NewVoiceMedia Releases ContactWorld Quickstart for SMBs
The vendor of cloud-based tools offers its contact center solution to beginning companies on the rise.
Posted Aug 6, 2015
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NewVoiceMedia, a provider of cloud technologies, today announced ContactWorld Quickstart, a version of ContactWorld for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs). According to Tim Pickard, chief marketing officer at NewVoiceMedia, the edition will serve as a practical entry point for modest-size companies that hope to eventually grow into larger enterprises.  

Released in 2013, ContactWorld is a cloud-based contact center solution designed to give sales and customer service professionals the tools that allow them to connect with customers, all within one user interface. The package provides a selection of inbound and outbound call features, including WebRTC, that can be accessed on a Web browser; recorders that store conversations for 30 days; and a click-to-dial button that aims to reduce call-related errors. Users can log notes in Salesforce’s CRM system and have access to NewVoiceMedia’s 24/7 support team.

ContactWorld Quickstart includes all of the features of the original package and accommodates up to 10 users. An enhanced version, ContactWorld Quickstart Plus, provides "much greater sophistication around telephony and queuing," Pickard says. In addition to Quickstart features, the Plus version has pop-up screens that give agents quick access to customer history, and call control functions that allow agents to transfer callers, place them on hold, and conference others in. Quickstart Plus can support up to 25 users and gives companies the option to transition into ContactWorld.

For NewVoiceMedia, the timing of the release comes on the heels of two developments: WebRTC has been "proven in a commercial setting," Pickard says, as it is undisruptive and allows for a quick and easy setup; and recent activity from NewVoiceMedia's partner Salesforce, whose Desk.com has been making moves to cater to the SMB crowd. These two factors "have really helped combine the perfect environment" for the release, Pickard says. 

Another advantage of NewVoiceMedia's solutions: They are cloud-based, allowing companies to access the systems remotely and scale globally. While a business's ability to scale globally may not be a big concern starting out, "it might be important to a company later on," Pickard says. Likewise, organizations can never anticipate the need for new technology, and replacing existing systems is a task businesses would prefer to avoid.

Brent Leary, founder of CRM Essentials, agrees that it's important that SMBs have access to affordable customer support software that allows them to scale at their convenience. "ContactWorld Quickstart creates a pathway for this to occur," Leary says. "Integrating at the interface level with popular solutions makes it easier on support agents to handle call interactions along with other important channels, and recording these interactions allows for valuable insights to be discovered and used to shape better customer experiences going forward."

NewVoiceMedia is not disclosing pricing information. "Suffice to say it's very affordable," Pickard says. 

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