CRM Magazine: January 2007
Magazine Features
Econometrics has long been the province of Ph.D.s, but applications for marketers are emerging via automated user interfaces and BI reporting tools.
The transition marketers have had to make--from creative souls to metrics mavens--has occurred quickly over a relatively short period of time. Here, a brief on recent developments and some tips for remaining competitive.
Cut contact center operating costs, reduce churn rates, and up flexibility--a serious look at the at-home agent model.
E-learning deployments earn straight A's when used in conjunction with formal classroom training.
Front Office
In minutes P&G on its Web site accomplished what takes other companies months or years -- and millions of dollars -- to do.
Reality Check
CRM project teams will continue to purchase technology throughout 2007.
Customer Centricity
It takes two to tango--a customer-company relationship with only one partner doing its part will fail.
The Tipping Point
There is no better time to retune marketing, sales, and service operations--it may influence customer loyalties later in the year.
Pint of View
Watch your step on the slippery slope.
The first step in embracing analytics is to have a CEO who sees analytics as a corporate differentiator.
The companies release customization platforms for on-demand, a move that reduces IT risk, yet could spell trouble for midmarket CRM providers.
Phone-based advertising can enhance a company's bottom line, but there's a chance of adding to customer frustration if it's not done right.
CRM investment continues to increase in the vertical as companies turn to PRM, analytics, and order management to get a tighter grasp on customers.
BBBS can now produce reports on the level of need per school district.
Lagan Technologies helps Minneapolis launch a 311 system to provide information on municipal issues and nonemergency services.
Sales process automation helps out hospital automation.
A financial planning company for retirees collects a hefty pension after altering its poor targeting practices.
Business Problem: The contact center needs to strike a balance between call volumes and quality of service.

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