Evergage Releases Data Hub
Evergage Data Hub synchronizes customer information across systems to improve real-time personalization.
Posted Jul 26, 2016
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Evergage, providers of a real-time personalization platform, today released Evergage Data Hub to help marketers make sense of and act on customer data from disparate sources, such as marketing automation solutions, CRM systems, email platforms, ad networks, data warehouses, andpoint-of-sale systems. Evergage Data Hub aggregates information from these systems and delivers a holistic, unified view of each customer.

"It's common for marketers today to have customer data in more than a dozen different locations, but with our new solution, the data is easily synchronized," said Karl Wirth, co-founder and CEO of Evergage, in a statement. "We created Evergage Data Hub to put the power of today's technology and data in the hands of marketers. Now, marketers can capture deep behavioral data and sync with external attribute data for a single view of each customer or account, which improves the value and drives greater benefit for both marketers and their customers."

Twenty-five out-of-the-box integrations enable sharing of visitor and campaign details between systems—from field to segment to campaign data. Evergage recently launched two-way integration capabilities with Oracle Eloqua, Salesforce.com's Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget), and Marketo to help marketers capitalize on extensive attribute and email activity data to support individual-level and account-based marketing campaigns.

Evergage Data Hub can also pass/pull information to and from other data sources. For example, it can import in-store transactional data to provide a more complete picture of each consumer's full purchase history when delivering personalized recommendations. The solution can also send in-depth behavioral data collected by Evergage to external business intelligence tools, customer support systems, and more.

Combining visitor information from other sources, the Unified Customer Profile in Evergage gives marketers a single view of each visitor (known or anonymous). This data also powers the Evergage platform so marketers can deliver experiences and recommendations across multiple channels, whether using rule-based or automated algorithms.

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