CRM Magazine: November 2017
Magazine Features
The technology is fast approaching, but marketers need to get up to speed before diving in
Adding AI to the contact center enables rapid information retrieval, leading to a better experience for both agents and customers
The right sales leads can be golden, and automation is the key to finding them
Front Office
The interactions that require agent input tend to be more difficult, resulting in longer interactions that cost more
Reality Check
Is it a must-have for contact centers? Yes. But it remains a complement to voice.
The Tipping Point
For all the emphasis on customer experience, service reps haven't been empowered to offer a great one.
Scouting Report
Robotics, in tandem with desktop analytics, will drive productivity improvements.
Customer Experience
When leaders have a clear set of values, everyone else feels confident and empowered.
B2B companies need to evolve their go-to-market strategies by adopting proven B2C principles
Research finds the greatest opportunities to stand out with customer service are with live agents
Trust and the ability to quickly adjust to industry changes have enabled the company's ongoing success
Salespeople frequently miss targets, which could require a CRM reset
The marketing agency helps medical firms gain more potential customers with call tracking and recording software
The Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development is using Conga Contracts to award business grants and incentives
The sports nutrition retailer leverages Zinrelo's "360-degree" approach to customer interaction
The Next Step
Younger workers need to learn how to handle customers—and how to handle themselves

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