2018 Service Elite

Nominations for the 2018 Service Elite Awards are now being accepted; the deadline for entries is Friday, January 26, 2018. The results will be announced in the April 2018 issue of CRM magazine. These awards recognize end-user companies (not CRM vendors) that can demonstrate the best measurable results and ROI from their contact center and customer service deployments.

PLEASE NOTE: CRM vendors are not eligible for Elite Awards. This award is for CRM users only. CRM vendors can nominate themselves for a Customer Service Leader award here or a Customer Service Rising Star award here.

CRM initiatives at end-user companies must have gone live after October 1, 2016, or had a significant upgrade since then.

To nominate a company, please fill in as much of this form as is applicable. Vendors are allowed to nominate their end-user companies, but the end-user companies must be available for contact by the editors of CRM magazine. The inability to reach an end-user company will void any nomination.

To see a list of the 2017 CRM Service Elite, click here.

Select from one of the categories below. One nominee per form, please.

Name of CRM project leader:
Company name:
Headquarters location:
Go Live Date:
Most recent upgrade (if applicable):

Key benefits and results (e.g., increase in sales, percent increase in first-call resolution, decrease in agent turnover, etc.):
300-word or less summary of the case study (i.e., goal or problem, solution, outcome and benefits/results):

Whom is the contact for more information or to set up an interview?
Phone number:
Email address:

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