuilt templates for commission automation.
Speech Analytics in the Voice of the Customer Era
A valuable application increases its role
NICE to Acquire Merced Systems
The integration of Merced's Performance Management solution with NICE's real-time analytics and real-time customer feedback will enable organizations to optimize customer-facing processes.
Past Is Prologue for CRM
We look at the major events of this year in the CRM industry for hints of what's to come in 2012.
Oracle to Acquire RightNow Technologies
The $1.5 billion deal is part of an "aggressive" move to offer more cloud solutions, Oracle says.
C3 Selects NICE for Improving Interaction Management
The contact center outsourcer will implement NICE Interaction Management and Quality Management solutions.
Use a Voice of the Customer Program to Prevent Service Meltdowns
Learn from Netflix's mistakes
10 Ways to Rearchitect Your Contact Center
Hiring, training, and technology are considered keys to raising the customer service standard.
Personalize Content by Knowing Your Audience
Increase engagement through more relevant messages
NICE to Acquire Fizzback
The transaction will allow NICE to create a voice of the customer offering that combines direct, indirect, and inferred customer feedback.
WFO Hears The Voice of the Customer
Workforce optimization suites broaden their focus beyond the company
43 Percent of U.S. Businesses Now Successfully Using Social Media
The appeal of social networks is to win new customers, according to a new survey from Regus.
Thank You For Your Business
Eagerness makes a difference to customers
Contact Center Becomes a Second Choice
When self-service via the Web fails, then customers call the contact center, NICE research finds.
Better Customer Experience Leads to Millions in Additional Revenue
A new survey from the Temkin Group reveals a significant correlation between customer experience, customer loyalty, and increased revenue.
Good Service is Good Business
U.S. consumers are willing to spend more with companies that get service right, according to an American Express survey.
Required Reading: Ruling the Roost with Relevance
Being the preferred brand is not enough in the face of quickly shifting market dynamics
Speech Analytics Captures Consumer Sentiment
Technologies blend data from different sources, emotional states, and moments in time
Bringing Problems to Your Customer Service Team
If your customers don't bring YOU their problems, then where do they bring them?
IVR Personalization: Strike the Right Balance
Too much familiarity can repel customers, so designers must take pains to build the right systems
QM Picture Grows Blurry
Vendors deliver a broad suite of new functionality
Workforce Optimization Gets Optimized
DMG research shows innovation and growth to continue in the WFO market through 2013.
The 2011 Service Leaders
311: The Agency That Never Sleeps
How NYC's non-emergency contact center managed to flourish in the downturned economy, become social media-savvy, and meet the needs of citizens
Thundering into Social Media
J&P Cycles accrues more than 28,000 Facebook fans in less than a year with RightNow for Facebook
Alcatel-Lucent Announces Contactless Payment and Loyalty Pilot for Sanoma Magazines
With contactless stickers and an e-wallet, publisher hopes to enhance magazine marketing at the point of sale.
The Will, Skill, and Drill of Selling
Why skill alone will never lead to sales success.
Contact Center Recording Systems Market Expected to Grow 55 Percent by 2015
Pelorus Associates expects the total worldwide market to hit $1.24 billion in five years, up from $800 million today.
Changing the Mobile Channel
Mobile service is finally catching on with consumers of all ages—but not everyone is embracing the same methods
Act or Be Acted Upon
Being more proactive is not merely a nice thought, it's essential.
SAP Promises a "Leading" Mobile Platform in 9 Months
Top executives from SAP and its recent Sybase acquisition deliver a corporate roadmap.
The Greening of CRM
Sustainability, in all its forms, may be the industry's next big thing.
Tracking Touch-Tone Opportunities
Marketing services provider eMediaNode turns to ATG Call Tracking to better serve prospects and customers' customers.
Driving Results
How AAA Mid-Atlantic turned database marketing into member retention.
Nice Systems Sticks with Eglue — Permanently
The customer interaction specialist acquires longtime partner eglue, a manager of real-time decision-making and guidance for agent desktops, for at least $29 million in cash.
Marketo Tries to Make CMOs Merry
With the launch of the Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics product portfolio, the marketing automation player helps marketers prove ROI.
Analyzing the Workforce
Analytics and on-demand offerings are changing the nature of workforce optimization.
Marketing to a Community
Gathering your company's brand fanatics together is only the start. Now you have to mind your messaging.
Empower Your Customers on a Personal Level
Tokyo convenience stores can teach you everything you need to know about customer service.
Coremetrics Puts a 2010 Face on Analytics
With the latest launch of its Coremetrics Analytics 2010 application, the Web analytics vendor brings forward a smarter user interface, a new mobile app, and a host of new features.
Google Bets on Buyers' App-etites
Within the search giant's Apps Marketplace, small and midsize application providers can integrate with cloud-based offerings.
Manifestos Are Conversations
More than 10 years after upending the balance between companies and customers, the authors of The Cluetrain Manifesto reflect on its creation—and its lasting influence.
Pegasystems and RightNow Added to Leaders in Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service Contact Centers
Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service Contact Centers '10: New players join Oracle Siebel, Microsoft, and Salesforce.com as the market seeks to empower agents and deliver next-generation service.
Maximizer Rolls Up Its Mobile, Desktop, and Web Offerings
Version 11 continues along the path of "mobilizing the workforce" and introduces a new all-inclusive licensing option for SMBs.
Saving Trees, One T-Shirt at a Time
Customers at Stanford University's student store no longer have to receive receipts.
Re:Tooling — Speech Analytics: Seeking What's Inside
Why speech analytics is starting to get a little more than recognition.
InQuira Puts Its Knowledge Solutions in the Cloud
With InQuira OnDemand, the vendor debuts online versions of its Web Self-Service and Contact Center Solutions.
CRM Magazine Announces Winners of 2010 CRM Service Awards
Companies, customers, and visionaries honored for successes in the service industry over the previous 12 months.
The 2010 CRM Service Awards: Rising Stars -- CallCopy (The Copy Cat)
Echoing the big players' functionalities, a spate of new releases are pushing CallCopy toward the upper tier.
The 2010 CRM Service Awards: Rising Stars -- Nexidia (The Wordsmith)
Nexidia is one of the few companies able to decipher speech analytics and make the technology relevant to the contact center.
Infusionsoft Goes 2.0
With its latest updates, the email marketing provider helps its small business customers take their CRM efforts to the next level.
Extreme Loyalty Requires Extreme Commitment
Net Promoter Conference '10: Three companies reveal the secrets to delivering high-quality customer experience.
Speaking of Customer Insights
Speech analytics can help improve customer experience, cut costs, reduce attrition, and minimize risk
Informatica and IBM Lead Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools
Big Red squeezes onto the Leaders Quadrant and an open-source player joins the evaluation for the first time.
5 for '10
Cutting-edge technologies are altering the possibilities that are open to us. Is your company prepared to embrace the new?
ClickSoftware Unveils Standalone Mobility Suite
The latest offering will help the company continue to grow marketshare, pundits say.
Aspect Software Beefs Up Quality Monitoring
Pundits say the company's latest release tightens competition in the QM space.
Dressing in Augmented Reality
New solution for online retailers brings the dressing room into the consumer's own home.
Cloudy, with a Chance of Reign
Salesforce.com made software-as-a-service its trademark—can lightning strike twice with cloud computing?
A Salesforce.com by Any Other Name
What do you do when your brand no longer reflects your offerings?
CRM on Twitter: November 2009
What does the Twittersphere think of Salesforce.com?
Finding the ‘Where' with Software
SpatialKey's on-demand solution boasts a geographic information system (GIS) that's both low cost and caters to the business user.
The Great Data Debate
eMetrics '09: The Web has the potential to change the way companies and consumers interact, but how to make that happen is still up in the air.
Acquisitions Get the Call in Contact Center Consolidations
Deals by both ClickSoftware and Spoken Communications signal an emerging trend in the customer service sector: competition through acquisition.
SAP Calls on Companies to Embrace "The New Value"
SAP World Tour '09: Morning keynote addresses challenge attendees to take charge — or risk failure.
Climbing to New Heights of Lead Generation
Looking to expand its library of ideas, CrownPeak, a provider of Web content management software, turns to Demandbase to target more customers at less expense.
Boost Customer Satisfaction, Now
Three tips for winning customers despite tough economic times.
The 2009 Rising Stars - Visible Technologies
Making Social Media Matter
The 2009 CRM Market Awards: The 2009 Elite
The four customer implementations deemed most worthy this year.
The 2009 Market Leaders - Consultancies
CRM magazine's eighth annual Market Leader awards rate the top five companies in 10 categories.
Hello, I Love You
How CRM and advertising can help you court the best customers.
Quantivo Couples with the Amazon Cloud
The behavioral analytics provider boosts scalability, flexibility, and affordability with its new deployment model.
Feedback: August 2009
Readers tell us what they think of "social" technologies.
Intelligence in the Cloud
Business intelligence software defined a certain stage of maturity with CRM data by making that data actionable. Now on-demand BI promises to do the same for on-demand CRM — by making it affordable.
Workforce Management Market Set to Double
According to new research from Pelorus Group, the market will jump from $268 million to $533 million by 2014.
7 Ways to Accelerate Sales in a Down Economy
The answer involves more than just "always be closing."
Taking the Measure of Social Media
Experts insist that social media is measurable—it just depends on how you define your metrics.
Making the Grade
As the higher education sector finds itself struggling under a heavy course load — short-term admissions problems made worse by a systemic financial crisis—leading-edge universities are studying up on CRM.
Envision Takes a "Real" Look at Speech
Envision Telephony wants to deliver a "realistic" speech analytics solution with InteractionIQ.
10 Steps to Social Media Success
Internet Week '09: Brand Exposure event shows companies how to join the conversation.
Marketing and Social Media: Everyone’s Social (Already)
Your customers are increasingly connected — to you, to your competition, to each other — but you're not supposed to be the center of every network.
Service and Social Media: You’re Not Social (Enough)
Communities and channels are rapidly expanding — and your company needs to at least know its place in all of them.
ClickFox Analyzes the Customer Experience
The vendor's packaged solutions target three specific pain points in the contact center.
Where CRM and CMS 2.0 Collide
Content and customers come in many varieties.
Workforce Optimization Is the Optimal Goal
Helping contact center managers achieve four primary goals.
Decisions, Decisions
Neither your best guess nor your gut instinct is good enough anymore. Fortunately, with enterprise decision management, the technology and methodology now exist to help you reach a better conclusion.
Ringing the Opening Bell
A financial-trading facility gets a new recording system in less than two weeks—and saves $292,000.
VPI Empowers Quality Management with Analytics
The company's latest release represents "a major step" forward for its contact center solutions, according to an industry pundit.
Required Reading: Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Tell All About It
Solving a problem works best when others help you spread the good word.
The 2009 CRM Service Awards: Service Leaders -- Introduction
Eight categories -- including one making its debut -- reflect the very best the CRM service-and-support industry has to offer.
Salesforce.com Frees Up Mobility
Cloudforce London '09: The popular on-demand provider introduces a free version of its mobile CRM access package -- after all, one executive says, "cloud applications make mobility possible."
The 4 Fail Whales of Social Media Marketing
Web 2.0 Expo '09: Social media thought leaders Charlene Li, Jeremiah Owyang, and Peter Kim discuss the barriers to social media marketing, and how to encounter them without going "over capacity."
Spring Brings Service Tweets from Salesforce.com
Cloudforce Tour: Customer service in the cloud gets Twitter integration.
Sales Struggling to Make Quota
A recent report on sales performance optimization shows a gap between expectations and capabilities.
RightNow Registers with Manufacturers
The vendor's latest release includes self-service product registration, tailored to streamline and improve customer service.
CRM and the iPhone
Mobile CRM has been around for years, but Apple's handheld device has upended everything. Now vendors are rewriting applications, companies are rethinking the BlackBerry's seeming stranglehold, and users are wondering what's next. The answer may be nothing less than a CRM revolution, and a chance for Apple to enter the enterprise.
Automating the Personal Touch
A small direct-marketing business extends its operations with Infusionsoft CRM.
Re:Tooling -- Contact Management: Business-Card Shakedown
New applications allowing the electronic exchange of contact information—Web 2.0's answer to traditional cards, or not?
Is Workforce Optimization Recession-Proof?
A new study finds WFO had a very good 2008, despite the economic downturn.
Aspect Unveils 6 New UC Applications
New unified communication offerings are geared to help companies cut costs while improving customer service.
The Depression? Great.
How we handle the bad times can reflect well on us in the long run.
You Think You’re Great, But …
What do customers think of customer service?
Aspect Takes AIM at Bolstering PerformanceEdge
In yet another move to expand its workforce optimization offerings, Aspect Software acquires AIM Technologies.
NetSuite's OpenAir Opens Up to Salesforce.com
The provider of professional services automation -- now a NetSuite company -- announces closer integration with Salesforce.com.
Marketing Trends for 2009
"Customer satisfaction" and "customer retention" top the list for marketing executives.
Feedback: January 2009
Readers talk about home agents, new consultants, and business architects.
Lead Sweet Lead
A Realtor discovers that as one door (fore)closes, another might not open.
Federal Government Improves, But Still Trails Private Sector
Any improvements in customer satisfaction given today's economy is noteworthy, but government could still use more votes.
Nice and Verint Remain the Forces in Workforce Optimization
New research from Datamonitor finds the two market giants continue to lead the WFO space, which is set to grow 10.3 percent annually through 2013.
The Buzz Around Business Architecture
Forrester says business architecture is coming to the fore -- and could raise interesting questions for technology departments.
Interaction Recording Market Forges Ahead
New research indicates global sales continue to climb, and will surpass the billion-dollar mark by 2010.
Customer Demand Drives Gartner Workforce Optimization Magic Quadrant
The research firm's debut report on this market puts Nice Systems and Verint Systems on top, and says we can expect more vendors to join the WFO party in 2009.
The High Quality of Quality Management
New solutions continue to make an impact inside and outside the contact center.
An On-Demand Assessment
Five nines of semantic foolishness, at your service.
CRM on Twitter: October 2008
Customer experience tales across the Twitterverse.
The New Breed of CRM Consultant
With the days of never-ending on-premises engagements and limitless budgets long gone, CRM can no longer sustain the consultancies of yesteryear. But what kinds of professional services are still needed in today's CRM industry—and what kind of CRM are consultants selling?
Advanced Marketing Analytics: The Next Big Thing
The marketplace is demanding a new type of analytic platform.
The Customer Experience Tattoo
Gartner CRM Summit '08: Industry analyst provides recommendations in keeping interactions with the customer skin-deep.
Break the Rules to Win in Customer Service
Out-innovate the competition in 9 contrarian ways.
Oracle Integrates CRM On Demand with Siebel
In an effort to unite on-demand and on-premises CRM, Oracle takes responsibility for product integration -- a move that looks particularly appealing for partner channel management.
The 2008 CRM Market Awards: Market Leaders -- Sales Force Automation
Some things don't change: The continuing trend toward "SFA plus something more" is accelerating, and Salesforce.com takes the title once again.
There's a Sucker Born Every Minute
The one from my birth-minute is no mystery.
Calling It Quits
Contact center agents are leaving in massive numbers -- attrition and absenteeism run rampant -- but there are ways to stem the tide.
BT Snaps Up Ribbit for $105 Million
Company executives insist the acquisition will only help accelerate voice automation innovation for the masses.
CRM Market Continues to Soar for a Fourth Straight Year
Gartner sees 23 percent growth in 2007, and also finds social networking becoming a disruptive force in the CRM industry.
No Leaders Yet in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Marketing Management
Magic Quadrant for EMM '08: Until buyers are using EMM solutions as platforms, vendors can't be marked for their ability to deliver.
Roar of the Market
Attensity's new Market Voice solution strives to harvest customer insight from both direct and indirect channels.
Performance Management Requires Process Improvement
Contact center performance management isn't about measuring flaws -- it's about fixing them.
"Houston, We Have a Problem"
Simple customer management shouldn't be rocket science
Lollipop Loyalty
As rewards programs proliferate, your best customers want -- and deserve -- more consideration.
Workforce Optimization Giants Continue Patent Battles
For the second time in as many weeks, Verint gained a victory over Nice Systems in the long-running patent-infringement cases over speech analytics and IP recording in the contact center.
Companies Still Miss the Mark on the Complete Customer Experience
A new study maintains that while many companies claim they're crafting quality customer service, most still fail to deliver.
Microsoft Goes Automated With its Service Agent
The release marks another contact center-specific offering available now from the software giant, and underscores a future move to make inroads with large-scale, more complex contact centers.
Is Your Email Smart?
It should do more than deliver information -- it should enable action.
The Excellence Myth
In an exclusive excerpt from his new book Excellence Every Day, industry thought leader Lior Arussy examines the truth--and crippling fictions--behind the value of experience.
7 Steps to SOA Success
Services-oriented architecture--and the Web services it supports--is one of today's hottest software trends. It's also one of the least understood
Etelos Moves Forward With Reverse Merger
The SaaS and PaaS vendor becomes a public company in an unorthodox way, raising funds for further development of its Etelos Marketplace.
Business Intelligence Is Mission-Critical, for CRM and Others
Gartner Business Intelligence Summit '08: By 2009, 90 percent of mission-critical projects will depend on data warehouse information to drive higher revenues or lower costs.
Productivity and Workforce Management
WFM solutions typically pay for themselves in under a year -- can you afford not to have one?
Tech Solution: Speech Analytics Software
Business Problem: Inability to understand or organize customer feedback in order to retain customers and improve overall service.
The 2008 CRM Service Awards: Workforce Optimization Suite
Consolidation is all the rage in workforce optimization; Verint Systems takes the "optimal" spot.
The 2008 CRM Service Awards: Contact Center Search
In a contact-center-specific adaptation of knowledge management, InQuira is this year's answer.
Is Marketing Left Out of CRM?
You're not the only one talking to your customers.
Kana and IBM Team Up for New Customer Experience Solutions
Expanding an existing partnership, the companies are expecting services-oriented architecture to help foster "seamless" customer-service integration.
Sage's New New Global Strategy
Sage Software's latest CRM shift promises one step up in mobility and another toward integration.
In Search Of...
New technologies make searching for internal documents as easy as surfing the Web. What's that got to do with CRM?
Chasing Down First-Call Resolution
A credit-card company reduces agent strain and finds answers faster with Enkata.
Access Your Contact Center Data Anywhere, Anytime
In response to customer demand, Autonomy etalk's Intelligent Contact Center solutions suite introduces Qfiniti Web Access, turning any Internet-connected computer into a customer-service station.
Marketers Get Invites to the Social Networking Party
Loyalty Lab's newest release links email to myriad activities -- and makes messaging relevant for social networks.
If SMBs Don't Buy Contact Center Applications, No One Will
A new study concludes vendors must tap into the midmarket to prevent a potential stagnation in market growth.
Grow Up!
Despite all the buzz around CRM 2.0 and Web 2.0, companies, on average, have been stuck in place for two years.
Monitoring the Quality Monitors
What you need to know about quality management and liability recording solutions.
Rumble in the Office
Your sales force and your technology staff may not respect each other's turf, but you'd better broker a truce if you want your business to thrive.
Quality Management Market Forges Ahead
DMG Consulting's latest figures reflect the market's increasing profitability, especially with SMBs.
Jacada Sells Application Modernization Business
Jacada's $26 million deal with Software AG now allows the company to focus exclusively on its rapidly growing call center solutions business.
Verint Makes a Speedy Impact
The company's acquired Witness arm launches its latest workforce optimization suite, Impact 360, stressing analytics prowess and integration.
The Dark Side of the Search Engine
Will a sage oracle sap your nice salesforce?
It's All Coming 2.0gether
As 2007 ends, and 2008 looms ahead of us, patterns are beginning to emerge: The future of business may not be in the hands of the executives, but those of the customer instead. And yet, hasn't it always been that way?
Web Analytics Dives Deep Into a Sea of Data
A new report details how to better understand -- and, even more critical, how to apply -- Web analytics.
Holiday Shopping Brings Customer Service Challenges
As the annual shopping season opens, retailers need to allocate resources more effectively.
A NICE Way to Handle Cranky Holiday Calls
As the shopping season approaches, retailers can expect disgruntled customers.
CRM Is Up Down Under
New research shows Australia leading the adoption of CRM software in the rapidly expanding Asia-Pacific market.
The Quick Internal Diagnosis for Customer Experience
The way your firm treats salespeople may reflect the way it treats customers.
Checking the Pulse of the Contact Center
Contact center performance management provides a holistic view of agent performance; use that data to spur desirable behaviors that will help reps beat center and corporate goals.
Modern Times, Modern Methods
As business models become increasingly complex, more and more processes are shunted to automated systems. But the best examples never lose touch with the human element.
Business Objects' Polestar Guides Information Search
The business intelligence vendor released an updated version of Crystal Reports at its user conference this week, along with the schedule for the release of a new information-search tool.
Aspen Marketing Services Acquires Newgen Results Corp.
The Midwest agency beefs up its automotive CRM by uniting with another industry player.
Are We There Yet?
After years of false starts, wrong turns, and disruptive detours, SMBs can now steer themselves in the right direction: Marketing can finally get them where they want to go.
Yahoo! Acquires BlueLithium for $300 Million
The search engine stalwart aims to improve its behavioral-targeting capabilities -- and catch up to its peers.
CRM Hits One Out of the Ballpark
How CRM is a clutch performer for the Seattle Mariners -- and their fans.
Market Focus: Financial Services--Case Study
Barclaycard Business: Financing workforce management.
Outsourced Customer Care Is Accelerating
A recent study says growth in mergers and acquisitions are driven by industry's demand for scale; CRM component of outsourcing is small but "growing rapidly."
CRM Numbers Grow, But Also Mislead
The customer management applications market rose 8 percent in 2006, as it did in 2005; SAP and Oracle continue to lead, but their revenue figures don't tell the full tale.
Doubling Down on Quality Management
A new report says the market for quality management/liability recording suites--essentially workforce optimization--more than doubled in 2006.
What Have You Done for Me Lately?
Journalistic temptation runs deep.
Market Focus: Healthcare: The Great Divide
The business of medicine and the care of patients are not the same thing; for both segments, customers is difficult to define.
Truly Mobile Strategies
Wireless SFA solutions require access to data on a broader array of applications on larger platforms.
Yackety Clack
Text chat is no longer exclusively for the tech-adept, buddy-list teen set--it's picking up steam as an enterprise touch point to facilitate multichannel strategies for service and sales efforts.
THE 2007 Service Leaders, Part 1
The customer care market in 2006 evolved at an enthralling rate, as providers of service-and-support technologies and services toiled to bolster their capabilities through strategic partnerships, head-turning mergers and acquisitions, and deepened research and development--all with the goal of helping companies provide stellar service. At the forefront of these developments are our 2007 Service Leaders--the contact center market's leading vendors in seven areas: computer telephony integration, interactive voice response, Web-support services, workforce optimization, quality monitoring, agent-facing universal desktop, and outsourcing services. The results are based on a blend of weighted criteria comprising analyst ratings for customer satisfaction, depth of functionality or services, and company direction, coupled with financial strength throughout the past year evidenced by revenue and revenue growth.
The 2007 Service Leaders, Part 2
The customer care market in 2006 evolved at an enthralling rate, as providers of service-and-support technologies and services toiled to bolster their capabilities through strategic partnerships, head-turning mergers and acquisitions, and deepened research and development--all with the goal of helping companies provide stellar service. At the forefront of these developments are our 2007 Service Leaders--the contact center market's leading vendors in seven areas: computer telephony integration, interactive voice response, Web-support services, workforce optimization, quality monitoring, agent-facing universal desktop, and outsourcing services. The results are based on a blend of weighted criteria comprising analyst ratings for customer satisfaction, depth of functionality or services, and company direction, coupled with financial strength throughout the past year evidenced by revenue and revenue growth.
The 2007 Rising Stars and Service Excellence
There are customer service technology vendors making dynamic acquisitions and expanding their broad product portfolios that don't necessarily fit neatly into one of the seven Service Leader categories. In keeping with that our third annual Service Excellence award recipient, M2M Holdings, made two smart deals that plunged it directly into the full-suite CRM and knowledge management arenas. Also, we present our second annual Rising Star awards, spotlighting under-the-radar tech providers that are making serious strides to deepen their competitive footprint.
It's NICE to Be Secure
NICE Systems releases a new IP video security offering and a video management upgrade; the moves show a growing interest in network video.
The Bottom Ten
Revisiting the worst in CRM, via the worst in CRM.
Intensive Care
Learn these WFM lessons to breed the best contact center forecasting, scheduling, and managing efforts.
Verint Refreshes Its PM Piece
Perhaps indicative of Verint Systems' intent to continue its pre-Witness initiatives, the company's latest performance management solution caters to the front office, back office, and enterprise departments.
NICE Smartens Up
The company's SOA framework will fuse its own capabilities with those acquired from workforce management player IEX and performance management specialist Performix Technologies.
Verint: Can I Get a Witness?
Verint scoops up Witness today, which marks major consolidation in the market, while propelling Verint to the head of the contact center solutions game.
Jamaica's In
Small companies find the island attractive due to its close proximity to the United States and its well-educated, English-speaking workforce
CCPM Market Is Poised For Progress
Market penetration has been slow, but the benefits of contact center performance management applications to the contact center and other enterprise departments are expected to help spur growth.
Tech Solution: Quality Monitoring Tools
Business Problem: The contact center needs to strike a balance between call volumes and quality of service.
Making the Grade
E-learning deployments earn straight A's when used in conjunction with formal classroom training.
QM Saunters to Continued Uptake
The quality management and liability recording market is projected to exceed expectations, thanks in large part to the space's competitive landscape and product innovation.
All Together Now: WFM Centralization
UPC Nederland's unified approach to agent scheduling leads to cost savings and upped customer satisfaction
Secret of My Success: This Old CRM
Citrix's GoToWebinar rebuilds a home improvement firm's customer-training capabilities.
Witness Eyes the Enterprise
The WFO solutions provider acquires two WFM vendors that play in the financial services space; the move extend its solutions beyond the contact center and into the enterprise.
Who's Afraid of Big, Bad Outsourcing?
Its stigma as a menace to service is fading, from both the company and customer end, according to a recent report; customers want service quality, no matter where it comes from.
QM: The Upswing Continues
The billion-dollar market is expected to continue its growth streak thanks in large part to innovation, solutions' ability to address specific contact center issues, and the abundance of best practices.
Financial Success, Successful Finance, Through CRM
Two institutions detail their experience and rewards with CRM implementations at the destinationCRM 2006 conference.
High Performance
WFO suite vendors offer call centers increased ease of use, improved staffing, and lower business costs via new product packages
Required Reading: Service With a Smile?
CRM magazine's Colin Beasty spoke with Richard Gallagher about his book, Great Customer Connections.
Spanlink Acquires Calabrio
The VoIP solutions provider gains the established multisite, multichannel, and multilingual functionality of Calabrio, and a customer base spanning Africa, Europe, and South America.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Integration issues and bugs have paved the way for a CRM solution in version 3.0.
The Why Factor in Speech Analytics
Don't allow the customer information that lies in recorded calls to go unreported and unnoticed--incorporating speech analytics can help improve business areas enterprisewide.
Aspect and Witness Up the WFM Ante
Aspect's latest upgrade focuses on support for outbound and blended contact center environments, while Witness Impact 360 Version 7.7 targets recording and optimization.
Advertisers Add More to Their Spend
More channels and a recovering economy are leading to a free flow of marketing dollars, according to a study.
RightNow's Voice
The company's latest voice apps can ID callers and provide agents with information; one analyst says that integrating its CRM capabilities with customers' premise-based phone tools "will continue to be a challenge."
Wouldn't Better Scheduling Be NICE?
IEX's first product release since NICE acquired the company is designed to meet scheduling requirements and represents the continuing move towards workforce optimization.
Selling Is All About the Setup
New technologies help improve sales processes, but companies are not focusing enough on fundamentals.
E-commerce Best Practices Make Perfect
CRM magazine presents what some of the best minds in the industry have to say.
Unlock CRM Potential with Enterprise Marketing Management
Marketing is no longer a linear process.
Pointing to Profits
It takes a special breed of thinker--quick, tenacious--to be a successful salesperson, and the job has been getting harder. As products and services become more complex, salespeople need to think faster than ever, respond more quickly, remember more details, and comply with more guidelines than ever before.
Barriers to CRM Success
Tech obstacles to CRM success can be considerable, but others include process and people concerns--read here about two companies' experiences.
IEX and Performix Find a NICE Home
NICE Systems will acquire IEX and Performix; is it the start of a major trend in the contact center solutions industry?
Salesforce.com Makes a Mobility Move
The on-demand vendor has acquired Sendia to bring mobility to its AppExchange applications.
Performance Management Spending Will Increase
Companies are working on standardization; budgets will increase as organizations look for ways to extend BI and analytics throughout the enterprise.
Speech Analytics Will Be Listening
The use of this emerging technology is expected to soar over the coming years; the ability to report in real-time will begin to appear in second and third generation versions.
The 2006 Service Leader Awards, Part 1
The contact center industry was hot in 2005, as providers of customer service and support technologies and services strengthened their commitment to delivering first-class service. Many of the industry's players made their presence felt with forward-thinking mergers and acquisitions, while others upped the ante by growing from within and extending strategic alliances. We honor the industry's top-three leaders and one company to watch in the following categories: computer telephony integration, interactive voice response, Web-support services (formerly the Web self-service category), workforce optimization (formerly the workforce management and optimization category), quality monitoring, agent-facing universal desktop, and outsourcing services. The results are based on a weighted formula that includes analyst assessments for customer satisfaction, depth of functionality, and company direction, as well as fiscal health over the course of 2005.
Social Networking: Getting in Touch the CRM Way
CRM magazine explains technology that will understand and leverage your relationship capital.
Keeping Balance in the Center
Organizations no longer have to choose between efficiency and effectiveness as contact center technology evolves. Here, five approaches to service and efficiency equilibrium.
A Solution That's a South Sea Breeze
Unifying customer touch points helps a hotel company specializing in the South Pacific tourism industry reduce costs and boost agent utilization.
NetSuite Launches a Developer Partner Program
Third parties can build applications on the company's NetFlex platform; customers get point products and vertical solutions.
A Customer Respect Score Remains Level
Privacy policies within high-tech industry companies are improving, but some functions, including email responsiveness and data sharing, continue to lag.
Surefire Hires
Organizations jeopardize their ability to best serve customers if they don't have selection, retention, and development strategies for contact center agents. Here, industry insiders offer nine tips to help minimize risk.
Business Objects Leads the Pack in BI ROI
An evaluation observes that standardization is growing as a trend, but that dashboards are driving BI adoption.
CRM the Santa Way
ERP (elf resource planning)
The Year in (P)review
Looking back, and to the future: CRM trends and events to watch.
CSAA Steers Its Performance Management
To ease supervisors' time-intensive data-collection method, the organization created an in-house tool.
A Web Site Gets the Royal Treatment
Optimizing an online booking channel helped to boost hotel reservations.
November 15, 2005
Interactive Intelligence unveils Customer Interaction Center 2.4; Tigerpaw releases version 10 of its flagship product, NICE announces record financial results; and more.
QM and Liability Recording Move Ahead
The market is on track to hit and surpass a previous forecast due to enhanced innovation, better ROI, and less-costly software-based recording.
You Demand On Demand...Now What?
Choosing an on-demand CRM solution just got more complicated.
Cisco's Play For Smaller Wins
The networking giant pushes IP-telephony solutions and financing options for the SMB and midmarket spaces, among its slew of new offerings.
Tech Does Not Supplant the Human Touch
Advances in technology may be not be so advanced, as they hinder the old service-with-a-smile treatment that many Americans want.
Is It Done Yet?
eSuds eliminates the guesswork around college washing machines' availability.
August 19, 2005
Salesforce.com shows record fiscal results; ClientLogic strengthens its Latin American presence; Baseline Consulting hires a new senior manager; and more.
The Next Step in Anger Management
Speech analytics solutions are enabling companies to track and analyze emotional cues.
SFA and Marketing Automation Show Even Growth
The leading vendors attracted new customers in 2004; hosted options are in demand.
Fatter Functionality For Speech Analytics
CallMiner adds to its analytics suite a new Web-based reporting and analysis tool that automates the delivery of customized reports.
Companies: Tailor Wireless to Workforce Demands
The Collaborative Technologies Conference provides best practices and words of caution for mobile workforces.
Ranking Poorly with Online Customers
Computer and software providers' email responsiveness and respect for personal data rate low on a new survey.
June 6, 2005
NICE completes its Dictaphone acquisition; Nortel announces its first-quarter results; Pivotal hits the books in Canada; and more.
Multichannel e-Marketing--Finally
How to better synchronize the Web and email to create more effective customer communication.
A Century of Customer Love
Nordstrom is the gold standard for customer service excellence -- and, amazingly, word of mouth is its primary marketing tool.
May 23, 2005
KANA releases an updated version of KANA Response; Business Objects provides BI for DoD; and more.
SAP Goes Vertical
SAPPHIRE '05: SAP releases the latest version of its CRM suite, but analysts cite the company's 'failure' to deliver a hosted application.
Customers Gather 'Round Virtual Contact Centers
This week's Witness user conference highlighted touch point innovation, a workforce optimization maturity model, and the evolution of the VCC.
Medical Action Industries
The company is using CRM to put the force back into sales force automation.
Autonomy Plans to Acquire Etalk
The provider of enterprise infrastructure software hopes to expand into the contact center; first-quarter earnings are up.
NICE Buys Dictaphone's Recording Systems Business
The deal will allow Dictaphone to concentrate on healthcare, and NICE may grow vertically.
April 6, 2005
Gold's Gym gets stronger customer service using Avaya; WebSideStory and Flak eSolutions enter into a partnership, Pivotal loses CEO; and more.
The 2005 CRM Service Leaders--Part I
CRM magazine presents the Service Leaders awards to the most impressive providers of customer care architecture, technology, and services who have worked tirelessly over the past year to improve their capabilities so that contact centers can go about their crucial business more efficiently and effectively than ever before.
March 28, 2005
Siebel Systems selects Macrovision; Acxiom to acquire Digital Impact; SHIFT Communications launches SHIFT LeadSensor; and more.
March 15, 2005
The City of Indianapolis turns to citizen relationship management; i360technologies to purchase Cantilever Technologies; Aspect Communications releases eWorkforce Management 6.3; and more.
Be a Bag
Britain's leading handbag and accessories designer lets customers put their own identity on the products they buy.
Heard & Overheard
QM Is Poised For Growth
The quality management and liability recording market is expected to grow significantly.
Aprimo Marketing 7.0 Arrives
The company's newest release is equipped with greater functionality and user enhancement improvements.
The Young and the Rich: The New Thrifty
Young, affluent customers are shunning traditional images of wealth and luxury, and looking for more value.
February 2, 2005
Staples is leveraging KANA SRM; Mercury Interactive agrees to a multiyear deal with SAP; Salesforce.com announces Developer Program for Microsoft Office; and more.
Heard and Overheard
Siebel Moves Beyond Messaging
Customers gain access to the company's hosted CRM management solution.
Witness Systems to Purchase Blue Pumpkin
The performance-optimization software provider looks to extend its position in the market.
Service Isn't Just About Being Nice, It's About Resolving Issues
KANA launches a new application designed to help contact center agents resolve customer concerns more quickly and accurately.
Click! Network Dials Up Better Customer Service
The cable television and telecommunications service company uses quality monitoring and evaluation tools to improve service and sales.
FrontRange Solutions Previews Its IT Service Management Suite
The HEAT and GoldMine provider also announced additional products.
Anatomy of a CRM Analyst
Analyst firms provide their services either on demand or on a subscription basis to clients, which comprise end-user businesses, industry vendors, and investment firms.
CRM is GO!
Essentials for a 21st-century start-up: Business plan? Check. Line of credit? Check. CRM strategy? Check.
What Users Want
The limitations are not in the tool. They're in our application of the tool.
PeopleSoft to Offer $100,000 Credits for Some New Licenses
PeopleSoft will offer credits of as much as $100,000 to customers willing to upgrade certain versions of its software before the end of 2004.
Contact Center Vendors Optimize Their Own Performance
Presenting financial information from 2003, the report analyzes the workforce management market.
Oracle Updates Sales and Marketing CRM Modules
The modules being upgraded, Oracle Sales, Oracle Marketing, Oracle Partner Relationship Management, and Oracle e-Commerce, either create or expand functionalities across most of the company's selling platform.
E-Government Spending on the Rise
The report anticipates moderate growth over the next two years for state-and-local e-governments, but by 2006 expects to see the beginning of a growth cycle to reach a compound annual growth rate of about 30 percent through 2007.
Compliance Comes to CRM
Customer strategies will inevitably be affected as thousands of public companies, and even many of their privately held peers, adopt the requisite policies.
7 Strategies for Profiting From Customer Data
These seven strategies illustrate some of the best ways to apply the information you may already have in your contact center to improve your standing with customers.
Companies to Deepen Investments in Online Marketing
Based on the results of a survey of 359 companies, more than 75 percent reported that marketing spending in comparison with 2003 would either increase or stay consistent in 2004.
The Week in Review: March 5, 2004
Inforte announced a definitive merger agreement; Salesforce.com announced its integration with WebEx Communications' WebEx MediaTone Network and more.
The 2004 Service Leaders--Part II
The Service Leaders were selected based on a combination of weighted criteria, including revenue and revenue growth (last four complete quarters ended September 30, 2003), market share, customer wins, and reputation for customer satisfaction.
Forrester Ranks Hosted SFA Solutions
TechRankings analyzed both the ability of the vendor to support the solution and its functionality, including the tools to manage the sales process and sales management--from managing opportunities, quotas, and forecasts, to assessing the results.
Outsourcing Hot Spots
Low labor costs are spurring more and more companies to consider outsourcing their contact centers to service providers in offshore and nearshore locations.
The Week in Review: January 30, 2004
PeopleSoft posted record license revenue; Comergent has acquired Profile Systems; and more.
Manage the Customer, Then the Relationship
Far too many CRM providers fail to understand what their customers want, a very odd thing for companies selling closer customer contact.
Vertical Focus: How Auto Dealers Drive Relationships
Automakers using CRM are getting savvier about their customers, which are essentially the dealers. Dealers using CRM are also getting a better handle on their customers and prospects.
Driven by Service
Aberdeen Group surveyed 380 executives earlier this year, asking them to identify their technology investment priorities for contact centers over the next 18 months. The most surprising takeaway is that 45 percent maintained that the contact center was a "critical" part of their company's product and customer strategy.
It's Always Something
How to avoid the five barriers to successful CRM.
Setting and Managing Your Customers' Expectations
The notion that there is a fixed relationship between the quality of the product or service you offer and the enthusiasm those products or services generate in your customers persists. In reality, the relationship between those two values is far from fixed.
The Week in Review: September 26, 2003
Cognos announced that Fist Citizens bank has chosen its new ReportNet product; outsourcing is the fastest growing technology segment within the federal government, according to a report released by INPUT; UpShot announced Monday that Arasys has selected UpShot's online CRM service; and Witness Systems has appointed Sandra Jimenez as managing director of the company's Latin American operations.
Your Customers are Gold in a Down Economy
The best risk mitigation for a prospect is a satisfied customer.
The 2003 Influential Leaders
Here, we spotlight customer-company and vendor executives who have made a significant impact in their company or on the industry in the past year. Additionally, we introduce our inaugural CRM Hall of Fame, and induct three industry luminaries.
Primus Announces Earnings, Acquisition
Under the terms of the stock-and-cash deal, Primus will purchase Broad Daylight for 2,090,000 shares of Primus common stock, plus cash equal to the value of 110,000 shares of Primus common stock.
When customers don't know about services they may want to buy, it's like throwing away opportunity.
Securing Agent Buy-In for Quality
Contact center executives now realize that it is not enough just to plug in the system. Management must explain how the agents will benefit from the technology.
The People Part of the Excellence Equation
To maintain this difference managers need to do three things: hire right, engage their employees, and retain the best people.
Faster Feedback
The Nice Feedback can route callers automatically, obviating the need for agent involvement. Additionally, callers can choose to have their voice complaint tape recorded, which can then be automatically linked to the survey results to gain greater insight.
Improving Online Customer Relationships
The top-five functions to automatically build into your e-CRM strategy.
Witness Completes Eyretel Acquisition
Witness Systems today announced the completion of its acquisition of Eyretel, a U.K. provider of high-volume recording solutions.
Call Center Managers: Analyze This
Customers using etalk Recorder can now leverage their recording investment by using SpeechMiner Enterprise to automate, streamline, and improve their call center operations.
The 10 Best Things to Do With Your Data
Follow these 10 steps and you'll have information that really means something, rather than just have a lot of data that confuses more than it informs.
Are CRM Consultants Objective?
In the current market of integrators owning shares in vendors, companies need to be aware of the basis for some recommendations.
Vertical Focus: Healthcare
Required Reading
The Week in Review 3/14/03
Retail companies are realizing the importance of making CRM investments; more companies have stepped up to offer migration programs for customers of the now-defunct CRM vendor Xchange; and Dendrite International, BMC Software, and Saratoga Systems announce exec changes.
Hot Seat
Preview 2003--What's in Store for CRM? (PART 1)
CRM magazine interviewed more than 30 industry leaders and surveyed about 100 readers to uncover what they expect to and predict will happen in the industry in the coming year.
365 Days of CRM
A review of CRM news and trends from 2002.
Advice From the Trenches: DirecTV
How DirecTV's knowledge base helps its geographically diverse call center agents dish out current information, consistently.
Earnings and M&A Wrap-up
An overview of this week's earnings and M&A activity in the CRM industry.
Integration: The Great CRM Bottleneck
Scott McNealy, chairman, CEO, and president of Sun Microsystems Inc., says that IBM and Microsoft are part of the integration problem, not the solution.
What Are You Really Buying?
Call it vendor selection, not package selection, please
NetLedger Preps Hosted CRM Solution
Company leverages established Oracle Small Business Suite customer-base to compete in the CRM hosting market
Top Guns (part 1)
the 20 most influential people in CRM in the past year
Class in Session
Does classroom education for CRM still make sense?
Nice Beefs up with Thales Acquisition
Maker of multimedia recording solutions spends $54 million to buy customer facing apps developer
Making Good on the Promise
Critical success factors for an effective CRM
Running Out of Gas?
As more customers embrace a new generation of CRM applications, some old standbys face uncertain futures.
Marketing Faces Loaded Guns
A 360-degree view of customers is the holy grail of e-marketing -- and it doesn't come easily, reports Xchange, a CRM vendor, in a white paper released earlier this week, entitled, One-to-One Mass Marketing: Managing a Million Customer Relationships.
Akibia Consulting's Vertical Challenge
Analyst: Integrator helps companies translate generic CRM into the most valuable approach for specific industry, business
Baan's Nice Guy Image
A Big Splash with One Toe
CRM Gives Retail A Boost
Incremental steps in CRM can help retailers thrive
How effective is self-service as a delivery vehicle?
The biggest impediment to CRM in a bad economy isn't the budget.
How companies can rev up rules engines to drive up profits.
Common Cold Remedy: Business Intelligence
FIS turns to Silvon to keep up with the season's soup demand.
Can Multichannel Retailers Get It Right This Holiday Season?
New technologies and practices, including multichannel sales, are helping retailers achieve greater levels of customer satisfaction this holiday season. But they still may have far to go.
Simple Is As Simple Does
More CRM buyers are looking for software that's simple--but that doesn't mean simpleminded.
Monitor Your Web Experience for Quality
We call center veterans have been focused on quality for years. We invented the phrase "this call may be monitored for quality purposes" some time ago and continue using it, even today, as a badge of honor for our companies' focus on providing quality customer service. Consumers are accustomed to hearing it, and many say they like knowing that their calls may be monitored so their experiences and voices can be heard.
Middleware: Keeping Business Applications Connected
A close look at middleware -- what it is, how you get it, and most importantly, why today's companies need it.
Present Perfect?
After several holiday online shopping seasons that could only leave the Grinch smiling, e-tailers are finally getting serious about improving customer service.
Empowering e-Government
The government has begun adopting customer resource management tools and techniques in an attempt to provide better online service to citizens. Unfortunately, the fragmented nature of their approach prevents this from being truly effective.
Is CRM Technology Getting Ahead of Itself?
CRM solutions providers are caught in a potentially deadly game wherein gaining recognition for innovative technologies has become more important than providing a solid product.
Middleware: Directing Enterprise Traffic
In the increasingly busy intersection where business data collides, middleware is the traffic cop that will direct your enterprise data to ROI Avenue.
Knowledge Management in the Public Sector
Incentives used by private industries to promote knowledge sharing among their workers are inadequate to encourage the same level of sharing among workers in the public sector. Tighter budgets preclude most direct monetary incentives, and the level of delays and red tape dealt with by the average government worker can make knowledge sharing seem more of a bother than a boon. However, there are things that KM advocates in the public sector can do to encourage enthusiastic knowledge sharing among their workers.
The Ding-Dong Bell Curve
Product life cycles morph into "promotion" life cycles in CRM-land.
Sales Odyssey
Simulated people offer customer service online, fostering self-service and enhancing the customer experience.
Power to the People
Will the use of CRM technology in the public sector help government reconnect with the people?
Offering Customers a Quality VoIP Experience
VoIP brings risks along with rewards as companies and customers alike struggle to get an acceptable quality of service from Internet telephony. Fortunately, there are techniques that can be used to increase VoIP's effectiveness and maintain acceptable levels of service
Verna Allee on Rethinking KM
This Q&A with Verna Allee, president of Integral Performance Group, accompanies the "Movers & Shakers" article from the July 2001 edition of Knowledge Management magazine.
Reach Out And Touch Somebody's Brand
The consumer packaged goods industry turns to CRM to attract and retain customers.
A Structured Approach to Retail CRM
Implementing a CRM solution in a retail environment is a complicated undertaking. To be successful in meeting CRM goals, it is important to follow a structured approach to implementing the technology component of the CRM solution.
Wrestling for Power
As CRM's definition expands and evolves, IT, sales, marketing and service tussle over who should be in charge of implementing customer-facing technology.
Mobile CRM Takes Off
Once limited to simple contact managers, mobile platforms are growing to support true enterprise applications.
CRM Works--Only If You Create the Right Environment
Why do so many CRM implementations fail? Too many companies try to change technology without changing culture. What they need is a collective mindset.
An Unlikely Ultraportable Contender
Acer's ultraportabe TravelMate 350 has many surprising features that its mainstream competitors have yet to match.
Add Campaign
Marketswitch uses the power of mathematical analytics to determine the most profitable marketing campaign strategies.
Turning Call Centers into Interaction Centers
Adding interactive technologies to your call center will improve customer service, build loyalty and powerfully coordinate your customer service resources.
Say What?
Nice Systems gives contact centers the tools to analyze and improve the customer experience.
Multifaceted Managers
You may have to borrow a few pages from someone else's book to make sure you have the right skills for the new economy.
Panel: ERP Only a First Step on the Road to CRM
Companies are learning that initial ERP implementations are only the first stage in their IT journey. Three UK finance managers talk about their approach to the development and extension of their back-office systems.
Bring It, Don't Build It
Upshot.com brings the power of a custom sales management solution to any business.
Closing the Customer Connection Gap
The successful integration of channels promises to bring within reach a truly service-orientated CRM holy grail. So why are fewer than 1 percent of European call centers Web-enabled?
UK's Established Companies Take the Lead in e-Fulfillment
UK's established manufacturers and distributors are having to shape up to match customer expectations in the Web-enabled world, but they can still score over the dot coms in e-fulfillment.
Learning Lessons from CRM Failures
CRM vendors, hoping to take control of training and ensure successful software implementations, are leading more end users toward virtual training solutions.
Hosted CRM: The Picture Brightens
A look at the brightening prospects for the hosted CRM model.
I am looking for an outsourcing partner. Should I consider an offshore option?
Despite some initial misgivings, pundits are becoming more optimistic about the ASP model for CRM applications.
The Three Rs Go Virtual
As online training catches on in the CRM world, trainees are taking their seats in front of a computer to learn the basics of relationships, retention and ROI.
Virginia Natural Gas Automates its Field Force
Q&A with Brian Maclean of Virginia Natural Gas who describes how field force automation helps his service fleet keeps pace with 10,000 new customers a year.
The Customer Service Pit
Dr. Jenny Dougmore advocates implementing a new customer service operation in small steps, easing the transition to a smooth-running solution. She tells Steve Bell how customer service can provide the foundation for a building "of architectural merit."
Stocking the Supermarkets
An industry veteran incorporates GPS systems and two-way messaging into a mobile solution for tracking distribution
Predicting ROI
Silent Partners creates customized selling tools that encourage an interactive dialog with prospects while demonstrating your product's value proposition.
Why Customer Complaints Aren't All Bad
Online complaint monger Jennifer Biscoe, CEO of eComplaints.com, encourages unsatisfied customers to gripe on her site and has been overwhelmed by the groundswell of popular support for her idea.
Wireless Data Communication Gets Real
Despite some false starts, wireless sales support now looks as if it's headed for deployment. How soon will it change your business?
For Ritz-Carlton, It All Begins with Customer Knowledge
To extend its advantage in superlative service, Ritz-Carlton implemented a guest relationship management program that helps identify, profile and please most valued guests.
Quantum Leap in Quality
Quantum's Snap division makes online marketing work.
The 10 Most Influential People in CRM
Leaders Who Helped Build the Customer Connection Infrastructure for Today...and Tomorrow.
Whatever Happened... to Notes-Based SFA?
Overshadowed by client-server and Web-based applications, hampered by some technical deficiencies, this venerable platform isn't out of the SFA picture quite yet.
MidMarket CRM: Leveling the Paying Field
Midsize companies are turning to sales automation to help them compete, and that's driving a boom in software designed for the mid tier.
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