MeritDirect Partners with Bombora
MeritDirect enhances its databases with Bombora's Intent Data
Posted Oct 11, 2016
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MeritDirect is partnering with Bombora, a provider of intent data for B2B marketers and will add Bombora's intent data to its OmniChannelBASE database. 

Bombora sources online intent data which MeritDirect can now marry to already hyper-targeted email, direct mail, telemarketing, and lead generation programs. Bombora tracks the research behavior of 1.2 million businesses to identify when a company is surging in interest on specific B2B topics.   

"Not only can you target that enterprise level, IT manager, with the purchasing authority for virtualization but now you can also add on Surge online intent targeting and further pinpoint only prospects from companies who are currently in market to purchase (for instance) Cloud Storage. This partnership brings together some of the best sourced B2B demographic data and online intent data on the market and can take any direct marketing or lead generation campaign to the next level without missing a beat," said Anthony Carraturo, vice president of data and media services at MeritDirect, in a statement. 

"Our partnership with MeritDirect helps B2B marketers to action our Surge Data quickly and effectively inside of a premium solution. For marketers with an ABM strategy, the partnership will further the alignment of sales and marketing," said Mike Burton, co-founder and senior vice president of data sales at Bombora, in a statement. 

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