CRM Magazine: August 2008
Magazine Features
Contact center agents are leaving in massive numbers -- attrition and absenteeism run rampant -- but there are ways to stem the tide.
Vendors and users both now have an unprecedented degree of control over what a CRM application can look like. How should that power be used?
CRM can be a tough animal to tame. We've gathered a handful of tunes that actually soothe the sometimes-savage beast.
The technology to locate information may be readily available, but can CRM systems uncover their own buried treasure?
Front Office
Too many companies are losing agents at an alarming rate, simply because they're often measuring, managing, and treating the wrong problems.
Reality Check
A three-phase approach to reaching social media maturity.
Customer Centricity
Why the contact center may be your last line of defense.
The Tipping Point
Delivering a rewarding experience requires doing a lot of things well.
Scouting Report
Vendors were waiting for the market to pick up. End users were waiting for enhancements. Both waits are over.
Pint of View
The one from my birth-minute is no mystery.
You're nothing without your data -- so what are you doing to protect it?
CRM is all over this year's awards for programming excellence.
On The Scene: Gartner AADI & Gartner Enterprise Architecture -- Now's the time to decide upon a business process platform.
Some recent tweets about CRM software.
More colleges and consulting firms are offering CRM-specific certifications.
Why higher-education spending on CRM is set to almost double by 2012.
Physical and mental wellness can affect the quality of customer service.
British Telecom sees massive turnaround in its contact centers thanks to Knoa.
A Canadian school district doubles its number of phones -- and still saves money.
France's Groupe b2s boosts productivity with Altitude Software.
Targeted sales calls connect better with clients who invest more.
Secret of My Success
A cable provider's path to better service is laid through SinglePipe Communications.
Business Problem: Subpar email response forces unhappy customers to live agents.

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