Gryphon Networks Launches Dialing Application
Gryphon's Dialing Application ensures compliance with existing sales and marketing call regulations.
Posted Mar 31, 2016
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Gryphon Networks, a provider of sales intelligence and marketing compliance solutions, today released the Gryphon Dialing Application, a patented service that is fully compliant with Do-Not-Call, Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR), and all other marketing compliance regulations.

Gryphon's Dialing solution is a stand-alone application provisioned off Gryphon's telephony cloud platform. Calls are automatically certified for compliance, connected, and captured for auditing and reporting purposes.

Additional features of the Gryphon Dialing Application include the following:

  • Full compliance with U.S. federal and state, Canadian, DMA, CMA, wireless, call curfew, state holiday, state of emergency, and disclosure messaging requirements;
  • Enhanced telephony capabilities, such ascall recording,targeted speech analytics, and sales performance dashboards;
  • Manual number entry and call initiation only;
  • Pre- and post-call telephone keypad disposition entry for next action;
  • Full compliance with proprietary Internal Do Not Call (IDNC) list requirements, including in-network, telephone keypad tagging of opt-out records; and
  • Full EBR Exemption engine, including consent capture.

"The telephone is and will continue to be the most effective sales and marketing tool, but the regulatory requirements it carries creates challenges for companies," said Eric Esfahanian, senior vice president of Gryphon Networks, in a statement. "The Gryphon suite of dialing applications are built from the ground up to ensure compliance at the point of marketing interaction. This removes any regulatory burden from the company while maximizing the effectiveness of their sales agents."

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