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The right damage control recipe can restore confidence in your brand.
Posted 02 Nov 2011 [November 2011 Issue]
Current benchmarks are "typically the wrong ones"
Posted 02 Nov 2011 [November 2011 Issue]
Research studies customers' willingness to spend based on state of mind
Posted 02 Nov 2011 [November 2011 Issue]
Materials of this color might be counterproductive for breast cancer awareness, a study finds
Posted 02 Nov 2011 [November 2011 Issue]
Folica, a purveyor of hair products, partners with Extole to drive customer advocacy by offering special deals.
Posted 02 Nov 2011 [November 2011 Issue]
YouBeauty enlists Extole to launch a social media campaign
Posted 01 Oct 2011 [October 2011 Issue]
Beth Fagan creates a corporate brand for Missouri Baptist Medical Center
Posted 01 Oct 2011 [October 2011 Issue]
Posted 01 Oct 2011 [October 2011 Issue]
The CNN analyst and former presidential adviser identifies mobilization, persuasion, and trust as critical qualities
Posted 01 Oct 2011 [October 2011 Issue]
But conference panel warns against sacrificing the basics
Posted 01 Oct 2011 [October 2011 Issue]
Technology, not philosophy, has altered consumers' expectations
Posted 01 Oct 2011 [October 2011 Issue]
Traditional standards of database marketing will be retailers' downfall
Posted 01 Oct 2011 [October 2011 Issue]
Community links in promotional emails on the rise, Responsys report shows
Posted 01 Sep 2011
SaaS revenue will surpass $21 billion by 2015
Posted 01 Sep 2011 [September 2011 Issue]
Smartphone trends demonstrate the need for an innovative strategy
Posted 01 Sep 2011 [September 2011 Issue]
Why old-school advertising delivers the wrong message
Posted 01 Sep 2011 [September 2011 Issue]
"Tremendous" buying power is shown by this critical audience for marketers
Posted 01 Sep 2011 [September 2011 Issue]
A men's pants company receives more than it bargained for with Assistly
Posted 01 Sep 2011 [September 2011 Issue]
Application provides history of emails, attachments, and Chatter posts
Posted 30 Aug 2011
Update gives sales teams visibility into changes in the forecast.
Posted 25 Aug 2011
E-book aids marketers with social media campaigns.
Posted 23 Aug 2011
Collaboration results in a widget to help small businesses connect with customers.
Posted 18 Aug 2011
Tool enables secure form-filling assistance for mobile customers.
Posted 17 Aug 2011
Collaboration will aid in acting on social media data.
Posted 11 Aug 2011
But CRM Evolution 2011 panel warns against sacrificing the basics
Posted 10 Aug 2011
Technology, not philosophy, has changed consumers' expectations
Posted 10 Aug 2011
CNN analyst and former presidential adviser identifies mobilization, persuasion, and trust as critical qualities in drawing parallel between CRM and political worlds
Posted 09 Aug 2011
Collaboration intended to provide "one-stop" mobile marketing solutions.
Posted 04 Aug 2011
Collaboration aimed to help marketers increase engagement through video.
Posted 02 Aug 2011
Offering enables sales teams to get a wholistic view of their customer bases.
Posted 28 Jul 2011
Updates ease collaboration across the enterprise and beyond.
Posted 26 Jul 2011
Partnership expected to offer a "premier mobile marketing provider"
Posted 21 Jul 2011
OfficeDepot.com and SierraTradingPost.com rank first for fastest phone and email customer support
Posted 20 Jul 2011 [August 2011 Issue]
Adobe, Fidelity, and JetBlue recognized for outstanding performance
Posted 20 Jul 2011 [August 2011 Issue]
Updated solution enables sales teams to access visualize data anywhere.
Posted 20 Jul 2011
Application offers cloud-based storage for contact centers.
Posted 14 Jul 2011
New release focuses on productivity through advanced mobile and cloud capabilities.
Posted 12 Jul 2011
Online Retail Holiday Readiness Report highlights key trends for marketers.
Posted 07 Jul 2011
Mobile users will have access to an interactive experience on the go.
Posted 06 Jul 2011
Mobile solution gives users access to CRM data anytime, anywhere.
Posted 30 Jun 2011
Selling, tracking, and billing automated by FinancialForce for Media.
Posted 28 Jun 2011
Acumen's customized CRM application manages partner organizations and provides extensive reports
Posted 24 Jun 2011 [July 2011 Issue]
Posted 24 Jun 2011 [July 2011 Issue]
Shopping trend empowers consumers and challenges business strategies
Posted 24 Jun 2011 [July 2011 Issue]
Half of Americans use their mobile devices to make purchases, study shows
Posted 24 Jun 2011 [July 2011 Issue]
Gartner forecasts that social and mobile approaches will influence at least 80 percent of consumers' discretionary spending by 2015
Posted 24 Jun 2011 [July 2011 Issue]
Adobe Systems, Fidelity Investments, and JetBlue recognized for outstanding performance.
Posted 23 Jun 2011
New offerings provide integrated social and mobile applications for customers.
Posted 21 Jun 2011
New module combines social CRM and monitoring.
Posted 16 Jun 2011
Suite integrates the Web, social, and mobile capabilities.
Posted 14 Jun 2011
Annual study ranks the top 15 brands for men and women.
Posted 09 Jun 2011
Upgrade provides advanced analytics tools for business customers.
Posted 07 Jun 2011
Researchers rate Microsoft and Salesforce.com as leaders within the Value Matrix, while Sage and SAP are ones to watch.
Posted 02 Jun 2011
A new study shows customers are uncomfortable and inconvenienced.
Posted 31 May 2011
Intermarkets selected Xactly Express to improve sales visibility.
Posted 26 May 2011
New study encourages marketers to adapt to "gamesmanship" culture of online commerce.
Posted 24 May 2011
IBM study shows companies increasingly adopting cloud-based marketing solutions.
Posted 19 May 2011
Transition to Salesforce CRM brings savings, ease of use
Posted 18 May 2011 [June 2011 Issue]
Posted 18 May 2011 [June 2011 Issue]
The promise of sending tailored ads to customers' mobile devices is appealing, but privacy issues remain
Posted 18 May 2011 [June 2011 Issue]
Aiming at small and midsize enterprises, the integrated solution will be accessible for 14 million Nortel users.
Posted 18 May 2011
ForeSee Results ranks the top 100 retailers in annual report.
Posted 12 May 2011
New solution will equip sales professionals with tools on the go.
Posted 10 May 2011
IBM survey highlights trends, cites an "urgent need to turn data into actions"
Posted 05 May 2011
Designed for multichannel marketing, Coremetrics Lifecycle debuts at Unica's summit in Boston.
Posted 05 May 2011
A new survey finds that consumers want more transparency, control, and choice.
Posted 28 Apr 2011
New solution is integrated with Salesforce to provide Facebook-style updates.
Posted 26 Apr 2011
Brand Vigil enables companies to monitor social media anywhere in page, account, and blog names.
Posted 21 Apr 2011
Former Salesforce.com executive to help drive company's international expansion.
Posted 19 Apr 2011
CRM director Ven Bontha describes Cemex's transition to SAP CRM
Posted 15 Apr 2011 [May 2011 Issue]
Expenditures will exceed $1 billion worldwide by 2013
Posted 15 Apr 2011 [May 2011 Issue]
CoTweet Social CRM Connector will provide organizations the ability to evaluate social media programs.
Posted 14 Apr 2011
The new solution will offer core ERP functionality for businesses of all sizes.
Posted 12 Apr 2011
The integration aims to improve communication across organizations.
Posted 07 Apr 2011
InsideView's sales intelligence solution will be preloaded in SugarCRM software.
Posted 05 Apr 2011
A new tool enables marketers to build one-to-one relationships with customers.
Posted 31 Mar 2011
New app gives customers access to the bill pay process anytime, anywhere.
Posted 29 Mar 2011
The cloud-based solutions will provide marketers with real-time social media analytics.
Posted 24 Mar 2011
JitterJam to be integrated with Meltwater Buzz to create a social CRM platform.
Posted 22 Mar 2011
Study identifies the main triggers for consumer disengagement in online marketing campaigns
Posted 17 Mar 2011 [April 2011 Issue]
Users will have access to SAP CRM from desktops and mobile devices.
Posted 17 Mar 2011
Cloud computing believed to be integral for the company's future growth.
Posted 15 Mar 2011
DMG research shows innovation and growth to continue in the WFO market through 2013.
Posted 10 Mar 2011
The new product offers contacts, calendar, communications, and collaboration in one place.
Posted 08 Mar 2011
The new application will assist customers manage higher volumes of service issues through social media tools.
Posted 04 Mar 2011
New application will offer sales professionals new ways to collaborate with teams and manage customer information.
Posted 01 Mar 2011
The new product seeks to help brands elevate their online customer experience.
Posted 24 Feb 2011
The well-known social media guru joins Google at a critical time.
Posted 22 Feb 2011
The deal underscores Constant Contact's continuing commitment to open technology.
Posted 17 Feb 2011
Collaboration reinforces IBM's commitment to cloud computing.
Posted 28 Jan 2011
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