Bombora Opens Direct Access to Surge Data
With Bomboa Surge Data, account-based marketing can now be based on the products that prospective customers are researching across the web.
Posted Sep 26, 2016
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Bombora, a provider of B2B intent data, has released direct access to its Surge Data via a subscription data-as-a-service interface. B2B marketers will now be able to identify companies that are better prospects, as gauged by increases in related research activity across nearly 3,000 specialized business web sites.

Bombora’s Surge Data shows when a company starts consuming content on a topic at an increased rate. This increase signals the research spike by the buying committees within companies that influence B2B purchase decisions. Data is gathered from a cooperative of B2B web sites that contribute anonymous user consumption data in exchange for a better understanding of those audiences.

"B2B marketers are fully embracing account-based marketing, and they now need the data to make their ABM strategies more competitive," said Bombora's founder and CEO, Erik Matlick, in a statement. "Simply identifying and targeting companies or titles is not enough. Looking inside those companies to see what products they are researching and connecting that insight across all sales and marketing is the next leap."

Marketers can share access to the Bombora data with their agencies to connect strategy to action and to include Surge Data in their media plans.

"The use of Bombora data to create segmentation and allow us to focus the media dollars more effectively is the realization of an evolution in marketing technology and the next step in B2B targeting," said Dick Reed, CEO of Just Media, in a statement. "No more wasted dollars spent against companies with no interest. We can now be laser-targeted and do a much better job directly supporting the sales efforts of our clients."

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