TapInfluence Launches Influencer Discovery
TapInfluence Influencer Discovery helps marketers find and manage social media content producers.
Posted Jan 19, 2017
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TapInfluence, a provider of influencer marketing, has launched Influencer Discovery, an advanced search feature and insights capabilities based on data science.

This new feature helps marketers identify the right vetted influencers to create authentic content. Influencer Discovery provides a scannable and actionable view of influencers' content performance, a comprehensive 360-degree view of their audiences, a snapshot of their cost of content creation, influencer penetration on leading social networks, and personal influencer profiles.

Marketers can use the application to connect with social influencers through a variety of new search options, including types of content produced, topics/keywords, location with radius search, interests, and specialized rates by medium.

Features of the Influencer Discovery application include the following:

  • The Audience Intelligence feature, which works alongside Influencer Discovery to maximize search results through the TapInfluence platform. Audience Intelligence harnesses IBM Watson data, providing a 360-degree picture of the individual influencer to assess how that influencer's audience will relate to a brand and to an individual campaign. Audience Intelligence provides information about influencers' audiences, including brand affinities, interests, and advanced demographic data, like household income levels.
  • The Influencer News Portal, which provides an interactive dashboard of curated influencer lists and recommended searches based on vertical, interests, and when the influencer joined the TapInfluence marketplace.
  • Collaborative Search, which allows users within the same TapInfluence account to share influencer searches and lists with one another.
  • Smart Pricing, which allows users to search influencers by their cost per engagement, which considers an influencer's reach, rate, and historical performance for sponsored content.

"We studied millions of interactions in our platform between marketers and influencers. Our goal was to tackle the hardest part of building a successful influencer program: finding the right influencers. Discovery was built with two fundamental ideas: speed and evidence-based decisions about influencers, and continuous learning. Super-users will be pleasantly surprised to see improvements in our recommendations based on their usage." said Fran Cruz, vice president of product strategy and partnerships at TapInfluence, in a statement.

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