CRM Magazine: April 2008
Magazine Features
The leaders, the winners, and the honorees -- the best of the CRM service industry over the last 12 months.
Coveo Solutions knows where to find what you're looking for.
Jacada hopes a tighter focus will lead to brighter fortunes.
Spoken Communications keeps callers from waiting aimlessly on the line, but it's waiting for a big customer to keep it in the limelight.
Telcordia Technologies may have been around -- but it's planning to be around a lot longer, too.
These four implementations -- successfully undertaken by wildly different companies utilizing products from a variety of vendors -- represent the very best of this year's efforts.
Varolii Corp.'s software helps BOK Mortgage reduce the number of delinquent accounts.
International Cruise & Excursions sails into workforce management with Aspect Software.
Automation is second nature to robotics supplier iRobot, making automated customer service from RightNow Technologies a solid match.
JPMorgan Chase Card Services has Enkata to thank for a unification of agent metrics.
The seven categories, and the companies that led them.
Replacing computer-telephony integration (CTI), this category encompasses all the contact center technologies; despite the rejiggering, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories remains on top.
IVR solutions are growing increasingly mature; Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories proves itself most mature of all.
While the technology to establish Web self-service is readily available, maximizing the benefits remains a challenge; RightNow Technologies wins by a healthy margin.
A new category covers multiple channels of customer support: email, instant messaging, click-to-call, click-to-chat, online forums, etc.; RightNow Technologies is the inaugural winner.
Consolidation is all the rage in workforce optimization; Verint Systems takes the "optimal" spot.
In a contact-center-specific adaptation of knowledge management, InQuira is this year's answer.
Customer service outsourcing comes down to comfort; West retains the crown.
Front Office
New kinds of software solutions are playing an integral role in helping companies provide faster and more accurate support.
Reality Check
CSO Insights' Sales Performance Optimization '08: Today's companies are finding a full house of technology options.
Customer Centricity
Lofty statements too often end up as small and meaningless actions.
The Tipping Point
Embracing customer centricity isn't the same as delivering it.
Scouting Report
WFM solutions typically pay for themselves in under a year -- can you afford not to have one?
Pint of View
Remember to look around you when spelling out your corporate message.
Just when the battle between on-demand and on-premise CRM seemed to settle down a bit, a new one opens up: single-tenant architecture versus multitenancy.
Online- and catalogue-only merchants are being called out for getting a head start, but a new bill hopes to even the score
Pending lawsuits filed against AT&T and other companies over unpaid contact center wages could change the traditional value model.
With wireless encroaching one coverage bar at a time, wireline providers are struggling to revamp their customer strategies.
The lessons to be learned from "accidental" marketers.
How Does Your Company Handle its CRM Solution?
Business Problem: Inability to understand or organize customer feedback in order to retain customers and improve overall service.

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