Infer Launches AI-Powered Prospect Management Platform
Infer's Prospect Management brings predictive technology to deliver intelligent recommendations to sales and marketing.
Posted Nov 5, 2015
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Infer, a provider of predictive technologies, today launched Infer Prospect Management, a predictive prospect management platform for sales and marketing teams.

Infer Prospect Management helps companies develop ideal customer profiles and expansion opportunities. The platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to make recommendations and trigger actions that help move prospects from one step in their customer journey to the next.

Infer Prospect Management enables segmentation using thousands of internal and external data signals, as well as predictive lead scores, to provide a complete view of each prospect and help marketers and sales professionals determine their next-best programs and tasks.

Infer Prospect Management surfaces a wide range of attributes, from basic signals like contact title, company size, or geography, to more complex characteristics, such as a person’s role in the buying process, recent marketing activity, overall fit for a product, or current state within the customer lifecycle, along with detailed impact metrics. The platform empowers companies to define their high-value segments and buyer personas. Infer then triggers appropriate actions for each profile group. Finally, the system helps companies expand beyond their existing prospects by analyzing outside data sources to identify new leads and markets to target next.

Key features of the Infer Prospect Management platform include the following:

  • Recommendations engine: The platform uses AI to make smart, actionable recommendations about whom to contact, when, and with which content. Infer can then initiate workflows directly within automation systems or other sales and marketing applications.
  • On-the-fly predictive simulations: Dashboards and visualizations measure the impact of each prospect group so sales and marketing teams can assess their efforts against potential revenue opportunities as they're developing programs.
  • Ephemeral lists: Infer builds and updates prospect profiles in real time. Prospects automatically move in and out of profiles as their behavior signals or businesses evolve, and each cohort's performance is tracked in real time for comparison.

"The industry has made huge strides in leveraging predictive over the past few years by compiling more and more external signals and honing predictive lead scoring models, but what's been missing is a platform that can truly serve as the brains of a company's sales and marketing operation," said Vik Singh, co-founder and CEO of Infer, in a statement. "Infer Prospect Management accomplishes this by not only exposing a broad array of input signals to inform segmentation, personalized workflow,s and third-party applications, but also layering on recommendations and next-best actions that can be kicked off with just one click. This is the future, and Infer is at the forefront of the coming wave."

Infer's platform uses advanced data science to intelligently match, merge, and interpret data points from third-party sources and internal systems like Google Analytics, Marketo and Salesforce.com. The platform's open APIs can pull customer attributes from any source, as well as push profile lists and tasks out to any of the 1,876 technologies that are available to sales and marketing teams today.

Infer Prospect Management is now available to current Infer customers and will be generally available to all companies in early 2016.

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