CRM Magazine: October 2003
Magazine Features
More than 330 executives spanning myriad industries and company sizes voiced their opinions on how satisfied their are with their initial implementation and with CRM overall.
CRM is about changing the mindset of your employees to focus on customers. Companies can only do this if customer-centricity begins and is embraced at the C level.
Time management, customer knowledge, Web self-help, knowledge management, and embracing opt-in automation are the keys to improving efficiency.
Feature: Long after an implementation is complete a CRM project may still need adjustments and customization that can be beyond the grasp of an in-house IT team.
Front Office
Used properly, self-service applications can enhance the buyer-seller relationship.
Reality Check
Turf protection, the roar of power struggles, and self-preservation don't create collaborative cultures.
Some analysts say the success of the Do-Not-Call registry will likely spawn additional Do-Not-Contact legislation.
National Customer Service Week '03: The International Customer Service Association (ICSA) started commemorating the event in 1988.
What systems do you currently have in place? Which areas would you like to improve?
The trick for vendors is to make analytics more a part of the everyday workings of a CRM solution.
Toshiba decided to put its product registration and warranty forms online using DataLode's RealConnect Marketing solution.
Pertinent information like name, address, and type of arthritis is used to create a Web form; this, plus the information gathered from the automated telephone system, is saved into one central database for a holistic view of an individual.
Click Commerce was the only vendor that didn't think Kawasaki's needs were identical to those of the automotive industry.
Secret of My Success
The InterAction product has provided business value on many levels, but the most important has been by allowing us to get a handle on our internal processes.

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