Outbrain Partners with Bombora
The partnership between Outbrain and Bombora brings B2B intent data to content marketing.
Posted Sep 15, 2016
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Outbrain, providers of a premium content discovery platform, has joined forces with Bombora, a provider of B2B demographic and intent data, to help marketers leverage demand and purchase intent analytics to improve the results of content and account based marketing efforts.

The integration with Bombora extends Outbrain's core interest-based targeting technology. Clients can now engage very specific B2B audience segments across the Outbrain network, drawing on Bombora's intent data to reach business buyers based on the specific products and services they are actively researching.

"We are focused on providing our premium brand partners with the tools to help them reach targeted audiences in a way that scales with users," said Aner Mazur, head of Amplify Product at Outbrain, in a statement. "Our partnership with Bombora ensures that clients can be confident that their content campaigns are seen by their most qualified and valuable audiences and that they are able to reach the right customers with the right messages."

"Content is at the core of B2B marketing. Yet, without an understanding of the buyer, that content is only noise. B2B intent data is increasingly used across the marketing stack to provide this insight and ensure that campaigns are highly targeted and relevant to the right buyers," said Greg Herbst, vice president of programmatic data at Bombora, in a statement.

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