Cirrus Insight Announces Partnership with Datahug
Cirrus Insight brings Datahug's customer relationship intelligence to Gmail.
Posted Apr 22, 2014
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Cirrus Insight, creators of an app for integrating Salesforce with Gmail and Google Apps, has partnered with Datahug to bring its customer relationship intelligence to Gmail inbox. Now, as users open an email, they can see who in their company last communicated with the sender. Datahug also highlights the colleague who knows that person best and the contact's overall relationship score.

Datahug analyzes email, phone, and calendar traffic across an organization and tracks communications and meetings with leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities in Salesforce. With Datahug, users can immediately determine the relative health of a relationship, identify at-risk deals, and know exactly who within an organization to talk to for the most up-to-date intelligence on a particular customer or deal.

"One of the primary benefits of Cirrus Insight is the exposing of real-time contextual information from Salesforce inside Gmail. As you open an email you immediately know who you are speaking with and what the status of their relationship is. However, all too often important communications are not logged to Salesforce. By automatically tracking communications across your team, Datahug allows you to always know which of your colleagues has the best relationships with your customers," said Jason Hubbard, vice president of marketing at Cirrus Insight, in a statement.

Other recent Gmail integrations by Cirrus Insight have included Eloqua marketing automation, RingLead's email signature contact capture, Pardot and Hubspot, Zendesk and Desk.com, Timba Surveys, and Geopointe geolocation.

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