Clari Offers Free Sales Pipeline Stress Test
With a five-minute setup, sales execs can see at-risk deals to drive immediate action.
Posted Jan 23, 2015
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Clari, a provider of predictive sales analytics, is offering a free, five-minute Pipeline Stress Test to help companies identify and take action on deals at risk. The offer includes a 30-day trial of Clari's predictive sales analytics platform.

Clari applies data science to a host of critical sales information, including CRM system data, corporate email, calendars, and more, to give sales executives insight into the quality of every deal in the pipeline.

"We look at all the interactions a rep has with his customers, including CRM system updates, the number of meetings they've had, and the email that's gone back and forth," says Andy Byrne, CEO of Clari.

The Pipeline Stress Test factors in the prospect company's social media activity, financial data, news, leadership structure, and other information to gauge the financial stability of the company, Byrne adds.

It also seeks to determine whether sales reps are talking to the right people at the companies they are trying to win, how long the deal has been in the pipeline, and where they are within the deal cycle, he says.

These insights position sales executives to identify at-risk deals and coach reps for success.

The Pipeline Stress Test will analyze the deals of qualified companies to uncover new and valuable insights, such as:

  • the five biggest deals with less than a 50 percent chance of closing;
  • reps with at least one deal at serious risk for the quarter; and
  • deals overdue for action.

According to Byrne, at the typical company, between 5 percent and 20 percent of all deals could be considered at risk. "The aha moment is when we expose a deal that the sales exec did not even think he had to be concerned about," Byrne says.

"We're seeing a big shift in how companies think about managing their sales pipelines," Byrne says. "It's less today about gut instinct and more about data-driven process improvements. Being able to give sales reps and execs new insight will allow them to nail their numbers."

The Pipeline Stress Test is open to midsized or large companies looking to improve their sales processes and success rates. Byrne says it takes about five minutes to set up. "We have something here that is simple, fast, and accurate," he boasts.

Clari first launched as a company in April with $6 million in funding from Sequoia. Its first commercial product was the Clari Mobile Sales Productivity Platform, which it also launched in April.

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